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Recent content by IA-SteveB

  1. IA-SteveB

    Rambo TV Series in Development

    I always liked the movies. Odd to say, but the 4th was a little too graphic with the violence. This could work if they go for more drama rather than just over the top destruction.
  2. IA-SteveB

    Lets Talk Jericho

    I like Jericho because he is pretty much great in every mini feud he is in. I didn't like him much when he was feuding with CM Punk and some of the things he did with alcohol addiction, but he has been very entertaining in the role for me.
  3. IA-SteveB

    "The Texas Giant" rollercoaster at Six Flags ejects a woman, killing her

    She did. The employee was indifferent. :(
  4. IA-SteveB


    I get depressed from time to time, mostly because I am slowly dying from a lung disease. I used to be a great athlete and everything good about my life has been stolen from me. I can't play sports anymore and that was my outlet for any sort of depression or anxiety.
  5. IA-SteveB

    Worst Games You Have Ever Played

    Didn't they have to send all unsold stock to a landfill? lol
  6. IA-SteveB

    Arrest Warrant Issued For Ric Flair

    It depends. Most times community property is split 50/50 unless either side is willing to bend. The court can't really force one side to bend to make up for things. I also think the divorce should be the end of it and the spouse should take what she is awarded and make a new life. It...
  7. IA-SteveB

    Arrest Warrant Issued For Ric Flair

    I do agree with you to a point. Spousal support could be awarded if the wife put things like college aside to raise a family. Courts see this as a sacrifice and since the spouse doesn't have the earning potential she COULD have, the guy gets to pay up. I just get sick of really rich couples...
  8. IA-SteveB

    WWE.com: 25 Hottest Bodies in WWE History

    Clooney must have liked her since he spent two years with her. Clooney Years are like dog years, so that was an almost 14 year relationship with Stacey.
  9. IA-SteveB

    TMZ Reveals Lots of Details on Randy Orton's Divorce Including His WWE Salary

    I am no expert, but for normal people alimony is usually only figured in if the wife was kept from pursuing a career of her own, i.e. not going to college so she could stay at home and raise the kids. I think the settlement worked well on both sides of the fence. Divorce is never a good thing...
  10. IA-SteveB

    WWE.com: 25 Hottest Bodies in WWE History

    Eve is by far #1 in my opinion. :)
  11. IA-SteveB

    My first WWE event

    There were some good moves by Gabriel in the match, but there was way too much grappling and attempted submission holds. The crowd just wasn't into that match at all even though I felt Gabriel was entertaining with his moves. I normally like Cesaro, but he just didn't seem like he wanted to...
  12. IA-SteveB

    My first WWE event

    I went to a WWE Live event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa last night and it was my first event. I have to say that I was really excited after picking up wrestling again a couple of years ago. My eight year old son and I were counting the days until we got to go for sure. The venue is fairly smallish...
  13. IA-SteveB

    Man of Steel

    I would give this movie 5/10. Way too over the top with the spaceships and destruction. I liked Jor-El a lot, but Zod was cheesy and just not cool. The plot didn't make a lot of sense and was a bit messy. Way too heavy on special effects when it just didn't need to be. Too much of a cool thing...

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