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XWF: E-Fed Rules & Guidelines


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Jun 28, 2010
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1. We prefer original characters created by you.

2. Please only choose people that can be easily found on graphics resource websites for your pic base.

3. XWF is a realistic e-fed. Please keep the outlandish, unbelievable and outright crazy under control.

4. Racism, sexism and/or homophobia of any kind will not be tolerated.

5. If for any reason you have an issue with another member of the fed, message a member of staff.
- Please DO NOT create a situation on the open forums.
- If your complaint is about how you were judged or you have an issue with staff, contact me directly.

6. If you would like to affiliate with XWF, please contact a member of staff.

7. Make sure to fill out an application for every character you sign up using our template here.
- For tag teams and stables, fill out a separate application for each character as well.

1. If your character is booked for an event, you will submit a promo in its own thread in the "Promos" section.
- The creative team will then grade your promo against your opponent's submission to determine who wins.

2. All promos should be posted on the forums. You may edit your posts for up to 15 minutes.

3. There is currently no word count or limit on promos. All promos are graded on quality, not quantity.
- You may submit up to two promos for standard matches and unlimited for main events and title matches.

4. You may NOT feature another wrestler in your promos without their permission.
- Most members of the XWF staff are available to you, unless otherwise specified.
- Nothing too radical like having sex with a backstage interviewer.
- Don't assault a member of staff unless you have been given permission.

5. XWF role-plays will be judged based off of 7 things:

A. Spelling/Punctuation/Grammar (10pts)
- Self explanatory. We aren't spelling purists, but when these things are absent, you will be losing points.

B. Continuity (10pts)
- Does the RP in question make sense when previous RPs are taken into account?
- Does it keep with the story that has been going on?

C. Match Relevance (10pts)
- Does the RP in question spend time focusing on the match at hand?
- How much time does it spend?
- Is it enough?

D. Details (10pts)
- Were the details in the RP in question correct?
- How well did it set the scene? The clearer the picture, the better you'll score.

E. Dialogue (10pts)
- How good was the dialogue in the RP in question?
- Did it help or hurt the scene?
- Was it used to promote the match?

F. Overall Quality (10pts)
- The general impression the judges got from the RP. Originality is a huge component.
- Out of the box thinking will get you a higher mark.

G. Conviction (10pts)
- How much time and effort went into the RP in question?
- Was it posted at the last minute?
- How many RPs were submitted?

Points will be tallied by each person to judge each match and the person with the most points overall will win.
7.0 is a perfect score.

In addition to these points you may also receive 3 bonus points:

You may receive 1 bonus point for submitting a promo within the first three days.
You may receive bonus points for submitting more than one promo.
You may receive a bonus point for going above and beyond what is expected of you.

Any promo turned in late will be accepted at the reduction of points. Only first promos accepted.

6. All deadlines will be posted on that week's preview card.

7. No using recycled or stolen material. Everything should be written specifically for XWF.
- If you are caught stealing someone else's character or promos, you will be terminated immediately.

1. If you sign up for the XWF, you are expected to show up each week for your matches.
- Failure to do so will result in your probable suspension or termination.

2. If for any reason you can't make a match or need time off, contact a member of staff.
- You will not be penalized if you make an effort to let someone know you can't make the deadline.

3. We reserve the right to use your character(s) on cards and results in any way we see fit.
- If you miss a few shows or decide to leave, we won't necessarily stop using your character.
- We may use them as jobbers or various other purposes until their owner returns to them.
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