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Fuji Vice
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  • Is there any chance you might be going for Stephanie over Natalya? *crosses fingers*
    my ideal final 8 would stephanie, madison, gail kim, natalya, layla, maria kanellis, and taryn terrell.

    as long as natalya, gail kim, or layla do not face kaitlyn, i think they will be safe.
    I'm begging people to go for Stephanie in the polls. Vote for Steph campaign 2013! :)
    thank you kindly for the rep points. Glad somebody agrees with me on the Sarita contest. But yeah I just hope one of my hotties take her on in round 2, so it can be an easy win. haha I'm an ass. lol

    I know you don't care for the Bellas, but Brie/Brooke and Summer/Kaitlyn were terribly hard for me because those chicks are like my dream girls. Don't care for Nikki too much, so I'm with you on that one, most def.
    Well, damn. Now I got it. I didn't see the "output folder" option on the bottom. Thank ya kindly. I guess I just expect all of these things to come to me easy and not me actually taking the time to look for what I need...
    Do you have to pay to use this?

    I'm trying to find where an image link is but I clicked the file once it stopped doing it's thing and it brought a Paypal link.
    Also, how were you able to get screenshots of the match? I'm gonna be uploading a bunch of matches and wanna also have screenshots.
    Holy fucking shit, that's insanely funny. I'm screen capping that. After actually reading it, I'm keeping Tapatalk forever.
    Jesus Christ, I think Tapatalk fucked up again. I was obviously responding to that dude in the Impact LD but for some damn reason, for the 2nd time, one of my posts ended up in that thread when I'm trying to reply in a completely different thread.

    I think I'm done with Tapatalk. Too many fucking glitches.
    I checked that site but it kind of confuses me. So many numbers. I told Wang that I don't keep up with this stuff so I don't know what I'm reading and I don't know what to copy and past and when I do, it looks ridiculous, imho.
    I know I banned maylocnuomb but he keeps getting on is there a way he can't get on. He cant post anything maybe I didn't do it right. I banned him from tap a talk
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Fuck yeah! :mark: Chase Elliott wins!
Pepe Silvia wrote on Sabretooth's profile.
Why you not posting bro? You okay?
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The GOAT himself
I'm so fucking hungry.

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