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  • I'm not too familiar with Emma, so I went with Taryn just because I liked her a little bit as ECW GM.

    Paige and Madison, Maria Kanellis and Jojo, and Mickie James and Stephanie were the easy ones. However, I have been a HUGE mark for Madison Rayne since she was Lexi Lane on the indies. She's cute as a blonde and I would have probably went with Paige if it was a blonde Madison, but the brunette Madison was gorgeous. I'm loyal to Madison and Stephanie.

    I picked Jojo in the first round because she was one of my favorites from Total Divas, but Maria Kanellis is one of my favorites in the indies right now. I hated voted against Jojo, but I wish she was going up against Brie Bella or Sarita.
    Stephanie/Mickie is the closest contest so far in the 2nd round. The other three seem like they are runaways.
    Noooooooooooooooo *cries and falls to knees* My poor, poor Stephanie!
    you should vote for stephanie, who's leading right now, but will be the underdog by the 3rd. vote for stephanie! i am giving away kidneys, lungs, heart, and liver. lol
    Hey, would you mind if I used that Shield picture in your sig over at that other place we post at?
    You just have to check where the Output directory is set to. It should give you two things when its done, one is the actual picture file and the other is that link you're talking about.
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