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Wang Chung
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  • Hey there's a cool Interactive choose your own adventure type game I am running on here check it out. :)
    Things have been going very well recently. Except for yesterday when we had to put my dog to sleep. Trying to cope with that right now.

    But I did just get a new job and building towards a future.
    Gotta love the southern lifestyle, eh?

    Interesting enough when you get away from Toronto into the dirty south of Ontario (as we like to call it down here). Things are no different. I live in the city but I was raised in the country, and am a country folk at heart.
    More air time for prelims, more exposure for upcoming fighters, less focus on trash talk, more focus on fighting. Absolutely it's a good move, and overall it's easily becoming one of the biggest sporting attractions in the states alongside the NFL and Nascar.
    Realistically speaking from the reason I'd previously mentioned I know he won't ever compete MMA again, let alone fight in the UFC.

    But it's all good, when the UFC signed with Fox and finally acquired Strikeforce to their roster the talent pool's never been bigger. So we're on no shortage of good fights.
    Let's not also forget - Brock's body isn't exactly made for weight cutting due to his diet. It seems everytime he attempts to make it down to 265 he suffers from Diverticulitis and has to have parts of his intestine removed.

    But yeah, I still would like to see him back. Ever since I saw him in 2002 I've been rooting for a Brock Lesnar vs Josh Barnett showdown in either a wrestling ring or a cage.
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If you don't like me, remember its mind over matter. I don't mind and you don't matter. :)
-_- Stop deleting my damn profile post!

U-Haul sucks ass. Geez.
HoHo wrote on OMB's profile.
Happy Birthday OMB!

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