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Fuji Vice's latest activity

  • Fuji Vice
    Fuji Vice replied to the thread R.I.P Fred Willard .
    Had a couple of beers with him once at the (cheap plug but Fuck it) Rebel House in TO. He was really good friends with a client and he...
  • Fuji Vice
    Perhaps best in ring, but Styles/Taker had the best pro wrestling match at ‘Mania by far, and arguably one of the most entertaining in...
  • Fuji Vice
    Fuji Vice replied to the thread WS Hall of Fame Class of 2020.
    “Sandra's seen a leprechaun, Eddie touched a troll, Laurie danced with witches once, Charlie found some goblins' gold. Donald heard a...
  • Fuji Vice
    Fuji Vice replied to the thread WS Hall of Fame Class of 2020.
    Just want to say that I thank and appreciate all those who nominated and voted to push me into this illustrious final group. You are all...

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Added Impact Wrestling Slammiversary to the Prediction Schedule - as with Fyter Fest, if the show is recorded before hand then the title will not be defended at it.
Gonna be watching that new season tonight when I get off work.
Che Blazara wrote on Pat's profile.
Right now, the chat doesn't seem to be connected. :cudi so when the show starts, post in the thread until we know or not. But it's good to stay in it until we know.

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