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Recent content by OJR

  1. Don't talk to me

    Don't talk to me
  2. UWF Tuesday Night Turbulence I - Official TTing History

    As Yokozuna finishes his speech, the unmistakeable sound of glass breaking fills the arena, and the Texas Rattlesnake himself appears on stage. Clad in a leather jacket and wrestling shorts, he receives a brilliant reaction from the crowd. He does the rattlesnake walk to the ring, before...
  3. Looking forward to you playing a Fat Japanese guy :P

    Looking forward to you playing a Fat Japanese guy :P
  4. The Superstars Of Turbulence

  5. Stone cold Steve Austin

    •» TALENT NAME HERE «• Stone Cold Steve Austin •» APPEARANCE «• •» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «• •» TALENT STATS «• •» NAME «• - Steve Austin •» NICKNAME(S) «• - Stone Cold, The...
  6. Your preffered artist

    As the title suggests, OJR found a synonym for the word favourite. Anyway, this thread is to discuss the singer, group, rapper or... idk, that you like the most. OJR's taste in music is pretty softcore and lame, but I like it, so, your mum! To impress Lesn0rtay, I'll say that my third favourite...
  7. Your favourite Wrestler

    As the title suggests, and perhaps due to my lust over the word 'favourite', I bring you, 'who is your favourite wrestler in WWE?'. It doesn't matter if they're Main Eventing or jobbing, this is your opportunity to announce the man (or woman) who you mark over. My top three would be, in third...
  8. Lance "Cade" McNaught Passes Away

    This is just sad. The fact that his two young dauhters have to grow up without a father due to drugs is just awful, but the fact that it's not a shock is much worse. I was saying to Troy earlier how weird it is that an apparently fake sport has so many deaths, and that something definitely needs...
  9. Your favourite Director

    The one and only OJR brings you a new thread to light up your day and make your life good in the form of asking you, 'just who is your favourite director?'. There's a lot of greats in this area, including the spectacular Steven Spielberg, the juggernauting James Cameron, and the...
  10. Your favourite Actor

    As the title suggests, and following up on my series' of favourites (look out for favourite director which will be coming soon), this thread is to discuss your favourite actors and actresses. For me, it's pretty hard to choose. I think that out of the badass group of actors (Arnie, Stallone...
  11. What Happens NXT?

    It'd be great if they could link NXT with superstars, and so have like half a year of Superstars and half of NXT. That'd probably help the ratings, but it'd mean leaving one network for the other, although it would solve a few problems. To me, Superstars is the weakest show anyway, purely...
  12. What Happens NXT?

    To be honest, I know this may sound incredible naíve, but to me, I don't think ratings are a major thing for NXT. Like, I know the network obviously wants a lot of people to tune in, but to Vince, it's still giving his new stars exposure. As far as the FCW roster being depleted goes, well they...
  13. Why RVD is taking some time off

    Don't you ever.... EVEEEEEEEEEEEEER, call Mick Foley dead weight again. As far as RVD taking time off, well this is obviously poorly planned. The whole 'this year' thing leaves me to wonder whether it means till January, or till he's been in TNA for a year. I don't actually watch iMPACT anymore...
  14. Chris Jericho and Georges 'Rush' St. Pierre

    I really like the top one. I know Georges St. Pierre is a fighter, but I have no idea what he looks like, so from a purely neutral position, it's awesome. The C4D makes his arms look like they're on fire, and as if he's delivering some biblical message, which adds a new layer to it, so well done...
  15. *Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Taping Results For 8/13

    I don't know KFC, I get what you mean about them losing momentum by being beaten by Kane and Mysterio, but the Intercontinental division is pretty for much guys who aren't quite ready for the World title. If they'd have won then they should be the ones getting the title shot, and a run-in would...

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