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Your favourite Actor


New Member
Jun 4, 2010
Parts Unknown
As the title suggests, and following up on my series' of favourites (look out for favourite director which will be coming soon), this thread is to discuss your favourite actors and actresses. For me, it's pretty hard to choose. I think that out of the badass group of actors (Arnie, Stallone, basically the Expendables cast), my favourite would have to be Bruce Willis. The guys films are nearly always top notch, particularly 'Die Hard' and 'Pulp Fiction'. He usually only plays one sort of character, but he has got it down to a tee. As for the actors who rely more on spoken word, my favourites are Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks, Tim Robbins, John Travolta and Jack Nicholson. My favourite comedy actor would probably be Martin Lawrence. One guy who could fit into all of those categories is the one and only Samuel Jackson, who is just brilliant at doing pretty much everything. Honourable mentions also go to Robert DeNiro and Al Paccino.

As for actresses, meh, I find it hard to think of any that really catch my eye for their, uh, talent. Uma Thurman was awesome in 'Kill Bill', so yeah, I'd probably pick her. Julia Roberts is actually pretty good too.


Well-Known Member
May 11, 2010
Streets Ahead
At the moment I really like Matt Damon. He really grew on me in the Bourne series and made me want to see whatever else he was involved in. Good dramatic actor and clearly really good in action films. If I was picking from The Expendables cast I would have to pick Stallone, even though he can barely speak English I prefer more of his films than any of the other actors involved. Rambo and Rocky series were great. Favourite comedy actor would be Will Ferrell, I know that divides people you either hate him or love him and I am part of the latter. Anchorman, Semi-Pro, Tallegada Nights etc. all made me laugh so he gets my pick.

Tom Hanks is fantastic as well and would be my overall favourite, the guy can do anything and he has made countless great films.

I don't really have a favourite actress, I won't see a film simply because an actress is in it whereas if a film has Matt Damon/Will Ferrell/Tom Hanks etc. in it I will see it.