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Your preffered artist


New Member
Jun 4, 2010
Parts Unknown
As the title suggests, OJR found a synonym for the word favourite. Anyway, this thread is to discuss the singer, group, rapper or... idk, that you like the most. OJR's taste in music is pretty softcore and lame, but I like it, so, your mum! To impress Lesn0rtay, I'll say that my third favourite is 'Lil Wayne. I think he just produces great sounding music, which explains my liking of him. I'm torn between second and first, so I'll announce them as joint winners. So, OJR's favourite artists are Kanye West and Mr Hudson. I think West's albums are nearly always great (although a few songs on 808's were meh), and that's why he's my favourite rapper. Mr Hudson is probably less well known, although 'Supernova' is pretty famous. I personally prefer 'covel girl' and 'white lies', but hey, swings and roundabouts.

So, who produces the beats which make you feel warm inside?


Jun 26, 2010
England, UK
White Lies is a TUUUNEEEE.

I'm a big fan of that sort of NY based rock/indy sort of scene. Fan of Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, City and Colour Glassjaw etc

My favourite bands however are, in third place, Linkin Park back during the first two albums (rap metal/rap rock is pure win). Second place goes to Coheed and Cambria who just own with the weirdest assortment of vocals and most badass guitar parts going in rock today. Top spot goes to my boys in PearlJam.

Honourable mention to those who paved the way to progress rock, give writers more expansive realms of lyrics to work with and laid down some of the heaviest albums in history, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and the Doors.


Well-Known Member
May 11, 2010
Streets Ahead
I am one who normally likes specific songs rather than artists especially modern artists.

Some of my favourites artists though are Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam, Michael Jackson and Rage Against the Machine. Quite a diversified list of three but I enjoy all the music that each artist produces. It is all certainly dramatically different from each other but that is what I like, a bit of variety.