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  • Match isn't written yet bro. If the hangover doesn't stop u go again.
    Any chance I can get a quick Jericho interview backstage hyping up his return to a wrestling ring tonight?
    I don't mind serious Jericho, I thought it was excellent when he first came out with it. but it's used way too much in e-feds. I missed Y2J. I hope we have a fucking match together!
    Plus you're playing my all time favourite Jericho character. So you're in my good books. I was getting tired of the slightly more professional Jericho.
    Just waiting for you to hand me your characters and we should be good to go.
    Haha thanks man! We got another match up this week Shelton is feeling glamorous as always, and let me tell you don't want to be in his way lol :)
    Sweet man, and technically its a five person race, with Homicide being out.
    No totally understood where you were coming from man, I respected what you had to say. Everything is still out there. Not deciding a winner until Saturday night. That is when I decide who wins the match man. Just wanted to say man you're always awesome on the brand, and Dresden gave you the shot because he felt you earned it. I know where you coming from. I am a TT'er first, writer second lol. So yeah man I enjoy your opinion. I want to improve as a writer and I am open to hearing anyone's opinion.
    Killz just want to say buddy your Otunga has much of a shot as everyone else in the match. Totally understand where your coming from buddy. Trust me man your one of my faves of all time, and the fact I am writing for you is crazy.
    I do I do understand. I just feel like while you are top quality, roode holds you back which is a bummer. So up against nat and I, its tough.. :/ so I gotcha. But good! Glad youve talked to Mike and Im excited to see what else you got then. and lol I tried to convince mike to let me go for the tag belts alone. That would have been hilarious. Dont worry though, you'll get something up, you'll have a good showing and probably wont get pinned
    Oh totally dude. Its a "shot" but not the fair one. I like your Brotunga, I still favor Storm though as your best guy that I've ever seen. I think, pretty sure on that. Youre totally carrying your team anyway. But I'd like to see Storm in the main event. Its just really crowded up there and it might be hard to get a foothold, which sucks balls. You talk to Mike yet? He'll here you out
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to watch you guys pine over the new girl who joined and posted a fake picture and is cat fishing us all cracks me up lol
Undeniable wrote on Keith's profile.
I've been meaning to say something for a bit now, but any chance you can make a review thread and post your videos in there?

I'd appreciate it. Thank you. :)

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