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  • Is absolutely fucking brilliANTLY AMAZING SUFFICIENT A RESpONSE?!>?

    Also Evil Dead tonight after Raw. Be there. Or B Square.
    The dvd and blu collection... For Halloween, that is... Is coming along pretty nicely, though. :D
    Aiming to, but I'm not sure if I'll actually get to it. It'd definitely be cool, especially with the ramblings that it's a brand new HD remaster.
    I'm not sure about that but I grabbed Goldfinger on Blu yesterday morning to check out the picture and see if it was worth throwing down money for the Bond 50 boxset.

    Simple answer... yes. I just ordered it. I nearly had a 'gasm watching Goldfinger on Blu. It looked purely incredible.
    On the plus side, the picture for it and H5 were stellar, and the commentaries provided by Dwight Little and Don Shanks were excellent listens. Not on par with Alan McElroy & Tony Masi from the H4 dvd, but still good listens.

    As for Halloween II and Halloween III, I'm still working on getting through all the tons of extras they provided. I'm about to pop in the TV cut of HII. Thank the lord that Scream Factory released it.
    There weren't any....

    They released a statement about 2 weeks before the release saying such footage didn't exist.
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