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  • One of the very few times I've used the ole facebooks in the last ... year or so. Hahaha.

    A lot going on in life, for sure. Hoping to find a lot better paying job. Some big expenses coming up soon, I think.

    How's it goin' for you?
    I am back once again, brotha.

    I've finally caught up to my life, which was moving at about 4 million MPH before. I've left my night shift job and been writing a lot the last few days.
    Now if I could just keep up with my girlfriend. :p
    The Word Alive and The Dead Rabbitts have me beyond hooked.

    As of right now, I think my order would be Season 3 > Season 4/Season 2 > Season 1, but I loved all 4 again, and Season 5 is beast so far, once again. I remember 5 being my favorite last time.

    I restarted Supernatural from Season 1 a few weeks ago and am back up to season 5. #Domination

    And you dig post-hardcore type music, no, yes?
    It IS lame. Good thing I'm on a neverending journey to Hollywood as a screenwriter, with B and Citan by my side. :p
    I.... have been long gone at work and trying to maintain some kind of life outside of it.

    12 hours a night makes things difficult, eh?
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