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  • Alright, that's good.

    Ty went to a Wild game sunday. They were playing against the Western conference leaders (Vancouver Canucks). The Wild won...4-0. Ty must have been absolutely ecstatic that night.
    I don't particularly like MSN but that's not the point, I want you around here :p

    And no. Ty and I text quite regularly. I've even hinted to him to join this forum a few times.
    Sounds awesome :lol:

    Hey, I'm thinking of making a video game section. You wanna in on it? There's not too many of the regulars I don't think are huge gaming fans but I figured since you're a big gamer, you, and I, maybe Ty if he ever joins, could post and chat about games and stuff. I might even add a wrestling thread. :D

    Damn that Ty, so foolish to be hatin' HAHA
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