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Recent content by Ben

  1. Ben

    Hey man place looks great just logging in for the first time in ages....nice to see the lights...

    Hey man place looks great just logging in for the first time in ages....nice to see the lights still on and lots of activity
  2. Ben

    I need your help Smarks!

    http://wrestlingsmarks.com/search/106349/?q=Pink&o=date&c[title_only]=1 There's some threads above with pictures that might be what there talking about. But unless your getting a letter asking to come to court I wouldn't worry to much. Just deleting it should make them happy.
  3. Ben

    South Park Stick Of Truth

    Yea it just seems like Trey and Matt have to be involved for it to happen again. The potential is there for a massive 50 hour RPG I know I'd play the shit out of it.
  4. Ben

    South Park Stick Of Truth

    I used Stan for most of the game after he was avalible. Didn't really play as Jimmy or Cartman much and Kenny and Butters I used occasionaly. They have a great base to make a much larger game if they do a sequel. Being able to level up past 15, actually customize your buddies and the ability to...
  5. Ben

    TV Official Game of Thrones Discussion Thread

    Premier was really good....everything with the Hound and Ayra was great and the kings landing and nights watch storylines delivered also. Much like last season though I could give 2 shits less about what Danny is doing. Would be nice to see something actually happen with her but seems like she's...
  6. Ben

    Hey Guys

    Welcome to the site man you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
  7. Ben

    South Park Stick Of Truth

    I played the fighter class....best part of the game was fighting a giant nazi zombie fetus.
  8. Ben

    South Park Stick Of Truth

    Picked this up at launch and just finished this the other day. I consider myself a modest southpark fan as I haven't really made it a point to watch it over the last few years. The game though was a massive amount of fun. I'm not a RPG fan but the gameplay for me just worked and was actually...
  9. Ben

    Last Video Game Played

    MGS Ground Zeros
  10. Ben

    The Walking Dead Official Discussion

    Solid episode last night. I've been pretty down on the second half of this season as I really feel like there kind of dragging things out, but both the girls dying was something I didn't think they would do.
  11. Ben

    Member Picture Thread

    My beautiful baby Daughter Harper Grace
  12. Ben

    The Walking Dead The Game Discussion

    Played through episode 2 yesterday....easily my favorite of the series so far, everything about it was just great....gonna throw some of the high points in spoilers.
  13. Ben

    The Walking Dead Official Discussion

    Pretty much what I was thinking to. Also seems like Tyresse may have been bitten is arm was bledding pretty bad, and he may take the place of Dale when it comes to the "tainted meat" line. I think the sanctuary is not going to be a safe place though and it's most likely going to be where they...
  14. Ben

    TV True Detective

    It's pretty obvious that Cohle has been back on the case since 2002 and is NOT the killer. He's either deep under cover or in off-book vigilante mode. He's been following the trail for a decade and waiting for those powerful forces behind the murders to give him a chance to crack the case, once...
  15. Ben

    Captain Of The Varsity Slut Team

    Captain Of The Varsity Slut Team

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