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Fab watches matches and stuff

Discussion in 'The Fab Section' started by MR. SMALL PACKAGE, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. Chris

    Chris It's me, it's me

    Tapping out wasn't a sign of submitting until later Fab. Steamboat used to tap the mat every time he was in a submission like 12 times. The ref just had ot ask if they gave up or not.
  2. Admin Post
  3. Gimmick

    Gimmick Childish Tycoon

    Steen/Taylor is seriously one of my favourite matches from BOLA 2013. The hat sequence at the start is amazing :lmao
  4. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WCW Worldwide 12/19/1992 - Big Van Vader & Barry Windham vs. Ron Simmons & Dustin Rhodes
    Dustin comes out by himself and he has a cast on his arm, but then out from the crowd Ron Simmons attacks both Vader and Windham from behind. Typical PHX move, the faces get the better of the heels not once but twice sending the heels to the floor for a breather. Vader shouting no pain was great. Anyway, Vader and Simmons lock up but Vader is like fuck this and begins punching the shit out of Simmons face, but Simmons comes back with a huge spinebuster followed by some clotheslines. He then tries to suplex Vader but he can’t fully lift him so Vader lands right on his fuckin’ face JESUS! Vader shakes it off and knocks Simmons down before running into him again. STIFF CLOTHESLINE, before tagging in Windham but Dustin tags in as he takes the fight to Windham and he gets the better too until Vader cuts it off as the match breaks down, suddenly Rick Rude attacks Simmons but Steamboat and Shane Douglas make the save as Steamboat swings a chair at Windhams head but he misses as the heels bail from the ring. Meh match nothing really happen, Simmons got way too much ring time and Dustin was at like 50% with his banged up arm he couldn’t even use it. **


    WCW Worldwide 12/19/1992 - Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas vs. Barry Windham & Bobby Eaton
    This match is for the Unified World Tag Team championships; the champs are Steamboat & Douglas. This should be fun, Freebird Hayes are with the challengers :mark: Oh Austin was suppose to be Eaton’s partner but instead it’s Windham I guess he’s here for more revenge on Steamboat. Big brawl to start before Steamboat takes out both men before taking the fight to Windham in the ring. Eaton tags in as the show goes off air :lmao thankfully who ever put this match together shows what happen, but we cut to the heels isolating Douglas and we have no idea who :( Quick tags by the heels but during a double team splash Douglas gets the knees up and hot tags Steamboat in who again singlehandedly takes out both men, the match now breaks down as Steamboat hits a crossbody on Eaton after Windham ducks it allowing Douglas and Steamboat to win the win. Meh! Too short and the middle was a mess. *3/4
  5. Chris

    Chris It's me, it's me

    I think you should review the WarGames match from Fall Brawl '98.
  6. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is


    WCW Fall Brawl 1998 - WAR GAMES: Team NWO (Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart & Stevie Ray) vs. Team Wolfpac (Kevin Nash, Lex Luger & Sting) vs. Team WCW (DDP, Piper & The Man Known As Warrior)

    So the winner of this not the entire team but the person who scores the winning pin gets to face Goldberg at Halloween Havoc ’98. Oh before I get started I should mention War Games have new rules, obviously two men start but the next combatants will come in as names are drawn. They say that War Games could possibly end before all nine men are in, which means pin falls count all the time lol. Hart and DDP start, and its fun Hart attempts to work the arm early but DDP manages to turn it around and he now works the arms. He hits a belly-to-belly for two before attempting a Diamond Cutter but Hart fights him off and nails him with a DDT to take over. Both men go back and forth for a bit before as the match begins to slow down :lmao one minute remaining as it’s all Bret but out of desperation DDP nails a clothesline.

    Stevie Ray is out now and he goes right to DDP, him and Bret begin to double team DDP for the remaining 2 minutes, DDP does hit a double clothesline but Stevie is quicker to recover and continues the assault on DDP. Sting is out now, but Stevie meets him at the door but Sting takes the fight to him before leaping from one ring to the other to take him out:mark: The match is slow again as Bret and DDP are both selling on the one side while Sting is just slamming the back of Stevie’s head on the cage with 30 seconds left. Stinger splash to Stevie, as Bret hits a piledriver on DDP but he doesn’t go for the pin :lmao Out next is Piper who looks retarded, he punches everyone in the ring even DDP who’s on his own team as the commentators say it’s every man for himself :lmao SO WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU BOOK TEAMS? Bret stops Piper from takes shots on DDP :lmao this match:lmao Pipers only offense for the entire 2 minutes was right hands. DDP and Piper now come to blows and this match is already a cluster fuck of nonsense. I HATE YOU CHRIS!

    Lex Luger is out now, as Bret gives Lex a sign of friendship before running away to the other ring. Lex follows and beats on him for a bit, still nothing interesting has happen it’s all punches and kicks as Piper locks in a sleeper on Stevie Ray. Nash is out as he takes out Piper as the crowd finally comes alive. OH SHIT! Nash isn’t wasting time as the straps come down. Suddenly, with 1:30 minutes left Hulk comes out and enters the ring with a flapjack. He hits everyone with it even Bret but not Stevie as they hug. So Stevie is just in the match to make sure Hulk wins, cool. They slowly make their way to the other ring where Hogan leg drops Nash but instead of going for the pin he taunts the crowd, he hits a 2nd one as smoke begins to fill the ring HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And it’s Warrior who still had a minute left to go, he has his back turned to Hogan so Hogan hits him from behind and stomps on him. Suddenly, smoke fills the ring again and he’s gone Hogan just has the jacket :lmao OH SHIT! With 9 seconds left on the clock Warrior comes running out from the stage back into the ring :lmao FUCK YOU CHRIS!

    He takes out both Hogan and Stevie, until Stevie jumps on him but the NOW disciple pulls Hogan out of the ring and the disciple locks the door with Hogan on the floor :lmao Everyone is still selling as Warrior walks around the cage before kick out one side of the cage and climbing out. He and Hogan begin to brawl until security breaks it up :lmao since when does security show up on PPV’s? Back in the ring DDP hits the diamond cutter on Stevie for the ring for the win. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is legit one of the worse fuckin matches I’ve ever seen, hilariously bad from start to finish. I can’t even. CHRIS YOU BASTARD!
  7. Chris

    Chris It's me, it's me

    At least I didn't make you review the whole PPV.
  8. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    Stan Hansen vs. Andre the Giant (05/18/79)

    BEFORE THE MATCH EVEN STARTS STAN STARTS BEATING UP THE YOUNG BOYS AND A COUPLE OF OLD MEN ATTEMPTING TO PRESENT ANDRE WITH FLOWERS :mark: For a blind man he was beating the shit out of them, what a guy. We get introductions before the match after all is settled down but as soon as that bell rung it’s was back to business with both men trading shots. Heavy clubbing blows until Andre attempts to lock in a sleeper but Stan isn’t having any of it and breaks the hold to go back to brawling. Man, this is the best I’ve ever seen Andre move in the ring. His bumping, quickness around the ring and even during while he had the upper hand was all great. Stan does manage to get the better with help from Classy Freddie Blassie and his nightstick. Leading to Stan elbowing him to the floor, but as Andre gets up we see he’s been busted open with that one elbow. Well Stan jumps on it by punching and evening biting the open wound. This seems to have pissed Andre off and the fight is on all around ringside until the ref counts them or DQ’s them. Post-Match: They continue to brawl all over the arena as both men pick up chairs, and throw it at one another until Stan is like fuck this and heads to the back. For the short time they got this was damn fun and it makes me pumped to see the rematch, hopefully it’s on one of these discs.
  9. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    Simmons was really out of his depth during his main event run. I guess those tag matches should be decent because of who his partner and oppontents were. And that Windham/Vader team!:mark:

    Never seen an Andre match from his 70's peak that match does sound pretty awesome!
  10. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

  11. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    TNA Bound For Glory 2005 - #1 Contender's Ultimate X Match: Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams vs. Matt Bentley
    Fuckin’ Matt Bentley/Michael Shane whatever the fuck he calls himself, at least by here his Shawn Michaels impersonation is on point lol. This was a pretty sold spotfest in the opening minutes tons of one on one stuff and what I mean by that is Sabin and Petey interactions, the other guy not so much. 5 Minutes in and Tracy distracts Pety, she allows him to motor boat him so Bentley can climb the cables :lmao well Sabin knocks Petey down before yanking Bentley of the cables and he hits a splash onto Petey whose laying on the mat. Man, young Sabin pre-knee injuries and pre-MCMG’s were such an AWESOME spot guy. Lol @ the fans chanting holy shit at a ‘rana to the floor. Petey does that in every match but it’s a cool move so that’s fine I guess. At one point Bently is climbing backwards so Sabin follows him and quickly catches him before killing him with a powerbomb off the top that looked and sounded sick. I give credit to Shawn Michaels I mean Bentley he always puts on a show when involved in the X match. Oh shit Sabin begins to climb the cables and he’s just about to pull down the X but out of nowhere Bentley hits him with a spear knocking both men down, suddenly the X falls down to the mat :lmao well the ref calls for the X to be put up again so all three men fight on the floor as the crowd begin to chant “use the ladder” IDIOTS! We needs a ref bump to happen for them to use the ladder, well Sabin and Bentley climb the cables again and both knock one another down, well Petey is left standing under the X and it falls into his hands so the ref calls for the bell and says that’s a legal way to win HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Post-Match: Bentley does his best HBK impersonation ever as he’s pissed that the match ended that way, so he chases JB around the ring before storming off. Match was fine until the final 5 minutes with the stupid X. **1/2 - **3/4

    TNA Lockdown 2005 – Tables Match inside a Steel Cage: Raven vs. Jeff Hardy
    This is hilarious on so many drug joke reasons; I always wonder who would be more fucked up out of these two. Jeff comes out with chairs cause a cage and table wouldn’t be enough obviously. Well Jeff targets Raven’s knees early on with the chair he hits the poetry in the wind once but on the 2nd he misses and hits the cage allowing Raven to grind his face in the cage before kicking it in. Drop toehold by Raven, as all his offense is pin pointed to Jeffs head. Raven effect connects, but as he sets Jeff on the table set up in the corner Jeff ducks and on charging Raven and Raven goes through the table. More chair shots by Jeff, now Jeff is being the aggressor of the two throwing him countless times into the cage busting him open. A desperation suplex by Raven leads to a terrible spot off the top rope with both men just falling down to the mat. Jeff hits the twist, and sets up a table and places Raven on top as the commentators attempt to put over how much sports players love TNA :lmao then they show some of the mets players, now I’m no Baseball fan but the only team I know from NYC that plays baseball are the Yankees. They then drop some other names I have no idea who they are so they much be terrible D+ talent. Anyway, Jeff climbs to the top and attempts the Swanton but as he goes for the move Raven moves and Jeff is FUCKIN’ DEAD! It looks worse than the SSeries one he did in the match with the Dudleyz. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This shot of a female Jeff fan looking so heartbroken in the crowd, Raven recovers and goes for a move but Jeff hits the running suicide splash that looked awful to take him down. Jeff starts to beat on Raven, but Raven counters with a low blow and he uses a bit of the broken table to attempt to cut Jeff’s head AWESOME! The camera man now cuts to that same Jeff fans, but she now has here head to the side like she can’t watch anymore. I know how you feel sister; Don West tries to say the match it too violent so she can’t wait but I think it sucks so much that she can’t watch it anymore. Jeff heads up again and he attempts to climb down, IDIOTS! IT’S A TABLES MATCH; YOU WIN BY PUTTING THE WRESTLER THROUGH A TABLE. THE FUCKIN’ DOOR WAS OPEN ANYWAY SO WHY ARE YOU ATTEMPTING TO GO OVER THE TOP! AHHHHHHHH! Raven crotches him on the top of the door, but Jeff comes back by slamming his head into the door. JEFF THEN ATTEMPTS A FUCKIN’ HIDEOUS SPLASH OFF THE TOP BUT RAVEN GETS THE KNEES UP, BUT JEFF IS UP TO HIS FEET TOO :lmao I can’t anymore this is the worse. Raven sets up 4 tables, 2x2 Raven drags Jeff by his hair up the turnbuckles but Jeff manages to elbow Raven onto the table. Jeff climbs again to the top but this time he manages to hit a leg drop through Raven and all 2 tables as he missed the other 2 :lmao. FUCK THIS SHIT!
  12. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    Thanks man, will take a look at it when I get a chance.
  13. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is


    The date was Raw 08/30/1999, on the previous Smackdown just last Thursday the Rock had the WWF championship won against Triple H but that Shawn Michael's kicked his head off and cost him the world title. Well, Rock is PISSED! But first he does the FINALLY THE ROCK HAS COMEBACK TO …… Boston stick. He then brings up how Shawn cost him the title and calls him a jabroni pooooo. Rock then makes fun of Shawn attempting to be a cowboy before saying he would take his six shooter and sticks it up his candy ass. Rock then calls Triple H out, but instead The Rock goes up to find Hunter in the back, Rock is now walking backstage talking shit and it’s hilarious while he’s walking but as Rock walks around the corner Triple H along with China and Shane McMahon attack him. They proceed to beat him down until Mankind makes the save.

    Outcome Shane McMahon and the Mean Street Posses, he gets on the mic and says he sees that both Rock and Mankind probably both feel like they deserve a rematch against the WWF champion Triple H. Well, he agrees so tonight both men will get that shot. IF! They can defeat their opponents. Rock will have to take on The Undertaker, as the crowd chants asshole at Shane. Rock/Taker is now a no holds bared-falls count anywhere matches. As for Mankind, Shane gloats about beating him last week on SD and announces him the NEW KING OF HARDCORE. He then says for Mankind to get a shot at Triple H’s title he must beat all three members of the Mean Street Posse HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    If Mankind wins he gets a shot at Triple H and the WWF Championship tonight: Mankind vs. The Mean Street Posse
    As Foley is coming down to the ring, Shane gets on the mic and makes himself the special ref kicking out that useless piece of crap Teddy Long. Shane then tells Foley that if Foley touches him let alone look at him the wrong way he will DQ him. This allows the Posse to jump him to start the match. Foley hits a double clothesline before hitting the corner punches. I should also mention the all three members of the Posse are injured thanks to Test. Pete Gas has a neck brace on, Rodney has his arm in a sling and Joey has a walking boot on. So I would call this a fair match imo, It’s all Mankind here as he makes all three his bitch until Joey kills Foley with a chair shot to the head that was right next to Shane allowing the Posse to take over. They introduce some trash cans as Shane pretends to turn his back so he doesn’t see. Suplex by Joey but he misses with a street sign shot and takes out Rodney, Pete comes in with a shovel but Foley cuts him off and uses it as a weapon. Shane is hurt somehow during all that his ankle got hurt but as soon as he heard the shovel connect his ankle magically felt better and jumps to the cover but he notices that Foley is on top and doesn’t count. MR. SOCKO to Shane, Triple H tries to make the rescue but Foley beats him down as Shane calls for a DQ.

    Backstage: Michael Cole interviews, in JR’s words the most AWESOME tag team in WWF history. The Undertaker & The Big Show with Paul Bearer. Cole asks him about his thoughts against the Rock tonight. Taker says he’s going to punch his teeth down his throat.

    OH SHIT! Before the match Taker gets on the mic and says Rock has not deserved the respect and not worthy, so Show's gonna fight him. Show protests until Taker slaps him and says not to give any lip.

    No Holds Barred-Falls Count Anywhere Match: The Rock vs. The Big Show (w/ The Undertaker & Paul Bearer)
    Taker joins commentary for this, which was upsetting but understandable as WWF doesn’t wanna give Taker/Rock away free on TV. THIS AIN’T WCW! Early portion is all Rock; he hits an awesome Russian supelx on the steel ramp. Rock didn’t even have time to get out of his dress clothes, back in the ring and Show hits a scoop slam for two. They do some real fun big man vs. Small electric man stuff with Rock bumping like a GOD! Show and Rock brawl to the floor where the Rock sends him into the post and gets on commentary, when he tell Taker to shut the hell up before he slaps the dead off his monkey ass and hands it back to him :lmao Rock then walks over to him and delivers a beautiful right hand, followed up with some more to Show but Taker comes back with a back elbow and Rock walks right into a huge chokeslam by the Big Show through the announce table for the win. Usual Show/Rock fun, Post-Match: Triple H runs down to stomp at The Rock, but Taker pulls him off and chokes him. Mankind comes down to attack Hunter for revenge, but Show attacks Foley. Allowing Triple H to run away, leaving the Unholy Alliance beats up Mankind.

    I would say about 20 minutes later, The Rock comes out to the ring he first makes fun of Show’s yelling voice. He then challenges Show and Taker to a match. He then makes fun of Taker’s Mickey Mouse tats that get a huge pop :lmao He also wants to see Taker shove his head up Show’s fat ass. Mankind’s music hits and he comes out, saying he enjoyed his comments about candy ass, Mickey Mouse tattoos, etc. Mankind says even though he might not like him. You know after all the history they had at the beginning of the year. But he was talking it over with the people, and the people want Mankind as the Rock’s tag partner. The people need Mankind as the Rocks partner and tonight in Boston, Mankind would like to be the Rock’s partner. Mankind then challenges Show & Taker for the titles TONIGHT! Mankind then says to the rock just think about it, the Millions and MiLLIONS of the Rock’s fans. And the Dozens and DOZENS of Mankind fans together they could stand side by side. AS THE CROWD GOES INSANE, I DON’T THINK A SINGLE PERSON IS SITTING DOWN. Mankind is just about to say “Lay the smackdown” but the Rock cuts him off and says ONE TIME, Mankind will be his partner, but not to ever steal his phrases again. IF YOU SMELLLLLLLLLL WHAT THE ROCK, lol at Mankind doing it as well so the Rock stops and does it again. GOOD TIMES!

    Backstage: The Rock tells Mankind not to ever try the People's Elbow, but to just stand there until he tells him to do the sock gimmick :lmao

    WWF Tag Team Championship: The Rock & Mankind vs. The Big Show & The Undertaker
    Rock and Foley double team Show, as Taker watches from the apron lol. Rock gets the better of Show, but as soon as he tags Foley in he walks into a huge side walk slam. Show drops elbows to the back allowing the Unholy Alliance to take turns on Foley. He hits a sweet scoop slam for two, but during the pin Rock breaks it up and taunts him some more. This allows Foley to get a few shots in but Show catches him in a bear hug until he fights out by biting the ear but again Show kills him with a back elbow. That allows Taker to beat the shit out of him on the floor, until the Rock makes the save. Foley slowly makes it back over the barricade and as soon as he does, Show FUCKIN’ KILLS HIM BY SLAMMING FOLEY ON TO THE ALREADY BROKEN TABLE. Suddenly, Paul Bearer comes out and shows Taker something so Taker and Bearer leave which allows Rock to get the hot tag that gets cut off like 3 seconds into with an AMAZING! Double clothesline by Show. He signals for the chokeslam, and hits it on the Rock. Foley then tries to hit Show with a chair but Show kicks it back into him :lmao Huge elbow miss by Show as Foley applies Mr. Socko to Show but he shoves him off hitting the ref in the corner, The Rock has the chair now and kills Show with it, Rock and Foley both hit a double people elbow for the win. Good times.
  14. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    Only dumb thing about all that is Mankind having to beat jobbers like the Posse to get a title shot.
  15. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWF Raw July 11th, 1994 - WWF Championship: Bret Hart vs. 1-2-3 Kid

    Jim Ross and Macho Man are on commentary tonight. Before the match; Owen Hart and Jim Neidhart come out and begin to talk shit to Bret trying to get him off his game. Owen says he’s too scared to face him

    This was tremendous on so many level and they did a phenomenal job of telling a story of champion vs. super underdog. In the early moments Kid gets the better during the chain wrestling as you can see Bret getting frustrated so he connects with a back elbow to Kids jaw and locks in chinlock. But Kid comes back with some sweet heel kicks that send Bret to the floor as we go to a commercial. When we return, Kid had him in an arm submission keeping Bret grounded, and every time Bret tries to counter or even break free Kid has an answer for him. Bret eventually breaks knee and connects with a knee to the mid-section, he begins to control by slowing down the pace not allowing the distance between him and Kid to be close so he can pepper him with uppercuts. Bret begins to target the head and neck area of Kid; it even included a sick whip that looked like it killed Kid even moving the ring, but out of nowhere Kid hits a crossbody for a close two. Both men-go-back and forth until Bret counters out of the crucifix with a Samoan drop for the win, but Kid got his foot on the ropes. Bret begins to tell the ref that his foot was on the rope as another ref runs down to tell him, Savage wonders why he wants to keep going.

    As we go to the commercial the ring announcers, announces that this match will continue. We get a double feature with Kid almost scoring the upset but now when he get back to live action Bret has him in a chinlock with all his weight on the back of Kid as Kid tries to use the crowd chants to break out and he does, he connects with a backslide for two but Bret elbows him in the back of the head followed by a legdrop for two. DDT by Bret gets another two, Bret head up top but when he comes down Kid gets the boot up, out of desperation Kid hits a spin kick and begins to get his second wind hits a series of kick followed by a dropkick. He goes up again and hits a crossbody for two. Jacknife is followed by a legdrop off the top by Kid gets two as he clotheslines Bret to the floor. Huge senton frontflip connects with Bret on the floor but Bret gets in first, he heads up again and tries it a against but Bret rolls forward and Kid crashes to the mat. Bret tries to lock in the Sharpshooter but Kid is too close to the ropes. Bret tries a superplex off the top but in mid-air Kidd counters with a crossbody for two, he tries the running dropkick but Bret moves and Kid gets folded up, Bret hits a running bulldog but can’t hit the move off the top, so Kid goes up against but when he comes down with the missile dropkick attempt Bret steps back catching Kids feet and locks in the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring and Kid has no choice put to tag. Nearly perfect champion vs. underdog style match, that had a ton of believable near falls. ****

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