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Fab watches matches and stuff

Discussion in 'The Fab Section' started by MR. SMALL PACKAGE, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    AJPW 07/02/1989 - Asunaro Cup Scramble League Battle: Toshiaki Kawada vs Kenta Kobashi

    HOLY SHIT! Kobashi looks super slim here, real fun opening few minutes or so with Kobashi getting the better but Kawada plays the whatever you can do I can do game. Kobashi starts targeting the knee the left knee to be correct, that lasts a good 3/5 minutes. This is insane I’ve never seen Japanese workers work a body part this long and not add a random chop or elbow for the sake of it. And Kawada is selling this like a BOSS! That’s why I love him, well he was when Kobashi was working on it but as soon as he made his comeback it was like the work never happen lol. He sends Kobashi to the outside and follows up with a plancha no hands style, he then follows up by sending him into the rails before delay vertical suplexing him in for two. Kawada locks in a half crab, but Kobashi reaches the ropes, fast exchange leads to Kobashi hitting a spinning leg lariat followed but a fall away slam with a bridge :mark: but that only gets two. Crossbody off the middle gets two by Kobashi, so he goes for it again but this time it’s off the top but again it’s only a two out. German gets another two, until Kawada picks up the pack hitting a leg lariat followed by a dragon suplex for the win. Fun little 10 minute match. ***
  2. PHX

    PHX Well-Known Member

    Melina vs Michelle Mccool NOC 2009. Curious as to what you thought about that match.
  3. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWE Night of Champions 2009 - WWE Women´s Championship: Melina vs Michelle McCool

    Both these diva's are on Smackdown, last month McCool won the Woman's championship making her the first woman to win the Divas and Woman's championship. McCool got the ADR pop while Melina when her music first hit got the indy size pop but then it turned to pure silence :lmao OH SHIT! Melina was doing the her splits into the ring when McCool hits the running dropkick right off the bat knocking her to the floor :mark: Melina laughs it off but as soon as the bell rings both woman go at it, first few minutes were meh but you can see they tried i just don't care for them. I did like Melina's using her legs and flexibility as a weapon even though they looked sloppy. Cool little spot with McCool kneeing Melina's head into the barricades before bringing her back into the ring and applying the WOAT half Boston crab the only good thing about it, is she almost made the soles of Melina's feet touch the back of her own head. McCool misses a boot on the outside and they begin to brawl on the barricades which looked pointless until McCool DDT's her on it. Melina no sells it and they do the a cool back spot from the beginning of the match when McCool hit a baseball slide or was it a dropkick but this time Melina moves, the next few minutes were all back and forth action neither girl really focusing on a body part it more of a fight. I did pop when McCool busted out the belly-to-belly side suplex. The match ended right after that when Melina flies off of the ropes with the Thesz Press, but McCool counters it into a roll up and gets the pin. Pretty sloppy at most parts, tons of useless spots that felt like a filler. **
  4. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    NWA Power Hour 09/03/1989 – Sting vs. The Great Muta
    Man this ring looks so flimsy, and small. This took a while to get going as they had a good 2 minutes of feeling each other out before picking up the pace. Sting pretty much uses his quickness and flying to frustrate Muta until he rolls out for a breather. Suddenly, Terry Funk runs down to the ring and gets on the apron shouting and taunting Sting. That distraction is long enough for Muta to jump him and gain the advantage. Garry Hart is at ringside so he gets quite a few shots in whenever he can, Jim Cornette taking shots at Gary Hart was great he called him uncle fester before saying he would never be this blatant when interfering in a match :lmao Stings comeback was okay, but it wasn't fiery and hot like it should have been. Crowd ate it up though; Sting beats him up around ringside for a good while before rolling him back in to continue the beating. Cool spot happens as both men are exchanging boots and punches on the apron but Sting tries a running elbow but Muta ducks and Sting goes mid-section first into the ringpost. It’s a shame they didn’t do anything with that after; they went straight into a ref bump off a hot shot. Sting hits a scorpion splash and locks in the scorpion death lock but Gary Hart hits him in the back to break the hold. Nick Patrick rolls in and Muta covers but Sting kicks out at the last second. Muta hits a beautiful suplex for two, he then goes for a moonsault but Sting gets the knees up. Stinger splash before heading up for the ten punches but Gary Hart pushes him off for the DQ. Mediocre match but the crowd ate up everything; neither guy really seemed to be on point for this it was watching an exhibition match but with neither guy getting their shit in, if that makes sense? **1/2

    WCW 11/18/1989 - Ric Flair vs. The Great Muta
    Muta is still undisputed meaning he’s yet to loose in WCW. Flair is the world champion wearing this sexy light blue and silver robe. Real good mix of mat wrestling and stalling early on, that lasts a good chunk of the match. Muta who was clearly getting out classed on the mat decides to back him into the corner and kick/chop the shit out of Flair before taking it down to the mat by going after Flair’s legs. One of the announcers I have no idea who it is says he doesn’t think this is a good idea by Muta as Flair is clearly better on the mat, but JR cuts in a says this just shows what kind of competitor Muta is as he wants to show the people that he can play Flair’s game and win. Muta’s leg work was damn good, twisting and bending it any way he can. Flair’s selling was LEGIT! AT one point Flair does the usual get back to his feet all pissed off begging for more but he’s hopping cause he can’t put any weight on the leg :lmao I love Flair. We return from a commercial and Muta is still working the shit out of the knee, but they have this awesome mini-fight on the floor before Muta kicks the knee from under Flair. Back in Flair begins his comeback but completely no sells the knee :( so it makes the past 5/6 minutes meaningless. Flair decides to go back to Muta’s legs, while getting his chops in. This is all Flair to this point like Muta isn’t getting any offense in at all lol. Flair goes to lock in the Figure Four but Gary Hart breaks it up causing the DQ. Post-Match: Flair locks in the Figure Four on Hart on the outside but Muta sprays the red mist into his eyes allowing Dragon Mater & Muta to beat him down in the ring. This match was fun, loved Flair owning him on the mat but Muta’s leg work was on point and looked damn good until Flair no sold it. Finishing stretch was alright but after the Flair no sold the leg that really unset me enough to no care about this. **3/4 - ***

    NWA Power Hour 01/12/1990 - Arn Anderson vs. The Great Muta
    ARN! Arn gets the better of the two on the mat and when Muta tries to overpower him. Muta, Buzz Soya and Dragon Master, Tries to circle the ring as Muta tries a cheap shot but all that does it piss off Arn who unloads on him before slowing down the match with a side headlock. Muta is able to escape and hits this AWESOME! Kick that sent Arn flying lol, Muta pretty much targets the head/facial area of Arn until he locks in CATTLE MUTILATION :mark: Arn is able to power out though, before mounting him and raining down with punches he misses with a big left and that allows Muta to connect with a roundhouse spin kick and goes right back to the head. Arn’s comeback was alright I think Arn throws the best body punches ever, and he uses those body punches as a set up for the abdominal stretch. Muta gets to the ropes and both men going over the top to the floor, he throws him into the rails before rolling him back in but Arn gets to his feet first and hits a huge spinebuster. Dragon Master detracts the ref long enough for Buzz Soya to jump off the top hitting Arn in the head with a double axe handle for two. Another spin kick by Muta, before heading up top for a moonsault but Arn gets the knees up followed up by a DDT for the win. OH SHIT THIS WAS FOR THE TV TITLE! NEW CHAMPION. This was alright, but it was just missing that something IDK what. **1/2
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  5. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    Nice Muta tripleheader. Think I might check all three out. Him against Sting and Flair both interest me. Just love the idea of the feud with Sting, how Muta was kind of what he was in Japan and that they can both move in the ring, but you still have Sting's power moves against Muta's quickness makes it promising. And Flair and Muta were both at their best during the 80's so that could be a classic.
  6. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    TNA Final Resolution 2005 - Elix Skipper vs Sonjay Dutt
    This is built as an X-Division exhibition, meaning TNA just wanted to give these two a match to showcase the X-Division. Primetime is just coming off the greatest Tag Match, Cage Match in TNA history and walking the top of the cage. Crazy thing it you would think a man walking one side of a cage would be super over but the crowd is still acting like he’s nothing lol poor guy. Opening minutes or so was all face paced counters until Dutt hit this awesome 720 revolution headscissors. This had a ton of real fun spots by Sonjay even some good psychology with Sonjay working the arm to counter Elix having the power advantage. Great spot happens when Sonjay goes for the Hindu press but Elix runs the ropes and dropkicks him in the ass sending him to the floor :lmao Elix does eventually use the power game to offset the speed of Dutt while selling the arm still which was cool. I liked that Elix didn’t try to out X-Division him and played his game for the majority until he does try that one high risk move but Sonjay countered into a sunset flip allowing him to make the big comeback. This is actually shockingly good lots of really awesome and crisp spots, the matches when Sonjay misses the Hindu press again which allows Elix to hit the Air Raid Crash for the win. Really, really good spotfest. **3/4

    Slammiversary 2005 - Shocker vs Alex Shelley
    LOL @ Shocker looking like a poor man’s Konnan wearing dungarees, oh he’s wearing tights underneath that’s a shame I was hoping the dungarees were his attire. Mat work early on with Alex outclassing him with counters and reversals. Alex busts out the fake sign of respect by sticking out his hand and even kissing his boot just to sucker him in, the match now turns into a face pace Lucha style match that Shocker gets the better of for the most part. Shocker does hit one of the worse dropkicks to the floor I’ve ever seen, back in the ring now and Shocker goes for a moonsault but Alex got the knees up allowing him to work the ribs. AWESOME SPOT! Alex hits a Russian legsweep but he doesn’t break the hold and turns it into some stretch that I’ve never seen and neither the commentators even know what it is cause they gloss over it. Shocker’s comeback is solid as he turns it into a spotfest style match. This also had a lot of real awesome and crisp spots and counters throughout; I will even go as far as saying Alex was putting on a wrestling clinic and basically carried him the entire time. With every move the fans got more and more behind Alex which was great. The match would end when Shocker hit flash cradle pin for the win. Alex looked like a million bucks here, and makes me miss him more. **3/4

    TNA Against All Odds 2005 - NWA World Tag Team Championship: Kid Kash & Lance Hoyt vs America's Most Wanted
    Kid Kash’s theme song fuckin’ owns but his ring jacket might be the worse looking thing I’ve ever seen, its Barny purple with zebra stripes on the back with some shitty logo on the arms. Now that I think about it, it’s so him though. It reminds me of like when a trailer park trash finally gets some money what’s the first thing they buy? An ugly jacket that no one can pull off and makes you wonder what kind of sick mind would come up with such a shitty looking thing. As for the match, Lance Hoyt is still green as fuck so it’s pretty much Kash 95% of the time in the ring setting the pace and the tone when it came to the heat segment. Kash/Strom segment ruled, while Hoyt/Harris was a dud and didn’t last long thankfully. Real fun AMW tag work early on, until Lance clotheslines Strom on the floor followed up by hip tossing him on the concrete floor. Loved the heat but the trailer park boys with Kash using every dirty trick in the book to cheat his way to the titles, but the only thing stopped them was AMW’s no quit attitude. At one point Kash goes for the frog splash but Storm gets the knees up, they do the spot when both men go for crossbodies for the double KO. That allows Harris to get the hot tag which ruled as he uses the power game. The match breaks down now with everyone getting their shit in, until Lance hits a side slam on Storm off the top rope :mark: more getting their shit in as Kash picks up both title belts the ref takes one away, which allows Kash to hit him with the other only for two though. Superkick by Storm on Lance, as Harris handcuffs Kash to the top rope. AMW then hit the death sentence on Lance for the win. Another real solid match here loved the back selling by Storm along with Kash being the no good dirty cheating sob. Everyone played a role and it showed. **3/4
  7. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WCW 02/17/1990 - Arn Anderson vs. Shane Douglas
    This was real good, Arn looked amazing here throughout. Shane was over as fuck too but I guess when you’re pals with Sting you get the huge pops. The ladies are into him. The early portion had some nice mat work with Arn over doing it on his bumping :lmao like while Shane had him in a hammerlock Arn front flipping so high to make it look devastating, so funny. But yeah I can’t believe Shane is this over the way the crowd pops for anything he does is insane it’s Sting level. Anyway, the early portion was Shane working the arm and using his quickness to frustrate Arn who wanted to slow down the pace. Shane is getting the better for the most part until out of desperation Arn throws him to the floor, which allows Ole to throw him arm first into the post and back in. Arn then takes working on an arm to a whole new level, he uses the ring post, ropes, canvas, his head and his arms as a weapon :mark: he rarely locked in a submission he just beat it down and it owned. It was so ruthless and I give it to Shane he sold it beautifully. OH SHIT! The ref just called for the bell, he didn’t even wait to see if Shane could make a comeback :lmao So Arn wins cause the ref knew Shane had no answer for this awesomeness. I love you Arn. Post-Match: Arn continues to beat on Shane until Rick & Scott make the save. I enjoyed this lot, Shane had the fiery face gimmick on 100 in this until Arn went ham on the arm. **3/4

    WCW 02/17/1990 - Ric Flair vs. Brian Pillman
    Brian pre-Hollywood blondes and pre-car crash, this should be fun. Good feeling out process for the opening minute or so until Brian turns it up and again just like Shane everything Brian did was so over and red hot with the crowd. I loved that Brian wasn’t intimidated and took the fight to Flair his idol. Flair’s bumping for this was epic, but a thumb to the eye and throwing Brian into the rails allows Flair to gain the advantage. Brief little comeback but Flair puts a stop to that with and atomic drop, Flair begins to work the head while hitting pendant moves until a knee breaker by Flair showing it’s almost time to put him away. Flair works the leg now and applies the figure four even using the ropes to gain even more leverage. Brian is able to turn over which forces Flair to break the hold, Brian suplexs him back in and begins the full comeback and completely ignores selling the knees and head UGH! They go back and forth until Brian sunsets flips Flair but Woman breaks it up by delivering to of the worse looking slaps to break it up. Brian decides to start flying first by hitting a springboard clothesline for two, he then heads up again and hits a flying crossbody but Flair rolls through and holds the tights for the win. This was fun, as hot as the ending was it kinda a mess too if that makes sense. Pretty upset Brian no sold everything though. **3/4 - ***

    NWA Power Hour 03/30/1990 – WCW World Tag Team Championships: Rick & Scott Steiner vs. Doom (w/”Sugar Ray” Long)
    Doom is tag team composed of Ron Simmons and Butch Reed and Sugar Ray is Teddy Long :lmao oh look a black stable, Nation 3.0 8D or do I call it the Nation before the Domination. The Steiner’s are the tag champs. Scotty and Ron start and it’s alright, both men show quickness and power. Rick hits a sweet belly to belly on Ron leading to Butch getting tagged him and they go back and forth with again Rick getting the better HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Teddy Long has boxing gloves on. The match so far is being completely dominated by Rick and Scott until a cheap show by Ron allows the Doom to work over Scotty, they never really picked out a body part instead they just beat him down, cutting the ring in half. Ron did hit his AWESOME spinebuster that made me go ohhh just like the crowd lol. Most of Dooms offense was just clotheslines though, all four men begin to brawl randomly it’s not like we even had a hot tag leading to the match breaking down it just happen. Anyway, Rick schoolboys Butch but the ref is busy with Scotty and Ron allowing Sugar Ray to put something in the boxing glove, and then get into the ring and straight punch Rick in the back of the head allowing Butch to cover him for the win. Post-Match: Another ref comes down and says Ray has something in that glove so Nick Patrick makes him take it off and he reveals that he had brass knuckles on. Nick then reverses the decision giving the titles back to the Steiner’s; this was another real solid match loved the speed and power from both men but the Doom heat segment kinda blew and the finish was alright, it only happen to set up a rematch. **3/4
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    TNA Unbreakable 2005 - Austin Aries vs Roderick Strong
    No back story here just a showcase match, Don West mentioning that these two are stable mates in ROH currently makes him the greatest commentator in TNA history and he hasn’t even turned heel yet. They started with mat work which was damn good before picking up the pace, I like that they added the “I know what move you want to do but I’ve got a counter for it, before you even try it” game, but it wasn’t all counters as Aries got his dropkick out of the headscissors while Strong hit a back breaker, speaking of backbreakers he hit this nasty knee to the midsection then latterly threw him into the turnbuckles for two. That allows Roddy to work the back with high impact moves and several variations of backbreakers. Awesome full nelson applied with the legs instead of the arms as well, the back work went on for several more minutes until Aries hits a sick lariat before making his full comeback, even added the Indy no selling of all the backbreakers :( FUCKIN’ TILT A WHIRL BACKBREAKER before hitting the gut buster and sick kick :mark: I love that combo. They begin to quicken the pace with both men countering each other’s best but Aries hits the dropkick out of desperation allowing him to hit the brain busted and ends it with the 450. Real good 10 minute little match, even if Aries no sold the back, both men did a ton of great stuff and it’s didn’t feel rushed. *** - ***1/4

    TNA Sacrifice 2005 - Christopher Daniels vs Austin Aries
    This is Aries debut match; he won this by winning a vote on the TNA website. Daniels cuts a pre-match promo talking about a black Wednesday in TNA cause Jarrett said so, but he knows he’s safe. Mat work early on with neither man really gaining an advantage for a long period of time until Aries hits that back spring elbow and applies a front face lock, more trading face locks until Aries hits the suicide dive to the outside connecting with Daniels. He rolls him back in and connects with some moves until out of desperation Daniels hits a backbreaker to takeover. He works the back for several minutes but showed signs of frustration ‘cause he can’t put him away so he would resort to cheap shots whenever he could. Daniels then makes the mistake of slapping Aries in the corner 2 times so Aries gives it to him right back allowing him to make the comeback hitting trademark moves, like the spinning elbow, and running dropkick into the corner. Both men trade moves now until Daniel misses the BME allowing Aries to kick him in the face and hits the 450 but Daniels gets his finger tips on the ropes to break the count, more back and forth moves as Aries goes for the Brain busters but Daniels counters into the Angel Wings for the win. Another real solid 10 minute match, nothing was rushed and the 10 minutes allowed them to not drag it out like they would do on the Indies. ***

    TNA Turning Point 2005 - Alex Shelly & Roderick Strong vs Matt Bently & Austin Aries
    Well this should be fun; just a shame Bently has to be here. I use to like this guy until he copied 99% of everything Shawn Michaels did, just ‘cause he and Shawn are cousins. YEAH THAT’S RIGHT COUSINS! Only thing Bently did himself was come up with the "Bently Bounce" and he's not even the one bouncing it's Tracy Brooks, I thin that's her name. Anyway, Standard Indy tag stuff early on tons of quickness and awesomeness from Aries and Alex, until Roddy tags in and he and Aries have a brief moment of goodness before Bently ruins it. He gets like two moves in before Alex and Aries begin to cut the ring off and isolate Bently but a nice step up enziguri allows him to tag Aries in to has a brief hot tag before Alex breaks that up and he and Roddy now begin to work Aries. I loved the heat segment on Aries a lot as they had tons of heel cheapshots along with double teams, including a fuckin’ missile dropkick into a back breaker for two. Not long after that Aries tags in Bently who does his best poor man Shawn imitation it’s a legit move for move I will say 1993 Shawn offense :lmao this guy, thankfully Roddy put a stop to that by hitting the gut buster followed by an Alex back splash off the top for two but Aries would break it up, he would throw Roddy out of the ring which allows Shawn I mean Bently to hit him with a superkick for the win. Okay match, but one of these guys did not belong and it showed. Alex/Roddy double teams ruled though. **3/4
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWE Extreme Rules 2014 (Pre-Show) – WeeLC Match: Hornswoggle (w/ 3MB) vs. El Torito (w/ Los Matadores)

    This match right here :lmao even before we get to the match we see a special mini-announce table at ringside with Micro Cole, Jerry the Mini-King Smaller, and WeeBL calling the action along with the other 3 idiots, that’s a shame I was hoping they would fuck off for this. We also have a mini ring announcer :lmao OH SHIT BRAWLING TO START, but a quick ‘rana by Torito sends Swoggle to the floor he follows up by diving on top of everyone, like a minute later Swoggle tries the same but he just bounces off the ropes :lmao Torito pulls out a regular chair but throws it down to get a mini one instead, he uses it for leverage to hit a bronco buster :lmao OH SHIT I JUST REALIZED THE REF FOR THIS IS A MINI AS WELL :mark: they do some comedy stuff which wasn't awful but they save it when Swoggle gets a mini two step ladder but he doesn’t want that instead he gets a 3 step on instead. lol @ Torito playing possum telling him to jump but when Swoggle does jump he just moves out of the way, POWERBOMB BY SWOGGLE AS WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL! We return with everyone now brawling as the mini-announcer Micro Cole says this match reminds him of Steamboat/Savage before he plugs the network :lmao Swoggle hits the rolling splash for ½ a count before he rips the mini-announce table apart, he places Torito on it and hits the flying elbow breaking the table :lmao Jerry Smaller calls this a slobber knocker :lmao wait that’s not even the best line WeeBL says Torito is the biggest Bull since Michael Jordan HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 3mb sets up a mini-table as Swoggle hits Torito in the back with a chair he hits him in the back and gets Heath to up him up against the ropes, Swoggle goes for another chair shot but misses and hits Heath accidentally and heath goes through two regular size tables at ringside. Jinder is now on the ropes but the Matadores & Torito fight back, they knock Drew down along with Swoggle. EL TORITO DRIVES MAHAL AND LOS MATADORES THROUGH A LADDER AND A TABLE AT RINGSIDE WITH A CROSSBODY! Swoggle places Torito on a table at ringside as the Mini-Announcers troll the network saying they get it half off, anyway Drew attempts a senton no hands dive but Torito rolls off the table so everyone is down. Except Torito and Swoggle, El Torito climbs up onto the ring apron and hits a springboard seated senton through a table in the middle of the ring for the win. Fuckin’ awesome match, I just would have taken out that spot Jinder and Matadores took or maybe just removed the ladders from on top. *****
  10. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    TNA Unbreakable 2005 – NoDq match: Sabu vs. Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell)
    This feud started because Father James is pissed at the lack of title shots Abyss has gotten since he’s been with him so he’s turn him lose on the Impact zone. At the Sacrifice PPV Abyss randomly attacked Sabu putting him through a table so the war is on I guess. Father James cuts a promo before the match making it a NoDq match and says Sabu will be signing his own death warrant if he accepts, well lights go out and it’s on. Abyss takes it to him early on with heavy strikes wearing him down, but Sabu shows heart or stupidity by not backing down. OH SHIT! Abyss just pulled out a belly-to-belly suplex that sends Sabu to the floor. Sabu grabs a chair and uses it as an equalizer hitting a drop toe hold, leg drop then using it as a partner to springboard it and clothesline Abyss to the floor. He now pulls a table out but one of the legs gives out allowing Abyss to beat on him more, he pulls out one of his own. But that allows Sabu to hit a dive, back in and Sabu hits the Gran Hamada-style DDT. Weird yet AWESOME spot happens as Sabu places Abyss between the top and middle ropes like Terry Funk likes to do, then sets up a chair well he charges towards Abyss but Abyss kicks the chair away and catches him in a belly-to-belly and throws him over head onto the tables set up at ringside :mark: Back in, and he covers Sabu for two. Abyss pulls out another table and brings it in the ring as the crowd chants “We Want Thumbtacks” Sabu grabs the chair and kills him 3 times with chair shots, Sabu hits a super Arabian facebuster through a table and is slow to cover but on the count of three Father James puts Abyss leg on the rope so the match continues. Abyss hits the torchers rack for two, before going under the ring for the thumbtacks. They tease Sabu falling onto the tacks, but he recovers and goes for a springboard body press but Abyss catches him and hits the Black Hole Slam onto the tacks for the win. Standard brawling here they did some crazy stuff but it was clear they held back for a rematch. I really wish Sabu would start doing new shit though, it’s like the same spots in every match and we all knows it’s coming but I guess it works for him. **3/4

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    TNA Genesis 2005 – NoDq Match: Sabu vs. Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell)
    This is the rematch of the first match, but we’ve not discovered Abyss fears barbed wire. Cause on Impact Sabu had it wrapped around his arm and Abyss ran away. Sabu, fakes out Abyss early on by pretending his arm is wrapped in the barbed wire was great and prob the smartest thing he’s ever done. Abyss is pissed so he gets on the apron so Sabu throws the chair into his head; he sets up the chair and springboard crossbodies Abyss on the floor. They begin to brawl around ringside as a table gets set up as they now begin to brawl in the ring. Abyss uses power moves to keep Sabu grounded but he makes the mistake of going to the top but Sabu comes back and hits and ‘Rana. He goes for a move but Abyss puts an end to that by hitting him with a chair. Abyss misses a spear and hits a chair in the corner. Sabu barely hits a triple jump moonsault for a two count. He then tells the camera man to get out of his fuckin’ way :lmao Sabu takes Abyss out with a somersault leg drop through the table. Abyss finds the thumbtacks, and has them in the ring. But Sabu has a BARBEDWIRE CHAIR! Father James tries to warn Abyss and actually stops Sabu with his cane. Sabu takes a chokeslam onto the tacks for two. He then tries to go for a splash and Sabu rolls away and Abyss hits the tacks. It only gets two. Sabu hooks on the camel clutch but Abyss reaches the ropes, He has the barbed wire chair! Lays it down, Abyss grabs him…BLACK HOLE SLAM ONTO THE BARBEDWIRE CHAIR FOR THE WIN. Not as good as the first match, I also wish they would have played up the fact that Abyss was scared of barbed wire, Oh Well. **1/2

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    TNA Turning Point 2005 - Barbed Wire Massacre: Sabu vs. Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell)
    Well Abyss is now over his fear of barbed wire and it only took 3 weeks, what a guy. Oh a Barbed Wire Massacre match is a pretty much a no ropes barbed wire match with weapons wrapped in it. Abyss attacks Sabu before he can even get in the ring, which pisses him off so he grabs a baseball bat with barbed wire and swings for Abyss but misses and that get tangled up with the wires for ropes. Both men battle trying to push one another to the wire, but it doesn’t work. So Sabu throws a chair twice into his head he then follows up with Triple jump, and Sabu ends with a Thez press for 2 and gets tossed into the wire :mark: Abyss begins to choke and beat him down but Sabu fights out. Abyss picks him up and tosses Sabu neck first onto the WIRE! Sabu grabs the spike and goes to work on Abyss! He stabs his arm repeatedly and Abyss is bleeding. JESUS! Sabu grabs the chair, sets it up the triple jump but misses and Sabu crotches himself on the wire. Abyss charges and Sabu gets the drop toehold and goes into the wire, Sabu follows up by hitting him in the back with a chair for two. Abyss battles back and hits Chokeslam on the chair for two. Father James slides in the wire covered chair. He lays it on Sabu and tries the Avalanche but gets the chair in the nuts that allow Sabu to kill Abyss with a chair shot to the head. He heads to the floor and hits the NO HANDS PLANCHA ON ABYSS! Sabu picks up one of the board covered with wire and tosses it in the ring. Abyss suplexes Sabu onto the wire gut first! FUCK! Abyss sets the board up but Sabu fights back, Abyss has him powerbomb position but Sabu counters by bites his hand. ABYSS FUCKIN’ PRESS SLAMS HIM GUT FIRST INTO THE WIREBOARD. Abyss grabs another board of wire. He sets it up in the corner and goes after Sabu but he fights back and almost gets the wire. Abyss charges and hits the wire himself. He is stuck. Sabu kicks him and he falls onto the other one. He is sandwiched and Sabu splashes onto the boards and pins Abyss. This was pretty great as a pure spectacle. Only 11 minutes, so they didn't go too long. Increasingly brutal spots that would get more violent as the match went on. Sabu took nasty bumps, but Abyss took some good ones at the end too. ***

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WCW Main Event 04/28/1991 - Ric Flair, Arn Anderson & Barry Windham vs. Sting, Brian Pillman & El Gigante
    This is one of those go home show so we put all the guys that are involved in matches on that show in a 6 man to further hype up that PPV. The match starts with Sting and Flair and it's alright, Sting no selling Flair chops 1 minute in was hilarious though. Obviously, the crowd is clapping and hot for everything. Flair/Sting was at least 4 minutes long before he trolls El Gigante and it worked lol. El Gigante stuff was meh until Arn and Brian saved it, I do love me some young Brian he was such fun to watch before he got involved with drugs and the car crash pretty much put a stop to all he high risk moves. Flair/Brian was hot, Brian looked like a million bucks trading shots with the champ and going move for move with him too. Sting tags in and takes out all 3 members of the Horsemen before everyone else joins in on the brawls, suddenly the match ends when El Gigante throws Brian onto Arn allowing Brian to pin Arn, i should point out El Gigante had a foot on his back for extra leverage lol. Match was alright, no real story it was pretty much Flair getting his ass kicked for 8 minutes of this making everyone else look good while Arn and Barry stud around. **

    WCW Main Event 06/09/1991 - Ric Flair & Arn Anderson vs. Brian Pillman & Bobby Eaton
    Bobby Eaton's pink and purple tights are some of the ugliest mixed colors i've ever seen, oh shit all 4 begin to brawl right off the bat with Eaton and Flair in the ring while Arn/Brian fight on the floor. Obviously, that was won by the face team leaving Flair and Arn to regroup. Arn/Brian now lock up in the ring and they do some nice counter sequences before Arn tries a clothesline but Brian ducks and his arm hits the ringpost, this allows Brian and Eaton to work the arm or Arn for a bit until he manages to get out and tags Flair in, he and Eaton just begin to fight and it's AWESOME! I for a split second thought it was legit the way they were just scraping, but then Flair did the Flair bump to the floor. Arn gets a few shots in but Eaton manages to fight out and tags Brian back in as we get some more real fun Arn/Brian interactions, this lasts for a good 2-3 minutes until Flair cheap shots him with a knee on the apron. But to give Brian credit he showed a ton of heart and no sold everything 8D well he did until Arn destroyed his knee it was just beautiful to watch. Flair came in and ruined it instead of working the leg he got cocky allowing Brian to get the hot tag to Easton. More Eaton/Flair goodness as the match breaks down. All four men are brawling on the floor and I swear not even a count of 2 has happen yet and the ref throws the match out. This was a ton of fun, Arn/Brian ruled, Brian/Flair ruled, Flair/Eaton OWNED! So much good stuff happen in such a short time. **1/2
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    World Championship Wrestling 11/30/1991 - Brian Pillman vs. Cactus Jack
    Before the match we get footage of Jushin Liger vs. Pegasus Kid :mark: the reason behind this footage being shown and JR dubbed commentary putting him over hard is soon Jushin Liger is coming to WCW to face Pillman for the lightweight championship. This march was fun for the most part I loved the early stuff with Jack wanting to ground and pound Brian but every time he attempts to do that Brian would pick up the pace and begin to fly around to ring leading to Jack taking a breather on the floor. At one point Brian backdrops Jack on the floor on the outside then goes up to the cheap seats area and jumps off with a knee to Jack. But as he tries to suplex Jack in, Jack instead counters it into a suplex of his own sending Brian to the floor. lol @ these high risk spots for the sake of having spots that, Jack hits the flying elbow to the floor but when he tries to pull him back in the ring Van Hammer runs down and hits Jack in the throat with a guitar allowing Brian to get the pin. This was fun until the ending, or the high spots happen. **1/2

    World Championship Wrestling 12/07/1991 - Bobby Eaton vs. Dustin Rhodes
    Before the match we see a clip that lasts around 5 minutes of the Steamboat & Dustin vs. Eaton & Arn match from Omni 11/28/1991. I should really try to get my hands on that. They then show another clip of Eaton turning on Dustin and joining the Dangerous Alliance, man i wish i could join the Dangerous Alliance. Lots of hate shown by Dustin early until Paul E gets a phone call and tells Easton if you have any problems call me and he leaves ring side :lmao the match was real solid with Eaton bumping his ass off and Dustin looked great while doing so, until he began to apply rest holds. Seriously Eaton turned on you and make you look silly and you apply a rest hold he should want to cut his head off like he was attempting to do earlier. Well, thankfully Eaton chop blocks him then hits him in the leg with a chair and begins to work. Madusa going all Ninja on Dustin whenever the ref wasn't looking was great too, but Eaton viciousness and violence on the knee was spectacular at one point he tells the camera man to zoom in while he pulls the leg :lmao I give Dustin a ton of credit too his leg selling was phenomenal he sold the shit out of it to the point that I though it was LEGIT! No joke Eaton has been beating the shit out of him for 10 minutes, Dustin has like a two move comeback but Eaton again puts a stop to that he begins to get cocky and slaps Dustin two but on the third one Dustin catches him in a small package for the win. Post-Match: The Dangerous Alliance beats Dustin down. Real fun match, loved Dustin in the early part just wanting to kill him but I guess he ran out of moves or got gassed so he had to resort to that stupid looking armbar resthold. Thankfully Eaton fuckin' killed when he was on his heat segment. and i didn't even mind the ending even though it did make him look like the rookie. ***

    WCW Power Hour 02/15/1992 - Sting vs. Big Van Vader
    FUCK YEAH! Vader sissy claps to start was disappointing but then he took Sting to the corner and just made up for it with those big swing punches :mark: But Sting began to take the fight to Vader and it was working until he tries one running move too many and Vader drops him on the guard rails. Back in, and Vader uses the power advantage to beat on Sting for several minutes but as Vader attempts a suplex Sting counters with a German followed by a scoop slam and a splash off the top for a two count. Both men begin to brawl on the outside, with Vader attempting a splash but Sting moves and Vader crashes into the ring post. Sting rolls into the ring just before the count of 10. Fun match, it was a short match but a damn good teaser and i can't wait for 1992/1993 now :mark:
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    TNA Turning Point 2005 - Tables Match: Team 3D vs America's Most Wanted

    This is a grudge/revenge match, I actually remember this feud well. Heel AMW was the shit and the beat down on 3D was phenomenal but the real topper was the funeral :lmao good shit. This is a non-title match cause Team 3D have done nothing yet to deserve the title shot but a win here would make them the #1 contenders. 3D doesn't even wait until AMW's pyro finishes as they begin to run up the ramp and begin brawling with them. The brawling was alright it's not on the level of Rhyno/3D vs. Jarrett/AMW from Genesis, I love that match. But yeah it served a purpose of showing the hate both teams have for one another and it's better than having tags in a NoDq tables match. lol : Harris going for a pin after a delayed vertical suplex, must have been instants. The match now settles down a bit thankfully it doesn't resort to a normal tag match it was more of a tornado style with a couple of teased table spots. Bully entire offense during this i swear was chops :lmao at one point AMW try to hit the 3D on D-Von but it fails so bad allowing 3D to hit the Death Sentence on Storm elimination him from the match, and he looks awful like he's barley moving for the rest of the match which was like 2 minutes left Storm was just in the ring not moving. The match would end when 3D brings Harris up to the top of the ramp and deliver the 3D to him through a table for the win. Pretty average stuff, brawling was okay and the tables spots were predictable as fuck. Oh well. **1/2
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2013 - Night 1: Kevin Steen vs. Chuck Taylor

    So for what they were going for this was perfect for the opening match, like for the first 5 minutes Steen and Chuck beat up a hat. Well first Steen does his usual stalling talking to the fans gimmick before he insulted Chuck’s hair which leads to Chuck taking a hat from a fan. Well Steen didn’t like it so he took it off and delivered an elbow drop to it Ric Flair style :lmao Well not to be outdone Chuck then delivered a moonsalut to the poor hat. But Steen who never likes to be outdone delivers the package piledriver to the hat as the fans chant “MATCH OF THE YEAR” :lmao So both men act like this can’t be topped so they leave but do eventfully comeback, so all that happen in the first 5 minutes. The next 4 and half is more comedy with Steen pretty much toying with Chuck with shoulderblocks and the waist lock position and even thumb to the eyes. So after 9 minutes we finally get to a prober match now and it’s alright they had some nice moves and the flow was nice but I wish they would have kept it straight comedy from bell-to-bell. Oh I didn’t even mention at one point, Chuck hit this crazy dive to the outside landing on his ass and it look like it hurt a lot but he would get up and head to the commentary table as Steen followed. They argue over who's the best commentator. As Steen threatens Excalibur with his son, if he doesn’t agree that Steen is the better commentator of the two but Chuck has the line of the night so far "I was smart enough NOT to have a kid!" When it comes for Excalibur to decide, Excalibur POKES THEM IN THE EYE! So both men walk back to ring side. The match would end like 2 minutes later when Steen would hit the popup powerbomb followed by the Package piledriver for the win. This was tons of fun, but I can’t really rate it as it was more of that get the crowd pumped with comedy matches.
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WCW Worldwide 07/11/1992 - Ricky Steamboat & Barry Windham vs. Steve Austin & Cactus Jack
    Well looking at the talent involved this should be fun, I’m a huge fan of all 4 men so yeah I’m hoping this is spectacular. Jack and Steamboat starts :mark: man I wonder if these two ever had a one on one before? Oh well it doesn’t matter now as they start mat wrestling and Jack holds his own during that but he resorts to brawling to gain the advantage but just like Jack did during wrestling Steamboat’s shows he can throw down if needed too. All 4 men get into it with the faces getting the better so the heels take a breather, before Jack tags Austin in who want Windham and Steamboat agrees. Windham/Austin was fun; it’s so weird seeing Austin wind up with his punches instead of the overhand ones he would perfect later on. Anyway, Windham and Steamboat now begin to work the arm of Austin’s while cutting the ring it half. Its real good, lots of quick tags and everything was so crisp and good. Steamboat tries another move on the arm but Austin would counter by kneeing him in the back tagging in Jack who just beats on Steamboat and it rules, man I’m telling you no one can take a beat and make a beating look good like Steamboat. It’s now Austin and Jack who attempt to isolate Steamboat but Windham tags in and cleans house but Paul E. is able to distract the ref long enough for Jack to knee Windham in the back allowing Austin and Jack to work on the back of Windham, but out of nowhere during an Irish whip attempt Windham is able to hit a small package on Austin for the win. LOLWAT! Everything up to the finish was a ton of fun like I was expecting, but the finish just caught me off guard. I’m guessing it was done to set up a rematch or something. **3/4

    WCW Pro 09/05/1992 - Falls Count Anywhere Match: Cactus Jack vs. Dustin Rhodes
    Another match I’m pumped for, and Dustin wastes no time attacking Jack during his entrance. Right off the bat Dustin hits a small package for two on the floor. But Jack comes back with a scoop slam right on the floor, I should mention this is around the time that around the ring had no mats so it was just all concrete the only mats WCW had at the time was when you come down to the ring and even those looked like cheap thin things. Jack hits a sunset flip off the apron for two, as they brawl up and onto the stage. Dustin hits a suplex on the stage for two, as it’s all Dustin now and anything he sees he’s just bouncing Jacks head off it :lmao he beats him up all the way back into the ring and locks in a sleeper, way to go Dustin the babyface locks in a rest hold sleeper in attempt to kill the crowd. Jack falls to the floor where Dustin tries to bulldog him on the floor but Jack counters by throwing him into the ringpost before picking up a table and throws it down on him. Jack hits him with one of those unfolded plastic chairs but as he picks Dustin up Dustin hits a side suplex on the concrete for two. JESUS! THAT LOOKED SICK! They fight back into the ring where Dustin now has that chair and begins to kill Jack with it but Dustin tires a running move that Jack doges out of the way of sending Dustin to the floor, Jack then follows up with the leaping off the apron elbow for the win. Another short but fun match, with real good brawling that almost died due to a sleeper by the baby face. **3/4

    WCW Saturday Night 09/26/1992 - Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Dustin Rhodes
    Before the match starts a young Jim Ross introduces Bruno Sammartino who says he’s happy to be here and is looking forward to our next match. You and me both brother, Real good feeling out process here with Dustin using his quickness to get out of everything Jake threw at him before working the arm as Bruno put over how smart Dustin is for working the arm cause everyone needs their arms. Lol @ the way Jake slithers out underneath the ring but as he tries to take the breather Dustin pulls him back in by that injured arm and begins to work over it some more using the hammerlock submission. This match has been going on for 5 minutes now and it’s all been Dustin, I don’t think Jack has even hit a single punch yet. HE JUST TAPPED OUT! Well I swear if you tap the mat more than 4 times in a move that means you want to quit? Well he does make it to the ropes for the break but again as he tries to back up and go to work Dustin is right back on the arm but Jake goes to the eyes but as he tries to slam him down he can’t cause the arm is too badly hurt and that allows Dustin to go back to the arm. OH SHIT! Jake goes for a leapfrog but it seems he’s comedown awkward on the knee and it’s given out, well the ref backs Dustin up a couple of times allowing Jake to get back to his but when he does he straight punches Dustin In the face :lmao oh Jake. Jake throws him to the floor, he trolls the fame by doing squats showing his knee it fine :lmao He targets the throat of Dustin hitting him with the point of the elbow on the apron, and placing all his punches targeting the throat not the head. Everything he did was just so slow and methodical, it just goes to show you don’t need to hit like 4 combo moves all the time sometimes a single step on the throat is all that is needed. Jake locks in the sleeper but Dustin counters out so Jake comes right back with a thunderous clothesline to the throat area. He signals for the DDT but Dustin counters as the crowd is hype. Seriously they are waving white towels around whenever Dustin hits a move but as soon as Jake cuts him off they would stop with the waving and sitdown :lmao AWESOME! Dustin begins the comeback and eventually hits the Bulldog but during the count Jake gets his foot on the rope, well Dustin didn’t hear the ref count to two so he thinks he’s won and so does the crowd as they are HAWT. This allows Jake to kick him in the back or side and nails him with the DDT for the win. This was good; everything was on point even though towards the end the selling was none existing. But the arm work by Dustin was great, the throat work by Jake was great and that hot crowd made it that much better. **3/4 - ***

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