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Fab watches matches and stuff

Discussion in 'The Fab Section' started by TNA is Hiring, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. Admin Post
    TNA is Hiring

    TNA is Hiring #ThanosHive

    WWF House Show 06/15/1997 - Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/Chyna) vs. Mankind

    I believe this is after the KOTR match, Hunter/Mankind to start tho :mark: Before the match Mankind gets on the mic and congratulates him about winning the King Of The Ring. He then goes on to say he looked quite handsome wearing the crown, but tonight he’s gonna show him a better place to stick that crown. We get a slow lock up and about 10 minutes of a feeling out process, which even included Mankind doing Hunter’s bow taunt :lmao Jesus this is bad, I wasn’t expecting them to come out guns blazing like this is a PPV but it’s just basic heel/face match here with Hunter bailing the ring every 2 minutes, he does work the arm and it felt like it wasn’t going to go anywhere until Foley misses a clothesline and he hits the post. That allows Hunter to go right back at it, as whoever recorded this needs to shut the fuck up. I don’t need to hear your whole fuckin’ life story. The arm work lasts several minutes and it was pretty uneventful, kind of felt like a filler even though it was smart for him to take away the arm so Foley can’t lock in the mandible claw. Mankind’s selling was pretty good tho, he makes a sweet comeback hitting the Cactus knee and he does the bang bang taunt but he only raises the good arm FUCK YEAH! Selling. Mankind gets too carried away as he tries to bring in a chair which allows Hunter to knee him in the gut and he beings to viciously kick away at him in the corner until Hunter’s arch nemesis Earl Hebner pulls him away using his hair, that son of a bitch. They get into a bit of a shoving match that Hebner wins and to add insult to injury Hebner is in his face talking shit to him :lmao Hunter goes to strike him but as he turns away Henber fakes him out on a punch :lmao he turns his back twice and Mankind gives him two low blows followed by an atomic drop, he follows up with a legdrop and a sleeper which Hunter counters into one of his own. Hunter has it locked in for a good amount of time, like exceptionally long until it gets broken up with a chinbreak followed by the rebound spin around clothesline. They battle back and forth for a bit until Hunter comes off the top but jumps right into the mandible claw but Chyna comes in and hits him in the back for the DQ. Post-Match: Chyna gets all up in his face so Mankind gives her the claw for a huge pop, even made the douches recording this scream out like little girls; anyway Hunter tries to make the save so Mankind gives him the claw too. Pretty boring match, its shades of the KOTR match all over again. They’ve to figure out they need weapons and hatred. *3/4 - **
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    TNA is Hiring

    TNA is Hiring #ThanosHive

    WCW Slamboree 1999 - WCW Tag Team Championships: Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko (w/Arn Anderson) vs. Raven & Saturn vs. Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio

    This isn’t an elimination match but one person from each team must be in the ring, making it a triple threat dynamic. Malenko/Kidman and Perry start, but it’s Billy and Perry taking out Benoit and Malenko until Perry kills Kidman with a clothesline and they go back and forth for a bit until Perry belly-to-bellies him to the floor, AWESOME! we get a sequence of everyone getting their shit in until we get some awesome interactions with Rey, Raven and Benoit. That ruled for like a minute until Kidman tags, he helps take Raven out with a front suplex into the ropes and they go back and forth with Kidman missing a splash off the top, and Benoit locks him in the crossface but that gets broken up by Raven. He tags Perry in who hits a huge frog splash for two. Rey comes in and hits that phenomenal leapfrog to the top and lands on his feet just to hit a moonsault for two. Perry and Raven clean house as Perry botches a dive to the floor that takes everyone out :lmao But back in the ring, Benoit hits the diving headbutt for two. Malenko and Benoit isolate Perry in the ring making sure no one can get into the ring to break up the covers. They would go back and forth with either Benoit assaulting Perry, while Malenko knocks guys off or vice versa. Kidman comes in and makes a brief comeback on Benoit before Perry kicks his head off. He then comes back with a sick springboard clothesline or was it a crossbody to Kidman knocking him to the floor and Benoit follows up with the same move. Benoit rolls him back in and he hits the Northern lights with a bridge for two. He begins to work over Perry and hits the triple rolling German’s but that gets broken up by Kidman and Malenko tags in, he tries the Cloverleaf but gets small packaged for two. He gets back to his feet first and Kills Kidman before spitting in Rey’s face :lmao as Benoit punishes Perry on the floor. Malenko powerbombs Kidman for two, before tagging Benoit it. It’s weird seeing a tag team just beat on two guys with heel working cutting off both wrestles from tags at all times. It does seem to drag at times and it did last 1 to 4 minutes too long for my liking. Raven gets a hot tag and cleans house and hits the three rolling suplexs for two, he tags Perry out and Kidman comes over instead of tagging Rey in :lmao oh wait he finally does but it was flat, Rey hits a ‘Rana on Perry before Benoit viciously whips him into the corner. Kidman tags in and he waits 20 seconds before hitting a crossbody on Benoit as Rey hits a ‘Rana on Perry. Kidman and Rey now begin to quicken up the pace hitting high flying tag moves they try the leapfrog into the ‘Rana but Perry catches him and powerbombs him down for two :mark: They match has officially broken down now with the ref distracted that allows Arn to come in and spinebuster Perry, suddenly a guy wearing a sting mask comes in and shoves Kidman off the top, allowing Raven to hit a DDT for the win, I should also point out that Malenko had Rey in the Texas Clotherleaf but his back was turned the whole time. Post-Match: The mask man turns out to be Kanyon. Match was fun, but it dragged during the weird heat from Dean and Chris but overall a real fun way to kick off the show. ***1/4 - ***1/2
  3. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    Not seen this match. There's a lot of good talent in it, but it also sounds like it might be a clusterfuck.
  4. Admin Post
  5. Admin Post
    TNA is Hiring

    TNA is Hiring #ThanosHive

    Stan Hansen (w/Classy Freddie Blassy) vs. NWF Champion Antonio Inoki (06/07/79)

    LOL @ Stan refusing to let the ref search him before the match, great feeling out process to start that showed Stan’s strength and Inoki’s skill and quickness to move out of the way of those big moves and strikes. Stan begins to work the arm, but I wanna say a burst of energy allows Inoki to no sell it and he locks on a front facelock but Stan uses his strength to break free and gain control back. Once they break free Inoki locks in the octopus but before he can full lock it in Stan simply shoves him to the mat before choking him on the ropes. He now begins to work the throat; well not really it’s just heel tactics by stealing the man’s air. We do get this weird thing with Stan letting him go and Inoki delivers some sweet headbutt, chops and a scoop slam for two but Stan is pissed and LARIATS! Him for two, spike piledriver gets two before he drops knees to the back of the head :mark: He goes for another Lariat but Inoki hits him with a diving headbutt and begins a comeback hitting him with high dropkicks from every angle until he heads up top and hits this awkward splash senton move for the win. This was weird it was slow and methodical but some shit like Stan letting him go free during his heat stuff like that.
  6. Admin Post
    TNA is Hiring

    TNA is Hiring #ThanosHive

    WWF Survivor Series 1995 – No Disqualification match for the WWF Championship: Bret Hart vs. Diesel

    So this still holds of as one of my favorite matches, and in my top 3 in survivor Series history. The match starts out with Diesel removing one of the corner padding from the turnbuckle leading to Bret doing the same thing. We get a good feeling out process, but that’s all the offense Bret gets for like 7-10 minutes as Diesel slowly and methodically beats on Bret. But as Diesel looks for the Jacknife to put him away, Bret hooks his leg and begins to bit the hand to break the hold. This allows Bret to target the knees, keeping the big man on his back. I loved Bret busting out the figure four and even when Diesel got to the ropes he refused to break because it’s a NoDq match, Bret now dominates this but when he tries to put the match away, Diesel pokes him in the eyes twice and shoves him into the exposed turnbuckles. Before Diesel can make a comeback Bret trips the knees out and wraps them around the ringpost several times. Bret then gets a cable and tries to tie it around Diesel’s ankle and does forcing him to be limited more than he already is, Bret uses a chair to further attempt to destroy the knee. Its weird Bret isn't even trying to get pinfalls, he’s just beating down and wearing out Diesel. Later in the match Bret tries to go up top with the chair but Diesel stops him and throws him off the top and manages to free himself and manages to get the momentum back. I should point out Bret and Diesel’s selling him is AMAZING! Especially Diesel’s as he is just trying his best to keep his weight off the knee and grabbing the knee all the time. He attempts a few too many power moves and it would backfire as would use the leverage and his speed to rattle him. Great moment in the match is Bret tries the plancha to the floor and Diesel looks like he’s about to catch him but at the split last second Diesel just walks away and Bret just drops to the floor :lmao minutes later Bret slowly tries to get into the ring by Diesel shoves him off and he goes crashing through the Spanish commentary table, it looked and sounded AWESOME! Diesel comes over and gives him a few shots, but Diesel hesitates on the floor before rolling him back in. He oh so slowly gets into the ring and signals for the end, but when he picks Bret up, Bret crumbles to the mat again. Diesel shows sympathy again allowing Bret to cradle him for the win. Post-Match: Diesel is PISSED! So he gives Bret a Jacknife powerbomb and begins to strike refs, before giving Bret another Jacknife. Just before he leaves Diesel yells at the camera “I’M BAAAAAAACK” This match was just great it really put over Bret’s intelligence, and he gave Diesel AKA Kevin Nash's his best match ever. ****1/2
  7. Admin Post
    TNA is Hiring

    TNA is Hiring #ThanosHive

    WCW Worldwide 04/30/1994 – Texas Death Match: Cactus Jack vs. Vader

    FUCK YEAH! VIOLENCE! They waste no time, trying to punch one another to death. As they brawl to the floor Jack picks up a chair and nails Vader with it for the three count; Vader would get up at the count of four. As Jack controls the early portion of this, I find it hilarious that Race keeps trying to get involved but he’s so old and slow Jack just beats him up anyway. Jack would smartly lock in a sleeper but Vader uses his weight advantage and drops all his weight on Jacks chest to break the hold, it wasn’t as deadly as the Halloween Hovic one but it’s still Vader crashing down on Jacks chest so it looks nasty. Vader would follow up with 3 big splashes off the top, but kicks out at two. Race pulls Jack out of the ring and delivers a chair shot, as Vader comes out and powerbombs him on the floor for the three count, and he can’t get up for the 10 count giving Vader the win. This was like a small little appetizer for the epic things they've done in the past and will continue to do in this AWESOME feud. **1/2 - **3/4
  8. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    Interesting. So do you rate this more than their rumble meeting. I love that match, as it is rare that the outside involvement actually adds to the drama.
  9. Chris

    Chris It's me, it's me

    Watch and review just the NY portion of WM 2
  10. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    Good call!

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