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WWF 1998 Review


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Dec 3, 2010
Hell's Club
WWF Champion: Shawn Michael
WWF Intercontinental Champion: The Rock
WWF Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
WWF European Champion: HHH
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: TAKA Michinoku

January 19th, 1998
Fresno, California

Recap of Kane/Taker from last weeks RAW and the double cross at the Rumble.

Paul Bearer comes out laughing and grinning. He says HE GOT CHA DIDN'T I! HAHAHAHAHA! He yells at the fans to just admit it, and responds to a "YOU SUCK" chant by saying if he does, he must be good :lmao he says he had each and every one of them in the palm of his hand. He should have won a Golden Globe for that interview he did two weeks ago. Then last week in this ring and on this platform, the two brothers got down and saluted each other. That's when he knew he had them, hook, line, and sinker. The Undertaker too. And for the first time in 7 years you saw, The Undertaker smiled because he knew his brother Kane had come back to the fold. BUT I GOT YOU, DEAD MAN. Just when you thought Kane was gonna help big brother, no, no, no. Kane chokeslamed him into his own casket. Then I came down with the three locks. We locked The Undertaker in his casket. Then we rolled him to where everyone can see. He saw a little girl in the crowd crying and asking what they were doing. Finally, he reached in and pulled out a book of matches and there it was. "THE TOWERING INFERNO!" It felt so good. The big plan has now come to pass. The Undertaker is gone and never to return. TAKER'S MUSIC HITS AND DRUIDS BRING THE CASKET OUT! KANE SITS UP OUT OF IT AND LIGHTS OFF HIS PYRO! Ladies and Gentleman I present to you the last surviving member of The Undertaker's family, and that's how he likes it because I'M PAUL BEARER AND YOU ARE NOT!

Will Taker be here?
DX Talks

Backstage: DX are together, Hunter says last night he proved to the world Owen is nothing but a loser. He tells Owen to pack his bags and head down south too cause he can't cut it here. And then the Man proved once again, that he is the man, the icon, the main event. Shawn says last night he went to bed, but couldn't rest it was crazy. He says he woke up feeling guilt-ridden. Not only beating him but seeing his casket on fire. He says he wants the fans to know DX is not all bad, so tonight DX will FIND the Undertaker.

The DOA vs. The Nation of Domination (Faarooq, Kama & D'Lo)
D'lo/8ball is meh, Kama/Chainz was trash, Skull gets in and they go right into the Nation heat segment. D'lo shines cause he's clearly the best wrestler in the match. Kama does things while Faarooq does nothing, the match just breaks down cause why the fuck not so the ref calls for the bell. Double DQ :lmao

After the Match; Mark and Rocky run down, but Ahmed and Ken make the save. Everyone brawls and shit.

In the parking lot, a Hearse arrives at the building.

Tom Brandi vs. Marc Mero (w/Sable)
Angle match, someone hands Sables some flowers so Mero loses his shit and forces her to the back. But she refuses cause he ain't shit. Mero gets a low blow and then hits the TKO for the win.

In the parking lot; DX go over to the hearse, they get Chyna to open the door. But it's college girls who jump out and hug Shawn and Hunter, who get into the back of the hearse for an orgy.

Mike Tyson limos arrive, Shane gets out of one with Tyson and his entourage.

The Quebecers vs. Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie
HOLY SHIT! The Quebecers are back for another run. Super short but fucking awesome, all 4 brawl before the bell before things settle down with the Quebecers isolating Funk. They take turns beating the shit out of him, they hit one piledriver, but decide that isn't enough so they try a spike one so Cactus breaks it up. The ref tries to force him out so he gives him the mandible claw so another ref runs out for the DQ.

After the match; they continue brawling with Funk hitting a Vader Bomb like splash to everyone on the floor. Cactus decides enough is enough and grabs a baseball bat that has some barbed wire on it which forces the Quebecers to retreat.

Backstage: DX goes over the mini's and asks if they've seen The Undertaker, Hunter says we don't want no short answers. Shawn says he can't bend down that far to hear what they're saying so he has Chyna lift up Max Mini to Shawn's hight :lmao Max yells NO! NO!

Backstage: Tyson is talking with Pat, Jerry, Sgt, and others.

NWA North American Heavyweight Championship: Blackjack Bradshaw (w/Blackjack Windham) vs. Jeff Jarrett (w/The Rock n' Roll Express & Jim Cornette)
Jeff and RNREX jump Bradshaw before the bell but stop once the bell rings so yeah lol. This isn't good, basic punches and slams low-level brawling. Apparently, Bradshaw went over 40 minutes in the Rumble last night loooooooooool. What a forgettable performance. Ricky and Robert keep interfering and the ref is distracted. Windham comes in to interfere too, but Jeff ducks a lariat and he hits Bradshaw. He just kind of leaves and Jeff covers to win. *1/2

After the Match; Bradshaw is mad and attacks the RNRX and Jeff. It's obviously a 3 on 1, but Blackjack Windham comes back. They back off, but he hits Bradshaw with another lariat and leaves with the NWA. 3 swerves in 4 weeks YAY!

In the arena somewhere; DX can't find The Undertaker. Shawn is sad, but Triple H points off screen scared and the lights go out.


THE LIGHTS GO OUT! THE UNDERTAKER'S MUSIC HITS! It looks like Taker is being lowered from the roof of the building............................WHEN SUDDENLY! "Break it Down" hits, and Shawn Michaels throws off the black wig to reveal that it's him. AW, SON OF A BITCH! (Too soon) nevermind. Shawn begins to dance as Hunter and Chyna come out. They are carrying a grill down with a bag of hot dogs. Hunter has a SUCK THE COOK apron on. They put on these extra long chef hats on. Hunter says they both have jumbo weenies and Chyna pulls out a huge sausage. He asks if Shawn got that entrance gear in a fire sale. Shawn asks if they like their Undertaker rare, medium, or well done. He says he likes him DONE thanks to DX and yours truly. Hunter calls Owen Hart the Mr. Hankey of the WWF and he hopes he enjoyed his royal stumble last night because he sure did. He's going to hand him an opportunity for revenge and challenges him to a shot at his coveted European Title next week. He says he will face him man to boy. Hunter says even with a torn MCL it won't matter because he can beat him any time he wants to end it for good. And on another note, to all you Cali girls there's no need to ride Space Mountain, because it's old and broken down, and if you want to see the stars, he's got the rocket if you've got the ride. Shawn says he gave The Undertaker one more chance last night, but alas, the Heartbreak Kid all alone and all by himself with no help from anyone defeated him once again. Now it's time to go to the list, who's next in line for the Heartbreak Kid. Everyone knows the winner of the Royal Rumble gets a shot at the WWF Champion, so that brings up Stone Cold Steve Austin. He's a former Tag Team Champion, BEEN THERE DONE THAT! He's a former Intercontinental Champion, BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT! It seems there's only one more mountain for Stone Cold Steve Austin to climb. Not only is the Heartbreak Kid at the top of that mountain, BUT HE OWNS THAT MOUNTAIN! Because The Heartbreak Kid says so. Stone Cold's got quite a winning streak going, SON, but he should ask around the WWF locker room and then call every wrestler that he sent down South and they'll tell him the same thing he's about to. THE HEARTBREAK KID LAYS DOWN FOR ABSOLUTELY NOBODY~!

Mike Tyson is talking to LOD when Sunny comes over whoring herself out to him.

For some reason, Honky Tonk Man joins Lawer and JR on commentary.

Los Boricuas vs. Owen Hart, TAKA Michinoku & The Headbangers
Total waste of Owen and Taka, UGH! Boricuas isolate Mosh for like 3 minutes before Owen gets the hot tag, he cleans house and applies the Sharpshooter for the win. After the match; Cole interviews Owen at ringside about Triple H's challenge. He says he doesn't know what the hell he's up to, but he'll take any chance to get his hands on him, and he accepts.

Backstage: The Nation is talking with Mike Tyson. FUCK YEAH!

The Rock vs. Ahmed Johnson

This is all bad. 80% of Rocks strikes don't connect, Ahmed, calling shit louder than Shamrock at this point. Mark Henry comes out to hit Ahmed off the ropes with a chair, and Rock wins with the Rock Bottom. After the match; Ken Shamrock runs out before Rock and Mark can do anything, so they bail.

Backstage: Mike Tyson and his crew are with Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie, Jack gives Mike his barbed wire bat and keeps asking him to hit him in the back with it. LOL

Backstage: Mike is now with DX, Chyna is showing off her gunz while Mike keeps pointing at the WWF title.

Someone in the crowd has a "TOO GAY" Brian Christopher sign

WWF Tag Team Championships: The Godwins vs. The New Age Outlaws
Outlaws once again bump for everything but the Godwins are just atrocious and sloppy. One of the Godwinns botches a Gutwrench Suplex dropping Gunn on his face and neck. The match is 98% Gunn getting his ass kicked, but out of nowhere Road Dogg tosses in the stuffed pig and he hits one of them with it and it gets the pin. LOADED STUFFED PIG. After the match; Road Dogg gets hit with the slop bucket just because.

Vince McMahon is in the ring, he then introduces the BADDEST MAN ON THE PLANET! IRON MIKE TYSON! Mike comes out with at least 5 goonz. Mike says it's a pleasure to be here, Vince asks about his favorites and he yells out for Bruno Sammartino. Vince asks about Don Leo Jonathon and Tyson laughs. Vince officially announces that in this ring at WrestleMania XIV.................GLASS BREAKS! OOutcomesStone Cold. All the officials, agents come out to prevent anything or try to. Vince asks why he's here. Austin says he's sick and tired of Mike Tyson. He's here shaking hands and making friends with all the WWF Superstars and it's made him so damn sick he's been in the back throwing up. He's not here to shake his hand or be his friend. He respects what he's done in the boxing world, but Jesus Christ son, in this ring, you're messing with Stone Cold Steve Austin and that's something you don't do. Imma keep it short and simple "I WANT A PIECE OF MIKE TYSON'S ASS" He respects what he's done, but he's out here calling himself the Baddest Man on the Planet, but he's got his beady eyes locked on the eyes of the World's Toughest Son of a Bitch. He can beat him any day of the week, twice on Sunday. He doesn't know how good his hearing is, but he's got some sign language, so here's to him.

TYSON AND AUSTIN! TYSON AND AUSTIN! TYSON AND AUSTIN! They get pulled apart, Mike's people calmly hold him back after picking up hundreds of dollars that have come out of his pockets. While it takes all the refs, agents, to drag Austin out. Vince finally snaps and yells, "YOU RUINED IT, DAMNIT!" and Austin gives him the finger too before he's dragged away. HELL MOTHERFUCKING YEAH! AWESOME SHIT!

In the parking lot, Tyson is pissed and yells at Vince to bring that coward "COLD STONE" out Vince tries to apologize for Austin. Tyson wants to fight him and before the show totally cuts, Tyson yells out "FAGGOT" and one of his goonz yells "YO, FUCK 'EM".



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Feb 25, 2012
For the life of me, I never understood how Tyson couldn’t get the mans name right
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Dec 3, 2010
Hell's Club
WWF Champion: Shawn Michael
WWF Intercontinental Champion: The Rock
WWF Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
WWF European Champion: HHH
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: TAKA Michinoku

January 26th, 1998
Davis, California

Recap of TYSON and AUSTIN! Michael Cole does voice-overs. Cole says Mike no longer wants to be the ref of the Mania match but wants a piece of Austin at WrestleMania. Tonight: Don King discusses what happened, and so does Shawn Michaels.

JR announces at No Way Out it will be the Nation vs. Ken, Ahmed, and the DOA

Mark Henry (w/The Nation of Domination) vs. Ken Shamrock (w/Ahmed Johnson & The DOA)
This gets about 5 minutes, which is the most TV time a match has gotten so far. Mark is really good in his power offense, and Ken does a fun job bumping and selling being in pain due to beating. He's still ass at selling a body part tho. Mark uses a bear hug and it looks legit as he's one of the few guys that make a bear hug believable. The crowd being hot for Shamrock helps this a lot too, Ken hits the belly-2-belly but the Rock attacks him and everyone gets in for the DQ brawl. Faces clear the ring and stand tall. **1/2

Recap of the story of Taker/Kane/Bearer so far, It ends with footage of the casket being opened after the Royal Rumble, but The Undertaker was not in the casket.

Jeff Jarrett & Barry Windham (w/Jim Cornette & The Rock n' Roll Express) vs. The Legion of Doom
Not good. LOD do their run through you offense, Barry clearly over the hill, Jeff tries I guess, I can't stand him but he is a good bumper. NWA isolate Hawk, it doesn't go anywhere or last long before Animal gets the hot tag. The match breaks down, with Windham hits Animal with Cornette's tennis racket for the win, but Animal kicks out right at three just cause FUCK YOU! you really didn't beat me. **

Another recap of TYSON and AUSTIN, but this time Kevin Kelly does the voice over. So we gonna have anyone but JR do it UGH!

Backstage: Hunter is basically naked just with a towel over his penis as Chyna is wrapping his knee for his match later. Cole asks Shawn on his thoughts on this Austin/Tyson situation. Hunter says before this man addresses the "Tyson issue", he has something to say to Owen Hart. He wanted the best and he's got it. He's going to see Triple H like he's never seen him before and he might not be 100%, but even at 50%, he's more man than Owen could ever be. He's going to flush the toilet one last time and send him to that cesspool in the South where he belongs. Shawn says granted that he's the icon, the Showstopper, etc., and a role model that children and their parents all look up to, he's sorry on behalf of that one bad apple, Stone Cold Steve Austin. He says he's been single-handedly carrying the WWF on his shoulders to the top of this industry, and Stone Cold is trying to ruin it by embarrassing the WWF. He says he should forego his defense against Stone Cold and let Stone Cold and Iron Mike duke it out at WrestleMania to decide who the baddest man on the planet is. Triple H says the WWF Champion has to be there and Shawn says he could handle Sable or manage a mini or something he can do at WrestleMania. Shawn takes his jacket off to reveal a referee shirt and offers to be the guest referee for Austin vs. Tyson. Not only the greatest wrestler in the WWF, but he's also the greatest special referee. Just ask The Undertaker.

The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust (w/Luna) vs. VADER
Goldust is dressed as Vader, so tonight he's VaderDUST! He's in black clothes with a red piece of lingerie on. This goes around three minutes or so. Vader mostly dominates and hits the Vader Bomb, but then the lights go out and Kane and Paul Bearer come down and the match just ends.

Vader doesn't back up, instead, he takes the fight to Kane. He piledrives Kane, BUT Goldust gets on the apron and Vader knocks him down, Kane sits up and drops Vader with the Tombstone.

Earlier Today: Mick Foley and Terry Funk are in the ring, they are out of character making jokes about Chainsaw and Jack.


The New Age Outlaws come down to the ring, wearing catcher masks and pads. Road Dogg says every man should use protection, especially if you have to wrestle the likes of Weedwhacker Willie or Chainsaw Johnson or Cactus Johnson, the bottom line is if you feast your ocular cavities on the New Age Outlaws, the titles are staying around their waists.

The New Age Outlaws vs. Chainsaw Charlie & Cactus Jack
FUCK YEAH! All 4 brawl to start, Dogg/Funk pair off in the ring while Jack/Gunn happen on the floor. They do that for a minute until Cactus low blows Dogg who FUCKIN NO SELLS IT! I guess he's wearing a cup and punches the shit out of Foley. Then on the floor, Gunn uses the catches mask to nail Jack in the head with it taking him out for a few leaving it 2on1. The match eventually settles down tho, the champs get the most offense they've had all year in this 3 minutes of heat :lmao Cactus has a pretty fun but short-lived hot tag, he hits the double arm DDT but only gets two. Funk begins making it rain with chairs from the floor. Then in the ring, Foley removes Dogg's cup and nails him with a chair. He then hits the Chair drop elbow spot onto Gunn on the floor. The ref then DQ's them so he applies the mandible claw to the ref. Funk and Jack continue the assault on Dogg in the ring. They bury him under some chairs and Funk hits a fucking moonsault onto the chairs. **3/4

Video Package airs on TAKA Michinoku, it has JR trying to teach him English in it. And when I mean English, I mean JR teaching him the word Slobberknocker.

FUCKING' Honky Tonk Man comes out to be the special guest ring announcer. This nikka is the male Sunny.

El Pantera vs. Brian Christopher
YEAH! Not happening.

Backstage: Cactus and Charlie stand by and JR asks how they felt about their match. Cactus says it was fun. D-Generation X comes over to distract them and from behind, the New Age Outlaws shove the fence set over on them and beat them down with garbage cans. Shawn Michaels joins in before referees and agents come over to break it up.

The Quebecers vs. The Headbangers
Quebecers put on another good showing. They do cool counters to Headbangers stuff and seriously bump their asses off to make the Bangers look good, the match ends when Thrasher hits a sunset flip and pins Pierre. After the match; The Quebecers beat down the Headbangers cause FUCK EM'


Owen Hart comes out for the European Title match, but instead of Triple H, Goldust comes out with a fake witch nose and the European Title and Luna is dressed up as Chyna. FUCKEERY!

Owen Hart vs. The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust (w/Luna)
HunterDUST! You can tell the guys that Goldust likes cause he puts a little more effort into his matches. Like this one, he imitates Hunter's punches and kicks, and traits he does in the ring. Owen is Owen so he's good at being the underdog and fighting from the bottom. HOLY SHIT! This even gets a commercial break in it. When we return, Luna trips up Owen and he stumbles into a Pedigree attempt but Owen counters into the Sharpshooter and Goldust taps out.

On the tron, Shawn and Hunter are laughing at Owen being an idiot. Hunter says he can't believe he fell for that and Shawn says this is past genius. Sgt. Slaughter comes out to the ring, he says that was pretty good and says DX got them again. He says he guesses Goldust was supposed to be Triple H tonight and says he did a damn good job, maggots. He had him convinced, and SO convinced that since Owen Hart had a sanctioned European Title match tonight and since he's their commissioner, he's counting this as a European Title match since Goldust defended on Hunter's behalf. NEW CHAMPION~!

Recap of TYSON and AUSTIN, now done by JR and King. So much better.

Don King is in his office, he says last week we almost see Stone Cold and Tyson go at it. What developed from that was an intensity of hostility so thick you could cut it with a knife. Mike Tyson and Stone Cold want each other, so they're gonna bring those forces together on March 29th, but Mike can't fight because of the Nevada State Commission. He says he and Vince must come up with a creative scene to bring these two together without violating the rules that allow this man to make a living. BRING THESE TWO POWER FORCES TOGETHER! ON PPV!

Stone Cold Steve Austin comes down to the ring, he says last week on RAW really pissed me off. Mike Tyson pushed him in front of the world and thought he was gonna get away without a payback. That ain't happening. He says Tyson gonna find out firsthand that you don't mess with Stone Cold Steve Austin. He's supposed to be some kind of big tough boxer, but he doesn't really give a rat's ass about none of that. Supposedly, he wants a piece of Stone Cold. He'll beat his ass up in either of their backyards or anyone's backyard. He's gonna give him his phone number, beeper number, AND his address so he can get in touch with him and let him know what he wants to do. He'll knock that damn gold tooth out of his mouth and make it into a necklace for Stone Cold. Don King says they can't stop him from making a living, but in his opinion, getting his ass whipped by Stone Cold ain't much of a living. To make it official, he'll be in Houston on February 15th and all Mike has to do is show up, and if he does, he's gonna knock his ass out. And that's the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so.
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Aug 6, 2010
Oh what times:mark: I used to buy the Raw magazine every month thinking that Venom/Russo was the coolest and most cutting edge guy around. How times change:lmao

Don't even remember them bringing The Quebecers back. Will have to add some of this to my Raw list.


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Dec 3, 2010
Hell's Club
WWF Champion: Shawn Michael
WWF Intercontinental Champion: The Rock
WWF Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
WWF European Champion: Owen Hart
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: TAKA Michinoku

February 2nd, 1998
Indianapolis, Indiana

D-Generation X come out, Hunter and Shawn are wearing Uncle Sam outfits and all 3 have signs. Hunters say "Ladies...who's going down for the count" and on the back, it says "I'm standing at 8," Shawn's says "I want a bodacious Blonde" Chyna wants "TYSON vs. AUSTIN" Red, White and Blue balloons drop from the roof. Shawn and Hunter both yell "LET THEM FIGHT" which the crowd joins in with. Austin then comes out and down to the ring, he says he appreciates the fact that Shawn supports the fight and wants to promote that because Stone Cold can damn well beat the living crap outta Mike Tyson. But, when Stone Cold won the Royal Rumble, it meant that whether he fights Mike Tyson now, tomorrow, or whenever, Shawn Michaels' ass belongs to Stone Cold Steve Austin. That damn belt is coming with Stone Cold whether he likes it or not. He can beat anybody's ass in the world, and that's the bottom line because he said so. Shawn stares him down while Austin talks shit before leaving.

Tonight: Austin vs. Road Dogg, Owen vs. Gunn for the Euro title & Cactus Jack vs. Chainsaw Charlie

Earlier Today, JR was with Terry Funk and Mick Foley in the arena. Foley says he's not a kid anymore and he's 32 and is starting to care about what kind of a legacy he wants. He says JR doesn't want to be remembered for the toga at WrestleMania IX, he wants to be known as the greatest play by play man ever. He says ten years ago, he'd finished a match in Columbus, Ohio and he was just happy to not be sleeping in his car. The World Champion at that time was waiting for him. He said nobody cared about him or any of his flying around and said nobody would care when he's in a wheelchair by the time he's 30. He says he's never forgotten that. He loves Dude Love, but when people mention Mick Foley, he wants them to remember tonight. He's 32, so maybe he's on borrowed time, and he wants people to remember he and Terry Funk fighting to become king of the hardcore. Terry says he loves him like his own son, but not tonight.

Chainsaw Charlie vs. Cactus Jack
Funk brings out a little dumper like full of weapons, while Cactus brings out a real dumper full of weapons. Funk leaves the ring and they brawl on the stage. This gets 8 minutes which WOW! and is tremendous for some many reasons, it's sloppy but in a violent way, like they just love beating the shit out of one another with no remorse. It's their way of showing how much they love one another, so we get all the tradition hardcore stuff suplexes on the ladder and stage, they redo the chair stuff from the Rumble but this time switch the chair for a trashcan. Funk suckers Foley in into thinking he won't hit him when he's looking so when Foley turns around that's when he hits him, in the back of the head. Cactus then comes back putting Funk's head in the trashcan and hitting a piledriver which looks fucking hilarious. When we return from break, they are fighting on the stage when Funk pulls out a table he goes for the piledriver onto the table, but Cactus backdrops him into the dumper. He then applies the mandible claw and then climbs part of the tron and connects with a diving elbow onto Funk who is still in the dumpster. BUT THE OUTLAWS COME OUT AND SHUT THE DUMPSTER AND TIE IT SHUT! THEY THEN PUSH IT OFF THE STAGE! HOLY SHIT!


Replays of differnt angles are shown, as The Outlaws stand on the stage and look on, before panicking. The locker room along with officials, EMTs and agents all rush out to take a look. They open the dumpster with Foley and Funk not moving, everyone is in shock and they watch on for a good 5 minutes until Vince comes out to look on too.


The Outlaws are then shown talking to Vince, they say it's not what they planned and he knows them. They didn't mean to take it that far or hurt anyone.

Back from break, Funk and Foley have finally been taken out of the dumpster and are now on stretchers with neckbraces on. JR talks about how the Outlaws were trying to get over and it got out of hand. Flash Funk has to be held back from fighting them before they drag him away. The Headbangers and some other people attack the Outlaws, but that also gets broken up. They finally get put on stretchers and taken away in ambulances.

Backstage: The New Age Outlaws are standing by when JR asks them what the hell were they thinking. Dogg says there's not a lot of opportunity in this business and they saw one and attacked it. He says he has a family too, and Shawn and Hunter come over to interrupt. Shawn says they're asked every week to outdo themselves and push the envelope and get ratings, and that's what DX does. He knows people ask when it all ends, and Hunter says if it wasn't them, it would have been the Outlaws. They need to smarten up because they did what matters. Shawn says to think about themselves and to keep pushing higher, and the show goes on.


WWF European Championship: Bad Ass Billy Gunn (w/Road Dogg) vs. Owen Hart
Owens comes out like a house on fire and takes the fight to Gunn not for his title but for two guys he has respect for. He hits this sweet no hands plancha to Gunn and beats him up out of the ring for a few. Gunn does what he does best bump and beg off before getting his ass kicked some more. He manages to weather the Owen flurry before hanging Owen up on the top rope allowing him to take over. He works the neck and sadly slows the match down. Owen has a cool comeback before locking in the Sharpshooter, but Dogg tries to interfere so the ref calls for the bell. **1/4

DX come out and it becomes a 5-1. They all take turns beating Owen up the ramp, Hunter hits a DDT on the steel stage. Shawn asks the camera if they want ratings now. They get the Outlaws to try and swing Owen off the stage to the concrete while holding all four limbs, but referees and agents come out to stop it. Shawn again yells at the Outlaws not to listen to the fans and to do whatever it takes to get on top. The Outlaws are more receptive now and leave with DX.

This 50 minutes of RAW has been great.

Michael Cole is on the phone, he is at the hospital with Funk and Foley. Cole says medical people are working on Foley and Funk in the emergency room, but they have no official statement has been given.

Mero comes out with Sable, he tries to get her to cover up with one of his robes but she refuses. Mero finally gets it on her to put one on, so she can disrobe him. A stagehand hands Sable some chocolates. So Mero yells at her for trying to steal his spotlight again. He then throws the chocolates on the stage and tells her to go to the back. Mero brings out someone to watch his back and introduces Marilyn. Goldust comes out as Marilyn Manson and Mero just shouts "THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE" :lmao

Mosh (w/Thrasher) vs. Marc Mero (w/The Artest Formerly Known As Goldust)
Not the best, Mosh has a decent showing but Mero is all bad. He doesn't even do body blows so fuck him. He does the Low blow followed by the TKO for the win. MEH!

On the slip screen on one side is the NWA and on the other it's Blackjack Bradshaw, JR asks Windham when is he gonna be man enough to face Bradshaw all alone. Windham says he's always man enough, but now he has a tag partner that he can trust. Bradshaw tells him to find some guts and will do what he has to to get Windham in the ring.

Tiger Ali Singh Video Package. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Faarooq (w/The Nation of Domination) vs. Chainz (w/The DOA, Ahmed Johnson & Ken Shamrock)
Thankfully kept short, it's also just used for Cole to call in. He says Vince is now at the hospital, and that Funk has regained consciousness while Cactus keeps dipping in and out of it. He hopes to have more before RAW ends. An argument breaks out between Faarooq and Kama on the floor and Faarooq is counted out during it, so Chainz wins.

Rock keeps them apart on the floor, as Faarooq storms off. They meet him on the stage and he yells at everyone to get in line, and they do the salute.

Jeff Jarrett & Barry Windham (w/Jim Cornette & The Rock n' Roll Express) vs. Justin "HAWK" Bradshaw & Flash Funk
Decent little match I guess, Funk gets "injured" early on when the RnREX drops him throat first onto the steel rails so it's a 2-1. Funk gets taken to the back during the break. They isolate Bradshaw for a bit it's not really good, he eventually makes a comeback and hits a huge clothesline on Jarrett for the win.

After the Match; Bradshaw fights off the NWA but Cornette whacks him in the back with the tennis racket. But Bradshaw doesn't go down, he then turns his attention to Jim, which allows the NWA to jump him from behind. Barry then hits a backdrop with assistance from the NWA before Jarrett locks in the figure four and Windham hits running splashes to Bradshaw's "bad knee" WAIT WHAT? When did they mention Bradshaw had a bad knee?

Recap of the Outlaws attempted murder, Lawler claims the dumpster weights two thousand pounds. Cole is back on the phone, he yells all hell has broken loose he can't put into words. Police have been called, heavy security. He keeps cutting off before the phone call ends lol.

WWF WrestleMania 14 press conference this Thursday In New York at Noon.

Wink Collins says all the tickets for WrestleMania XIV have sold out and says you can watch it on PPV! THE LIGHTS GO OUT..........AND KANE COMES OUT! Bearer says he thinks they should show this gentleman just a little taste of the hell The Undertaker is living right now, but Vader's music hits and he comes to save. He gets the mic and says Kane stuck his nose in his business and drew first blood, and come February 15th, HIS BIG ASS IS HIS. Vader grabs a fire extinguisher and says he's gonna put his fire out. He sprays it at Kane until Kane retreats from the ring.

JR claims an ambulance has arrived at the building, he doesn't know if it's the same one that took Funk and Foley away :hm:

Road Dogg (w/Billy Gunn) vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
This isn't a match at all, Austin runs down and beats the shit out of Gunn on the floor, before beating up Dogg in the ring. Gunn gets back in, but Austin catches him with a stunner and the bell is rung for a DQ. The Outlaws then try to jump Austin but that backfires leading to DX coming out. It's a 5-1 mugging. They tie Austin to the ropes as Shawn gets in Austin's face, he says this is the closest Austin will ever get to the WWF Championship. But, Cactus Jack hobbles down with an IV stand and DX and the Outlaws bail. Charlie follows in a hospital gown with a chainsaw. Austin runs to the back to continue the fight, He then comes back out with a DX shirt and rips it up.





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Dec 3, 2010
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WWF Champion: Shawn Michael
WWF Intercontinental Champion: The Rock
WWF Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
WWF European Champion: Owen Hart
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: TAKA Michinoku

February 9th, 1998
Evansville, Indiana

Sunny who is looking super fucked and drugged out as she's dressed as Marylyn Monroe sings "Happy Birthday" to Classy Freddie Blassy. This is terrible.

Stone Cold Steve Austin comes down to the ring, he says he wants to make one thing clear to Shawn Michaels and says you don't come out on national television and rub a damn belt in Stone Cold's face. This Sunday at No Way Out, there is no way out because he wants a piece of his ass. He doesn't want to wait that long, so he's telling Shawn Michaels to get himself some guts and bring his long-haired ass to this ring. DX are on the tron. Shawn asks if he was tied up last week. All revved up with nowhere to go. He's got news for him. The Heartbreak Kid knows exactly how to pull his strings, son. He's the baddest SOB in the WWF, and he punked him out like a dog last week. Shawn says Austin doesn't call the shots around here, but he does. He'll get a piece of him, but only when he says so. Being the gracious WWF Champion that he is, if he can give him one good reason why he should come out there, he'll come out and slap the taste out of his mouth once again. Austin says he'll give him a reason, and says he's got his belt. Shawn tries to pull the belt out of his bag, but it's a toy replica, and Austin pulls out the real one. Austin says he'll be out here all night and tells him to come out and get it back. If he asks real nice. And that's the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so.

Sunny comes out to introduce the next match.

The Legion of Doom vs. Jeff Jarrett & Barry Windham (w/Jim Cornette & The Rock n' Roll Express)
LOD are so washed that it's slowly turning into an angle, JR points it out on commentary that maybe they don't have what it takes anymore and the past 14 years have probably caught up to them. Barry is still, bad which means Fucking' Jarrett is the glue that holds this together somewhat, good bumping before he does his usual shit in the ring. Team NWA isolates Animal, who doesn't sell a lick or even really allow the heels to do much cause he has to get his shit in. Hawk's hot tag is meh and is kept under 20 seconds before the match breaks down, Hawk goes shoulder first into the ring post, then behind the refs back. Jim nails him in the back with the racket followed by the RnREX slamming his knees into the steel steps. They roll him back in and Jarrett locks in the figure four. But, Bradshaw runs out. He chases Windham and Jeff up the ramp, and beats on the RnREX so the ref calls for the bell. FUCKERY! **1/4

Pierre (w/Jacques) vs. Henry Godwinn (w/Phineas Godwinn)
FUCKIN' Pierre out here beasting, he legit carries Henry to a watchable match. He attempts and almost hits the Taker over the top no hands plancha dive, if only he was 2 inches longer. He then follows with a leg drop off the top for two. Pierre goes for one high risk too many which backfires and that gives Henry the opening he needs to get back into it. he goes to end it but Jacq hits him with the slop bucket from the floor. Henry then suckers Pierre over to do the same and Henry covers for the win. **

Backstage: Chyna talks to Los Boricuas about Steve Austin in Spanish, they seem to have a deal as Savio goes to shake her hand.

Brian Christopher & El Pantera & TAKA Michinoku & Aguila
So, on Shotgun Pantera turned on TAKA, I guess he's forgiven Brian for his dad beating him up like 2 weeks ago. This is decent but without some sloppy and miscommunication moments. But for the most part, the dives, spots and double teams are cool. Lawler's kid continues to Memphis it up with terrible facial expressions and taunts after everything. Pantera takes Brian's SHITTY TAPPED FIST GIMMICK FUCKERY, and puts them in his mask, KO'ing TAKA with a flying headbutt for the win. AWESOME!

Kane and Paul Bearer come down to the ring, Paul says the entire WWF and all the leeches of the night are still in shock from when they saw his Kane pick up the 450 pound Vader and drop him right on his head. To top it all off, last week, Vader had the audacity to use that lethal weapon. He tried to take out his only good eye, and he's sick and tired of hearing about how it's time. Paul has a Vader Time clock and says this Sunday is time to show the world what time it's gonna be. The clock lights on fire near the bottom and Bearer says there's no way out for Vader. For all you leaches of the night that think The Undertaker will show up, he won't because he's gone for eternity.


After everyone comes down to the ring, The Rock grabs the mic and says the entire world wants to know how The Rock feels about human genetic cloning and it's a hot topic. The Rock feels like this, because he's in favor of it. But only if it's done very very selectively because as The Rock looks out on this audience, The Rock sees absolutely no one worthy of being cloned. There's only one man worthy of being cloned and you're looking at him. The Intercontinental Champ, THE PEOPLE'S CHAMP!, and the best damn Intercontinental Champion there ever was, The Rock.

Ken Shamrock & Chainz (w/Ahmed Johnson & The DOA) vs. The Rock & Faarooq (w/The Nation of Domination)
Rocky/Ken carry this with their dope interactions as Chainz and Faarooq stink up the joint as usual. Rock looked way better mostly because he wasn't being exposed by camera angles and someone bumping before the blow connects. Shamrock's hot tag ruled, as usual, all hell breaks loose on the floor as Ken locks in the Ankle Lock on Faarooq in the ring, so as the ref is dealing with the fight on the floor Rocky grabs the chair and nails him in the fucking with a sickening shot to head and puts Faarooq on top for the win. **1/4

After the Match; Shamrock snaps and the faces clear the ring. He then hits the ref with the belly-2-belly. Chainz tries to calm him down, but FUCK THAT! KEN HITS HIM WITH A BELLY-2-BELLY Until his partners had to restrain him.

Backstage: Chyna and Los Boricuas look for Austin in the men's locker room.

It's funny how Lawler has gone a complete 180 on the Tyson angle for weeks it was, i'll knock him out, anyone can knock him out. But now it's why would anyone challenge Tyson you would think either one of those men would want him in their corner.

Steve Blackman vs. Recon (w/Sniper)
This is Russo fuckery at it's fullest, during the match the Jackyl is lowered down from the ceiling on a platform behind a podium, doing his whole gimmick promo for the duration of the match. Blackman applies a flashy arm submission to win. TRASH!

After the match; Jackyl talks down to Recon and Sniper. Before slapping Recon FUCK YEAH! END THIS SHIT!

The New Age Outlaws come onto the stage, Dogg says this stage looks familiar to them. Dogg teases fear of heights, Gunn says they had so much fun last week that they should do it again. They pull out another dumpster and Road Dogg calls it a brand new Cactus Jack condominium, model 69. Dogg says it's heat resistant for flight and with wheels, swift like a cat. They reshow lasts weeks attack Dogg says there were only two survivors. Himself, First Lieutenant Dogg and his co-pilot, Captain Ass. They push the empty dumpster over now and open it up to reveal sex dummies dressed as Cactus and Chainsaw. They mock saving their lives with Gunn doing CPR and Dogg doing the mouth to mouth. They died so Dogg says to make sure they keep one to being back to the hotel room later tonight.

Backstage: Chyna and Los Boricuas continue to search for Austin when Austin locks the Boricuas in a room leaving Chyna alone.

The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust, Luna, Marc Mero, and Sable come out. Goldust is dressed as Marilyn MansonDUST again. Mero sends Sable to the back again for waving at The Headbangers, and I agree.

The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust (w/Luna & Marc Mero) vs. Thrasher (w/Mosh)
Neither guy really tries and it's only like 3 minutes so who cares. Sable comes back out and slaps Goldust, and Thrasher rolls him up to win. Meh.

D-Generation X comes down to the ring, Shawn says this Sunday at No Way Out, DX and the Outlaws against Austin, Owen, Jack, and Chainsaw. If Stone Cold thinks for a second he'll wait until Sunday to take back what's rightfully his. The Heartbreak Kid waits on absolutely nobody. He says he's still gonna get an ass whooping from HBK. He says he has something that belongs to him, and he's right here and ready to take his gold back. Stone Cold comes out with the belt and whips it at them under the ropes. They bail and the New Age Outlaws come out too. They surround the ring BUT A CHAINSAW CUTS THROUGH THE RING! Cactus and Chainsaw come out up to the surface and Owen runs out. Chyna grabs the belt and bails along with DX and the Outlaws to end the show.


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Nov 13, 2010
Considering Pierre Ouellett only had one eye...it's amazing he could do planchas and shit.


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Dec 3, 2010
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WWF Champion: Shawn Michaels
WWF Intercontinental Champion: The Rock
WWF Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
WWF European Champion: Owen Hart
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: TAKA Michinoku

February 15th, 1998
Houston, Texas

Jim Ross questions who will replace Shawn Michaels in the 8-man tag main event tonight :mjcry

Goldust is dressed as MarilynDUST, Mero gets on the mic and says he knows how Luna feels, and there's only room in the ring for one beautiful woman out here, so he tells Sable to get the hell out right now. He forces her to go to the back.

Marc Mero & The Artest Formerly Known As Goldust (w/Luna) vs. The Headbangers
Faces dominate early which makes sense as they are a team and are former tag champions, Mero busting out the body blows so that's cool and Goldust bumps around for them. Mero blind tags in, and a simple knee to the midsection allows the heels to take over. Then on the floor, Goldust throws Thrasher into the steps busting him open. Looks hard way too, just a shame it doesn't add to the match in any way. Heels work the head with punches and sleeper holds until he fights back and tags Mosh in. Sable comes down to steal the spotlight again, but Goldust and Mero. stop it on the floor which distracts the heels allowing the Headbangers to do FUCKIN TWIN MAGIC! EVEN THOUGH ONE HAS BLOOD ALL OVER HIS FACE. Thrasher then rolls up Mero for the win. *3/4

After the Match; Luna and Sable have to be pulled apart. Goldust and Luna leave, so Mero talks shit.........SO SABLE SHOVES MERO TO THE GROUND!

Backstage: Owen Hart says he doesn't give a damn who they pick as their tag partner it doesn't matter and as for Austin he will stay out of his way if he stays out of his. And for Hunter, I'm not done with you. I'm gonna bust your legs.

Sunny comes out to do ring introductions.

Brian Christopher comes out to do commentary. FUCK!

WWF Light Heavyweight Championship: El Pantera vs. TAKA Michinoku
Really good for 80%, the dives are great, the counter stuff is a blast and Lawler saying Racist shit for 10 minutes is great, not to mention JR getting sick of it so he goes to the father/son jokes. Brian sticks it up as usual, with his unfunny lines and annoying laugh. Lawler ~ "What do you call a Japanese wrestler? A THIEF! That's Brian's belt" Pantera hits a fuckin' over the back head scissors from the top rope sending TAKA to the floor and follows with a running shove suicide dive to the rails. The camera keeps split screening with one side being on the ring and the other being on Lawler and his kid that keep mimicking one another. Brian not knowing the difference between a Mexican and a Japanese is pretty funny. He makes at least two taco jokes. This drags in the middle a bit, with Pantera just breaking his own pins or holds to do more stuff, clearly having trouble filling time so TAKA makes a fun little comeback and hits the Michinoku Driver for the win. **1/2 - **3/4

After the Match; Lawler kid gets up to fight TAKA but King tries to talk him to wait for another time, and as they talk, TAKA takes them both talking so he hits the no hands plancha taking both men out. He then bolts through the crowd.

In the WWF AOL Room, Kevin Kelly asks them who DX will pick as their 4th member. Cactus says he doesn't care he just wants revenge. Funk says they have great people with them and it doesn't matter who the fourth is. He says this is a hospital and this is a graveyard, and they'll go into one of them tonight, and they don't care which. To hell with them for laughing about their ride in that dumpster, and they won't be laughing tonight.

The Quebecers vs. The Godwinns
10 seconds into the match Jacques looks into the crowd and points at a guy, with the ring mic catching him saying "YOU LOOK LIKE A FAG" Quebecers continue to look great and carry this thin division to a watchable match. I wouldn't have given this 11 minutes tho. No one should ever have to watch the Godwinns for that long. Godwinns weren't awful at working Jacques' arm. Still, it's the fucking Godwinns. I have no idea who the faces are in this. The Quebecers are always heels in America, but the Godwinns work a heel control segment on the arm. The crowd stays dead because cause these all these lower card guys don't matter. Henry clotheslines Pierre from the apron and the other covers for the win. UGH! *3/4

After the match; Sore winners The Godwinns nail the Quebecers with the slop bucket.

Backstage: Dok Hendrix asks the Outlaws who their 4th man is, and they have no idea. Road Dogg thought he was going to tell them and says they're not even included in the process. Gunn says they both demand respect because they have the gold and should have some power, and they'll just have to go find out for themselves.

WWF Attitude promo airs.

The entire NWA come out, but referee sends everyone but Jeff and Jim to the back.

NWA North American Heavyweight Championship: Jeff Jarrett (w/Jim Cornette) vs. Bradshaw
HOLY SHIT! This was enjoyable af, Bradshaw is a pissed off Texan and begins destroying Jeff just beating the Tennessee piss out of him. At one point Bradshaw tees off on him in the corner and the crowd is feeling it so he just straight kicks Jeff in the face. This might be Jeff's best showing in his return to the WWF his bumping is so much better than I remembered it being, and now he's getting into his bag of tricks trying to knock Bradshaw off his feet. Cornette keeps getting involved as Jeff goes back to old Jeff antics, it goes nowhere but leads to a Bradshaw comeback. But, Cornette hits him in the bad knee to give Jarrett the advantage. He attacks the knee with good stuff, but Bradshaw fights back without really selling it. He hits a huge powerbomb and brings Cornette into the ring, Jeff then nails Bradshaw with the tennis racket for a DQ. **3/4

After the Match; Bradshaw gets up and hits Jeff with the racket, RnREX come out but they get hit with the racket. Ref then takes it away as Bradshaw sets up Cornette for the Lariat, but Barry Windham comes out to trip him up. They all attack Bradshaw until the LOD run down and clear the ring.

Backstage: Michael Cole interviews Triple H and Chyna, Hunter says everyone wants to know who the fourth man is since they found out Shawn wouldn't be here tonight. The phones haven't stopped ringing and wrestlers from all over want to be involved in the only true franchise in wrestling today, DX. There's nobody that can replace Shawn Michaels adequately so they won't even bother and it's a handicap match. Cole says WWF officials would probably just assign someone, Hunter says he doesn't really care what they do since they can win 3 on 4.

Backstage: Dok Hendrix interviews the Nation of Domination, Dox says there has been a lot of tension in the Nation and the best way to get some answers it to talk to the leader. Rock grabs the mic.................But, Faarooq grabs the mic and says he's begging him to whip his ass. He says he pulls rank around here and everyone better remember that, when I say fall in everyone better follow him. Dok asks about Ken Shamrock and Faarooq says he's lived in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods, and Ken Shamrock ain't nothing. They're winning tonight by any means necessary, the highlight is as Faarooq is talking Rock mouths "I'm the champ..." and does the People's eyebrow. HE ALSO PROVIDES THE ROCK ROLLS EYES GIF!!!!

War of Attrition Match: The Nation of Domination vs. Ken Shamrock, Ahmed Johnson & The DOA
Rock. Ken, Mark, and D'Lo do their best, everyone else is just bad and contribute nothing. I'm shocked whenever Ahmed does something and doesn't get injured or botches it. Neither team can gain the advantage for long periods of time like we get these mini iso periods, like one on Faarooq, one on Ken and one on Skull or 8Ball I don't care about that one. Shamrock and Rock got the tag and it broke down after like 30 seconds, Shamrock hit the Belly to Belly and put on the Ankle Lock to win. **

After the Match; Rock and Faarooq get into it, Rocky shoves Faarooq who randomly punches D'Lo. The Nation then hold off Faarooq as the Rock leaves the ring. Faarooq yells at Rock to come back here, and he does. He yells at him to get in line, so they can SALUTE! They do it and leave but Rocky is the last to leave and leaves slowly.

Backstage: Michael Cole interviews Stone Cold Steve Austin, Austin says he doesn't give two craps who the mystery partner is. He says it's fun to beat someone's ass anywhere in the world, but if you beat someone's ass in Texas, then you've done something and if Cole doesn't get out, he'll start with his ass.

VADER vs. KANE (w/Paul Bearer)
Not good, Vader doesn't have it like he use to and Kane is still in his early phase and is gearing up for a Taker feud so he doesn't sell or really bump for anything. However Vader playing the role of underdog is new and cool, he punches look good but it's crazy seeing someone no sell them cause I know Vader is laying them in. For the most part, it's lots of brawling, punches and kicks sprinkled in with a couple of power moves. Kane's control is slow and really boring, he's not designed to go over 5 minutes so this one really begins to drag in the middle. Vader does bump and fighting back but their's only so much he can do. Vader hits the moonsault. BUT KANE SITS UP! Vader then no sells going into the steel steps and busts out the fire extinguisher blinding Kane in his one good eye. Back in the ring, Vader hits a Vader Powerbomb but KANE SITS UP! Paul gets knocked off the apron, so Kane hits the Chokeslam followed by the Tombstone for the win. **1/4

After the Match; Kane grabs a wrench and nails Vader in the head with it. Kane and Paul leave, and officials come out to check on Vader. He ends up getting stretchered out.

Video Package hyping up the Main Event. DAMN YOU SHAWN! I was looking forward to this so much.

Savio Vega is announced as the replacement, which in 1998 is lolz. But it goes with the story with DX keep paying off Los Boricuas as hired gunz. But still Savio. HA!

Non-Sanctioned 8-Man Tag Team Match: The New Age Outlaws, HHH & Savio Vega (w/Chyna) vs. Owen Hart, Cactus Jack, Chainsaw Charlie & Stone Cold Steve Austin
Cactus and Charlie come out with a shitload of weapons and make it rain in the ring with them, Austin's gets the pop of the night obviously. This starts off hot with all 8 brawling it's chaotic and marvelous. Austin and Hunter have a tremendous interaction in and out of the ring, Hunter does the corner Flair bump and does it justice for the first time ever. It's like 5 straight minutes of bawling with the heels getting their asses kicked, nothing crazy but constant action in and out of the ring. Man, Shawn would have feasted getting his ass kicked here :( It eventually settles into a traditional tag match, with Funk being powerbombed onto two chairs in the seated position, Gunn also follows up with a Piledriver onto a trashcan lid and the heels take over. Funk busts out his legendary Drunk, Funk old man bumping, he might have died 3 or 4 different times. It's great. He eventually tags Cactus who cleans house on the Outlaws, he takes part of a broken table and begins using it as a partner. He hits the Double arm DDT for two before locking in the mandible claw, the match breaks down again so Hunter hits him with a low blow and now it's Cactus' time to get isolated. HOLY SHIT! Savio begins wrapping Cactus in barbed wire before beating on him some more with a chair. He eats like 3 chair shots to the head and about 4 to the body. The Outlaws go for it but Gunn accidentally hits Dogg with it, and Cactus tags Austin. Austin cleans house in the hottest of hot tags this year so far, just punching everyone's lights out, before hitting the Stunner on Dogg for the win. ***1/4

After the Match; Austin stuns Gunn and begins celebrating when Chyna gets in the ring and in Austin's face. She tries to intimidate him and shoves him twice. He tries to leave, but she gives him the finger, so he comes back in and hits her with the Stunner to end the show.