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  • I saw your discussion with Fallen Angel re: Song Of Ice And Fire. I'd have to disagree with your point about Martin's villains really being villainous. Literally EVERYONE in that book except for Joffrey is "shades of grey". Even Jaime. Even Theon, who is a complete dick and my second-least-favourite character. That's why Joffrey sticks out for being so poorly written. It's like Martin set out to purposefully create a conventional, unidimensional villain just so people could have someone to hate. And yeah, it works, but still, it's a little heavy-handed, and at odds with how nobody else is entirely evil.
    Hey, how did you make/find that Game of Thrones GIF, and can I have one? :p
    Well if you pick it up on PS3, definitely hit me up for some online co-op. I'm getting to where I can hang pretty easily on silver difficulty with my Geth engineer. :p Bronze difficulty is a piece of cake.

    As for the ending, I've only tried synthesis and refusal. Haven't tried the other two yet, but I want to actually do them myself without watching them on Youtube. I thought the synthesis ending was pretty good and made a fuck ton more sense than it did originally (it was my least-favorite of the first 3 endings). Refusal is pretty funny, but not very full-filling. I'm almost done with my 3rd playthrough... looks like I'll finally save everyone finally (Miranda and Steve died once each in both of my first two playthroughs). I'm trying to see if I can save Anderson, which I heard you could. I just started the last mission over from my second playthrough to see the new endings.
    Apparently they are not denying the indoctrination theory is correct. I'm guessing whatever they add will build on to that theory. Which basically means despite what happens on the Citadel, in reality, Earth is destroyed regardless. Everything after you get hit by the beam is all a dream.
    Yeah it couldn't hurt giving it a try, so whatever. Curious to see if maybe just explaining things more does something about that bad taste in my mouth after the ending.

    Never got online with it did you? Starting Tuesday they're releasing 6 new character classes. Geth Infiltrator and Geth Engineer caught my attention, there were no Geth at all originally. Finally unlocked a Krogan class, but it's not the one I wanted. Krogan sentinel is okay, but I'm really trying to get Krogan soldier. It is so much fucking fun to go around melee'ing everything as a Krogan. There's a new Krogan class available on Tuesday's update, Krogan vanguard. And if that's half as much fun as playing as Asari vanguard, that might be my favorite. GET ONLINE FOOL. IT'S AWESOME! :D
    Bioware released info on a free DLC today to extend the existing endings, but not change them completely. Not sure how I feel about it...

    Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut | BioWare Blog
    Been moving into Montreal all week with Gee. I'll probably be back online early next week. Right as soon as I started really getting the feel for the asari vanguard class, poof, had to move. Let me know if you ever try it out online.
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