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  • yeah, I already apologized to management. Tired of RRS being RRS and ANdrew comin' in and being Andrew..lol. Reps...what do I care? lol.
    You have a bad habit of making it seem like people's opinions are shit and because they like a certain band they have no taste in music
    It's funny how you think your opinion matters to me. It's also funny because you were mentioned in a conversation that you have to say something. Kindly fuck off and stop talking to me.
    Lol I probably will. I just can't wait for it, annoyed that I have to wait a few extra weeks to see it here.
    I am a huge Bond fan so as soon as it comes out in Australia, November 22nd, I will head to the cinema to watch it. After a disappointing last movie I am happy to read so many good reviews that Bond is back on track.
    That's what I'm talking about, and those are the things Troy wants to stop, just a smiley and nothing else.
    Just letting you know that Troy's wanting members to post more than just a smiley or something in a post, so I'm kind of warning you without giving you a warning to always add a little more because I don't know which staff are going to crack down on that hard or if any will.
    Going to continue this shit here, because honestly, people will bitch and moan about it. There is a reason I deleted you from my Facebook. I thought I'd use this to tell you I am now going to ignore you on this forum. So, peace out faggot.
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Like, you know. Totally.
Victory Town wrote on Deezy's profile.
I might have lost my title, but all the best have set backs, all the best can't always be on top. But you can bet your ass that I'm coming for my title, so keep it all nice and warm for me @Satan because I'll be taking it back home with me next time.
Pepe Silvia wrote on Tyrion Lannister's profile.
AYE! I know you lol.

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