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  • The Hank committing suicide one makes sense because if you recall in Season 4 (I'm pretty sure), he was watching TV and was all worried about something and it zoomed in on him while the TV broadcast was the main audio and it talked about an officer committing suicide. There were a few other factors in it too that made the theory make more sense.
    This one had Holly dying as kind of karma for Walt letting another man's daughter die (Jane) earlier. Another popular theory is Hank committing suicide.
    My bad. I thought you meant why did I edit your post. Done anyway.
    I don't really remember, just stuff about how the last half of Season 5 will play out (one of them included Holly dying, and another had all of Breaking Bad being a Malcolm in the Middle prequel, and somehow they made it make sense :lmao)
    The Wire is by far the greatest thing I've ever seen, the realism and characters were amazing. The way Breaking Bad was written, with all the hidden connections and stuff you really had to pay attention to to get made it so much fun to watch. After I finished it, I went on the Breaking Bad subreddit for hours and just read all the different theories people had and stuff they noticed throughout the show that I didn't even catch.
    I thought it was hilarious that I saw that literally right after I finished catching up with Breaking Bad, which I did right after I finished The Wire :lmao
    Have you seen this? :lmao I assume you'd appreciate this more than anyone else on here.

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