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  • Could we leave it 4-4 man? I’m incredibly sorry but school’s being a bitch and I don’t have much time. I really had fun with this one. Good luck.
    We had quite a great sesh when we did Storm/Daniels so lets repeat history and maybe even make it a bit better. We may had some differences in the past but regardless of that, good luck man.
    apologies for the lateness man. i know you wanted to get a good thread going & i've been planning every day since the preview was posted to get a post up but life hasn't been cooperating well lately. i just got one in now so hopefully we can get one more in before the deadline.
    Irl that character worked as an evolution of his game but why, in e-feds, you'd want to play serious Jericho is beyond me. The license to entertain with Y2J or lionheart Jericho is too good to pass up.
    Now that is what I like to see brother. Love when your Daniels shows up. It's bad ass
    Sorry man, it was a hard choice, but you understand why we did it. I don't have 2nd chars. either. Message Mike who you want to keep.
    Hey! I want to see the War Machine unleashed this month, got one or two very good ideas for Rhino coming up :D.

    Determined to get Rhino back on track tbh.
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