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WWE Raw, Smackdown & PPV's 2003


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Dec 3, 2010
Hell's Club
WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar
WWE U.S. Champion: The Big Show
WWE Tag Team Champions: The Basham Brothers
WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Tajiri

WWE Smackdown 11/20/2003
Houston, Texas

The show opens with Vince on crutches, his ankle in a brace and his hand bandaged up. He’s got a black eye and nasty scares on his face. Hs’s accompanied with Sable who is wearing this amazing slut outfit, that someone her age should not being wearing. Vince hilarious struggles to get into the ring, he says at survivor series at the hands of the undertaker he suffered more than he has in his entire life. He says he’s lucky to be alive; he bled so much he had to have a transfusion. He says at one point during the beating he lost fate, but the higher power sent him an avenging angel named KANE! And that’s why he asked Kane to deliver The Undertakers eulogy, he says as much pain as he’s in he has the overjoy knowing the Undertaker soul is in the depths of hell. Vince says knowing the undertaker is no longer here he feels invincible and untouchable. As he goes to leave here comes John Cena. He says Vince stole he catchphrases, Cena is untouchable and Vince has nothing to touch. Ask your slut :lmao he calls Sable a gold digger; he then Sable taught him one thing and that’s how to suck :lmao

Backstage: Brock is upset and rants to Team Brock, he says they have no idea what they put him through this week. Because of them, he lost to Kurt’s team. He blames them for the reason he tapped to Benoit. He says the “you tapped out” chants are degrading. HE’S THE WWE CHAMPION! HE DESERVES SOME RESPECT AROUND HERE! And respect is what he’s gonna get. Brock says he spoke to Heyman and tonight, all 4 of them will get the chance to redeem themselves tonight. He says his biggest problem is Chris Benoit and tonight, Nathan Jones will face him. He then calls Jones one ugly bastard :lmao but he likes that about him. He says he will be in Jones corner so he doesn’t screw this up. He says Big Show will face John Cena, and tells them to get the hell out his face because they disgust him.

Rey Mysterio vs. Akio
This was mostly a Rey showcase, but he bumps great for Akio during the mini-heat. Akio works his neck but takes too much time up top allowing Rey to turn the tables on him with a cool little comeback. Rey ends it with a 619/West Coast Pop for the win. **1/2

Backstage: Paul Heyman is walking and see the Bashams doing some faggot shit, he then finds Shannon Moore and says because his buddy Matt made him look stupid on Raw, but Shannon didn’t leave so Shannon has a match next! He asks who, and Heyman says it's against Matt Morgan.

Shannon Moore vs. Matt Morgan
THIS IS SHIT! Morgan is terrible and Moore gives me cancer every time I look at him. Morgan can’t even die correctly and Morgan doesn’t know how to be a giant. Terrible just terrible.

A-Train vs. Bradshaw
This is fun like it’s been for the past two smackdowns they beat the shit out of one another for several minutes with no rest-holds or gaps of filler, A-Train wins with a Bicycle Kick. **1/2 - **3/4


Chris Benoit vs. Nathan Jones (w/Brock Lesnar)
Benoit is fuckin’ amazing here, he takes Jones beating early but bails because he can feel Jones could get going so he waits. Benoit then uses his speed to counter the power game; jones hits a couple of impressive big man 101 moves but ruins it with shitty looking submissions like the knee to the back hold, I love that Brock response to the you tapped out chants is just to turn his back to the crowd and hold up the title. Benoit comeback ruled as he breaks down Jones by dropkicking his ankle taking away the height difference. He then hits the 3 Germans and busts out a fuckin’ top rope dropkick. He finally has Jones on the mat long enough for him to attempt the diving headbutt but he misses, Benoit counters a press-slam into a crossface. Brock tries to interfere but Benoit knocks him down and again applies the crossface for the win. Post-Match: Brock jumps him and nails him with the WWE title to the head, but here comes Hardcore Holly UGH! He gets the better of Brock and beats him around ringside and locks in a full nelson looking to break Lesnar’s neck. Cops and Security run out and break it up, as Heyman rushes out and tell the cops to arrest him. Heyman gets on the mic and says he gave Holly and Angle the week off, and since Holly is trespassing, he has no choice but to suspend him and send him to jail. YES! **3/4

KANE comes out for The Undertakers eulogy. He says he came here tonight, to give the Undertaker his eulogy. The man he buried alive. But he can’t do it, the truth is. The man we knew as the undertaker has been bead for a long time. They use to have a common bond and that was to strike fear in normal people hearts because they were monsters. But his brother the undertaker committed the most unpardonable of all sins, he betrayed himself. He became one of you. He watched as he showed compassion and weakness. This man was not my brother, this man was not a monster. My brother was nothing but a fraud, but he put a stop to it. He took this imposter and buried him alive, and he enjoyed it. REST IN PIECE! MY BROTHER, REST IN PIECE.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Jamie Noble vs. Tajiri
The ref sends Akio & Sakoda to the back making this a 1on1 match; Noble does some things early but Tajiri puts a stop to it with a sick looking kick to the back of Nobles head. He then shoves Nobles arm into the ring-post and beings targeting it, it’s not brutal or violent it’s just alright. Noble does a great job selling it tho, even during his comeback he rarely uses the arm and keeps it close to his body holding it up. Tajiri’s kicks are great, and Noble hits this dope tiger bomb for two. Suddenly, Nidia comes out blind with her walking stick and distracts Noble long enough for Tajiri to roll him up for the win. **1/2

Backstage: The Worlds Greatest Tag Team thank Heyman for their opportunity tonight and say they’re not ticked off at him, they are ticked off at the Guerrero’s because it was them who took their tag titles and it was them who took out Shelton’s knee. And for two months they had to sit and wait. And tonight they are gonna take the Guerrero’s out.

Los Guerrero’s vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team
This gets 4 to 5 minutes because life sucks then you die IDK! Anyway WGTT target Chavo’s leg because story-telling is amazing, Chavo sells it wonderfully and WGTT are brutal with it :mark: it’s super rushed tho and Eddie hot tag is fun but it’s rushed af, he takes both Haas and Benjamin out leading to the match breaking down, everyone hits some stuff as Chavo fucks up a springboard bulldog but that allows Eddie to hit a frog splash for the win. After the match; WGTT attack them from behind and go right back to working on Chavo’s knee, Haas keeps Eddie out of the ring while Shelton locks in this brutal move wrapping Chavo’s knee in a chair and stretching it back :mark: Eddie grabs a chair and gets back in to run them off, but Chavo is badly hurt. Eddie tries to help him, but Chavo shoves him back and asks where he was. **1/4 - **1/2

THE CAT gets a key to the city of Boise, Idaho :lmao The Cat then says he’s coming to Smackdown next week. SOMEBODY CALL MY MOMMA!

Backstage: The Guerrero’s argue in the trainer's room, and Chavo says to give him some space so Eddie leaves. Chavo asks for meds, but the trainer says he can't write prescriptions. Chavo is pissed and says he's like everyone else, and he needs to start relying on his real friends.

Backstage: Vince hypes up the Big Show.

The Big Show vs. John Cena
This was shockingly a good time, and might be the best Show/Cena interaction ever. Mid-card Cena’s bumping and selling is amazing, he makes the simplest of Shows moves look deadly. Even Show botched powerbomb that he gets half way up but instead just throws him on his chest looks good. Shows offense goes on for a couple more minutes, as you can see at this time Cena's clearly still getting used to being a babyface, as he's not exactly super used to making a hot comeback or anything like that. HOLY SHIT! I forgot Cena use to do the throwback move, he then goes to the floor and grabs a chair but the ref takes it away so he low blows Show instead. That fires up show who just begins clubbing on Cena and shoves the ref away during the corner 5 count. Cena then grabs the steel chain and nails Show with it, he then picks up Show for the FU but I guess Cena’s too weak and he collapses. Show throws him to the floor and begins tearing apart the announce table, Cena fights out of a chokeslam so Show throws him back first into the ring post :mark: Show refuses to pin him and instead grabs the steel steps, Cena avoids the steps getting thrown at him as the ref accidently kicks the ref. Show goes back to the steps but Cena drop kicks Show knee and Show goes face first into the steps knocking him out. Cena hit Show with the steps before covering for the win. ***


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Dec 3, 2010
Hell's Club
WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Goldberg
WWE Intercontinental Champion: Rob Van Dam
WWE World Tag Team Champions: The Dudley Boyz
WWE Women's Champion: Molly Holly

WWE RAW Roulette 11/24/2003
Salt Lake City

The wheel is in the ring as Eric Bischoff welcomes us too RAW IS ROULETTE. He calls this the most exciting 2 hours on TV; he says Raw Roulette came from the exciting place of Vegas and had to bring it to the dull little town of Utah. Eric says almost every match tonight will be made by the wheel, he gives us a few run downs of some of the match types before moving on to the main event. TripleH/Goldberg. Suddenly, Shawn Michaels comes out and grabs a mic. He says since Eric interrupted his interview, he should do the same. Shawn says last week when he went home he looked in the mirror and he’s wrong he saw things crystal clear and it’s all his and Evolutions fault. Batista then comes out on the stage, and says he didn’t come out for a fight. He then says he shits out bigger than him :lmao but he did come out here to agree with him, he didn’t cost Austin his job HE DID! Shawn challenges him to a fight and Batista agrees, he makes his way down as Eric puts a stop to this. He says Batista vs. Michaels is a great idea, but not in UTAH. It will happen at Armageddon. But since they want each other so bad, he goes to wheel but he says instead of spinning it it’s already on “Bischoff decision” he then books a tag match Batista and Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho.

Lita comes out for her match when Eric appears on the tron, he pokes fun at Lita’s terrible week last week. But he says keeping her around to toy with her should be fun. He then brings in Molly Holly to spin the wheel for Lita’s upcoming match tonight. She spins it and it lands on a CAGE MATCH! FIRST TIME EVER!

Steel Cage Match: Lita vs. Victoria
Lita sells the fear of being in a cage well and that probably the only highlight of this, this goes about 4 minutes. They did a good job using the cage early as both taste the cage but neither gets blood. The match then moves into do a move try to escape spots, lol at one point Lita climbs the cage to get out but randomly slips and crashes to the mat. The match would end both when Lita hits a moonsault but as she goes to crawl out Matt runs down and slams the door into her head allowing Victoria to crawl out for the win. Post-Match: Matt gets into the cage but Christian runs down to make the save and Matt bails over the top. **1/2

Backstage: Eric talks to the thots that are wheel girls (I don’t know the correct term for it) anyway they ignore him because Randy Orton has his arms around them :mark: he says comes Armageddon they will be looking at the new IC champ. Eric says he has a match tonight, but he already spun the wheel and it landed on a “Legend Killer” match; WOW! Eric says he flew in a special Legend for him. Suddenly, the Hurricane and Rosey fly in because they have a match tonight. Eric says they do it will be Hurricane vs. Rosey, he then spins the wheel and it lands on “Capture the midget” match. Eric then brings in a midget named Fernando, he says they have to capture him to win. Eric says if they don’t do it, the match will turn into the loser gets fired match. And they chase after him.

Legend Killer Match: Randy Orton vs. Sgt. Slaughter
This goes about a minute before Orton hits the RKO for the win, Post-Match; Orton keeps beating on Slaughter until RVD makes the save.

Backstage: Lance and Val are talking to some thots when Rosey and Hurricane try to catch poor Fernando.

Backstage: Coachman interviews Ric Flair; he congratulates Flair on the success of his DVD, Flair says he more proud of Evolution. Orton has taken out another Legend, and Shawn has to face he and Batista. But last but not least Triple H will get his world title back.

Backstage: Matt is in Eric’s office; he says he hopes he not let down that Lita is still here. He says their plan last week was great and he slammed the door on that. Eric takes the time to gloat about Austin not being here and says Matt has a match coming up next. He spins the wheel and it lands on “Strange Bedfellows” match. Eric says this match is about strange tag combos.

Backstage: Goldberg is working out.

Bubba Ray Dudley & Garrison Cade vs. Matt Hardy & Christian
This is pure angle fuckery, they do some shit as Christian refuses to tag Matt in, but after he gets a beat and wants to tag out Matt drops down and slowly walked up the ramp leaving Christian by himself. The match ends like a minute later after Cade pinned Christian with a flying elbow drop. Bubba Ray and Cade had a confrontation regarding Cade gaining the pinfall behind Bubba's back and the fact that Cade was reluctant to let go of Bubba's tag team title belt.

Backstage: Terri interviews Shawn Michaels about his match tonight, he says he and Jericho hate one another and tonight he will overcome the odds. He then says theirs a midget looking up her dress before leaving. The camera zooms out and Fernando is looking up her dress as Hurricane and Rosey chase him.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Triple H (w/Ric Flair) vs. Goldberg
Goldberg doesn’t have his ankle taped up so I guess his ankle is back to 100% or 80% IDK, this is the usual. Very back and forth in the early going neither can get it going against the other until Triple H sends Goldberg shoulder first into the steps but doesn’t work on it instead he targets the head, Kinda weird, like he doesn’t go after the ankle once. In true Flair impression he heads to the top only to get thrown off before Goldberg makes a comeback, a face buster and high knee get two. And again Triple H goes up top but is meet with a big boot, Goldberg does his dope military presslam and knocks Flair off the apron. Randy then runs down but gets speared, low blow by Triple H and he connects with the pedigree but as he covers KANE’s pyro hits and Kane makes his way down. NOOOOOOOOO! Triple H knocks him down but turns into a Goldberg spear, Kane then kicks Goldberg in the face for a DQ. Evolution bail and Kane attacks Goldberg before ending him with a chokeslam.

Backstage: Triple H barges into Eric office and berates him about what just happen, he says if it wasn’t for him he wouldn’t be in this position and would be out of a job like a jackoff. Triple H says he wants his shot as Kane walks in and says nice punch, he says he wants Goldberg and the world title. Eric says he was just about to make that match. Goldberg vs. Kane, but Triple H CUTS HIM OFF AND Eric rethinks it and says Triple H vs. Goldberg. Kane then cuts him off, so Eric then makes Goldberg vs. Triple H vs. Kane for the world title at Armageddon.

In the parking lot; Fernando is being chased by Rosey, Hurricane, Terri and some stage hand.

After Booker entrance, Eric is on the tron he spins the wheel and it lands on Salt Lake City Street fight.

Salt Lake City Street fight: Booker T vs. Mark Henry (w/Theodore R. Long)
This is upsettingly short like bullshit short like fuckin’ 3 minutes short, they do some cool all seen before hardcore spots, Mark randomly bends a frying pan instead of using it as a weapon I guess showing your strength is more important than using a weapon. I popped for Mark kicking out of the scissors kick, because unlike today's fuckshit finishers were still protected on weekly shows. Anyway, the match ends with Mark sending Booker head-first into a trash can stuck in between the turnbuckle pads and then slamming the trash can over Booker's head for the win. **

Backstage: Eric spins the wheel and it lands on bra and panties match, Trish is with him and she says her record in those matches are pretty good. Eric wishes her bad luck, she then leaves and Jericho is waiting for her outside. Jericho says if she has a problem with that he can talk to Eric about that. He still owes him a favour. She says she’s got this. She says she wants to talk to him about his match with Michaels tonight, she asks him to do the right thing and if he’s good out there tonight she’s be good to him tonight.

Fernando has made his way to ringside and he jumps into JR’s arms as Lilian announces JR has won the match.

Rob Van Dam makes his entrance and Eric is on the tron, he says he already spun the wheel and look it landed on handicap match. Randy then comes in and says it needs to be a more. They spin the wheel again and it lands on Singapore cane match.

Singapore Cane Handicap Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Test & Scott Steiner (w/Stacy Keibler)
This is sloppy and awful so I’m grateful it goes for about a minute or two, it just them cane’ing one another the whole match like no moves or strikes :lmao Test wins after RVD takes out Scotty with the 5-star-frog splash and he nails him in the back of the head with the cane. Stacy looks fuckin amazing tho, so theirs that.

Backstage: Chris Jericho tries to argue does Trish really need to be in this match, Eric then questions if he’s falling for her. Jericho denies it and Eric wants to make sure there on the same page tonight. Jericho says he will do the right thing.

Bra and Panties Match: Jackie Gayda (w/Rico) vs. Trish Stratus
This happens it sucked. Trish won then tore off Rico's pants, revealing a thong underneath; Jackie argued with Lilian Garcia at ringside before ripping Lilian's shirt off.

Bischoff's Choice Match: Ric Flair & Batista vs. Chris Jericho & Shawn Michaels
SHAWN HAS HIS SAN ANTINO ’97 RUMBLE attire on :mark: He and Flair start they trade shitty punches and chops before Jericho tags in, he and Flair do some things with Jericho getting a two count off a middle rope dropkick. LOL I thinks it’s from Shawn’s entrance but the whole ring and building is filled up with some fog and smoke :lmao like it’s so bad you can’t see the faces in the crowd clearly past the first row :lmao Batista cheap shots Jericho leading to Evolution isolating him. Flair goes up top but is hip tosses down leading to Shawn’s hot tag who cleans house, Flair slips and he catches his face on the top rope and is busted at the nose. The match ends after Flair pokes Shawn I the eyes and he accidently punches Jericho, he hits Flair with a superkick but Jericho comes in and superkicks Michaels who falls on top of Flair for the win. Jericho leaves with a huge grin on his face, but leaves Shawn alone in the ring and Batista comes in. He Batista bombs Shawn and begins to choke the life out of Shawn and he begins to spit up blood. FUCK YEAH! **1/2



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Dec 3, 2010
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WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar
WWE U.S. Champion: The Big Show
WWE Tag Team Champions: The Basham Brothers
WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Tajiri

WWE Smackdown 11/27/2003
Boise State University, Idaho

The show opens with almost every smackdown superstar is standing in the ring, Heyman then grabs the mic and says tonight we will have a 20 man over the top battle royal with the winner getting to face the WWE Champion Brock Lesnar tonight as well. WELP HERE COMES THE PAIN! Brock says unlike the people on today's thanksgiving he came out to give thanks because at age 26 he’s on his way on to becoming the greatest WWE champion of all time. He says he’s not afraid of speed and agility, no not you, you dumb Texan Bradshaw. I’m talking to you, you jumping bean little Mexican as he points to Rey :lmao He says he’s not afraid of a 7 foot tall 500 lb giant as he looks at show, he then says he is not afraid of a guy who’s never been champion as he looks at Cena, Brock then says he’s sure as hell not afraid of a guy that will never be a champion as he looks at Benoit :mark: BROCK THEN SAYS YEAH! HE TAPPED OUT, HE TAPPED OUT TWICE IN HIS WHOLE CAREER BUT HE THEN SAYS HE GARENTEES HE WILL NEVER TAP OUT AGAIN! Brock says he'll make somebody tap out tonight, and says tonight, he'll make the winner of the battle royal tap out. Brock then tells Heyman off mic that Cena and Benoit need to earn their spots, and Heyman agrees. He says Chris Benoit & John Cena will have to win matches to qualify for the battle royal. Heyman books Cena vs. A-Train and Benoit vs. someone of Heyman choice but he doesn’t have to wait long to find out because his match is up next.

Chris Benoit vs. Matt Morgan
Benoit wastes not time just like against Jones last week he takes the fight to Morgan first and begins to chop him down dropkicking the knee. Morgans big man offense is terrible, he wrestles like he’s a 6’3 wrestler instead of a 7 footer; it’s mind blowing to me that Morgan is legit worse than Nathan Jones :lmao I legit think all these pieces of shit WWE put Eddie and Benoit in for late 2003 was just a test for their titles runs in 2004. Morgan taps to the crossface lol Giants.

Backstage: Noble question Nida on her blindness, he wants to know if she's faking just so she can get some extra attention :lmao Nida laughs it off, Noble tells Nidia that she's a liability to him while she's blind at ringside, but she says she'll just sit there with Tazz and Cole, and Noble lets her go.


Jamie Noble (w/Nidia) vs. Akio (w/Tajiri)
Fun 3 to 4 minutes here, nothing to complain or talk about really except the lack of time. Back and forth with selling and bumping. Tajiri tries to troll Nidia on commentary but she low blows him, and it distracts Noble long enough for Akio to get a schoolboy with the tights to get the win. **1/4 - **1/2

Backstage: Shannon Moore is banged up and sitting alone when Paul Heyman walks up to him, he says he’s proud of him because of the fight he put up last week. Heyman says he wants Moore on the SD magazine, because unlike Matt Hardy, he didn't run away after a loss, but he's still here. He says he's got an even bigger opponent for him this week, Nathan Jones.

Rey Mysterio says on this Thanksgiving, he's thankful for being able to represent the Latino community (WHAT IS EDDIE DEAD ALREADY?)

Nathan Jones vs. Shannon Moore
Moore takes some UGH and I hate to say this some amazing bumps and dies on everything, Jones looks like a murderer and to be corny looked like a guy that was locked up for 10 years in an Australian Jail. HOLY SHIT! Maybe I’m loving it too much because I hate Moore but this it just too much fun. Jones won with this dope Gutwrench Suplex. Awesome squash! Moore is awesome, oh shit Morgan is awesome HOLY SHIT! Just for tonight tho. FIVE MILLION STARS

Backstage: Eddie says it's nice to see Chavo but he doesn’t want him because his knee is in bad shape, Chavo says not to worry. He says he’s gonna go out there and watch Eddie’ back so he can win this match, then the battle Royal and watch him win the WWE championship.

Charlie Haas (w/Shelton Benjamin) vs. Eddie Guerrero (w/Chavo Guerrero)
Just like the Noble match this is great for the short time it got, I guess all matches have to be 4 minutes and under because of the battle royal main event and “WWE title match” so they do fun shit as always, Eddie works Haas’ knee and it gets sold beautifully and Haas works Eddie’s back and Eddie sells it. They do some neat stuff before Eddie grabs Chavo’s crutch and nails, Haas before he rolls him up to win. Post-Match: WGTT attacks Eddie and brings Chavo in. They attack his knee a bit before Eddie grabs Chavo's crutch and runs them off. Chavo yells at him for not being there for him. YOU WERE THE ONE THAT WANTED TO COME OUT CHAVO YOU FUCKTARD! **1/4 - **1/2

A-Train vs. John Cena
This got a little more time than the previous matches and it’s good, Train is violent and Cena is slowly coming along as mid-card goat seller, but it’s a shame we don’t ever see vicious aggression heel Cena anymore he was just hitting his strides. Cena busts out some cool power moves along with flying offense to know Train off his feet, after a good series of back and forth action and near falls Cena, kicks out of the derailer and hits the FU for the win. **1/2


In a pre-tape; Hardcore Holly is shown from his home, he says they can't suspend him forever, and when he comes back, he will resolve his differences by breaking Brock Lesnar's neck.

Lamont is in the ring; he says it’s his honor, his privilege, and his pleasure to introduce the man that will put Boise on the map……THE CAT! Somebody Call My Momma, Cat says he came here to turn it on and to entertain, he’s not leaving until he does it. He does some dances but then calls out Torrie Wilson, Boise's own. Torrie is asked to dance with the Cat, and after some encouragement, she does. Wait never mind that. GOAT STUFF JUST HAPPEN

Tazz: Somebody call Torrie's momma!

Cole: Who's her daddy?

Tazz: Al Wilson, but he died earlier this year. Remember?

She breaks out a lollipop from CLEAVAGE! FUCK YEAH! She dangles it in front of the Cat and gives it to the, causing him or orgasm and run around the ring as Torrie leaves and Tazz loses his mind.

John Cena gives thanks to all the fans, and to his family.

#1 Contender's Battle Royal
Show immediately throws out Stamboli and Ultimo Dragon RIP! Dragon, he throws out OJ next and follows up one of the faggam who is wearing one of those sex masks. Show goes around just beating on everyone until they gang up on him, Show puts up a hell of a fight but the numbers finally catch up to him and they manage to eliminate him. During the commercial Bradshaw and Nathan Jones is gone :lmao Eddie and Rey have some good stuff, and A-Train throws out Scotty, and Eddie dropkicks him in the back, and A-Train is gone. Morgan throws out Rhyno as the match slows down with everyone pairing off, Haas, Morgan, and Palumbo try to lift Rikishi out, Benoit and Cena push the entire pile over, getting all four out. Rey tries a crossbody on Benoit and Cena but they catch him and throw him overhead to the pile on the floor. Cena low bridges the Basham out, and we’re down to Benoit/Cena/Benjamin/Eddie :mark: everyone does stuff to one another and it ruled for the short time; Cole picks Benoit as Taz picks Eddie as their winners. Benoit skins the cat, and pulls Shelton out with a head scissors to eliminate him! EDDIE RUNS AT BENOIT, BUT HE DROPS HIM OUT AND IT'S BENOIT VS. CENA! THE TWO GUYS THAT WERE NOT SUPPOSE TO MAKE IT! They do some great exchanges and some false eliminations, they battle on the apron with Cena picking up Benoit for the FU but both men fell off the apron to the floor! Two refs are divided on the winner, and it's a draw.

Brock comes out to defend his title, and slow motion is used to try and figure it out. Heyman comes out to try and solve it, Heyman then says he should have both Benoit and Cena go after the WWE title together, but that does not bode well for the WWE Champion. He then announces Benoit vs. Cena next week in San Jose, with the winner getting a title shot. Team Lesnar hits the ring, attacking both men and lays them out allowing Lesnar to F5 both men as Smackdown goes off the air.



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Dec 3, 2010
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WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Goldberg
WWE Intercontinental Champion: Rob Van Dam
WWE World Tag Team Champions: The Dudley Boyz
WWE Women's Champion: Molly Holly

WWE RAW 12/01/2003
Sacramento, California

Eric Bischoff says if you thought Raw Roulette was fun, tonight will be better as Shawn Michaels & Rob Van Dam will face Randy Orton, Batista and Kane.

Goldberg comes down to the ring and gets on the mic; he says each week it seems he’s getting jumped from behind. Well, tonight, he’s gonna make things really simple. He challenges them both to come out right now. Eric Bischoff comes out and yells at him for trying to cause chaos and says he'll fire him if he does it again :lmao this is not Monday night raw, this is the “Eric Bischoff show” He brags about being in sole control, and Mick Foley comes out in a suit. Foley says that due to Vince McMahons...well, let's say "deteriorating mental capacity", he's been brought on as a special outside consultant for Raw, and can make any changes he wants to benefit Raw. The first thing he will do is give Goldberg what he wants, he changes the main event to Batista/Orton/Kane vs. Michaels/RVD/Goldberg. Goldberg leaves, and Mick says he also wants to talk about Stone Cold Steve Austin. He says he knows he can't come back as GM, but he has a petition for Austin to return in some form, Foley hands the petition to Lilian who signs it first and she then hands it to the crowd. Foley says after much research the only thing that's actually WRONG with Raw is Eric Bischoff! SO HE'S HIRED A NEW CO-GM, MICK FOLEY! HE'S HIRED HIMSELF! HAVE A NICE DAY!

Backstage: Eric Bischoff is ranting to coach; he then calls Linda but she hangs up like 15 seconds in.

WWE World Tag Team Championships: The Dudley Boyz vs. Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade
This was terrible, 2 minutes of a wasted potential. The young challengers are all disrespectful and shit and the Dudleyz who are washed af try to beat the respect into them. They pretty much dominate the entire match until Cade school boys D-von but holds onto the tights and still gets a two, D-Von isn’t happy so he slaps the taste out of his mouth and he school boys Cade and holds the tights for the win. Post-match: Cade says it was cheating and they deserve a rematch, he asks for a replay to be shown and they air it.

Backstage: Al Snow and Coachman are watching what just took place, they say Cade and Jindrak deserve a rematch and if they get it they will beat the Dudleyz ass. Mick Foley comes in; he says he wants to relive the old days. He calls them the worse announce team in wrestling history and says they will have a rematch with the same stipulation. Foley say no, it will be Coach vs. Lawler and Snow is banned from ringside. Oh in if coach loses he’s fired.

Booker T vs. Test (w/Stacy Keibler)
STACY IS IN A SCHOOY GIRLS OUTFIT! That’s the only positive thing I can say about this. This goes about a minute or 2, Booker goes what he can and sells Test’s shitty moves. Stacy stops Test from cheating, and Booker wins with the Scissors Kick. Post-Match: Booker gets Stacy to do the Spinarooni, not once but twice :mark: Mark Henry runs out and kills him.

Backstage: Lita and Trish are talking, Trish pretty much confirms she’s gonna let Jericho smash tonight.

Backstage: Terri interviews Randy Orton and Batista, as Terri is talking to Batista, Randy is doing this creepy stand behind her and smell her hair thing :lmao she ask Batista what his thought are on tonight match, Batista says he’s disappointed in himself; he disappointed he didn’t separate Shawn’s head from his shoulders last week, he’s gonna make him suffer tonight and if he does make it out alive tonight. At the PPV he will put him out of his misery.

Test & Steiner come out, dragging Stacy and berate her for being property. They try to make her kiss their asses, but Mick Foley comes out. He orders Stacy up to the stage with him, and Test says she's his property. Mick says that was true, but Test is fired, so it's not. Steiner says he can't do that, so Foley also fires him.

Backstage: Scotty Steiner and Test yell at Eric to fix this.

Val Venis & Lance Storm (w/Sacramento Thots) vs. La Resistance
Foley joins the King and JR on commentary.Another 2 minute matches, Val and Lance win. NEXT! Foley gets on the mic and says that Americans are forgiving people and they want to cheer La Resistance, so they have to do one thing. He recites the Pledge, and neither man does it with him, so he fires the both of them FUCK YEAH! :mark:

Rico & Miss Jackie vs. Chris Jericho & Trish Stratus
Jericho and Trish have matching purple attire on ahhhhhh how cute. Of course this gets the most time. Jericho is show flashes of his great babyface moveset and bumping :mark: he makes Rico offense look like an actual wrestler. Trish/Jackie is not bad as Trish really shows up tonight with her forarms and shitty chops. Rico and Jackie do a double team suplex as Jericho has the ref distracted. Jackie works the neck of Trish, but she fights outs and Jericho tags in, so does Rico. They do things and Jericho is goating it up in terms of fire and flashy moves he’s back to 2000/early 2001 JERICHO :mark: Trish hits Jackie with the Stratusfactor for the win. **1/2

Backstage: Eric is ranting to KANE, he says he and Foley has history and theirs a rumor that Foley is trying to take away his title match. But he’s doing everything he can to stop it.

MATTITUDE.COM Says “Matt is more handsome than Christian”

Matt Hardy vs. Christian (w/Lita)
This is really good, both men for me are top 5 in the WWE at the time of 2003 that throw punches and they start off with exchanging rights. Christian has the upperhand early until Matt drops him face first into the middle turnbuckle, he then sends him gut first into the ringpost. Matt works it and Christian sells it well. This goes on for several more minutes until Molly Holly runs down to attack Lita, Christian runs her off and Matt schoolboys him holding the tights for the win. lol @ having the same finish twice in one night. **1/4 - **1/2

Jerry Lawler vs. Jonathan Coachman
A minute long, Lawler wins with the Fistdrop. After the match; Lawler gets on the mic and sings the goodbye song to Coach. JR joins in and it’s the most hilarious thing ever.

JR gives a rundown of the Armageddon card.

Backstage: Chris Jericho and Christian are talking; Christian says after tonight the bet will be over. Christain says he and Lita had a moment tonight, Jericho says big deal he’s been making out with Trish for the past 3 weeks, he says she’s been falling for everything he’s been saying. It’s pathetic. Christian says he knows he’s into that kissy, cuddling thing, that he’s not into. He say he’s already at 3rd and is about to hit home base. He calls Trish a prude and Lita is extreme. Jericho mocks Trish and he says she will be feeling something tonight, he told him he can nail Trish before he nails Lita. Christian says he got $1 Canadian that say he’s on. The camera pans out and Trish is standing outside, crying, AMAZING! FUCKIN’ AMAZING ANGLE.

Batista, Randy Orton & Kane (w/Ric Flair) vs. Rob Van Dam, Shawn Michaels & Goldberg
Orton debuts the full Ortonpose :mark: pretty good match, Orton/RVD start and it’s a good time. RVD goes for the frog splash early but Orton rolls out and RVD dives onto him. Batista has had enough and murders RVD with a clothesline, the heels iso RVD it’s mostly Batista/Orton so it’s good but doesn’t last has Shawn has a hot tag, he takes the fight to Batista but a Flair interference allows Kane to chokeslam Shawn. We return from a commercial and the heels are working over Shawn, Shawn out of desperation pokes Batista in the eyes and low blows him leads to a great, great Goldberg hot tag he murders the Orton and takes out Batista and challenges Kane. Goldberg gets the better with strikes but gets caught charging in. That doesn’t matter as Goldberg recovers and Spears Kane. Orton and Batista stop Goldberg from jackhammering Kane as the match breaks down, Goldberg and Kane brawl into the crowd, as does Shawn and Batista. Back in the ring; RVD hits the rolling thunder but Flair pulls the ref out and nails him. Orton goes for the RKO but RVD kicks him down, he then heads up top and nails the five-star-frog splash and Foley runs in and counts the three. **1/2

After the match; Eric comes out and says Foley's killed Raw on his first night. Foley says he hasn't fired anyone, but he wanted to show Bischoff what he's been like, basing actions on greed and power rather than what's right for the people. Foley says that as co-GM, he'll do what's right for the people, and he books Goldberg vs. Kane next week. He then hits Bischoff, and Mr. Socko ends the show.


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WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar
WWE U.S. Champion: The Big Show
WWE Tag Team Champions: The Basham Brothers
WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Tajiri

WWE Smackdown 12/04/2003
San Jose, California

Tonight: Chris Benoit vs. John Cena, winner goes on to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Championship.

Brock Lesnar comes down to the ring and gets on the mic; he gets the fans to chant “you tapped out” at him and says after tonight they won’t be able to do it anymore, he tells the fans to look at the person next to them. Because he can beat the hell out of all of them. He says he will never, ever tap out again. He says Cena and Benoit probably planned out the ending of the battle royal because they're both scared of him :lmao in fact he knows they are both scared of him, he beats people up. Just ask Kurt Angle and Hardcore Holly. And tonight he doesn’t give a damn who it is, he will make someone tap out.

Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty vs. The Basham Brothers (w/Shaniqua)
Jesus Christ, this is beyond awful. Rikishi is so washed and makes his 2000 good year look like 30 years ago instead of 3. Scotty is the shits now, and the Bashams after some respectable showing thanks to Eddie and Chavo to a lesser degree are back to tag wrestling 101. 30 seconds him Rikishi drops all his ass on Danny face :lmao Bashams take over after a Shaniqua interference that the ref see but instead of putting me out of my misery and ending the match, he just sends her to the back. Rikishi's hot tag is meh but I will give him credit his big man clotheslines look good, he goes for the stink face but Shaniqua runs back down I guess rules don’t apply to her IDK. That allows twin magic to happen, low blow to Rikishi but Scotty does his worm. Doug throws him out and Rikishi hits Danny with the Samoan drop for the win. UGH! Win over the tag champs means more of this fuckery. After the match; Shaniqua berates them and says they lost to scotty 2 hotty and they don’t deserve her. *1/2

Backstage: Dawn Marie is with Paul Heyman in his office, he rants about how much of a lunatic Holly is and Dawn says it will be okay. Heyman says he’s all about business as she pokes her cleavage at him :lmao He has Dawn write a letter to Bobcore saying he's still suspended, and then go tell Shannon Moore to get to the ring.

In the ring; Paul Heyman is with Matt Morgan and Nathan Jones. He says he don’t just speak because he likes the sound of his own voice. He shows footage of both Morgan and Jones killing Moore. He says Shannon Moore takes a hell of a beating but he comes back for MOORE! MOORE! MOORE! He calls out Shannon Moore, and out comes Moore with his ribs bandaged up. Heyman says he gives him his word he just wants to talk, he says he does not hold him accountable for what Matt did leaving Smackdown high and dry. He then says Moore has the it factor :lmao he says tonight the opportunity he has is against the BIG SHOW!

Shannon Moore vs. The Big Show
Fuckin’ awesome squash; Moore dies on everything but also shows a ton of heart. I think I’m slowly coming around on Moore. Show tries to rip Moore Jaw out of his mouth which looks brutal because of the size difference. Show then ends it with a chokeslam.

Tale of the Tape between Cena/Benoit

Backstage: Jamie Noble is begging Nidia to stay in the back, she says she feels so hopeless. Jamie says he has back to back loses because she distracts him. He can’t lose this match tonight, or he won’t ever get a title match. Jamie says he doesn’t want to see her get hurt and she agrees she will stay in the back. Jamie says on 2nd though, he’s got a better idea.

Sakoda (w/Tajiri) vs. Jamie Noble (w/Nidia)
This is fun for 3 minutes, Noble is super aggressive on offense and bumps around good when Sakoda is on offense. Sakoda works Jamie’s back, but Jamie really doesn’t sell it. He grabs Nidia and throws her in the ring, and shoves her into Sakoda before school boying him for the win :lmao Post-Match: Noble explains that Tajiri tried to get her, but he made the save and won. Amazing. **

Taz and Cole question why Noble did that and they’ve lost all respect for him. I guess Noble is a heel now :mark: They then air the ending of the battle royal from last week.

Backstage: Josh Mathews interviews John Cena, he says if he’s gotta beat Benoit to get a shot at Brock then it bees like that. Benoit comes in and says don’t forget he can lock that crossface on from anywhere. AND MAKE HIM TAP!

#1 Contender's Match: John Cena vs. Chris Benoit
Cena grabs a mic and says so Paul Heyman said this match is just here to protect that bitch Brock, he says Brock is dreaming if he thinks he can beat him or Chris. He says it’s okay that he and Benoit have to fight, he doesn’t care about the replays or a three-way. He’s gonna turn his gap tooth brown, because he’s gonna eat SHIT! So this is pretty great, Benoit beats the shit out of Cena early on but Cena comes back with his own ground and pound offense. Very back and forth in the early but the majority of it is controlled by Cena, because he’s the bigger and stronger of the two. And Benoit makes the mistake of playing into Cena game of trading strikes. Cena naturally goes back into playing the heel role just without the dickness, but he does get a little too cocky which allows a Benoit comeback with the triple Germans, but he rolls and Benoit misses the Diving headbutt off the top. Cena hits the FU but ref Nick Patrick doesn’t see Benoit's foot on the ropes until after the three. Benoit argues with him and another ref Brian Hebner runs down, they tease another false finish before restarting the match. Benoit who just realized this is his 2nd opportunity is super fuckin aggressive here and he takes the fight to Cena now, he works over Cena’s arm soften it up for the crossface. Cena sells it tremendously, Benoit is brutal with it. He hits these Northern Suplexs dropping him on the arm and hits these running sliding elbow drops. Cena makes a nice little comeback but gets caught in the sharpshooter but Cena makes it to the ropes; Cena it’s a modified FU out of desperation but the Big Show runs down and climbs onto the apron. Cena knocks him down but that allows Benoit to lock him into the crossface and Cena taps out immediately. IT’S ABOUT TO GO DOWN BROCK/BENOIT I :mark: ***1//4

Backstage: Chavo is getting in some pre-match workout when Eddie comes in to pump him up. Chavo says he doesn’t want him at ringside tonight. And it’s all Eddie’s fault he’s banged up. Eddie questions if Chavo’s okay because he’s not acting like the Chavo he knows. Chavo says it’s not about “EDDIE, EDDIE, EDDIE” it’s about Chavo getting revenge on Shelton by himself.

Shelton Benjamin (w/Charlie Haas) vs. Chavo Guerrero
Chavo comes out to his own singles music to no pop :lmao Eddie Guerrero comes out in a low rider, and sets up a lawn chair to watch, he also has one of those beer helmet hats with the wacky straws :lmao Chavo does his best Eddie impressions. Eddie gets most of the pops for doing nothing because he's Eddie, but this match is really good. Shelton's knee work is good and brutal. Chavo sells it really well even during his comeback he hops around. Chavo hits a Tornado DDT and Haas get into it, distracting the ref, which allows Eddie to hit Shelton with the Frog Splash and bails out to the lawn chair. Chavo covers to win, and Eddie cheers him on. After the match; Eddie opens the car door for Chavo and tries to start a chant for him, but Chavo slams the door shut after seeing the replay of what happened. He talks down to Eddie for stealing the spotlight and grandstanding again, and says that he asked him to stay in the back. **1/4

Brock Lesnar video package airs of his 2 year Smackdown run so far. It has him killing Hogan, beating Rock, Killing Taker, Killing Gowan and Spanky, Killing Kurt, Killing EVERYONE :mark:

Backstage: Josh Mathews is interviewing Chris Benoit; he says you have to admit in such a short time Brock has accomplished an awful lot. Benoit says he’s right but their one thing they failed to show in that package and that was when I MADE HIM TAP OUT! They replay to footage. Benoit says a picture paints 1,000 words and you are looking at the next WWE Champion.

Backstage: FBI are running a gambling ring for people betting on Brock vs. Benoit. A-Train walks by and bets $10,000 on Benoit. U SNAKE TRAIN!


WWE Championship: Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Benoit
This is the first time since the Iron man match that the WWE title has been defended. Brock jumps Benoit during his entrance and proceeds to beat the shit out of him, Benoit comesback with wrestling armdrags and they go back and forth just absolutely beating the shit out of one another with no room to breathe or stall. Benoit tries to lock in the crossface but Brock escapes, he makes Benoit chase him before dropping him throat or chest first onto the top rope. Brock bust’s out his delayed cradle suplex :mark: Brock is amazing on offense, hurling Benoit around, and Benoit bumps like 90’s pre-broken neck Benoit. Brock locks in a full body scissors sucking the life out of Benoit but also trying to make Benoit tap like he said he would, Benoit manages to fight out but runs into a tilt-a-whirl slam for two. Brock can’t believe it but he’s also busted open from the nose as we go to a commercial. We return and Brock has the body scissors rear naked choke applied again, with Benoit fighting out with chops but Brock suckers him before dropping the top rope and Benoit goes over the top. Brock sends Benoit back first into the steps and Benoit dies, but Brock waits too long and Benoit recovers. THEY BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF ONE ANOTHER ON THE FLOOR AND Benoit sends Brock into the steps now :mark: Brock again tries to run to get distance from a now pissed Benoit. Out of desperation Brock connects with a back elbow and a German release suplex that sends Benoit flying. Benoit wins the battel to the strikes, and he suckers Brock into the corner sending him shoulder-first into the ringpost. Benoit follows up with the triple Germans and I love how Brock keeps reaching for the ropes but Benoit hits the suplex before Brock has time. Brock isn’t staying down so Benoit hits him with a flying shoulder block and hits the DIVING HEADBUTT but Brock kicks out at two. Benoit again goes for the crossface but Brock fights as best on his knee to not go flat; the ref gets whipped out and Benoit not locks in the crossface. BROCK TAPS BUT THE REF IS DOWN! Benoit tries to wake up the ref but walks into an F5. All three men are slow to get up and Brock covers Benoit but he KICKS OUT AT TWO :mark: Holy shit, I think other than Kurt in the Iron man match no one has kicked out of the F5. BROCK IS IN DISBELIEF AND THE YOU TAPPED OUT CHANTS BEGIN! Brock then grabs a steel chair; He kills Benoit's knee with chair shot on the mat, and puts on the most brutal looking Brock Lock ever. He sits down on Benoit's neck, bending him backwards in disgusting fashion. Benoit passes out, and Brock wins. After the match; Brock applies the crossface to Benoit to add insult to injury :mark: HOLY SHIT! MOTYC fuckin’ amazing it still holds up as a top 5 Smackdown match of all time, a top 5 2003 match. Just unbelievable. ****1/2



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WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Goldberg
WWE Intercontinental Champion: Rob Van Dam
WWE World Tag Team Champions: The Dudley Boyz
WWE Women's Champion: Molly Holly

WWE RAW 12/08/2003
Anaheim, California

Chris Jericho and Christian come out with flowers in hand; they grab the mics and Jericho says, before they beat the Dudleyz and become the new world tag team champions they’ve got something important to say. Christian says he and Jericho apologize to Trish and Lita and say there's a rumour that they're mad at them, and they hope it's not true :lmao I guess no one told them that Trish head the convo or no one in the back told them, or in a week they haven’t watched the show back. This angle would never work in today’s WWE with twitter :lmao Jericho says he’s been calling all week and it’s breaking his heart. Trish and Lita march out; and Trish holds up the dollar. Jericho says the bet was just a joke and says they'd never make a bet on something so silly. Jericho talks to Trish about their chemistry and how he feels. Trish and Lita both slap Jericho and Christian and hit them with flowers before leaving. The Dudley Boyz come out for the match.

World Tag Team Championships: Chris Jericho & Christian vs. The Dudley Boyz
Trish and Lita remain at ringside. This isn’t bad due to Christian and Jericho bumping around for them, then having a good iso on Bubba. This goes on for several more minutes with a lame D-Von hot tag, the ref gets bumped, and Trish and Lita helped hit Double Wassup Headbutts before Christian was pinned after the 3D. **1/4

Backstage: Evolution are in their dressing room, Batista is warming up and Flair says if anyone knows Triple H it’s him, and he’s here tonight. He’s not going to that ring because he’s one step ahead of everyone. He also knows Goldberg and Kane are gonna tear one another apart, all he has to do at the PPV is pick up the pieces. Orton calls Triple H one hell of a guy, but he won’t be the only one of Evolution leaving the PPV as a champion. Batista says RVD will not walk out tonight and Evolution will be 3-0 at the PPV.

Backstage: Christian and Jericho are ranting to Eric about what just happen, Jericho yells at him to make this right. Eric says he will but first he wants to know did they really have a bet. Christian says he’s damn right and he was just about to close the deal. Eric says okay at Armageddon; it will be Christian and Chris Jericho vs. Lita and Trish in Battel of the sexes. Christian is overjoyed, but Jericho is not.

Batista (w/Ric Flair) vs. Rob Van Dam
Batista is still pretty green here so his big man offense isn’t what is will be in about a years’ time. He does bump and sell really well tho and murder RVD when it’s time to murder him. RVD does the usual offense and doesn’t sell the moves just the wear and tear of the match. Flair interferes, ref gets bumped on the worse sunset flip I’ve ever seen. That allows Batista to hit the Baista bomb for the win. **

Mark Jindrak/Garrison Cade come down to the ring; Cade says that they weren't whining last week, because the Dudley Boyz cheated last week, just like they cheated tonight, because they're cheaters. Cade says they're winners though, and will win Tag Team Turmoil at Armageddon.

Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade vs. Val Venis & Lance Storm (w/Anaheim THOTS)
Cade and Jindrak jump both Lance and Val during entrances and work over Lance; Val hot tag is meh and Jindrak schoolboys Val with the tights to win. This was about 2 minutes long.

Backstage: Kane is sitting somewhere he talks about when he was a young Kane his neighbours had a dog, and every day when he came home from school that dog use to bark it’s head off at him. And it annoyed him, he didn’t like the dog and the dog didn’t like him so he KILLED IT :lmao he took it to the woods and left it to rot. He then says the Goldberg title run annoys him and the fans are like worms, well at Armageddon he will end his reign.

Mick Foley comes down to the ring he has the Austin petition in one hand and grabs the mic with the other. He says when he took over as CO-GM it was to make things right, now if at Armageddon Ric Flair was to get involved that would not be right. So he makes himself the special ref for the RVD/Orton match. Another thing he wants to make right is the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin. He says as of now he has half a million signatures, but he needs more. Suddenly, La Resistance comes out now, and they say that Foley is a joke, just like America. They say that if France had gone into Iraq, they would have found the weapons of mass destructions. And the war would have been over. Everyone knows the French are better lovers and fighters, Conway says Eric told them their jobs are safe and now it’s their time to humiliate him. They try to get him to salute the French flag, but he says he likes French things like French fries, French toast, but he doesn't like them, and he's not saluting their flag. They tease beating him down……BUT THE ROCK’S MUSIC HITS AND HE COMES DOWN TO THE RING FUCK YEAH! I THOUGHT THIS SEMENT HAPPEN ON THE LAST RAW OF THE YEAR NOT NOW :mark: He does the finally bit and says he came out to surprise his fans and his friends Mick Foley and the people, but he’s confused. He knows the people, Lilian, JR and King but he doesn’t know who in the blue hell the two French popcorn farts are. He then says he doesn’t give a nut sack what pepe le pew number 1 or 2 has to say :lmao he jokes that the French style beatdown means kiss him to death :lmao Rock then says if they keep running their lips he and Foley will smack their lips of their mouths and make them kiss their American asses. Renee cuts rock off and says they will win the tag titles this Sunday, and Rock say they will not win the tag titles 1. Because their French and 2. They suck :lmao Lawler has a goat line saying they will probably surrender before the match starts :lmao La Resistance starts shit and gets hit with the Mr. Socko, Rock Bottom, & People's Elbow. Rock then signs the Austin petition. FUCK YEAH!

Backstage: Eric Bischoff says he just had the Rock escorted from the building. He then makes Goldberg vs. Kane into a Lumberjack Match, and he's going to pick the lumberjacks.

Booker T, The Hurricane & Rosey vs. Mark Henry, Scott Steiner Test (w/Theodore R. Long)
I guess the only thing Foley kept was Stacy being free which makes Test match even more skippable. Mark was pretty amazing as he shows flashes of Hall Of Pain offense; he throws everyone around and is only really used a muscle for shitty Test/Scotty iso on Booker. Booker is head and shoulder above everyone here and it’s not even close, it’s also making me miss BookerDust so much as Hurricane who gets the hot tag is no Goldust; anyway the match breaks down and Mark murders Hurricane with a bear hug giving his team the win. I don’t know why this got 10 minutes, but hey at least Booker had a great showing with Mark. Post-match: Mark also kills Booker T with a Bear Hug. **1/4

Backstage: Eric congratulates Evolution and Mark Henry on being chosen as Lumberjacks for tonight main event. Eric says if Goldberg or Kane gets thrown out they have the green light to make sure they get back into the ring.

Trish Stratus & Lita vs. Molly Holly & Victoria
Yeah this happens, heels work over Trish as Jericho and Christian look on from the stage. Lita has a shit hot tag that is cut short when Matt Hardy runs in allowing Molly and Victoria to hit a shitty double team side walk slam for the win.

Lumberjack Match: Kane vs. Goldberg
The lumberjacks are Evolution minus Triple H and Mark Henry, that’s it :lmao this is pure interference fuckery, heels beat up on Goldberg. I do like that Kane keeps having to resort to throwing him to the floor every time he feels Goldberg getting the momentum back. But it also kills him being a monster that shouldn’t need help. Oh well, Goldberg throws Kane to the floor but they refuse to attack him so he takes them all out before rolling him back in. He sets up the spear but the heels attack him for the DQ. Everyone gets their shots in, until RVD tries to make the save but fails. Booker tries to make the save but fails. BUT SHAWN MICHAELS SAVE THE DAY. He superkicks Flair and takes out Batista, he shoves Mark to the floor and hits Kane with Sweet Chin Music into a Goldberg spear to end the show. *

Tripsgod not being on a go home show let alone the past two weeks and still wins the world title. SHIT! Spoilers, ahhh fuck it this happen 13 years ago. Anyway lol Raw.


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WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar
WWE U.S. Champion: The Big Show
WWE Tag Team Champions: The Basham Brothers
WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Tajiri

WWE Smackdown 12/11/2003
San Diego, California

Before the into Paul Heyman is in the ring and says he wants to make one public statement. Chris Benoit will never get another shot at the WWE Championship as long as he’s the General Manager of Smackdown.

Paul Heyman says he feels the to tell the viewers of smackdown deserve an explanation. He says he will follow a WWE tradition, he will build Smackdown on the back of Brock Lesnar. It started when Vince SR. build his company on the back of Bruno. Vince JR. then built it on the back of Hulk Hogan and then on Stone Cold Steve Austin. Heyman says Benoit came a little too close to screwing up his plans, and unlike Eric and Raw he has a long term plan. And his vision is the greatest WWE champion of all time...BROCK LESNAR! Brock says he isn’t asking for their respect he demands it, he says he heard what Heyman had to say about him and he has one thing to add. Not only did he beat Chris Benoit he made him tap out. The crowd starts a “you tapped out” chant and Brock turns it around on them and says they’re right Benoit did tap out :mark: Brock then replays the footage of him making Benoit tap, he says Chris put up a good fight and he’s not in his league. No one in the back is in his league, he calls himself unstoppable. Again with the you tapped out chant and Brock says not only can he make everyone in the crowd tap but he can also get them all DEPORTED :mark: :lmao He says he’s got a chant for them right here in Mexico, Heyman says this is San Diego and Brock says THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME FUCK YEAH! HE DEMANDS RESPECT! And Rey Mysterio comes out, Rey says there is no way he’s gonna disrespect his town or his people. Brock laughs him off, and Rey says he will make it simple. He challenges him to a match tonight, Brock stalls and says he doesn’t make matches nor does he have the power. Rey then motions that he has no balls; Brock gets mad and accepts a none-title match, and if he wins, he can have a title shot next week. Rey then gets the crowd to chant 619!

Rhyno vs. Bradshaw
Cole and Taz low key mention Bradshaw is rich now; This is pretty good slugfest brawl for 3 to 4 minutes. It’s pretty much a precursor to the JBL main event style matches just with a washed Rhyno and Bradshaw being the babyface. The match ends when Bradshaw hits a superplex off the middle rope, but Rhyno gets hit feet tangles in a cradle for a win.

Backstage: Paul Heyman is with A-Train and Matt Morgan,Heyman says he delt with Nathan Jones and you don’t see him around here do you? FUCK YEAH! FIRED HIM! Heyman says please don’t make me deal with you the same. He berates Train for betting on Benoit, but more importantly betting against Brock. Train says he just wanted to make some extra money and bet on the odds, it’s nothing personal. Heyman says BROCK TOOK IT PERSONAL! He has to make it up to him, tonight. It’s A-Train vs. Shannon Moore. Morgan says he has money riding on this. A-Train laughs and says it's a sure bet.

Backstage: The FBI is back in the betting ring when the Bashams ask what are their odds on their tag title match next week. Nunzio says it’s 2-1; One of the Bashams puts $1000 on him, and Matt Morgan puts a stack on A-Train.

A-Train vs. Shannon Moore
Train kills him for like a minute, but MOORE COUNTERS THE DERAILER INTO A SUNSET FLIP TO WIN HOLY SHIT. After the match; Morgan and Big Show come down as Train kills Moore. Morgan kills Moore in the corner and cheers on Train for a charge but suckers him in and Morgan hits A-Train with a big boot. Big Show and Morgan beat on him, and Big Show hits him with the Chokeslam. Babyface A-Train time :mark:

Backstage: The Cat is dancing.

Rey Mysterio’s family is in the crowd.

Lamont is in the ring and Introduces The Cat; he does some dance stuff before he introduces tonight's dance partner, Sable. She asks the fans if they want her to dance and do The Grind, and about 90% of the response is booing :lmao She refuses and says the only one she dances for is Vince McMahon. So Cat forces her to dance and kisses her, before taking all his clothes off. Sable bails out, so Cat dances in his boxers.

Backstage: Eddie and Chavo are talking, Eddie wants to know if he’s gonna ride with him. Chavo says he’s with him if he doesn’t steal his spotlight. Eddie asks how Chavo's knee is, and he says he feels so good that he might not even tag Eddie in. Eddie laughs and says he likes it. He says he can't promise he won't steal the spotlight, but he will steal a win. Chavo says he'll steal the win too, and they walk off saying they'll both steal the win.

Los Guerrero’s vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team
Great feeling out processes to start, Eddie takes none of Charlies shit so he tags in Shelton, but Eddie out quicks him and out wrestles him too, Chavo does some good stuff too. But this is the Eddie show man, Shelton out of desperation hits an arm breaker DDT and rolls Eddie out. Shelton tries to mess with Eddie car but Eddie fights out holding his left arm close to his body, never raising it. Great fuckin’ selling. Shelton then throws him arm first into the ring post as we go to a commercial when we return WGTT is brutal in working it, and Eddie sells it like he legit has a separated shoulder. Sadly they don’t get a long heat segment on Eddie as they kinda throw Eddie back into his own corner allowing Chavo to hot tag in, Chavo cleans house with great Eddie inspired fire before slowing it down. Haas goes to take a shot at Eddie but Eddie’s so injured that he runs down, the ref goes to talk to him allowing Shelton to hit the nasty looking and sounding superkick to Chavo’s injured knee :mark: They worked over the leg again, and it ruled. Chavo sells it Eddie level. They have to great false tag moments one with the ref not seeing the tag and the other with Chavo crawling like a zombie on the walking dead but Shelton drops Eddie off the apron. Eddie would get the hot tag like a minute later and that ruled too, Eddie tries for a frog splash but Haas cuts him off and hits a superplex off the top. The match breaks down with Chavo hitting Haas with a placha wiping him out, and in the ring, Eddie hits the three amigos using his other arm :mark: Eddie signals for the Frog Splash but Chavo tags himself in and connects with a frog splash but Shelton kicks out, FUCK YEAH! Chavo’s shitty Frog splash doesn’t work; Chavo and Eddie are shocked and Eddie wants the tag but Chavo refuses. That allows Haas to dropkick Chavo into Eddie and I guess that’s a tag in the ref's book. WGTT connect with the atomic knee drop/superkick combo but the ref refuses to count as Chavo isn’t the legal man, Eddie is smirking and grabs an air filter out of the car. He nails Shelton in the head with it and covers for the win. SMACKDOWN TAG DIVISON AT IT’S BEST! Holy shit, these guys are amazing together. ***1/2 - ***3/4

Tribute to the Troops hypes, yeah I’m skipping that show.

The Big Show comes out in full hip hop inspired attire, cargo shorts, and a black sox jersey :lmao He says he’s already proven he's more superiority to John Cena in every way. He's going to beat him at his own game. John Cena comes out, and Show does his own rap. It’s terrible, but he has the GOAT LINE "In my world, you're the white girl, I'm Kobe Bryant!" FUCK YEAH! He then says his finger is bigger than Cena dick :lmao Cena then tells him to chill; and says he didn’t get that last line cause all he heard was show choking on his neck fat :lmaolmao:lmao He says Show must be eating out the toilet cause his breath smells like 1000 asses, he then says Show has fat, hairy, baloney tits, and he can’t see his own penis. You think I’m coming up short that’s not what your mom says :lmao Cena throws the mic up. Show grabs it, allowing Cena to kick him in the dick and walk off.

Recap of last weeks Benoit/Brock amazingness.

Backstage: Josh Mathews interviews Chris Benoit, Benoit says he didn't win the title, and there are no excuses. And when he opened his eyes he realized his dreams were shattered. And now, it's not when he gets a title shot it’s if he gets another title shot. Josh asks him about Heyman statement earlier that he will never get another title shot. Benoit says this is his life and this is his passion, it’s gonna take a hell of a lot more than Paul Heyman to stop him from living his dream.

Rey Mysterio vs. Brock Lesnar
HOLY SHIT! I remembered this happening but I forgot it was this good; Brock is fuckin’ amazing. He pretty much laughs at size difference and mocks him. Brock trolls early with power and makes Rey use his own momentum against him. HOLY SHIT BROCK grabs Rey by the ankle and just him with ease, Rey finally uses the speed and BROCK IS PISSED! Rey makes Brock chase him around the ring trying to tire him out, fuckin’ brilliant they do the chase at full speed for 30-40 seconds and BROCK IS PISSED EVEN MORE! He grabs the steel steps but Rey dropkicks them into Brock. Rey then makes the mistake of following up and Brock sends him spine-first into the ringpost. Brock basically decides that he's going to out-bump Rey Mysterio and it’s fuckin’ great; Rey gets a ton of offense in. Perfect monster vs. little man match, and it's totally crisp and clean with no botches or anything. Rey then goes to the air one too many times allowing Brock to catch him in mid-air and does his awesome rib breakers, Brock then shoves the ref just so he can low blow Rey for showing him up :mark: I love that with every move Brock gets a little too cocky and taunts way too long allowing Rey to have these mini-comebacks. Brock continues the viciousness but he taunts him in between the ropes and Rey low blows him, Rey hits the the ringpost 619 and drops the dime for two :mark: Brock bumps crazy on everything and Rey hits a ‘rana for two. Rey then goes for the west coast pop but Brock catches him and MURDERS HIM WITH A POWERBOMB! Brocks not done he applies the BrockLock and Rey has no choice but to tap out. FUCKIN’ AMAZING! Post-Match: Some geek in a Rey mask tries to jump Brock but Security and Brock stop, he pulls off his mask and to no pop, it’s Hardcore Holly. UGH! FUCK OFF! Brock bumps and sells his ass off for Hardcore shit as the show ends. ****

Brock and Benoit, man it’s gonna be so hard trying to determine who will be 2003 WOTY


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WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Goldberg
WWE Intercontinental Champion: Rob Van Dam
WWE World Tag Team Champions: The Dudley Boyz
WWE Women's Champion: Molly Holly

WWE Armageddon 2003
Orlando, Florida

Lilian sings the National Anthem.

Mark Henry (w/Theodore R. Long) vs. Booker T
So this is weird, like it’s the usual good stuff from them but something was missing. It just felt like an extended TV Raw match. Booker is super aggressive in the early trying to put this away because Mark is such a beast and he wants to avoid as much punishment as possible. Theodore distracts the ref leading to a very average Mark beating it uses more holds than throwing Booker around, which sucked. Bookers comeback was good but, Booker would hit a Scissors Kick but Mark kicks out at two, lol kicking out of finishers in the opening match; Booker then hits another and covers for the three and the win. **1/4

Backstage: Eric is upset that Mark lost, he says he can count on Jericho and Christian. Christian thanks him and says if it wasn’t for them they would have won the tag titles and he would have won the bet. Jericho tries to talk, but Mick Foley music hits and Eric cuts him off.

Mick Foley comes down to the ring and gets on the mic; He says usually he watches the PPV at his buddies house but not tonight as he’s right here in Orlando, Florida. He says he has every right to believe tonight is gonna be a great night, he announces the petition the bring back Steve Austin is at one million signatures. He says it’s something we should celebrate, and out comes STACY in a cheerleader’s outfit FUCK YEAH! Stacy does some cartwheels, and Mick does some too for lulz. But never mind that EVOLUTION IS MYSTERY! Hits and out comes Randy and Ric; Randy says its one hell of a cartwheel he’s got there. He hopes his hand is okay for when he counts to 3 later tonight. Randy says THE PARTY IS OVER! He says Austin is staying gone because he killed the legend at Survivor Series. And it’s time for him to collect the IC title. Foley gets undressed and says if Orton wants it so bad Let’s HAVE THE MATCH RIGHT NOW!

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Randy Orton (w/Ric Flair) vs. Rob Van Dam [Special Referee: Mick Foley]
I remember really like this when it aired, but I was a 12-year-old. Looking back now, it’s pretty bad. RVD pretty much dominates the early going, JR tires to say it’s because Orton was not ready for the match. I guess so; Orton sells everything really well but RVD is so washed at this point, he refuses to sell and just thinks his bumping makes up for it. NOPE! Thankfully, Orton takes over when RVD goes for one high risk too many and Orton shoves him off the top onto the barricades. Orton works the head and neck; it’s pretty meh. And this goes on way too long, I just did some research and I saw this got 18 fuckin’ minutes and you can tell, it’s so filled up with filler rest holds and shit that goes nowhere. RVD comeback is shit, they trade moves with Orton busting out the coming through the ropes DDT AND RVD FUCKIN’ DIES! RVD hits a series of kicks and connects with the rolling thunder, Flair tries to cheer him on but RVD kicks him down. Another sick kicks murders Orton and he climbs to the top. Flair has something in his hand but Foley knocks him off, that distraction allows Orton to dropkick RVD off the top. Both men are slow to their feet and Orton his the RKO outta nowhere for the win. **1/4

Battle Of The Sexes Match: Chris Jericho & Christian vs. Lita & Trish Stratus
The story of the match is Jericho didn’t want to hit Trish as he’s out here catching feelings like a geek, but he didn’t care for Lita so beating her up is all good.Christian didn’t give a fuck so he would cheap shots them and beat them up whenever he could, what a guy. Heat segment on Lita was good for what it was but seeing how it was against woman they didn’t do too much, at one point Christian rips off Lita’s top and begins to swing it around before throwing it to Jericho who sniffs it :lmao He taunts her but she low blows him allowing Trish to get the hot tag, she takes out Christian but Jericho is about to hit her with a missile dropkick but Lita ends puts a stop to that. She tries to superplex him but gets shoved off as Christian covers but picks her up at two. He pulls at her hair but she matrix’s out of a clothesline attempt as he knocks Jericho off the apron, Trish school boys him for two but he comes back with a clothesline taking her head off. Lita connects with a hurracanrana but Jericho throws her into the rails. He goes to check on Trish but that allows Christian to come from behind with a roll-up for the win. Would have been better on Raw, as it felt like a RAW match. *

Shawn Michaels vs. Batista (w/Ric Flair)
JR hypes this up saying Shawn is wrestling on his 63rd PPV, while Batista is only wrestling on his 3rd. Shawn uses quickness, and experience to frustrate Batista in the early and Batista can never really keep Shawn grounded, well that is until he damn near decapitates Shawn with a clothesline. He never really sticks to working a specific body part of Shawn he just switches between the lower back for the Batista bomb and the neck and throat for that choke he killed Shawn with a few weeks ago. Shawn hits a desperation moonsault for two, and does his flying forearm comeback spot but as he fights his way back into the match Batista kills him again with a clothesline before throwing him to the floor. Batista now focuses the majority of his heat on the back, Shawn isn't bumping like Shawn or even really selling it’s weird this whole night just seems off. Shawn again does the flying forearm but gets caught in the double handed choke but he turns it around into a DDT. Shawn goes up top and hits the elbow drop, he starts tuning up the band but Batista counters into a the spinebuster, he hits another and then goes for the Batista bomb but Shawn slides out and nails Sweet Chin Music for the win. Not really got but it’s without a doubt MOTN lolRaw. **1/2

Batista starts coming around and shakes off the superkick; Flair tells him he didn’t win and he’s PISSED! Dumbass Maven comes out for a match WAT! SINCE WHEN! He’s stands on the ramp and watching Batista rage, until Matt Hardy runs down. He throws Maven into the ring and Batista kills him with 2 Batista Bombs. Flair and Batista leave, as Matt sneaks back in. He hits a splash and counts 3 himself. Matt then grabs the mic and declares himself the winner.

Backstage: Batista is still raging and ranting as Flair tries to calm him down, Batista yells it’s bullshit and he’s better than him. Flair says HE’S BATISTA! HE HAS EVERYTHING! HE’S A MANS MAN AND HE HAS THAT SPECIAL THING IN HIM! EVERYONE FALLS BUT THE GOOD ONES GET UP AND LEAVE HE BUILDING WITH THEIR HEAD HELD HIGH! Flair says they will deal with Shawn another time, but as of right now he as something special for him. They’re walking out with title belts.

Tag Team Turmoil Match for the WWE World Tag Team Championship

La Résistance vs. The Hurrucane and Rosey
This is pretty shit; Hurricane almost breaks his neck and tears his ACL during a botched springboard dive. French fucks iso him and do some shit; Rosey has decent enough hot tag he does some good big man powermoves before Hurricane uses him as an extra ladder for a splash and the three.

The Hurrucane and Rosey vs. Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade
Cade and Jundrak come from the crowd and attack, Cade rolls up Hurracane 3 seconds in for the three :lmao

Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade vs. Val Venis & Lance Storm (w/Tampa THOTS)
This is pretty much an extended version of the Raw match we got; Crowd try to get themselves over by chanting BORING and She’s got herpes. Jindrak and Cade iso Lance that goes nowhere and Val has an mediocre hot tag; the match breaks down and Val goes to suplex Jindrak back in but Cade trips him and holds down Vals leg so he can’t kick out. FUCK YEAH!

Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade vs. The Dudley Boyz
Jindrak and Cade are good here they are doing whatever it takes to win, cheating by any means. But the Dudleyz suck so bad, they ruin it. Dudleyz hit the 3D and cover for the three.

The Dudley Boyz vs. Scott Steiner & Test
Oh yeah because this is what people wanted to see the most :lmao FUCK OFF! FUCK RIGHT OFF! I DON’T CARE; I REALLY DON’T DUDLEYZ ARE TERRIBLE THE KILLED BOOKERDUST, TEST IS TRASH AND SCOTTY IS THE WORSE WHEN HE’S NOT TALKING! Fuck everything, Bubba hits Test with the Bubba bomb and D-Von covers for the win. Eric Bischoff comes out and says there is one team yet to compete…. BATISTA AND THE NATURE BOY RIC FLAIR! FUCK YEAH! SAVED!

The Dudley Boyz vs. Batista & Ric Flair
This goes a minute; Flair low blows Bubba and works his leg while Batista, Batista bombs D-Von and covers for the win. THANK FUCK! *3/4

They show footage of the Tribute To The Troops press conference

WWE Womans Championship: Molly Holly vs. Ivory

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Kane vs. Triple H vs. Goldberg
TripGOD is finally healthy again as he doesn’t have his faggot biker shorts on under his trunks. They blatantly kill time and have Triple H have a full on shit talk session with Goldberg :lmao Triple H and Kane team up early to take out Goldberg; Goldberg is awesome at being a powerhouse/high flyer to take out Kane. Goldberg/Kane isn’t terrible but it’s bad and slow when Kane is on offense. Triple H/Goldberg is the usual meh. I legit swear they 2-1 Goldberg for 10 minutes and that includes the mini-Goldberg comebacks that get cut off. Kane chokeslames Goldberg onto the announce table and it doesn’t break so Triple H jumps off the barricade with an elbow making sure it breaks :lmao Goldberg is out And Kane/Triple H happens it’s is the worse pairing. Does Kane have chemistry in the ring with anyone? Really? This goes on way too long; Goldberg makes his return with a spear to Kane but Triple H breaks up the pin. All 3 men are slow to get up as they’ve been going for 18 fuckin’ minutes, everyone throws bombs but Goldberg gets his 2nd wind but is stopped with a Triple H finger to the eye. Goldberg nails Triple H with the spear but here comes Evolution; to stop the cover he hits another spear this one looks like pure shit. But Kane breaks up the pin, Kane and Goldberg do a double choke but Triple H low blows Kane allowing Kane to chokeslam him. Batista then pulls Kane out AND TRIPLE H COVERS FOR THE WIN! YESSSSS! 8 TIME WORLD CHAMPION! DOESN’T APPEAR ON RAW FOR 2 WEEKS AND STILL WINS THE TITLE! DOESN’T WRESTLE IN 4 TO 5 WEEK AND WINS THE TITLE :mark: TRIPLE H AND NOW PINNED GOLDBERG 3 TIMES HE WINS THE WAR 3-2, HE'S PINNED GOLDBERG 3 TIMES IN ONE YEAR, DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY OTHER WRESTLERS HAS PINNED GOLDBERG IN 2003? 0, NORT, NONE TRIPSGOD! *3/4



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WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
WWE Intercontinental Champion: Randy Orton
WWE World Tag Team Champions: Ric Flair & Batista
WWE Women's Champion: Molly Holly

WWE RAW 12/15/2003
Tampa, Florida

Evolution comes out on the stage with all the gold; Triple H says he promised that Evolution would change the game and they did. WE TOOK ALL THE GOLD! He says Goldberg fans wanted to believe he hype, but he’s Triple H, he’s the game and it’s NO HYPE NESSASARY!

Tonight; Evolution vs. Shawn Michaels, Goldberg, and Rob Van Dam

Battle Of The Sexes 2: Trish Stratus & Lita vs. Chris Jericho & Christian
As enjoyable as this feud is; this really doesn’t need a rematch. I feel next day rematches are only needed if the first ends in some sort of controversy. This had none, anyway, it’s pretty much the same story of the PPV. Jericho is in his feelings and refuses to hit Trish but Lita he gives no fuck; CLB da Gawd is still pissed he didn’t smash and is down $1 Canadian so he will hit everyone. Lita gets isn't and she’s terrible, Trish’s hot tag isn’t much better but she’s sure better than Lita. Christian then attacks Trish, and Jericho is concerned. He says this is for Jericho, and hits her with the Unprettier! Jericho pulls him off and demands the match be stopped. After the match; Christian argues with Jericho, so Jericho shoves him down and checks on Trish. Bischoff comes down and yells at him for ruining his match, so Jericho grabs the mic and says Bischoff is being a huge jackass and should shut the hell up. He says this should never be booked, let alone twice, and he hopes he's happy YOU STUPID SON OF A BITCH! Jericho walks off, and Eric says that tonight, he'll face someone just as angry and frustrated as him. KANE! *

Eric Bischoff remains in the ring and calls out Foley something that will reshape RAW. Mick Foley comes down to the ring, he says the Austin petition is over one million, and in 2 weeks he will have a meeting with the Board of Directors, where he'll personally plead his case, and Steve Austin will also be there. Eric calls him a disappointment, the people love him just not as Mick Foley the co-gm. But Mick Foley the “Hardcore Legend” just take last week when he was in here with The Rock. Eric then shows a video package of Foley it's heartwarming. Eric says the people want to see Foley the wrestler. Foley stops him and says he’s been toying around with the idea, and if or when he returns to the ring it will be under his terms. Eric says he had to put up with Austin for 6 months, he made the decision he will never do it again. He then challenges Mick Foley to a match. In one corner it will be Mick Foley taking on…..”THE LEGEND KILLER” Randy Orton. If Orton loses, Eric walks as GM, but if Foley loses, then he's done. Foley says no deal unless Evolution is barred from ringside, and they have a deal. Foley says wait….This match will now be for the IC title. HAVE A NICE DAY!

Mattitude.com says “Matt always utilizes toilet seat covers”

Booker T & Maven vs. Mark Henry & Matt Hardy (w/Theodore R. Long)
Maven is super aggressive going at Matt for what he did to him last night, and Matt does a good job running and being a snake. Mark after an average night last night is back to being awesome muscle. The heels Iso Mavens after the two Batista bombs last night, but Maven never really sells it he didn’t even sell during his entrance, just jumped around like he wasn’t even on the PPV. Booker's hot tag was fun, he takes out Matt and suckers Mark over the top. Maven hits a plancha onto Mark on the floor and Booker counters the twist of fate into the Scissors Kick for the win. *3/4

Backstage: Coachman tries to get the 411 with the former World Champion Goldberg; he tries to walk in but Goldberg slams the door. Coach doesn’t like the disrespect so he walks back in, but is heard being beaten up, and Goldberg throws him through the door and Goldberg walks over him.

La Resistance comes down to the ring and gets on the mic; Renee trolls the Rocky chants and says they ran him off :lmao He says he took offense being called FiFi, as for Mick Foley he’s loud and always sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. GOLDBERG’S music hits and he comes down to the ring; he takes them out with AWESOME Spears and Jackhammers. Goldberg then grabs the French flag breaks it in half just to pick up the American one and wave it around. Bischoff comes out now. He says that havoc will not happen on his show, let alone ruining a match and taking out Coach. So, for the next 30 days, GOLDBERG IS SUSPENDED!

Backstage: Mick Foley asks Shawn Michaels if he can get in or one match or is it an addiction, Shawn says he came back a year and a half for one more match and now look at him, Shawn says it's like the mob, every time you think you're out, it pulls you back in. Foley asks if it was worth it, and Shawn says it was. Foley then asks him to hand him his flannel shirt, because he's got a match to get ready for. Shawn says he does too.

2 on 1 Handicap Match: Rob Van Dam & Shawn Michaels vs. Evolution (Triple H, Ric Flair & Batista)
God damn 2 minutes in and Shawn is already killing the match with his shitty punches, he’s not even doing his usual Shawn punches he’s now doing road dogg jabs and it fuckin’ sucks so bad. RVDHBK pretty much outlast whenever Evolution goes on offense but it takes a dirty move life a thumb to the eye to put a stop. They do that at least 4 times in a row with everyone before Evolution can finally muster up some sort of heat segment, they target Shawn back that he doesn’t sell and RVD has a shit hot, Jesus no one in this match has chemistry with the other. RVD cleans house and he and Batista botch a counter out of the Batista Bomb, the ref gets bumped while RVD hits the frog splash. Flair grabs the ref around, and Triple H kills RVD with the pedigree and throws Batista on top, the ref who is still dead finally recovers and makes the count but RVD kicks out at two. Ric Flair then applies the figure four as we go to commercial. The match finally has some decent work after 10 fuckin’ minutes, Triple H targets RVD knee, bending and stretching it. RVD does a good enough job hop selling. Flair then ruins it by going after the back and RVD forgets the knee and sells the back. Jesus this is a mess. Shawn hot tag is just his one-on-one match comeback but he does it to all three men instead of one UGH! He nails Triple H with the elbow drop but Batista stops Sweet Chin Music with a Batista Bomb, RVD takes out both Flair and Batista with a dive off the top. Back in Triple H and Shawn are both KO’ed but are both slow to get to their feet, Shawn backdrops out of the Pedigree, Triple H catches the boot and spins him around but Shawn manages to hit the superkick and covers for the win. Really bad, and this got 15 minutes. I think it’s the longest match since June when Jericho/Michaels II took place. *1/2 - *3/4

Rico (w/Miss Jackie) vs. Heidenreich
And the bullshit matches continue. Look this is fuckin terrible, both guys are terrible it’s all terrible. Rico wins.

Backstage: Chris Jericho goes to check on Trish, he asks her how shit is and Trish says she says now she knows the real Jericho, and the real Jericho is an asshole. She says she'd be happy if he never spoke to her again, and slams the door.

Chris Jericho vs. Kane
This isn’t good, this has never been good. It’s wasn’t good in 2000 and it isn’t good now. Kane pretty much dominates until Jericho grabs a chair and hits in him the head for the DQ. Post-Match: Kane fights off another chair attack and hangs Jericho upside down, he begins choking him with the ring cables and Chokeslams him before leaving. Christian then comes down to help Jericho up, but instead, shoves him down and leaves.

Earlier today, Raw wrestlers visited the US air force base.

Backstage: Randy walks into Eric’s office, Eric wants to talk strategy. He says Orton is in the best condition and he wants to tire Foley out. But most of all, ignore locker room. Eric says guys are saying he has potential but…..Randy cuts him off and says everyone is jealous and he has what it takes to get to the next level he just won the IC title and he steps outside he dad and grandad's shadow.

Backstage: Mick Foley walks past wrestlers in the back that wish him luck, Shawn wishes him luck and Mick says the same to him because he says in 2 weeks in San Antonio Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H for the World Championship.

Randy Orton comes out is Mick Foley follows, Foley stalls for a bit before smacking himself in the face hyping himself. Foley then backs up like he’s about to run to the ring but instead Foley just leaves as Orton look confused and mindfucked. Orton then grabs his belt and follows him to the back.

In the back, Foley grabs his stuff out his locker room and begins to leave. Eric says if he walks out he gets nothing and Foley just leaves. Orton then stops him. He asks what he’s doing? He says what about the match? He laughs at Mick having a tear in his eye. RANDY SAYS LEGENDS DON’T CRY LEGENDS DON’T WALK AWAY! MICK FOLEY YOU AIN’T A LEGEND YOU ARE A COWARD AND SPITS IN HIS FACE, and you can see the snot and loogie just hanging sick. ANYWAY, FOLEY WIPES IT AWAY AS RANDY GETS READY TO FIGHT, BUT FOLEY JUST LEAVES :mark:



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WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar
WWE U.S. Champion: The Big Show
WWE Tag Team Champions: The Basham Brothers
WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Tajiri

WWE Smackdown 12/18/2003
Jacksonville, Florida

Tonight; The Bashams vs. Rikishi/Scotty vs. WGTT vs. The Guerrero’s For the WWE Tag Team Championships

John Cena comes down to the ring and gets on the mic; he raps about turning Mr’s clause into a ho ho ho. Cena then joins Cole and Taz on commentary.

The Big Show vs. Orlando Jordan
So Show has been US champ for 2 months and has yet to even defend the fuckin’ title. Basically, a squash and Big Show wins with the Chokeslam.

Backstage: Hardcore Holly arrives UGH! Security tries to stop him but he says he’s here as a guest of GM Paul Heyman. Scrutiny then leads him to his own dressing room.

A-Train is in the ring but Brock Lesnar comes out too, he has Heyman and Morgan with him too. Brock brags about beating Rey and making him tap, he says the problem is he was busy warming up so he didn’t see his match. He tells Train to shut up, he then asks Morgan how it ended. Morgan snitches and tells him then adds he LOST TEAM LESNAR MONEY! Brock then airs the replay, and he yells at Train for losing to a 170lb person. Train says he’s waited weeks to say something to his face to face and man to man…..HE’S SORRY! For 2 weeks in a row, he let him down, He wants to make it right, and Heyman has an idea. He talks about how the Board made him unsuspend Holly, Heyman then makes a match tonight “All or Nothing match” For Holly. If he wins, he gets a title shot, and if he loses, he's fired. He says it was going to be Holly vs. Morgan/Train, but he changed his mind. He will give Hardcore a partner…..Shannon Moore!

WWE Tag Team Championships: Los Guerrero’s vs. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team vs. Scotty 2 Hotty & Rikishi vs. The Basham Brothers (w/Shaniqua)
Faghams are no longer in full on sex slave mode, they don’t have the sex masks, gimp suits or even get whipped pre-match. This takes a little while as it’s too much of a clusterfuck, early part sees all teams getting some offense in. Rikishi gives the Bashams the double stink face, but I’m sure they loved it. This was mostly good when it was WGTT vs. Guerrero’s. Sadly they got about 2 minutes of interaction time together. The match breaks down, everyone does moves to one another. Chavo hits Danny with a superplex but doesn’t see Doug on the other turnbuckle so when he lands Doug jumps off and hits Chavo with the splash. The ref counts to 4 but Eddie it too late to save :lmao **1/2

Backstage: Sawn Maire is with Paul Heyman, he tells her Brock Lesnar will defend his title TONIGHT! He has a lottery tumbler with him, and says in this are the names of every SD superstar, except Chris Benoit. And tonight they get the opportunity to wrestle BROCK LESNAR!

Ernest “The Cat” Miller comes down to the ring to do some dancing until Sable cuts him off. She yells at him at him trying to kiss her last week, he laughs and says he did kiss her. He says he should warm her up, she then goes to slap him again but stops and tries to kiss her again. But Vince comes out in shock. He’s fully healed now, Lamont tries to hold the ropes open for him but Vince shakes them and he goes flying :lmao He says nobody touches Sable but him. They argue over who's the greatest of all time. Cat says he's the best entertainer of all time, so Vince calls for Cat's music and they all dance until Vince kicks Cat in the dick, He tells someone to call his momma.

#1 Contender's Match for the Cruiserweight Championship: Rey Mysterio vs. Jamie Noble (w/Nidia)
So this is dope but way too short, they go counter for counter and move for move to start until Noble knees Rey in the midsection and goes to work on it. It’s really good but Rey does his usual sell for like 2 seconds before he makes a recovery. Rey suckers Jamie in and he goes shoulder-first into the ringpost, Rey then hits a moonsault for two. Rey has a nice little comeback, and they both get a series of near falls. Jamie has this amazing counter out of the 619 as he holds the ropes wide open and Rey falls to the floor, Jamie then grabs Nida and throws her in the ring. He dropkicks her in the back and she falls into the ref that hits Rey, so everyone is down. Jamie laughs about it and goes for the tiger driver but that gets countered into the Huracanrana for the win. Jamie tells Nida that Rey dropkicked her. **3/4

Backstage: Hardcore Holly tells Josh he had no other choice but to accept the match tonight.

Chris Benoit vs. Chuck Palumbo
God dammit Benoit just came off this awesome month and half long program with Brock and is back to carry the FBI sacks of shit, for fuck sake. Only “kayfabe” positive I can get out is Heyman saying he will never get another title match so he has to start at the bottom. FBI tries to jump Benoit to start but it backfires and the ref sends them to the back leaving it 1on1. Chuck works the neck, and it’s made brutal by Benoit’s bumping and selling of it. Chuck look really awesome with his good power moves and being extra physical. Benoit then targets Chuck's arm to soften it up for the crossface but he sees Chuck still has enough power that he goes after the knee, Benoit hits the triple Germans and connects with the Diving headbutt for two. Out of desperation, Chuck bounces Benoit head off the turnbuckle and school boys Benoit with help from the ropes for two. Benoit then counters a clothesline into the Crossface for the win. Post-Match: The FBI 3-1 beat down Benoit. **3/4

Backstage: Nida is in the doctor's room with ice on her neck when Rey comes in. He tries to talk to her but she’s scared. They have a convo in Spanish I'm guessing he’s trying to tell her Jamie is doing it. She doesn’t want to listen and tells him to leave.

Rhyno comes down on the mic and calls out Bradshaw, he says he wants a Rubber match. Taz says Rhyno knows Bradshaw isn’t here. He went to the middle east early for the troops. Rhyno wants the match via forfeit. Faarooq comes out for a match.

Rhyno vs. Faarooq
This is pretty shit for 2 minutes, Faarooq is the most washed wrestler on smackdown let alone both shows. At least Bradshaw can brawl and throws great punches, Faarooq can’t do anything. He can’t bump, his power moves are bad. It’s all bad. Rhyno low blows him for the DQ then goars him.

Backstage: Paul Heyman is still talking with Dawn Marie, she has cops bring the tumbler out. Heyman tries to hype up the potential matches.

Paul is in the ring with the tumbler, he introduces Brock Lesnar. Brock looks upset and confused while Heyman has this great terrified face. He says this show is built around him, he says he's gonna spin and he’s gonna draw a name. Brock thinks it over and allows him. Brock then picks out a name and looks PISSED! He says he wants to draw again, Heyman questions it and Brock says he just pulled out the name of the hottest guy on Smackdown, and he doesn't want to face...SHANNON MOORE! They start laughing.

WWE Championship: Brock Lesnar vs. Shannon Moore
BROCK is fuckin amazing, he’s over confident to start so Moore steps on his toe. Moore then tries to use his own body as a weapon and begins just launching himself at him. Moore also uses the speed to stay out of the reach of Brock but Brock murders him with clotheslines and locks in the BrockLock for the win.

Brock then gets on the mic and says that was a close one and Moore almost had him :lmao He brags about how he could have beat anyone in the tumbler. He says it could have been any f them, and reveals all of the balls to have Shannon Moore's name on them. He says he's a real lucky guy, but his luck just ran out. So did Hardcore Holly's, because that match is next, and his tag partner is destroyed.

Hardcore Holly & Shannon Moore vs. A-Train & Matt Morgan
This gets 8 minutes and is way too long for what they are trying to accomplish; Holly is way too focused on talking shit with Brock that he allows Morgan and Train to run down and almost get the pin on Moore. Anyway, Train and Morgan beat up Morgan way too long and he doesn’t even do his insane squash bumps he’s actually trying to be a wrestler now, fuck him. Holly makes a really shit hot tag showing he should never be in the main event, in the main event match or main event program ever. Holly hits Morgan with the Alabama Slama for the win. *3/4

And that is the last Smackdown of 2003, thank god.


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WWE RAW 12/22/2003
This is a clips show, they air some of the “best matches, promos, and segments” from the Raw brand.

WWE Smackdown 12/25/2003
Tribute to the Troops special.

Only one Raw left and i'm fuckin done :whitekid:


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WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
WWE Intercontinental Champion: Randy Orton
WWE World Tag Team Champions: Ric Flair & Batista
WWE Women's Champion: Molly Holly

WWE RAW 12/29/2003
San Antonio, Texas

Highlights of Foley/Orton drama from last week.

Tonight: Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels for the World Title, Also The Stone Cold Steve Austin fate.

Mick Foley’s music hits but Randy Orton comes out instead, yeah. Orton says after taking some time to think over the holidays to all those people that think Foley is a coward, he thought he is a coward. He’s a smart coward. He knew if he stepped foot in the ring with him. He would be making the biggest mistake of his life, he took the smart yet cowardly way out. But, he has one piece of unfinished business to attend to. He has Lilian announce him as not only still champion, but as the NEW HARDCORE LEGEND! RANDY ORTON! Booker T comes out onto the stage with a mic, he says Orton is bragging about people not here, he needs to be worried about people who are. He says he made a new year’s resolution. To whoop Randy Orton’s ass and win the IC title. Suddenly, Mark Henry attacks him from behind and rams his head into the steel stage. Orton goes to check on him and accepts.

Backstage: Eric Bischoff storms up to Teddy and Mark, he says this is a big night for him. He has the board and the Austin decision, and the world title match. Teddy says they want to collect on their SSeries favour, Eric tells them to take the night off and get it next week.

Rob Van Dam vs. Scott Steiner
This is pretty basic and isn’t really good, both men happily bump around and stiff one another for 4 minutes. Scotty hits a suplex off the middle rope for two, he botches a low blow and then straight kicks him in the dick in front of the ref and the ref just allows it :lmao Scotty works the neck and back and shockingly RVD sells the throat in his usual stick his tongue out choking motion, but hey at least he’s sold. RVD makes a comeback first with a big boot, followed by the rolling thunder and split legged suplex. RVD shoves Scotty off the turnbuckle and connects with a straight kick and the Five Star-Frog splash for the win. **

Heart Break Klassic: Shawn/Sid Rumble ’97, DAT ATTIRE :mark:

Backstage: Christian and Jericho are arguing about whose fault this is, Christian says he turned his back on him for a girl and leaves.

Live from Stamford at the WWE HQ; Coachman is at the WWE HQ he says in a few moments the board will meet to determine the fate of Austin. He says he hasn’t heard from Austin or Foley. Vince walks past and says Linda will be arguing for Austin to make his return, and Vince will argue against him. Coach question why he doesn’t just end this himself he owns the company and Vince says they’re now a public company so he can’t do things like he used to.

Tribute to the Troops highlights air.

The Dudleyz talk about a song they made on the WWE “Originals” album. I use to own that shit, Kurt’s I don’t suck song ruled. Then earlier tonight; The Dudleyz talk about Mick walking out Bubba says Mick has turned into a coward.

The Dudley Boyz vs. Local Jobbers [Special Referee: Ric Flair]
Flair DQ's Bubba for a closed fist about a minute in :lmaolmao:lmao They attack Flair, but Batista runs out, and kills both of them.

Heart Break Klassic: Shawn/Triple H from SummerSlam ‘02

Backstage: Eric Bischoff is giving the refs a pep talk in which he claimed they should be more like Ric Flair and call the matches fairly. He claimed that the Refs should enforce the rules, and he is the law and order of Raw.

Live from Stamford at the WWE HQ; Coashman is with Vince again, he asks how it went in there. Vince says it went well, he says Austin has done things that no one has ever done for the WWE. But you can’t keep living in the past 8D and its time to move on. He says there’s no place for a beer drinking maniac on the shows. Coach then asked what Vince thought about the petition, Vince says he is WWE and he bleeds WWE. He says he knows what’s best for them.

Backstage: Terri interviews Lita, Trish and Stacy who are all dressed in slutty Mrs’ clause attire FUCK YEAH! She asks some shitty questions….BUT NEVER MIND THAT STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN BACKS UP HIS TRUCK AND ALMOST RUNS THEM OVER :lmao he honks his horn and they all run away; Terri asks him what he’s doing here and he says he lives him Texas. She then asks no what is he doing here? And he says he’s waiting for his phone call.

Back from a commercial; Austin is still in his truck backstage he messing with his car waiting for his phone call.

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Randy Orton vs. Booker T
Sadly, this is way too short, disapprovingly short. Upsettingly short. Booker controls early with no effects of the beating he took from Mark just 30 minutes ago. Orton bumps around great for him, but he hotshots Booker on the top rope and follows with his awesome dropkick for two. Orton heat is like 30 seconds long before Booker heelkicks him, and they battel for a bit with booker coming out the better, he sets up for the Scissors Kick but Kane’s pyro hits and Kane comes out. That distracts Booker long enough for Orton to hit the RKO for the win. After the match; Kane assaults Booker and Chokelams him. **1/4

Heart Break Klassic: Elimination Chamber Match from Survivor Series ‘02

Live from Stamford at the WWE HQ; Linda is with Coachman; she says Vince is passionate but so is she. She says a million people want Austin back and so does she. Coach cuts her off and says does she have a personal vendetta with Eric. She says no this is strictly business. Linda also said that the WWE had always been based on what the fans wanted, and that Bischoff makes decisions based on his ego. Austin's future was now in the hands of the board.

Backstage: Chris Jericho gives Trish a present, she says this will make her forget everything? she yells at him saying he WOULD try to do this to think that would make everything better. She says all she got out of this was a broken heart. He says he made a mistake, and she says the mistake was hers, thinking he could change. She gives back the present, and walks off.

Backstage: Stone Cold gets a phone call, but it’s not “THE” phone call so he hangs up and drinks beer.

Happy Holidays Match: Molly Holly, Victoria & Miss Jackie vs. Stacy Keibler, Lita & Trish Stratus
They do stuff I don’t care Stacy is cumshot worthy. Trish’s cleavage is amazing. Lita needs it to be 2005 already when she really gets hot. The other team is a never was. NEXT!

Backstage: Stone Cold Steve Austin gets “THE” phone call from the board, he says STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN IS BACK ON RAW! But gets upset when he says as CO-GM; Austin says he’s only coming back under his terms and conditions and yells at them. He says if they want him to be Co-GM they can take this job a shove it. Austin then stepped on the gas and speeds away from the arena taking some lighting equipment with him :lmao

World Heavyweight Championship: Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H (w/Ric Flair)
Shawn doesn’t have his San Antonio attire on :( but he does have his badd blood 1997 attire on so I’ll accept it. Shawn outwrestles Trips early on maintaining the headlock trying to wear him out early but Triple H comesback with this amazing back elbow, he tries to send him to the floor but Michaels skins the cat and headscissors Triple H to the floor. Shawn then follows up with his springboard crossbody which he over shoots it little but manages to wiping out both Flair and Triple H. Triple H slowly gets back in, they battle over arm positioning, Michaels again comes out on top; Michaels uses speed, quickness, heat, experience and even hometown love to be 2 steps ahead of Triple H. This is very Flai’rish Triple H tries to slow it down after a big offensive from the hometown challenger, but he can never fully maintain control. Shawn still has shitty chops and punches tho, and gets suckered into running in to Triple H in the corner and Shawn’s gets back dropped over the top rope and to the floor hard. That gives Triple H all he needed to begin working on his back, it’s awesome I give Triple H that the beating and punishment he dishes out to Shawn’s back is the best and Michaels sells it tremendously. Triple H is finally getting his grove back after a horrendous 2003 where he was pretty much mailing it and trying way too hard to be Flair he’s finally figured out or healthy enough to take parts of Flairs game and add it to what he used to be in 2000/2001. He viciously sends Shawn should first into the steel steps and Shawn HOLY SHIT! Sells it like someone shot him in the arm, or he watched Eddie selling of it 3 weeks ago. Triple H continues to wear him down with assistance for Flair. And Shawn forgets the back and arm :( Triple H hits this amazing high knee but lands wrong on the knee and he starts limping around, he still has control but he’s a little slow moving and getting on offense. Shawn sees this and applies the figure four, awesome storytelling. Shawn has him in the middle of the ring but Triple H distracts the ref allowing Flair to rake the eyes :mark: Shawn backdrops out of a pedigree attempt and both men are down. They exchange rights and Shawn “inadvertently” low blows Triple H. They trade punches again, and Shawn ruins it with chops, he follows with the flying forearm and SHAWN STARTS FEELING IT! He connects with the elbow drop off the top and sets up Sweet Chin Music, Flair gets on the apron so Shawn knows him out. Triple H goes to hit Shawn but he ducks and the ref gets nailed. Triple H catches the superkick and DDT’s him. Flair grabs the title and slides it in to he, both are slow to get up and Triple H nails Shawn with the title belt in the head. Earl makes the count but he’s beaten up so it’s slow and Michaels kicks out at two. Triple H goes for the pedigree but Shawn counters and Triple H kicks him back into the ref. Eric Bischoff runs down and acts as the new referee, Triple H exposes the turn buckle but it backfires and Shawn sends him headfirst into it. Eric thinks about it and gets in to count but Triple H kicks out at two. Triple H is now busted open, and Shawn hits a KO punch but again Triple H kicks out at two. Facebust by Triple H get two, Shawn hits him with a big boot and more shitty chops. But Triple H reverses the whip and sends Michaels into the exposed turnbuckle, Shawn does the Flair bumps but lands back on his feet. Triple H comes charging in but Michaels hits the SUPERKICK OUT OF NOWHERE AND FALLS ONTOP FOR THE WIN. HOLY SHIT! The fans are going nuts in San Antonio as HBK celebrated in the ring. But Eric gets on the mic and says your winner and still World Champion….Triple H. Shawn demands to know why, but Eric says Shawn's shoulders were ALSO down, so it's a draw, Eric then shows to footage and his SHOULDERS WERE DOWN! HOLY SHIT! Eric begins to shit talk him, so Flair tries to attack him, but that backfires and Shawn hits Flair with Sweet Chin Music then punches Eric before leaving. ERIC FIRES HIM FOR LAYING HIS HANDS ON HIM!!!!!!!!

Stone Cold Steve Austin music hits. AUSTIN IS HERE! He gets in the ring and says Michaels is rehired and deserves a rematch. He calls himself the new sheriff in town and hits Eric with a stunner to end the show.

Match and angle was fuckin, amazing it’s only took RAW a whole year buy they finally put up a MOTYC. It’s still holds up as an all-time great Raw match, they got 30 minutes and none of it went to waste unless Shawn was throwing shitty chops and punches. So I should take that back 95% didn’t go to waste. Crowd made this great too, this bit on ever Michaels near fall and made the 2.9 counts. Raw might be turning the corner 8D who am I kidding. ****1/4



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This only took me 3 years to complete :lmao, yeah Keith you’re not the only one that quits midway.

Top 90 Matches of the year

Booker T & Goldust vs. 3 Minute Warning - WWE Raw 01/20/2003 ***

Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle & Mr. America vs. The Big Show, Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas - WWE Smackdown 06/26/2003 ***

Ric Flair vs. Triple H - WWE Raw 05/19/2003 ***

Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena – WWE Backlash ***

Tajiri vs. Jamie Noble (w/Nidia) - WWE Smackdown 01/09/2003 ***

Rey Mysterio vs. Matt Hardy - WWE Smackdown 02/13/2003 ***

Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho - WWE Raw 07/21/2003 ***

The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar vs. The Big Show - 08/28/2003 ***

Rey Mysterio vs. A-Train - WWE Smackdown 01/30/2003 ***

The Undertaker vs. A-Train - WWE Smackdown 01/23/2003 ***

Chris Benoit vs. Rhyno - WWE Smackdown 04/10/2003 ***

Christian vs. Booker T - WWE Raw 06/30/2003 ***

Edge vs. Shelton Benjamin - WWE Smackdown 01/23/2003 ***

Team Angle vs. Rey Mysterio & Tajiri - WWE Smackdown 04/10/2003 ***

Christian vs. Goldberg - WWE Raw 05/12/2003 ***

Los Guerrero’s vs. Team Angle - WWE Smackdown 02/06/2003 ***

Kurt Angle vs. Charlie Haas - WWE Smackdown 06/19/2003 ***

Shawn Michaels vs. Mark Henry - WWE RAW 11/03/2003 ***

Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle - WWE Smackdown 01/23/2003 ***

Brock Lesnar vs. A-Train - WWE Smackdown 04/24/2003 ***

Chris Benoit vs. Shelton Benjamin - WWE Smackdown 01/09/2003 ***

Team Angle vs. Chris Benoit & Edge - WWE Smackdown 01/02/2003 ***

Trish Stratus vs. Victoria - WWE Raw 01/27/2003 *** - ***1/4

Triple H vs. Kevin Nash – WWE Badd Blood 2003 *** - ***1/4

John Cena & Chris Benoit vs. The Big Show & Brock Lesnar - WWE Smackdown 11/13/2003 *** - ***1/4

Team Angle vs. Los Guerrero’s - WWE Backlash 2003 *** - ***1/4

The Big Show & World's Greatest Tag Team vs. Kurt Angle, Zach Gowen & Brock Lesnar - WWE Smackdown 07/24/2003 ***1/4

Chris Jericho, Christian & La Resistance vs. The Dudley Boyz, Shane McMahon & Booker T - WWE Raw 10/13/2003 ***1/4

Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy – No Way Out 2003 ***1/4

Goldberg vs. Chris Jericho – WWE Badd Blood 2003 ***1/4

The Undertaker vs. Big Show – No Way Out 2003 ***1/4

Big Show & The World's Greatest Tag Team vs. Brock Lesnar - WWE Smackdown 07/10/2003 ***1/4

Eddie Guerrero & Tajiri vs. The Best Damn Tag Team Period - WWE Smackdown 07/03/2003 ***1/4

John Cena vs. Eddie Guerrero - WWE Smackdown 09/11/2003 ***1/4

Booker T & Goldust vs. William Regal & Lance Storm - WWE Raw 01/05/2003 ***1/4

Chris Benoit vs. John Cena - WWE Smackdown 04/17/2003 ***1/4

Triple H vs. Booker T - WWE RAW 04/21/2003 ***1/4

Kurt Angle vs. The Big Show & World's Greatest Tag Team – WWE Smackdown 07/17/2003 ***1/4

Tajiri vs. Eddie Guerrero - WWE Smackdown 07/31/2003 ***1/4

Chris Benoit vs. Tajiri vs. Rhyno vs. Eddie Guerrero – SummerSlam 2003 ***1/4

John Cena vs. Chris Benoit - WWE Smackdown 12/04/2003 ***1/4

Brock Lesnar vs. Team Angle WWE Smackdown 02/20/2003 ***1/4

Chris Benoit vs. Matt Hardy - WWE Smackdown 05/22/2003 ***1/4

Chris Benoit vs. John Cena - WWE Smackdown 05/15/2003 ***1/4

Rey Mysterio vs. Matt Hardy - WWE Smackdown 06/05/2003 ***1/4

Eddie Guerrero vs. Matt Hardy - WWE Smackdown 10/02/2003 ***1/4

Team Angle vs. Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman - WWE Smackdown 03/13/2003 ***1/4

Chris Benoit vs. A-Train - WWE Smackdown 02/13/2003 ***1/4

Team Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero & Tajiri - WWE Judgement Day 2003 ***1/4 - ***1/2

A-Train vs. Chris Benoit - WWE No Mercy 2003 ***1/2 - ***3/4

Brock Lesnar & Chris Benoit vs. Team Angle – No Way Out 2003 ***1/4 - ***1/2

Tajiri vs. Rey Mysterio - WWE Smackdown 09/25/2003 ***1/4 - ***1/2

Brock Lesnar vs. The Big Show - WWE Judgement Day 2003 ***1/2

John Cena & Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle & The Undertaker - WWE Smackdown 10/02/2003 ***1/2

Elimination Chamber II – SummerSlam 2003 ***1/2

John Cena vs. The Undertaker - WWE Vengeance 2003 ***1/2

Kurt Angle vs. The Big Show - WWE Smackdown 08/21/2003 ***1/2

Eddie Guerrero vs. John Cena - WWE Smackdown 08/28/2003 ***1/2

Chris Benoit vs. Matt Hardy - WWE Smackdown 07/17/2003 ***1/2

Edge & Chris Benoit vs. Team Angle - WWE Smackdown 01/16/2003 ***1/2

Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit - WWE Smackdown 02/06/2003 ***1/2

Booker T vs. Triple H – WrestleMania 19 ***1/2

Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle vs. The Big Show - WWE Vengeance 2003 ***1/2 - ***3/4

Team Bischoff vs. Team Austin - WWE Survivor Series 2003 ***1/2 - ***3/4

Los Guerrero’s vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team - WWE Smackdown 12/11/2003 ***1/2 - ***3/4

Los Guerrero’s vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team - WWE Smackdown 09/18/2003 ***1/2 - ***3/4

Chris Benoit & Edge vs. Team Angle - WWE Smackdown 01/30/2003 ***1/2 - ***3/4

Chris Benoit vs. Charlie Haas - WWE Smackdown 01/23/2003 ***3/4

The Greatest Tag Team vs. Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman - WWE Smackdown 08/14/2003 ***3/4 - ****

Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar - WrestleMania 19 ****

Christian vs. Rob Van Dam - WWE Raw 09/29/2003 ****

Team Angle vs. Rhyno & Chris Benoit - WWE Smackdown 03/06/2003 ****

Rey Mysterio vs. Brock Lesnar - WWE Smackdown 12/11/2003 ****

Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho – WreastleMania 19 ****

The Worlds Greatest Tag Team vs. Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman - WWE Vengeance 2003 ****

Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle – SummerSlam 2003 ****

TOP 10

10. Team Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero & Tajiri - WWE Smackdown 05/22/2003 ****

9. Chris Benoit & Rhyno vs. Los Guerrero’s - WWE Smackdown 03/13/2003 **** - ****1/4

8. Team Angle vs. Tajiri & Eddie Guerrero - WWE Smackdown 05/29/2003**** - ****1/4

7. Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H - WWE RAW 12/29/2003 ****1/4

6. The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin – WrestleMania 19 ****1/4

5. Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero – Vengeance 2003 ****1/4

4. Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle – Royal Rumble 2003 ****1/2

3. The Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle - WWE Smackdown 09/04/2003 ****1/2

2. Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Benoit - WWE Smackdown 12/04/2003 ****1/2

1. WWE Smackdown 09/18/2003 - Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle ****3/4