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WWE NXT WWE NXT Discussion Thread

Kairi HoHo

Absolute CARNAGE
Feb 23, 2015
New Castle, Delaware
Let's see what happened this week on NXT. Io embraced her Hitokiri Character from Lucha Underground, adding a Techno Theme to it and hopefully the nastiness she had with Stardom on her last run there. Io should of turned on Kairi Months ago it would of been more impactful, but if Io is able to do what I saw in Stardom and LU she'll do fine. She said in Character during an Interview that Kairi left and needed Asuka and Shayna has her friends, but she is going to do this alone and succeed alone. Io is pretty crazy as is and her levels went up to 11 now look out NXT Women's Division.

Priest beats down Blanco Loco. Someone told that dude wrong if you want to be the crazy white boy, you should of went with the name of Gringo Loco and I think that is what he was going for. Either way Priest beats him down and doesn't impress me again.

Dain's new Character if all true about his life growing up is crazy to think about. Now I've gone though some shit too, but shit rarely do I say someone takes the Cake with such things, but Dain does just that. I can't wait to see him redebut and how he wrestles vs last time around in a Tag Team.

ACH/BOA. BOA did it seem to be anyone that he really dominated this one, and ACH showed more of his heart and will to win? A fan of Anime like myself, representing the Leaf Village he's the perfect guy to have on 205 Live right now, and that might be his next path after this tourney. ACH looked good getting the win and BOA showed tons of potential as well.

The King of the Saiyans Keith Lee is saying he's going to turn it up in Year 2 in NXT. Holy shit they needs to happen I need this Man challenging for Titles and not playing around in opening or mid point of NXT Shows please.

Crews vs KUSHIDA next week I wanna see if KUSHIDA can bring out the best Match outta Crews and show what WWE saw in him in the first place. Next week Cole will defend his NXT Championship in a random Match and we have no clue who it is, come on WWE.

Street Profit vs Burch/Lorcan. This was a really good match, with The Profits delivering as the champions and Lorcan & Burch continuing to deliver when given the chance to do so. It was a really fun match and seemingly sets up the Profits vs. Undisputed Era, likely for Takeover in August.


Super Moderator
Dec 23, 2011
Just West of Parts Unkown
WWE NXT preview, July 17, 2019: Adam Cole to make first NXT Title defense
Fresh off his Bay Bay Championship Tour, Adam Cole is prepared to put his NXT Championship on the line for the first time on NXT. Plus, SmackDown LIVE’s Apollo Crews returns to the black-and-gold brand to challenge Kushida, the NXT Universe gets its first look at Bronson Reed and Dexter Lumis in the Breakout Tournament, and more!

NXT Champion Adam Cole gets to work
Now that he’s done flaunting his NXT Title and pouring salt in the wounds of Johnny Gargano on the transatlantic Bay Bay Championship Celebration Tour, Adam Cole is ready to get back to business with his first title defense on NXT TV.

The Undisputed ERA leader’s opponent is not yet known, but whoever receives the golden opportunity had better bring his A-game. Say what you want about The Panama City Playboy — his tactics are often underhanded, and his ego can’t be stroked enough — but given his willingness to put the title on the line mere days after defending it against Akira Tozawa at EVOLVE’s 10-year anniversary event, you can’t call him anything less than a fighting champion.

The elephant in the room, of course, will be Gargano. If Gargano’s involvement in Cole vs. Tozawa was any indication, it’s safe to assume that Johnny Wrestling will be keeping a close eye on the festivities inside Full Sail Live.

Apollo landing: Crews next to take on the Kushida challenge
Across all WWE brands, Kushida is the talk of the locker room. The Japanese icon, who remains undefeated in NXT competition, is in high demand, with Superstars coming from all directions to test themselves against the upstanding world-beater.

Although Kushida has vanquished every opponent so far, that could all change this week when he battles SmackDown LIVE’s Apollo Crews. The boulder-shouldered Superstar from Stone Mountain, Ga., is a show-stealer of the highest order, not to mention a beloved NXT alumnus. In his black-and-gold brand homecoming, 50 years and one day removed from the launch of the Apollo 11 spaceflight, can this Apollo enter the NXT stratosphere by dealing Kushida his very first L?

First-round finale: Bronson Reed collides with Dexter Lumis
The last match of the NXT Breakout Tournament First Round goes down this week, with South Australian bruiser Bronson Reed facing enigmatic powerhouse Dexter Lumis.

So far, the Breakout Tournament has featured no shortage of technical wizardry or high-flying risk-taking, but the complexion will likely be much different this time around, considering the immense statures and fistic styling of the two Superstars waiting to make their NXT debuts.

See who punches a ticket to a semifinal showdown with Cameron Grimes when Reed and Lumis throw down Wednesday at 8/7 C.

Original Bro squares off with Arturo Ruas
The fighting machine known as Matt Riddle has had a sensational summer, claiming singles wins over the likes of Roderick Strong, a pre-NXT Champion Adam Cole and, more recently, Drew Gulak. The self-described “stallion” looks to keep that momentum going this week when he faces Brazilian Superstar Arturo Ruas.

The Original Bro has redoubled his efforts to perfect every aspect of his game — from throws and takedowns to strikes and submissions — but if there’s ever an NXT Superstar who can hold a candle to Riddle’s combat-sports bona fides, it’s Ruas. The highly decorated grappler has spent years mastering a variety of fighting disciplines, and he’s coming off a big win against Anthony Henry at EVOLVE’s 10th Anniversary Special. Now that Ruas has tasted his first victory on WWE Network, will he be able to solve the riddle of The Original Bro?

What’s next for The Sultans of Swag?
You don’t need a smoke detector to know that Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly have NXT Tag Team Champions The Street Profits in their crosshairs. The Undisputed ERA members made their presence felt last week after Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford’s hard-hitting title defense against Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan, emerging onto the entrance stage to make their championship ambitions crystal clear.

Between being the defending champions in NXT and the newest tag team on Raw, The Curse of Greatness and King Tez certainly have their plates full, but they’ve never been known to back down from a challenge. How will The Sultans of Swag respond to the latest salvo from Fish & O’Reilly?