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WWE NXT WWE NXT Discussion Thread

Kairi HoHo

Absolute CARNAGE
Feb 23, 2015
New Castle, Delaware
Boy oh boy I've been wanting to discuss this NXT Show this Week especially when I saw pics and results from the next few weeks of TV involving the product and I have loads to say, but let's build to that shall we.

NXT Breakout Tournament Match: Angel Garza vs. Joaquin Wilde. I can't tell you how much I love seeing talents like DJ Z and Garza in the WWE right now getting this opportunity. Both guys in this one looked great, and Garza did I wanted to see from him. Take off the Pants, make Beth lose it, and show all the Skills he was blessed with. He did all the above and now the sky is the limit for Garza. Even in a losing effort as well DJ Z proved some things out there, and I wouldn't mind seeing him show up on 205 Live at some point.

Street Profits vs Forgotten Sons. I can deal with Forgotten Sons for so long and thank goodness the Match was short and sweet. Interesting they had Lorcan and Burch make the save, because I'm not sure people are going to get behind legit Lorcan and Burch facing Street Profits and actually think they have a shot vs them. Still could be a interesting feud, but not one where I'm going to be amazed by it at least that is my thoughts right now and that could change.

Keith Lee nearly kills Nykos Rikos during their Match. Nykos Rikos should be spanked after what that guy was wearing inside the Ring.

Shayna Baszler vs Io Shirai. Okay let me talk about the Cage Match which itself was a good one. Shayna was in her element being in the Cage she has never felt so confident I saw during this Match. It was no shock to see her mug Io for a good period of this Match, between her tossing her into the Cage itself, or ramming her head into the chest and stomach mauling Io like if she was in a MMA bout. Also some of the negatives all have to deal with the interference once again that starts with Shayna's Goons. What separates I feel the Heel from the posers is them being able their own business. Even if they cheat they do it on their own and win or lose on their own. Shayna friends getting involved again when Shayna looks to be about to lose her NXT Women's Title doesn't help Shayna being a believable badass Champion it does the opposite I feel. Now to the important part of this Match and it's the turn of Io Shirai. Now like I said earlier I knew the Heel Turn was coming and knowing the path Io is going to take I wanna see how it comes off to fans and on TV. In alot of ways I'm like FUCK YEAH..with what were going to see now. You're going to see her attitude that she displayed in Queen's Quest especially in that last run and her appearance in Lucha Underground. It's a big risk to have her turn Heel, but a biggggg reward if it all goes well for her. I say risk because Io was really coming into her own as a Character, and I feel been deserving of winning the NXT Women's Title, but you pulled the Rug from under us with that one. Now that Io turned Heel now that is going bring up Candice into the Division making it deeper. Now I like Candice, but I feel the Train has passed her by and I don't know if she'll have what it takes to aid Io in this feud going forward. I just wished this turn would of came on Kairi who is Io's real best friend, not Candice who has been rolling with her only a few weeks. It would of made the impact of it even stronger, but we got what we got and now we see what happens going forward. It does though open up the Doors for Mia to win the Title and boy she better win the Title or I'll calling Code Blue on the Division.
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Dec 23, 2011
Just West of Parts Unkown
WWE NXT preview, July 3, 2019: The battle between The Gorgeous and The Strong
Tyler Breeze steps up against The Undisputed ERA’s Roderick Strong for the first time on NXT TV. Plus, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott and Cameron Grimes make their debut in the NXT Breakout Tournament, while Mia Yim looks to implement some retribution against Aliyah.

Prince Pretty meets Undisputed ERA’s Strongman
After being on the receiving end of an upset victory by The Undisputed ERA, Tyler Breeze takes on Roderick Strong in what’s sure to be exciting one-on-one action. Ever since his gorgeous return to the black-and-gold brand, Prince Pretty has been busy flexing his “NXT OG” card against the current crop of NXT Superstars, taking care of unfinished business. He will face quite the challenge against The Messiah of the Backbreaker, who, too, has been running with a competitive fire as of late — serving Breeze and his Six-Man Tag Team partners Velveteen Dream & Matt Riddle a loss to continue Undisputed ERA’s reign of terror. Will Prince Pretty become another victim of Strong’s back-crumbling showmanship? Or will Strong become another name added to Breeze’s catalog of NXT milestones moments?

The NXT Breakout Tournament rolls on
In the words of NXT announcer Mauro Ranallo, last week’s First Round battle between Joaquin Wilde and Angel Garza in the NXT Breakout Tournament was nothing short of “Mamma Mia!” material. Picking up from that exciting contest will be the dazzling talents of Isaiah “Swerve” Scott and Cameron Grimes.

In one corner will be the light-footed Scott, who’s just as dangerous when he takes off in the air as he is during a limb-twisting submission on the mat. Across from him will be the grappling powerhouse Cameron Grimes, who packs more kicks than a soccer player.

Who will make it out to the Second Round?

Can it all be so simple?
Sparks (and fists) will fly when Mia Yim shares the ring with Aliyah. For the last couple of weeks, the boujee queen and her pal Vanessa Borne have been throwing shade on The Head Baddie in Charge’s name, mocking her “lower” upbringing in comparison to their own “higher” lifestyle. That said, if it’s a fight they want, Yim is sure to bring the ruckus. Coming off two statement-making victories over Bianca Belair, momentum is already in The HBIC’s chamber, after all. As they prepare to set it off this week, can Aliyah back up her crude comments with a victory? Or will Yim make her petulant rival eat those words over a hot plate of Seoul Food?

Back to the future
Like the gust of the plutonium-powered DeLorean, Kushida prepares to punch his growing momentum into overdrive as he heads for battle inside Full Sail Live. With victories over Kassius Ohno, Kona Reeves and Drew Gulak, can the Japanese sensation carry on his impressive stretch on the black-and-gold brand?

The EST of NXT returns
Minor setback for a major comeback. That’s all the fuel Bianca Belair will carry to the ring this week, as she gears up for singles competition. After taking a tough loss to Mia Yim, The EST of NXT prepares to bounce back strongly — ultimately, spelling doom for whoever steps up against her. Find out how Belair claps back against the competition when WWE NXT streams live tonight at 8/7 C on the award-winning WWE Network.