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Keith's Randomish WWF/E and WCW TV Show reviews


Dreams are Endless
Dec 23, 2011
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Aug 6, 2010
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I said 55. :carlinrage

WCW Monday Nitro 13 November 1995

City: Jacksonville, Florida

Announcers: Eric Bischoff, Steve "Mongo" McMichael and Bobby "the Brain" Heenan

Hogan still struggling in the darkside complete with cape, phantom of the opera style mask and a dodgy b-movie set talks a lot of gibblish:lmao He's even got a sword!:p Hogan on the darkside sounds weirdly like Hogan on the lightside. He says he doesn't know if Sting is on the dark or lightside of Hulkamania. Meng is first on his hit list. Hulk says Macho will bring Meng's head to him on a silver platter:lmao

Meng (W/Jimmy Hart and The Taskmaster) VS. Macho Man
Pretty typical match for the era. Macho gets a fast start, but the numbers game comes into play. He sells nicely for Meng, before over coming the numbers and hitting the top rope elbow for the win. The heels including Lex Luger attack Macho afterwards. **

Kensuki Sasaki VS. Chris Benoit
Nothing like the match they could have given time and would have at the next PPV. Some stiff blows and surplexes. Benoit hits a couple of german surplexes and a Dragon into a bridge for the pin. **

TV Title Match: Johnny B. Badd (c) VS. Eddie Guerrero
A solid back and forth wrestling match. The story of the match is that two faces are respective for most of the match, but when Badd digs into his boxing background Guerrero responds and we a brawl. The Champ's tilt to whirl backbreaker gets the first near fall. Eddie hits a headscissors, but Badd gets another two from a guillotine leg drop. The challenger gets two from a springboard arm drag. A superplex is countered, and Badd sits down on a Eddie sunset for a two, but Guerrero rolls through for a close fall of his own. Badd ducks sending Eddie to the floor and follows up with a nice summersalt splash. Later Eddie's tombstone is reversed but the rookie survives what seems a certain pin. Guerrero's tornado DDT gets a two count, but the ten minute time limit runs out. The pair shake hands. **1/2

Mean Gene interviews Taskmaster, Hart and The Giant. Sullivan claims the World War III PPV is the biggest in history :lmao
He's confident the Giant will win the 60 man battle royal and keep the belt.

Dean Malenko VS. Sting
Solid, power man vs. smaller, technical guy match. Malenko's focus on Sting's knee is solid, he hits and runs. Sting catching Dean in mid-air and press slamming him looks good. Malenko escapes the Scorpion deathlock at one point. Sting dodges drop kick, but misses a Stinger splash. The iceman hits a nice missile drop kick, but when he goes for his own version of the Scorpion Sting grabs a small package for the win. **1/2

Sting accepts a challenge from Hogan for the main event next week.

@HoHo Your turn.

Grimhail Gorbachev

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Mar 7, 2019
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Man, I remember watching that show last year. Badd vs. Guerrero was better than it had any right to be and Meng vs. Macho was a HOSS battle. :owens3

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