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Hi, I'm Adam formerly from WhatCulture and I'm a shitty boyfriend

HEEL Blazy

Well-Known Member
Oct 1, 2011
Macon, Ga
TBH I think it looks worse when you fire someone and then bring them back. Because you acknowledged there was a reason to fire someone, but you're now OK with it. Should have said he's suspended until further notice. Suspension means there's a possibility he'll be back.
Yeah that honestly would have been better of away to handle it. Like suspended him while he does what he's doing since he's taking a break anyway.(maybe that's why they didn't suspended him since people could say "wasn't he taking a break anyway? Doesn't make it any less dumb) and then when he's finished up doing whatever he's off doing to I guess better himself or get the help he was talking about bring him back.