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Grim Plays SmackDown! Shut Your Mouth


Super Moderator
Dec 23, 2011
Just West of Parts Unkown
I was pissed I couldn't interfere in both. In hindsight, I would have helped Taker.
I remembered you could only interfere in one and knew you fucked up when I was watching lmao but it's really weird that one raw you weren't booked that you couldn't interfere in that goldust match but you could have in the other two that you didn't plan to


A Very Barry Mod
Mar 7, 2019
Sleepy Eye

(Might be loud, might not be, sorry if I get annoying quickly lmao)

Anderson suffers his first two losses in brutal fashion to Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy... Van Dam took Taker out for most of the month as Hardy and RVD continued to make "Iron Bull"'s life miserable. However, Anderson struck back, costing RVD a much needed victory against Christian, and even won a One-on-two handicap match between RVD and Hardy... The Undertaker finally made his triumphant return and he and Anderson face off against RVD and Jeff Hardy at Vengeance... but it does look like it's double pay for the Hardcore champion. However, a bigger story lurks around the corner...
Interesting Character Notes:

We continue the RVD and Jeff Hardy feud in this episode and soon begin a new one... with Vince McMahon. McMahon wanted us to turn our backs on the man that gave us a chance, Ric Flair... However, in keeping with the Anderson name, he is a Flair loyalist till death.

Allies: Test is still our boy, but now we're a tag team with The Undertaker... Deadman Inc. is totally a thing.

Championship Contention: Scott Anderson retains the Hardcore Championship at Vengeance handily. Who knows how long this reign will last... It's currently on pace to become one of the longer reigns in history.