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AEW Fyter Fest Discussion Thread

Chris JeriClaus

Mr Blazin Elite
Sep 6, 2007
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Crawford County, GA
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I can't wait until the next show, gonna be on my birthday so that will be pretty awesome. I should sleep soon, I gotta fix my damn sleep sometime lol. Got shit to do tomorrow.

Noah's Smark

Shiniest Wizard!
Jun 28, 2010
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Mox is a BDSM sub and dom confirmed.

Merry Blissmas

aka Jimmy King
Dec 12, 2010
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San Diego, CA
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Fun show.

Cody and Darby was my favorite of the night, but I really liked the women’s triple threat match, fatal four way, and Janela vs Mox too.

HoHo Miser

When I shine!
Darkness fades…
Feb 23, 2015
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New Castle, Delaware
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Another banger of a Show for AEW during Fyter Fest and I enjoyed pretty much everything during the Show. CIMA vs Daniels was a good opener between two Veterans who have been through every bump on the road and as Daniels looked solid, CIMA keeps his momentum heading into his Match with Omega in a few weeks.

Nyla Rose vs. Riho vs. Yuka Sakazaki. I really enjoyed this one, even thought it went a little too long I feel. Rose people don't know can do the Lucha Style with ease. I once saw the lady do a running Springboard Senton to a Ramp and get up like it was nothing. I liked how they played up Rose because of her advantages her not taking the Match seriously at times and it costed her. Yuka and Riho even with their trash new themes did really well as well, and it's not like they haven't been in the Ring with a bigger talent so when I saw the Card I knew this Match was in good hands. Riho gets the win and tells Yuka it's everyone from themselves I like it. When they eventually debut a Women's Title, put all three of these ladies in the discussion for sure.

MJF's Promo before the Match=amazing. Hangman Page vs. MJF vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Jungle Boy. This was a very good and fun match, with Page maintaining momentum and MJF & Jungle Boy getting to shine. I also love the Jungle Boy/Luchasaurus pairing.

Cody vs. Darby Allin. Darby came out looking like a Star in this one. I hope people don't forget his performance in this one vs Spears stupid Point Blank Range Chair Shot that was entertaining, but unwarranted I feel. Darby has no quit in him at all, even when this guy should of been crippled for life especially that bump on the Apron he kept getting up! JR was really great here, putting over Allin on almost a Foley like level like he used to do on Raw. I am all about AEW Cody, working composed matches with great stories and leaving the circus at home. This was really great, with Cody calling a great match, the timing coming off well, and a finish that protects Allin makes him look like a player and keeps Cody undefeated heading into the next show and sets up an angle with Spears. I also loved them establishing draws as a viable finish early on, and this was the perfect time to use it. The only fear is that the Spears angle will be remembered more than Allin’s performance. I hope that isn't the Case, because I see greatness in Allin.

The Elite vs The Lucha Bros/Laredo Kid. Street Fighter Tribute=Awesome. Hadouken tribute=FUCK YEAH! Truly a high octane Six Man Tag Team Match to watch. his was great and exactly the match I expected and wanted from these six. Everyone looked great, the crowd loved it and Laredo Kid got to shine in front of a big audience. It was also completely different from everything else on the show, so even tough it wasn’t anything revolutionary, it sticks out and did it’s job.

Jon Moxley vs. Joey Janela. Remember when Bane told Batman that you embraced the darkness and I was born in it? Yeah I feel that same way with this one. Janela is great and all in this Style of Match, but Moxley was born in this chaos and would love nothing more than sleep it in even knowing now the effect of it long term vs him not giving a fuck about his body years ago. So many sick spots between the Thumbtacks spots the violence was perfect during this whole Match. Moxley even spitting out a Thumbtack put the Cherry on top with this Match and what does this mean for Omega vs Moxley? Can they top this if not with some kind of extreme stip? Should be interesting to see how Jon gets back at Omega after the beatdown he took and enjoyed.

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