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Kross Rhodes
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  • LOL Yes, I Use That User Name For Everything :D
    I checked out the skins I love them I am using the leyton wedding one right now i love the coloring and pics.

    you did a great job it is fun and has a laid back feel. I like that.
    Oh okay I get it now thanks so much.
    I really love this forum it is different from other ones I have seen.
    Hello :)
    Thank you for the warm welcome.
    I am still learning lol how do you make threads I mean like which area?
    Aaaww you're welcome!!! And thank you for being so welcoming!!! I'm glad you made this forum, and I'm really happy to meet you!!! :D
    Sounds good :D I have trouble fading colors but I'll ask Katie to help me out :p
    Well if you give me the specifications and stuff, I'd be glad to :D
    yay I'm glad you approve! :D thanks!
    Lmao me too! hopefully tomorrow though at least abbey will join in. But it's fun having an actual discussion here.
    Lol I think she was quoting willow
    She's one of my subscribers on yt she's cool :)
    Hope so.:D the more we get the word out on a new board, the more people will join, I hope.
    Pimpin' out the boards using twitter.:p
    you're welcome! :D It's probably the only show i know the most out of anyone about lol so yeah. I wanted to help some how
    bahahaha nice! i'm such a blonde ;) It's rubbing off from KT!
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