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Kross Rhodes
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  • hahaha Yes I have seen those. A friend of mine who never watched Degrassi but loved to make fun of me for it showed them to me. They cracked me up!
    hahahaha has anyone mentioned Nina Dobrev's character on The Vampire Diaries?
    haha that's still funny. 'Cause he IS just one of the boys. He's Jimmy! haha
    hahaha no. I haven't seen any of the newer Degrassi things. that makes me want to check it out! Is it super funny?
    LOL Yes, I Use That User Name For Everything :D
    I checked out the skins I love them I am using the leyton wedding one right now i love the coloring and pics.

    you did a great job it is fun and has a laid back feel. I like that.
    Oh okay I get it now thanks so much.
    I really love this forum it is different from other ones I have seen.
    Hello :)
    Thank you for the warm welcome.
    I am still learning lol how do you make threads I mean like which area?
    Aaaww you're welcome!!! And thank you for being so welcoming!!! I'm glad you made this forum, and I'm really happy to meet you!!! :D
    Sounds good :D I have trouble fading colors but I'll ask Katie to help me out :p
    Well if you give me the specifications and stuff, I'd be glad to :D
    yay I'm glad you approve! :D thanks!
    Lmao me too! hopefully tomorrow though at least abbey will join in. But it's fun having an actual discussion here.
    Lol I think she was quoting willow
    She's one of my subscribers on yt she's cool :)
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