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  • AJ and Flair too cocky that is the point.... uh oh too much work to be done here.
    Send me the promo please wanna see how it is. Also you did not get far into it at all.
    I hope EOR told you the clause that comes along with you coming back. If you slip up one time, whether it be a no show, or you cause any issues and you're gone for good.
    Alright then. It will be nice to see someone new around here. Freak is about to join for what, four months now? Yea, like that and I'm really getting tired of explaining stuff to him. Also, I was right. There is going to be so many Czech people on this forum that you can make a Czech World Order :RUSSO:
    Greiger? I'm not really happy about that. I don't know him but I remember he got angry at me and he for sure thinks that I'm an asshole 'cause I insulted Daven because of his GFX. That fucker thought he is a GFX god and he couldn't even do an out-cut of a body.
    Also can we get Pavel on ACW? He joined UWF so he's obviously not averse to fedding.
    You go and make one big fuck off apology in public and I will TRY (Try being the important word there). Me & SBS will be willing to take you on Smackdown, but you gotta make a proper apology. I'll see what I can do.
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If you don't like me, remember its mind over matter. I don't mind and you don't matter. :)
-_- Stop deleting my damn profile post!

U-Haul sucks ass. Geez.
HoHo wrote on OMB's profile.
Happy Birthday OMB!

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