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Recent content by Derrick

  1. Derrick

    Tyler Angel's Definition of Goals and Ambition

    The following is a video published on the World Wrestling Syndicate website and it's featuring one of the most mysterious superstars this federation has to offer, Tyler Angel. Tyler Angel is standing in front of a wall with a huge logo on it. He's wearing a black t-shirt and leather black...
  2. Derrick

    The Dawn of a New Light [Angel v. Tobias]

    On April 13th, the official WWS webpage has published a video called "The Dawn of a New Light", and it's said to be a message from the newest and also the most mysterious wrestler so far on the WWS roster. Upon clicking, the camera fills the screen with blackness and after a few seconds, the...
  3. Derrick

    The Official Octane Wrestling Theme Song

    Forgot to reply to you in my last post, yeah, they pretty much suck dick, in my eyes. With or without the incident. Haha. And as far as themes go, this is my suggestion: And Rise Against are awesome! Seen them live in 2012, broke two fingers in the moshpit, it was awesome.
  4. Derrick

    The Official Octane Wrestling Theme Song

    Lol I think I actually told you once! Yeah, it is, half of my family is American, half is Serbian, and my name is Derrick, so I consider myself both Serbian and American, even though I live in Serbia. You bet I'll roleplay, I have a few surprises up my sleeve.
  5. Derrick

    The Official Octane Wrestling Theme Song

    I used to live in Prague back then and it's commonly called the Prague Metro over there. I live in Belgrade, Serbia right now. And I'm Serbian American before you even ask bro, haha.
  6. Derrick

    The Official Octane Wrestling Theme Song

    She lived near the concert venue whereas I was 45 minutes away, had to take the last metro, it was around 1am and if I let it go away I wouldn't have a way to get home and I was empty-pocketed, so a cab was not an option.. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I was also naive as fuuuuuug.
  7. Derrick

    The Official Octane Wrestling Theme Song

    BTW, the story's more detailed, if you guys want I can be more thorough about what happened, haha.
  8. Derrick

    The Official Octane Wrestling Theme Song

    ....aaaaaaaaaaaaand also, he said that he stopped screaming and growling because his "evolving" fanbase (read: freshly wet 14 y.o. girls) dislikes the style. Heard that in an interview ages ago and then he proceeded lying that it's because he "damaged" his vocal chords, which I call bullshit as...
  9. Derrick

    The Official Octane Wrestling Theme Song

    He fucked my "almost" ex a few years ago, lol. He invited us backstage and fucked her when I left and quite intoxicated, called me from her phone to inform me about that when I was already home and asleep. I broke up with her, because she confessed the day after. And they tried to charge us 20€...
  10. Derrick

    The Official Octane Wrestling Theme Song

    Don't use BMTH, please. I have personal beef with Oli Sykes. Literally.
  11. Derrick

    The Official Octane Wrestling Theme Song

    The video is unavailable for me. Got a mirror?
  12. Derrick

    Sign Up Thread

    Taking CM Punk. Let's get this party started.
  13. Derrick

    WrestleMania 32 General Discussion Thread/Viewing Party

    The Wyatt vs Ambrose matches were just stupid imo. Pointless tryhard pseudo-hardcore quazi massacres with Bray trying to look like the spookiest man to ever be a part of a WWE event, whereas Ambrose was just trying to act as a generic oldschool ECW wrestler, although I must admit that I like...
  14. Derrick

    I'm still alive, in case you didn't know.

    I'm still alive, in case you didn't know.

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