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WWF 1998 Review

Discussion in 'The Fab Section' started by MR. SMALL PACKAGE, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWF Champion: Vacant
    WWF Intercontinental Champion: Vacant
    WWF Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
    WWF European Champion: D'Lo Brown
    WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: TAKA Michinoku
    WWF Woman's Champion: Jacqueline

    WWF RAW is WAR
    October 12th, 1998
    Nassau Coliseum: Long Island, New York

    Earlier Today; Vince McMahon drove himself to RAW, and is driving this all-white Corvette. JR says he's invited Austin tonight to Raw, the stooges show up with his wheelchair and place him in it. Vince yells at them to make sure the garage door stays open for Austin.

    WWF Tag Team Championships: The New Age Outlaws vs. Animal & Droz (w/Hawk)
    So Billy is back and I guess everything is cool now, but fuck all that. HAWK IS BAK! but he's sober :( Droz is in full LOD gear with facepaint. Hawk joins commentary and claims he's sober now, JR asks what happen and says he's had some injuries and family problems and took it too far, he says Animal has asked him to be an alt until he can get fully back to where he used to be. King keeps stirring it by saying Hawk has been replaced. This goes about 2 minutes until DOA attack Hawk on commentary, LOD comes out and make the save all 6 begin to brawl. Suddenly, The Headbangers run down and smash a boombox over Dogg's face. As Billy is watching what's happening on the floor. Dogg gets up and is all bloodied up.

    FUCK! JR announces LOD vs. DOA/Ellering and Headbangers vs. Outlaws for the titles @ Judgment Day.

    In the parking lot, KANE arrives in his 90's Nike tracksuit.

    Steve Blackman comes out and JR says Vince has forced him back to action, even though he's just coming off knee surgery.

    WWF Intercontinental Title Tournament First Round Match: Steve Blackman vs. Ken Shamrock
    This is a ton of fun for the 2 and a half minutes it got, they have no problems just punching one another in their faces. Shamrock targets the knee for the majority and Blackman goes a fantastic job selling and limping around. He makes a brief comeback but makes the mistake taunting Ken, so Shamrock locks in the ankle lock and Blackman taps.

    After the match; THE BLUE BLAZER RUNS OUT AND ATTACKS BOTH MEN! FUCK! He runs once he notices Shamrock recovering. Ken then locks in the ankle lock on Blackman out of RAGE!

    In the parking lot, Casual Taker arrives.

    In the back, Terri is kissing on Val's neck.

    Video package airs on Goldust's matches with Razor and Piper from 1996.

    WWF Intercontinental Title Tournament First Round Match: Val Venis (w/Terri Runnels) vs. Marc Mero (w/Jacqueline)
    This goes about 2 minutes or so, I think that's Russo's new thing is just having all the matches go 2 minutes then allow the main eventers to go over 10. They go back and forth doing stuff until Jacque gets on the apron to distract the ref and Mero for some reason. Which allows Terri to get on the apron to further distract mero, that allows Val to hit the fisherman suplex for the win.

    After the match; Jacque attacks Teri for her involvement, they roll around and shit until refs break it up.


    Backstage: Michael Cole goes to interview Sable, but Sable runs off and when she sees Jacque. She drags her by her hair into part of the arena but Mero, refs and agents pull them apart.

    Earlier Today: Michael Cole interviews Mankind from the boiler room, Mankind says Ken Shamrock doesn't swing a chair hard enough for him to hurt him, as a matter of a fact. Ken was the weakest chair shot he's ever got hit in the head with. And if he doesn't like it, well he's got one word for him.................SOCKO! Have a nice day.

    WWF Intercontinental Title Tournament First Round Match: Mankind vs. Mark Henry
    JR announces Mankind/Shamrock for Judgment Day, and Rock/Henry at Judgment Day too (WHICH IS SO FUCKING RANDOM). Chyna comes out and watches on from the floor, this is a Mankind special he does very little on offense, and bumps around making Henry look way better then he really is. Mark targets the ankle and works on it for a bit. He goes for the big splash off the top, but Mankind avoids and tries to make a comeback but he can't run or walk CAUSE HE KNOWS HOW TO FUCKING SELL! So, he hits a flash double armed DDT and takes off his sneakers to reveal MR. SOCKO! He applies the Mr Socko mandible claw and chokes Mark out. **

    Chyna gets into the ring and has words with Mark, but he just leaves saying it's out of his hands.

    In the parking lot, Stone Cold Steve Austin arrives in a cement truck. Cole goes over to ask him what the hell he's doing and Austin says he had an open invitation, he says to go get that 1 legged bastard cause he might wanna see what he's about to do. Vince is shown pissed and the Stooges say they will check it out.

    WWF Intercontinental Title Tournament First Round Match: Jeff Jarrett vs. X-Pac
    FUCK YEAH! Renewal of this feud, winner of this faces Mankind. Jeff attacks Pac as he makes his way into the ring, as he's still not gotten over Pac cutting his hair. This is the usual funess Pac takes some awesome bumps, and shows tons of heart. Jeff is also super aggressive. Sadly, this is only 3 minutes and ends just as things start getting good. The ref gets bumped and Jeff gets the boot up on the Bronco buster, he goes under the ring to get a guitar case. But when he opens it HEAD is inside. That distraction allows Pac to roll him up for the win. **1/2

    Al Snow comes out to get head and taunts Jeff.

    Stone Cold Steve Austin comes down to the ring, He says first off, he'd like to thank Mr. McMahon for the invitation here tonight. There must have been some mistake in the address that went to Austin 3:16 Construction Company. When he screwed Stone Cold, he submitted his own damn fate. He can rest assured that as long as Stone Cold's in the WWF with him, he will make his life a living Hell and that's all he's got to say about that. As far as this Sunday goes, he'll be glad to put the shirt on because he thinks he'd make a damn good referee for this match. After those two big bastards beat the living hell out of each other, you can bet your ass that the only hand Stone Cold's gonna hold up is his own. And there ain't a damn thing Vince can do about it. Vince comes out in his little wheelchair. BUT VINCE HAS ATTACK POLICE DOGS AND A BIG MAN IN A SKi MASK NEXT TO HIM! Austin stays back at that and gives him the finger instead. Vince asks what gives him the right to destroy other people's property. That car was part of a collection and he ruined it. He says he's going to wrestle in that ring tonight and books Austin and Rock vs. Undertaker and Kane. He tells Austin to have eyes in the back of his head tonight. He admits his life HAS been a living hell the last 2 weeks. He drove that Zamboni in the ring to get him, then because of him, The Undertaker and Kane crushed his ankle. He may never play another polo match again, and he holds him responsible. Then, in the hospital...his head is still ringing. THEN HE VIOLATED HIM. He's going humiliate him NOW, because if he doesn't raise the hand of the new WWF Champion and humble himself, then he promises him, HE'LL FIRE HIS ASS ON THE SPOT. Austin says he ain't got the balls to fire Stone Cold, and Vince says he has balls the size of grapefruits and this Sunday, and he'll be picking seeds out of his teeth. They can do this the easy way or the hard way. I PROMISE YOU! I GUARANTEES YOU! I WILL FIRE YOUR ASS!

    WWF Intercontinental Title Tournament Semi-Final Match: Val Venis (w/Terri Runnels) vs. Ken Shamrock
    FUCK YEAH! PISSED OFF NEW ATTITUDE SHAMROCK ATTACKS VAL during his entrance, he beats on him on the floor before rolling him in to start the match. This is a ton of fun, Ken keeps his vicious steak alive and works the lower back, Val's selling during the work is great, screaming in pain and taking some really nice back bumps. JR announces Goldust/Val for Judgment Day. Sadly, Val stops all his good selling during his comeback, Ken whether that storm and chops the knee out from under him. He locks in the ankle lock and Val taps out quickly. **1/4

    Goldust comes down to the ring, Terri gets out of there as Val backs off. He attacks Val in the corner and hits Shattered Dreams.

    In the parking lot, Vince and his associates are looking at Vince's wrecked Corvette. Brisco says maybe he can get a shovel and scrap it off :lmao Mankind comes over, he says he can still sell it. Mankind begins digging through the cement to get Vince his keys back.

    Backstage: Michael Cole interviews The Rock, Rock says he fears no man, he's beaten The Undertaker and Kane, thus making him the #1 Contender. The only thing The Rock has a problem with is being Stone Cold Steve Austin's tag team partner. The Rock would just as soon slap the taste out of his mouth as slap his hand if you smell what The Rock is cooking. D'Lo and Mark Henry come over and D'Lo asks what this is and if he's too good for them. Rock says not to address him in public and says to know their roles and take their candy asses outside and they'll talk about it right now.

    WWF Intercontinental Title Tournament Semi-Final Match: Mankind vs. X-Pac
    FUCK YEAH! 98 DREAM MATCH! This only goes 3 minutes, but it fucking rules with both men's willingness to bump their asses off and take a bunch of awesome thuds. They take turns on offense, and have a nice back and forth. Mankind hits a neckbreaker on the floor and Ken Shamrock comes out. Mankind rolls Pac back in, but as Mankind goes back in Shamrock nails Mankind in the ankle with the chair. That allows Pac to roll him up for the win. **1/4

    After the match; Ken beats up both Mankind and Pac, Mankind goes to leave as Shamrock locks in a triangle choke. Mankind gets a chair, but the stooges come out. Patterson says Mr. McMahon wants him in the back because he's hurt, so Mankind leaves. They help him to the back as referees try and get Shamrock off, as we go to break.

    Back from break, Triple H comes out in his crutches to check on Pac who is grabbing at his neck. The refs all keep Shamrock back, and PAC YELLS RING THE BELL!

    WWF Intercontinental Title Tournament Final Match: X-Pac (w/Triple H) vs. Ken Shamrock
    I LOVE THIS VERSION OF KEN, he's super aggressive, stiff and now doesn't seem to have a problem filling up these 2-4 minute matches. He works Pac's neck and throat with some nasty/mean strikes, just taking pleasure in torturing Pac. Pac is Pac, so he bumps his ass off, and does a phenomenal job selling his neck, he doesn't normally sell this well but he's going above and beyond at making Ken look like a killa. Huner goes on commentary and says he found out he was stripped of the title by watching RAW. Pac hits a desperation spin kick, and tries to mount a comeback. But he throws 1 kick too many and Ken grabs the ankle and locks in the ankle lock. Pac makes it to the ropes, but Ken pulls him back to the middle, Pac gets close to the ropes again. BUT KEN PULLS HIM BACK AGAIN AND PAC TAPS! **3/4

    This tournament fucking ruled I didn't even mind the short matches cause for the most part they all delivered.

    The Undertaker & Kane vs. The Rock & Stone Cold Steve Austin
    All 4 brawl to start, Taker keeps sitting up after stuff like it's 1991 again. Paul Bearer comes out and watches on from the floor, Taker has a brief control over Austin, but he's so distracted by Bearer's presence that it allows Austin to make a comeback. He tags Rocky back in and ROCK HITS THE PEOPLE'S ELBOW! YOU KNOW THE ONE, THE ONE WHEN TAKER SITS UP BUT ROCK BOOTS HIM BACK AND HITS THE ELBOW. That only gets a two, Kane comes in to distract Rock which allows Taker to hit a desperation chokeslam giving the brother their control back. They wear down Rocky with punches and chokes as D'Lo and Mark come down too. Austin's hot tag rules, as he cleans house. JR keeps mentioning Rock/Mark at the PPV, then right on queue AS ROCK IS LAID OUT ON THE FLOOR, MARK DROPS HIM WITH A BIG SPLASH! Mark and D'Lo leave with Rock down and Austin is alone. Austin tries to overcome the 2-1, BUT THE SECURITY GUY IN THE SKI-MASK THAT CAME OUT WITH VINCE EARLIER COMES AND HITS AUSTIN WITH THE NIGHTSTICK FOR THE DQ! **1/2


    HE TAKES OFF THE SKI MASK AND IT'S THE BIG BOSS MAN! Bossman watches on as Kane and Taker put the boots to Austin. Vince comes out on the stage with Patterson, Brisco, and Sarge. Vince has a huge smile on his face as Taker locks on his leg lock hold to end the show.


    Bossman is now choking Austin with the nightstick as Taker and Kane leave, Bossman eventually leaves and says he's ENFORCING MCMAHON'S RULE! Vince then gets Bossman to leave, as the stooges wheel Vince down to the ring. Vince orders Patterson and Brisco to put the boots to him, and they do.......UNTIL AUSTIN RECOVERS AND DESTROYS THEM! He hits them both with stunners, THE ROCK IS BACK UP AND HITS A DOUBLE PEOPLE'S ELBOW! Vince tries to wheel himself away but is stuck on one of the camera cables so Austin shoves him out of the chair and puts the boots to him before leaving.
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    Plus is I fixed it :side:
  3. Chris

    Chris It's me, it's me

    Greatest peoples elbow of all time :mark:
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  4. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWF Champion: Vacant
    WWF Intercontinental Champion: Ken Shamrock
    WWF Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
    WWF European Champion: D'Lo Brown
    WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: TAKA Michinoku
    WWF Woman's Champion: Jacqueline

    WWF Sunday Night Heat
    October 18th, 1998
    Rosemont Horizon: Chicago, Illinois

    Steve Blackman vs. Bradshaw
    Two minutes of nothing, Blackman hits a Bicycle Kick to the chest for the win. The Blue Blazer runs out and attacks Blackman again, he runs off covering his face.

    Earlier Today; Paul Bearer was stuffing his face at catering.

    The Oddities vs. Los Boricuas

    The Headbangers run out and attack the ICP because fuck em' but the Outlaws run out and brawl with the Headbangers for revenge. Refs come out to break it up.

    Paul Bearer is still eating, he has 6 slices of cake and seems very happy.

    THE GODFATHER IS BAK! Sadly his 2 hoes are awful tonight. Godfather says he's known him for a long time and he knows what he is, and that's a pimp. Even though pimping ain't easy, Chicago has some of the best hoes ever born. He says he went out and handpicked two hoes just for Faarooq and he can have his choice of either going round and round knowing he'll kick his ass OR for a small fee, he can take his pick of either one of these hoes. Faarooq punches Godfather instead.

    Faarooq vs. The Godfather (w/Hoes)
    D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry come out to watch on, this gets two minutes they clobber one another with the 1998 style of punches, kicks, chokes and clotheslines. Godfather crotches Faarooq when he climbs up to the top, he falls down. And Godfather hits a shitty roundhouse kick for the win. After the match; D'Lo and Mark shove Faarooq into the ring post, back in D'LO HITS GODFATHER WITH THE LOWDOWN FOLLOWED BY A MARK SQUASH. They put the boots to him, but Rocky runs down and chases them off. *

    During the break; The Jackyl comes out and whispers something into Faarooq's ear. They end up leaving together.

    Val Venis comes out and joins Shane and Cornette on commentary.

    Backstage: Michael Cole is with Paul Bearer and he asks why he's here. Paul says he's here for some food, to visit friends, and to watch the show. Cole talks about the main event, and Bearer yells at him for not believing him.

    Jeff Jarrett vs. Scorpio
    An usher comes down to give Val Venis a box and there's a gold athletic cup inside. Val is upset and leaves. As for the match, is meh. Jeff tries and shows off this new mean streak, Scorpio bumps around for him and stuff. Al Snow and Head come out to distract Jeff and Scorpio gets a corkscrew sunset flip for the upset win. *1/2

    In the back, Stone Cold Steve Austin arrives at the building he tries to go up the steps to where the wrestlers dress, but Sarge, Patterson and Brisco say he cannot enter, this is for wrestlers only. He has to dress with the refs, they walk with him to a broom closet where Mike Chioda is getting ready, but Austin throws him out and takes the room for himself.

    Commissioner Slaughter, Pat Patterson, and Gerald Brisco are already in the ring when Ken Shamrock comes down to the ring. Triple H on crutches comes out accompanied by Chyna and X-Pac. Sarge orders Chyna and X-Pac to go to the back, and they leave. Sarge says it gives him great pleasure to introduce the first WWF Intercontinental Champion, Mr Pat Patterson. Pat says Ken reminds him of a young Pat Patterson and says he beat 15 men in one night in Rio to become the first champion. Pat says since Triple H stole the belt at WrestleMania (Hunter says "SUMMERSLAM!" at him) :lmaolmao he's been a disgrace, but now they have a champion to be proud of. Pat then says he knows Steve Austin is back there listening and he better humble himself tonight like Mr McMahon said. He tells Hunter to pass on the belt, but Hunter takes the mic. He hands the belt over and leaves. He stops on the floor and says DX has two words for him. SUCK IT! KEN IS PISSED!

    Backstage: Vince is being wheeled around, and he has the Big Bossman with him.

    In the back, Shamrock is with Sarge, Patterson and Brisco. Hunter then gets into his car and yells something at them, so Shamrock runs over and slams the car door onto Hunter's knee 2 or 3 times. Chyna tries to help but is held back.

    Vince MacMahon is in the entrance way, he's with Bossman 2 other security along with 2 dogs. Vince says tonight, Stone Cold will crown a new WWF Champion or, and he guarantees him, he will fire his ass. He asks for some understanding from the WWF fans because clearly, they can understand Austin's predicament. Each and every one of them has done certain favours for a boss or a teacher or a dominating family member. The vast majority of them have not only done favours, but they've sucked up to their superiors. A very large quotient of them has actually kissed ass too. There's nothing wrong with that, it's the American way. So tonight, he's just asking Austin to slightly bend his values, since he'll never have another rematch for the WWF Championship. He says if Stone Cold defies him, it will be Stone Cold screwing Stone Cold. As far as Austin defying him, the chances aren't very good. When it comes to defying authority, neither the fans or Stone Cold has the guts to defy Vince McMahon. One way or another, Austin will be humbled. Because Vince McMahon said so.
  5. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWF Champion: Vacant
    WWF Intercontinental Champion: Ken Shamrock
    WWF Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
    WWF European Champion: D'Lo Brown
    WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: TAKA Michinoku
    WWF Woman's Champion: Jacqueline


    WWF Judgment Day
    October 18th, 1998
    Rosemont Horizon: Chicago, Illinois

    Al Snow (w/Head) vs. Marc Mero (w/Jacqueline)
    I have no idea why this is here, IDK What kind of gay shit Mero and Russo be doing but it needs to stop. Double J comes out and tries to get Mero to leave so he can take his place but ref Tim White refuses and so does Mero. This is one of those extended RAW matches, it serves no purpose and just wastes everyone time. Snow keeps talking to head, while Mero keeps motioning to head and acts like its some demonic monster in the corner. This also has the shitty 98 style of shitty punches, clotheslines and distractions. Mero hits the low blow and follows up with a DDT for two, the match finally ends after a boring 7 minutes when Al drops him with the Snowplow for the win. *

    The DOA & Paul Ellering vs. LOD 2000 & Droz
    This happens, I hope to god it's the end. They've been feuding since April or May? FUCK ME! It's 6 minutes, nothing they haven't done in the past, they work the 98 brawl style. No one comes out looking better, and everyone comes out looking worse. I miss DRUNK Hawk :( DOA isolate Droz and it's terrible, they cut the ring off with chokes and punches for a few minutes. Hawk gets the hot tag and cleans house. LOD hit the Doomsday Device, but Droz covers for the win. After the match; Hawk doesn't seem to happy about his spotlight being stolen. *

    WWF Light Heavyweight Championship: Christian (w/Gangrel) vs. TAKA Michinoku (w/Mr Yamaguchi-san)
    This is Christian's debut match, kinda weird that's they're doing a heel vs. heel match, but fuck it. TAKA plays the face role but keeps his new dickish personality, he busts out all his face dives and hits them all clean which includes the LOOK MA NO HANDS PLANCHA according to JR. Christian is a solid hand, he has all the basics down and uses the power advantage to wear TAKA down. TAKA takes a crazy bump when he misses the crossbody as Christian is up against the ropes, he flys over the top and takes a nasty sounding thud to the floor. Christian doesn't really work a body part, he uses slams to set up chokes but uses the chokes so set up missing the odd top rope move that always misses. TAKA makes a comeback and hits a beautiful Asai Moonsault to the floor, and makes his comeback, they have the dope finishing stretch with good counters and near falls until Christian counters the Michinoku Driver into an inside cradle and gets the win. FUCK YEAH! ***

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    In the crowd, Edge is watching on.

    Val/Goldust video package airs.

    Val Venis (w/Terri Runnels) vs. Goldust
    This gets 12 minutes and is fairly good. It's without question Goldust/Dustin's best showing of year for him. Goldust is super over tonight, they go back and forth in the early going both having no problem just slamming and punching away on one another. Goldust targets the arm and does a good job stomping, slamming and stretching it for a few minutes. Val then avoids a Goldust charge, and Goldust hits should first into the ring post and now Val targets the arm. Neither man really sells the arm before they just straight forearming the shit out of one another, before Val goes back to the arm work. He locks in a nice hammerlock/key lock but Goldust fights out and mounts a comeback. Terri gets on the apron and tries to distract Goldust but he doesn't fall for it. He ducks the Val clothesline and kicks Val in the dick and covers for the win. **3/4

    Footage airs of Shamrocks attack on Triple H airs, Michael Cole says Hunter reinjured his knee and was taken to a local hospital. X-Pac then comes over, he says he doesn't know whats gotten into Ken Shamrock, but he's a real Jack-off. And he will deal with him tomorrow. As for D'Lo his ass and that European title are his.

    D'Lo is residing from Milan, Italy

    WWF European Championship: X-Pac (w/Chyna) vs. D'Lo Brown
    THIS GETS 15 MINUTES :mark: FINALLY! D'Lo uses his weight advantage to push and keeps Pac grounded, but every time he panders or taunts around it backfires and allows Pac to get back into it. Pac goes for the Bronco Buster but D'Lo pulls a Double J and gets the boot up. Lawler laughing at that never gets old. D'Lo targets the neck and wears him down, Pac has these great false hope sequences where every time it seems like he's about to make a comeback, D'Lo cuts him off and goes back to the neck. Pac is right with Foley as the best bumper on the roster right now, he takes a number of them here. D'Lo continues to get frustrated at not being able to put this away, so he starts going more the high flying game which backfires and that gives Pac the opening to make his big comeback. He FAKES being exhausted which sets up a Chyna punch, but that only gets two. The ref gets bumped, and Mark Henry comes down. He grabs her from behind and distracts her allowing D'Lo to grab the European title and nail Pac in the head with it. Mark throws the ref in and he counts but PAC kicks out. D'Lo hits a running powerbomb for another two, and decides to go up top he tries to come off the top with a flying headbutt but Pac catches him in mid-air and hits the X-Factor for the win. AWESOME MATCH! I didn't even mind them reusing the finish of their first European title match when Pac won it originally. Good shit. ***1/4

    Backstage: Michael Cole claims a rumour going around is that Paul Bearer was seen going into The Undertaker's dressing room.

    WWF Tag Team Championships: The New Age Outlaws vs. The Headbangers
    Outside that one attack on RAW, this doesn't have much of a build. Dogg stiffing the fuck out of Thrasher was fun, he straight punches him in the forehead and then kicks him directly in the dick :lmao But that over aggressiveness backfires and Dogg doesn't see the blind tag, which allows the Mosh to sneak in a dropkick and the Headbangers take over. CROWD IS SUPER HOT! AS THEY JUST CHANT SUCK IT! WHENEVER GUNN POINTS AT THEM! SHIT! GUNN OUTHERE THINKING THAT HE'S THE STAR OF DX. Anyway, Headbangers iso sucked that do the 101 heel stuff, that gets totally overshadowed by the crowd and Gunn. Speaking of Gunn he has an okay hot tag, but he gets cut off almost immediately. The Headbangers keep cheating during the Gunn iso and Dogg decides FUCK THIS and breaks a boombox on Mosh's head for revenge but the ref calls for a DQ. **

    Backstage: Michael Cole confirms that Bearer is now in Kane's locker room behind closed doors and he saw this with his own eyes. Mankind comes over and does a Socko voice to mock Shamrock and says "He's in the zone" Mankind says Mr. Socko doesn't know anything about brutal, and Socko says he sure does because he's watched Ken Shamrock's interviews and they're real brutal. Mankind says Ken Shamrock's interviews may be the second most leading decision in teenage suicide but he has to give the devil his due. He knows his holds, but if he thinks he'll get him to submit, he's got another thing coming. He takes off Mr. Socko to reveal the old school Mandible Claw tape and says Mr. Socko's wearing black tonight. Open up and say ahhhh Shamrock, have a nice day.

    WWF Intercontinental Championship: Ken Shamrock vs. Mankind
    Shamrock targets the knee as soon as the bell rings, Mankind doesn't have many counters but Ken notices he doesn't have Mankind's ankle as weaken as he though after the chair shot on RAW, so he changes his game to work the arm. Did I mention how much I love this version of Ken? He's now using his wrestling and holds to just stretch body parts and cause as much pain as possible. Ken throws brutal strikes but he can't keep Mankind down for long periods of time, it's not a feeling out process more of both guys getting their shit in evenly. This ends up being both guys trying to lock submissions in on the other, it falls into Ken's game who has a counter for all of Mankind's stuff and just keeps raining down with brutal-looking punches and knee to the head. They end up fighting on the floor, where Mankind grabs a chair but the ref stops him, that allows Ken to kick the chair back into Mankind's face and follows up with a nasty unprotected chair shot to the head. TO WHICH THE REF ALLOWS! Shamrock goes back to work on the arm, he locks in a keylock BUT MANKIND BREAKS THE HOLD BY BITING KEN'S NOSE! Ken hits the belly to belly, but Mankind hits him below the belt and follows up with the double arm DDT, but he's too worn down to make the cover. It does lead to a brief comeback and they fight to the floor again, where Ken powerslams Mankind to the floor, but his ankle hits the steps during the bump. Shamrock rolls him back in and locks in the ankle lock. He reaches the ropes, but Shamrock puts the boots to the ankle again and puts it back in. MANKIND BEGINS HITTING HIMSELF TO TAKE HIS MIND OFF THE PAIN! HE THEN LOCKS ON THE MANDIBLE CLAW TO HIMSELF AND PASSES OUT! ***1/4

    After the match; Shamrock gets pissed when he's announced as the winner via the Mandible Claw. He stomps at Mankind, which wakes him up. Shamrock hits the ref with the belly2belly, but Mankind pulls out Mr. Socko and gives it to Shamrock until he's choked out. Mankind limps away.

    Backstage: Micahel Cole tries to interview Mr McMahon, but the Bossman says NO and to take all this crap away from him.

    Mark Henry comes down to the ring and cuts a poem for Chyna

    "I came out here last week asking you for a chance
    everyone knows I love you long before the implants"

    I don't care about the rest.

    Mark Henry vs. The Rock
    This gets 5 minutes, Rock comes out super aggressive and dominates early until Mark hits the back elbow to take over. Lots of basic power moves, clotheslines and choking. Rocky makes a comeback, he has his punches and kicks down to a tee now. He hits the scoop slam and follows up with the PEOPLE'S ELBOW AND DEBUTS THE PAD THROWING INTO THE CROWD! D'Lo runs from the back but gets knocked down off the apron. Mark comes back and clotheslines. He follows up with the BIG SPLASH AND COVERS HIM. D'LO GRABS THE ROCKS' FEET SO HE CAN'T KICK OUT. MARK WINS! **

    Video Package on the Main Event airs.

    Singles Match for the Vacant WWF World Heavyweight Championship: Kane vs. The Undertaker [Special Referee: Stone Cold Steve Austin]
    17 AND A HALF FUCKING MINUTES! SEVENTEEN AND A HALF FUCKING MINUTES! This is so bad, it's almost as bad as their inferno match, at least with that match they have the excuse of it being limited with the fire around ringside. Taker is doing this new thing where he doesn't sell a fucking thing and just sits up almost immediately after everything. Austin is Austin, so he steals the match by refusing to count for Taker, and fast counts for Kane. So Austin clearly wants Kane to win. The brother's brawl around punch, kick, clothesline city. It's so slow and boring. After about 5 minutes of that, Taker goes after the legs, he works it for a bit but its Kane so he sell it to start, but then just stops and the match keeps going. UGH! He makes a brief comeback but Taker chops the knee and spends another 7 minutes working the knee before he drops it and just starts fucking around doing absolutely nothing. Poor Austin, he has to be the ref in two of the worse matches in company history. Kane has another comeback with shitty cornet strikes. Kane accidentally whips Taker into Austin, but when Austin stumbles out Kane chokeslams him. They begin beating Austin down cause they want a NEW ref. Taker lets Kane do most of the work, and attacks him from behind. But Kane comes back with a Chokeslam. Paul Bearer comes down, holding a chair. He gets in AND SAYS LET ME HIT HIM WITH A CHAIR!...................KANE ALLOWS IT. BUT PAUL NAILS KANE WITH THE CHAIR. Kane doesn't feel the effects, so Taker grabs the chair and nails Kane with it. Taker covers, as Austin recovers but he refuses to count. Taker gets in his face, so Austin drops him with a stunner, and KO's him with a chair shot. Austin counts both men down and the bell rings :lmao *

    Austin announces himself as the winner of the match, tells Vince to wheel his little ass out and keep his promise. Austin says he'll go find him then, and goes to the back. A camera follows him and Austin can't find Vince anywhere. Austin comes back out to the ring. and says he probably took a little ride in his Corvette because he didn't have the guts to come out here and fire Stone Cold. The tron is moved and Vince is sitting in the skybox behind it with Bossman. Vince says he wishes he could say that his services are no longer required but that's not what he's feeling. He said he didn't have the balls to fire him and Austin says he can't hear a word he's saying with 18,000 people calling him an ASSHOLE. He needs to put a little bass in his voice. Vince says to take their camera out because you're seeing the last of him. "STONE COLD, SCREW YOU, YOU'RE FIRED." Austin makes him say it again. Vince leaves, and Austin says he guesses he did have some balls and says to listen up as he rolls his ass in the back. He might not ever see him step foot in the WWF ring and he might just hunting season tomorrow, but he can bet his ass that he ain't seen the last of Stone Cold Steve Austin. He won't cry and give him any satisfaction, but one last time, he'd like to hear his damn music if they could hit that son of a bitch right now. Austin drinks some beers and listens to his music to end the show.
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  6. Cwalker

    Cwalker Praying for a Peyton Royce leak

    First, all Kane/Undertaker matches are trash.

    Second, guy that’s about to win the WWF Title and is Number 1 Contender loses to Mark Henry :hhh6:
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  7. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWF Champion: Vacant
    WWF Intercontinental Champion: Ken Shamrock
    WWF Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
    WWF European Champion: X-Pac
    WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Christian
    WWF Woman's Champion: Jacqueline

    WWF RAW is WAR
    October 19th, 1998
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    RAW opens up with Confetti and balloons falling from the rafters, celebratory music plays as wrestlers all come down to the ring. JR says Vince has summoned everyone out for an announcement. Commissioner Slaughter comes to the stage, he pauses for a good 40 seconds until Vince McMahon is wheeled out by Patterson, he has Brisco, Bossman and the guard dogs with him. Vince says he has a very important announcement about the WWF Championship. As result of the individual no longer employed by the WWF, they have no champion. Vince "GUARANTEES" you, on the night of November 15th at the Survivor Series, they will have an undisputed WWF Champion. On that night, sixteen WWF superstars will compete in a one-night tournament to see just who will be the next WWF Champion. Vince says some are in a state of shock over last night events. On the tron Vince shows a freeze frame of Austin's face after the firing and says he couldn't believe it. The only hunting Austin will be doing, is hunting for a job. If he EVER comes into a WWF arena again, he'll do so after buying a ticket. Vince says "FIRING AUSTIN FELT BETTER THAN SEX" He says he hopes all of them learned the lesson Stone Cold learned last night, and hopefully none of them will ever cross the boss. None of them are as big as Vince McMahon.

    "McMahon 3:16 says I'VE GOT THE BRASS TO FIRE YOUR ASS"

    In the parking lot, Stone Cold Steve Austin is in his pick up truck and has a rifle with him.

    In the back, Vince sends Bossman to go get his family in the skybox, he tells Bossman to get his family and drive them far away. Vince tells the cameraman to stay here so this is all documented.

    Earlier Today; DX of Pac and the Outlaws hung out with Motley Crue.

    Ken Shamrock vs. X-Pac (w/Chyna)
    Really good as expected, it doesn't touch the IC finals match, Shamrock isn't his super aggressive self but he's still solid. He targets the neck with a front guillotine. It's clearly filler so Cops can come down and arrest Chyna for some reason, JR claims it has something to do with Mark Henry and last night. Pac has a nice comeback but misses the Bronco Buster which allows Ken to come back with a 'rana. Mankind runs out to distract Ken. Ken grabs him and pulls him into the ring, but Mankind applies the mandible claw. But, Ken fights out and hits the belly to belly, but turns into Pac who drops him with the X-Factor for the win. **1/4

    In the parking lot, Chyna is taken away in an undercover cop car, as the Outlaws and Pac argue it. The undercovers cops see Stone Cold. They go over and Austin talks about his .38 Special with them, he signs some autographs for their kids. And they leave.

    Backstage: Vince and his stooges rage about what just happen, Vince tells a security guy to go take his firearm and get rid of that lunatic and his flea-ridden dog too. The cop says he didn't come here to endanger his life and tells Vince to go screw himself. He leaves with the guard dog and Vince sends Brisco after him and screams that he needs security.

    The Headbangers come out with toy WWF tag team championships, they butcher the shit out of the Outlaws intro before LOD come out.

    The Headbangers vs. Animal & Droz (w/Hawk)
    This gets about 2 minutes or so, it's rushed and bad. Droz gets distracted by Hawk applauding and giving advice on the floor, which allows Mosh to roll him up for the win.

    Backstage: Patterson offers to get everyone coffee, Sarge and Brisco also go to get coffee as Vince yells "WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY GOING"

    Back from break, Vince is alone as someone is banging on the door..........................IT'S MR. SOCKO! Mankind says he brought some goodies because he knows Vinny has a sweet tooth. Vince says he's happy to see him and Mankind says he must really like him. Vince repeats that he's happy to see him. Mankind says it'll be like a sleepover and says they should get to know each other.

    The Undertaker AND PAUL BEARER COMES OUT! Taker says there has been a reconciliation made. Brother Paul has come home to lead his ministry of darkness. He's sure there are those who can't understand because they have no vision. How could he align once more with such a despicable, evil, and maniacal individual? If those aren't reasons enough, he can't explain it any better. What they have is someone with vision, someone who truly understands the power of the darkness. He allowed him to clear his head and refocus on what it is he is here for. Now what they have is the beginning of a new era, and they will unleash with their Ministry of Darkness a plague that the WWF has never seen. Those of you who do not declare shall be declared. Paul says he HE USED KANE! Ever since he was a little child. He took care of him like a pet, just for special occasion. He used him because Kane is stupid, weak, and can't even speak for himself. He turned his back on him, eight weeks ago, and again last night, boy. He could never understand the darkness and he'll never have any use for him again.


    Taker says he knows Kane has a thought burning in his mind for years, he really wants to know what happened the day he caught on fire. I SET THE FIRE! I SET THAT FIRE BECAUSE YOU WERE WEAK AS A CHILD, AND IS WEAK NOW! And they have no room for the weak. Only the strong shall survive. Kane comes out, pushing a casket. He also has a mic with him and says "YOU......AND......I....TONIGHT......CASKET MATCH. AND BROTHER.....YOU WILL REST IN PEACE"


    Mankind and Vince are eating chips. Mankind says he should re-hire Austin because he fired him, but now they're best friends. He says he should rehire him and the four of them could be their own clique. Vince is confused and Mankind says Me, your, Austin..............and MR. SOCKO. Vince says it's a matter of principle and Mankind says he respects his moral fortitude, and they should play some board games.

    Back from break, Mankind and Vince are playing Twista :lmao Well Mankind is, Vince is in his wheelchair with both feet on red. Vince yells that this isn't making him feel better. Mankind says he's being a party pooper, and Vince yells to get the hell out, so he leaves.

    Jeff Jarrett comes out with DEBRA!

    Steve Blackman vs. Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra McMichaels)
    This goes about 2 minutes or so, standard TV match back and forth everything is solid but all feels like filler until the Blue Blazer runs out and hits Blackman with a side belly-to-belly and the ref calls for the bell. Jeff and the Blazer put the boots to Blackman for a bit, but the Blazer leaves. Jeff then grabs guitar but Al Snow comes in. But, Al and Head get distracted by Debra's TITS! So Jeff nails him in the back of the head with the guitar.

    Backstage: The phone rings in Vince's office, he answers it. IT'S AUSTIN! He says his time is up, and he's coming to get him you SORRY BASTARD!

    Back from break, Austin is on the phone to his driver, the driver says he doesn't see Austin. Vince gives him some instructions and says he's coming out leave the back door open. Vince leaves the room, he makes it to the parking lot and to the door of the limo.................BUT AUSTIN COMES OUT FROM AROUND THE OTHER SIDE! He grabs Vince and says he ain't through with him. He stops Vince from getting out of the wheelchair and says he's gonna play with him for a while, and wheels him back inside while carrying a hunting bow. Austin wheels Vince into stuff all the way back to the office and shuts the door when they're both inside.

    Back in Vince's office, Austin asks Vince if he's ever been hunting. Vince says he has, but he didn't kill anything. He says it was a safari with elephants and tigers and stuff and he took pictures and Austin laughs and says that's not hunting. He takes out a hunting knife and asks if this could handle an elephant.

    The Rock vs. D'Lo Brown
    UGH! changed The Rock's music, it's this god-awful techno music with "THE ROCK SAYS" all over it, thank god that didn't stick. This is fun, it gets 3 minutes or so, the crowd is insane for everything Rock does so it makes this seem so much better. D'Lo holds his own too, with his bumping and just being a solid heel. Again, D'Lo controls a lot when he's just being D'Lo but when he starts going for the flying moves it backfires on him which allows Rock to make a comeback. The People's elbows gets a monster pop, but Rock hurts his arm because of the chest protector :mark: D'Lo tries to come off the top, but Rock catches him and hits the Rock Bottom for the win. **1/4

    After the match; D'Lo and Mark put the boots to Rock, Mark hits another big splash as refs come out to stop it.

    Backstage: Austin asks Vince if he wants to find out how sharp it is, and he says please no. Austin says he's not gonna stick this shiny knife in his sorry gut. He's gonna take his ass tonight, but he won't feel a damn thing. When he goes, it'll be quick and simple. Vince says he hopes he's having fun, and Austin says he's having a blast. Vince says he'll never get away with it and Austin asks what he thinks he's not getting away with it. He went hunting and caught a jackass.

    GOD DAMMIT! Tiger Ali Singh is back, he pays some middle-aged woman to swallow one of Babu's calabaza sausages and she swallows it whole it for $500. The Godfather comes out and says when a hoe takes on a pimp, she always pays for the rest of her life. Godfather says that use to be one of his hoes, and what she did.........SHE WAS A GOOD HOE! He says take this as a lesson, learn. They argue about stuff and then have a shitty brawl. FUCK THIS!

    Backstage: Austin is still fucking with Vince, he makes Vince squeal like a pig.

    Back with Austin and Vince, Austin keeps bring up old movies. Vince yells for help, so Austin duct tapes his mouth shut and his body to the wheelchair.

    Mankind vs. Val Venis (w/Terri Runnels)
    FUCK YEAH! Val still selling the dick kick from last night, so it hurts when he thrusts as he takes off his towel. This gets 3 minutes, it's alright but could have been so much better. Val isn't feeling it at first, but then hits a switch and turns up the aggression. They do a lot of stuff with Mankind targeting the balls, so like he keeps trying to hit atomic drop and moves when he sees Val charging so Val hits his dick on the middle rope. Mankind applies Mr. Socko to Val, but Terri distracts the ref which allows Ken to come out, he hits Mankind in that injured ankle and Val falls on top for the win. **

    After the match; Shamrock and Mankind brawl through the crowd, and to the back. Val Venis gets up in the ring and Goldust's music plays. His voice says nothing is over, Val. Nothing. He can't just turn it off. FIRST BLOOD, 1982. He's going to shatter his dreams again and again and again, so he never forgets the name of Goldust. Terri then whispers something into Val's ear, he looks shocked as she looks happy. He then storms off.

    Backstage: Austin he's not here to make Vince suffer pain, he says he FIRED HIM IN FRONT OF THE WORLD! But, he has plans for him and will carry out those plans tonight, and when he does carry out those plans Vince won't feel a damn thing. He takes the duct tape off and says they can watch some TV and relax now. Austin says they're gonna watch this main event and says he can pick either Kane or The Undertaker. He makes him choose and Vince picks Kane. Austin says if Kane wins, they can do things the easy way. If there's any other outcome, they'll do things his way. The hard way.

    Casket Match: Kane vs. The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer)
    Another bad showing, but at least this is only 4:40. Both men end up fighting in the casket, the refs close the lid on both men so they destroy it, like completely fuck it up. Kane starts stalking his dad up the ramp, but Taker comes from behind and hits him in the back with a chair. Taker and Paul leave, as Kane sits up and goes to the back after them. WHAT THE FUCK IT THIS?

    Backstage: Austin tells Vince that he loses, which means he has to do something now. Vince says not do, and Austin laughs and wheels him out the door.

    Austin wheels Vince through the back, and down to the ring. Austin grabs the mic and says "LOOK ATCHA" He says earlier he was bragging and having a party and demands the celebration be shown on the tron. Austin says he thinks he owns everyone, but look at him now. Crying in front of the world on his knees. Austin stuffs a piece of paper in Vince's pocket and takes out a gun, he says he only has 1 little thing to do, he says he wants Vince to look at the tron because his eyes are about to pop out front of his head.


    IT WASN'T STONE COLD THAT SCREWED VINCE MCMAHON, IT WAS VINCE MCMAHON THAT SCREWED VINCE MCMAHON! Austin then points out Vince may have just had an accident. McMahon 3:16 says he just pissed his pants. Austin then hits him with the Stunner and drinks some beers, Vince slowly gets up so Austin hits him with another stunner to end the show.


    Austin continues to celebrate before leaving, Patterson, Brisco and Sarge then come out (HEY WHERE HAVE THEY BEEN ALL NIGHT?) The crowd begin littering the ring, and chanting ASSHOLE as the stooges help Vince out of the ring, and into his wheelchair. Vince crying his eyes out the whole time is the greatest.
  8. Deezy

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    That gun looks so fake with 2018 eyes.
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  9. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWF Champion: Vacant
    WWF Intercontinental Champion: Ken Shamrock
    WWF Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
    WWF European Champion: X-Pac
    WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Christian
    WWF Woman's Champion: Jacqueline

    WWF Sunday Night Heat
    October 25th, 1998
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    No Shane tonight, so Jim Cornette is joined by Michael Cole.

    WWF Light Heavyweight Championship: Christian (w/Gangrel) vs. Brian Christopher (w/Scott Taylor)
    Decent match, it goes about 4 minutes Brian does his style which is a good looking move, taunt, followed by another good move, taunt. Christian again has a solid showing, he doesn't really use the power advantage much he kinda just does things. The match ends when Brian misses the leg drop off the top and Christian debuts the unpreitter for the win. **

    Tonight: X-Pac/Mankind vs. D'Lo/Shamrock :mark:

    FUCK THE ICP say they are making their in-ring debuts on RAW tomorrow, Kai En Tai.....it's time to DIE en DIE:lmao

    Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra McMichaels) vs. Golga (w/Luna)
    Not good, Jeff does what he can but Golga is washed and half asses everything. Debra gets on the apron and distracts Golga which allows JEFF TO DEBUT THE STOKE! HOLY SHIT! NIGHT OF DEBUT MOVES!

    The Headbangers vs. The DOA (w/Paul Ellering)

    Austin/Vince stuff from RAW airs.

    At ringside, Vince calls into commentary. Cole asks about the letter Steve Austin gave him. Vince says the public shouldn't be privy to private corporate affairs, and he'd rather they not discuss that matter. Jim says the fans really wanna know, and Vince says the fans can go to hell, and so can the both of them.

    Scorpio comes down to the ring, but OWEN THE BLUE BLAZER RUNS OUT AND ATTACKS HIM FROM BEHIND! He locks in the Dragon sleeper until Scorpio passes out, the Blazer runs off covering his face again.

    D'Lo Brown & Ken Shamrock vs. X-Pac & Mankind
    All 4 brawl to start the match, Cornette announces The Rock, The Undertaker and Big Bossman are all in this Survivor Series WWF title tournament. This is a blast for 6 minutes, all the pairing rule, the faces control in the early going until D'Lo hits the Sky-High outta nowhere and the heels take over isolating Pac, they don't really work apart just beat on Pac who bumps around for all of it. Mankind has an awesome hot tag, he pummels everyone, even Pac because he's in the zone. But, turns into a belly to belly from Ken, he follows up with the Ankle lock but Pac breaks it up. Pac and D'Lo fight on the floor, but in the ring. Mankind locks in Mr Socko but Ken hits another belly to belly and covers for the win as Mankind refuses to break the hold. **3/4

    After the match; Mankind and Pac have words as they leave together. KEN SNAPS AND STARTS KICKING SHIT TO END THE SHOW.
  10. Deezy

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    I can't explain why the ICP were so big back then....I can only confirm it.
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    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWF Champion: Vacant
    WWF Intercontinental Champion: Ken Shamrock
    WWF Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
    WWF European Champion: X-Pac
    WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Christian
    WWF Woman's Champion: Jacqueline

    WWF RAW is WAR
    October 26th, 1998
    Madison, Wisconsin

    Earlier Tonight: Stone Cold Steve Austin entered the building with a huge smile on his face.

    Mr. McMahon, Sarge, Patterson, Brisco, Bossman and 4 suited men come out onto the stage. Vince says against his volition, Stone Cold Steve Austin is here tonight. Not only does he hold Stone Cold responsible for every single reprehensible act he committed against him, but he holds each and every one of the fans responsible as well. What's wrong with them? WHERE THE HELL ARE THEIR VALUES?! Whatever happened to the Good Samaritan? Where were you in my hour of need? I'll tell you where you were, you were cheering for every act of humiliating Austin did to me. You savoured every liberty he took against him. What they enjoyed the most was when Austin forced him into the ring and made him beg and cry and urinate himself. No one came to his aid. NOT BRISCO OR PATTERSON OR THE COMMISSIONER. NO ONE. His ankle has been re-injured, he ruined a perfectly good Armani suit, and he hurts all over. Most of all, his feelings have been hurt. But despite the injury, the act after the insult he will never forgive him for. That was a legal document Austin gave him and with a battery of attorneys, he will fight Austin on this and take him to the Supreme Court if he has to. Austin before you make your next move, he better take stock in this. Austin appears on the tron and says he better take stock in diapers since he's liable to piss all over himself again, and Vince is mad and leaves.

    Vince tells his lawyers that there has to be a way to break this document.

    WWF European Championship: Steve Blackman vs. X-Pac
    JR says Chyna has taken a "leave of absence" from the WWF until this legal issue is over with. This is rather short, but it a good time. They have some cool sequences and counters to set up superkicks and spin kicks. Blackman targets the neck, and Pac does all his Pac bumping before making a comeback. Blackman's strikes rule, he knocks Pac to the floor but Steven Regal attacks Pac on the floor. The Outlaws run down to make the save. Regal tries to fight all 3 CAUSE HE'S A REAL MAN! But refs break it up. King claims Regal is going after Pac because he's disgusted Pac is representing Europe.

    Droz (w/LOD 2000) vs. The Rock
    This isn't good at all, Rock isn't at the babyface level of carrying the significantly shittier. Droz has to work heel, but he's so bad and stinks up the joint during his control. The Rock suckers Hawk into getting on the apron, which distracts the ref allowing Rocky to punch Droz in the dick, Rock has an okay comeback and hits the Rock bottom, followed by the People's Elbow for the win. Droz is the first man to take the Loss off the People's Elbow.

    After the match; Droz and Hawk have words, Animal comes in and talks to them both. BUT ANIMAL LEAVES WITH DROZ AS HAWK LOOKS ON CONFUSED and UPSET!

    Backstage: Michael Cole tries to interview Austin, about this letter he gave Vince. But Austin says he's been advised not to say anything, but later on tonight, WE will make a statement in front of the people.

    Backstage: The lawyers leave their meeting with Vince, 2 of them say he just doesn't get it as they walk off.

    The New Age Outlaws and X-Pac come out and introduce Motley Crue who perform "wild side"

    Backstage: Vince yells at the 2 remaining lawyers at not being able to do what he asked which is break this contract.

    Kane vs. Gangrel (w/Christian)

    After the match; Christian comes in for the double team, Edge runs out and chop blocks Kane from behind. They all beat on Kane, but bail once he sits up. BROOD!

    Backstage: Michael Cole says he just finished speaking to Shane, and after the break, the McMahon family will have a statement regarding the Austin situation.

    Stone Cold Steve Austin comes down to the ring, he says he knows Vince is worked up and pissed off, but he doesn't know why he's so mad. He told the cops that the gun was a new toy of his, and that's what it was. He told him there wouldn't be any pain involved, and there wasn't. He told him he wouldn't feel a thing, and he didn't. So after he told him all that, what did he do? he pissed in his pants like a baby in front of the world. Maybe next time he tells him something, he should believe Stone Cold Steve Austin. But then again, maybe next time he shouldn't. Austin pulls out a piece of paper and says this is a brand new contract with the WWF. Not only is he back in the WWF, but this guarantees at least one title shot and he can bet his ass that it's all he'll need. That means he's got him right by those little brass balls of his, because the only way Stone Cold leaves the WWF is if he quits, and he just don't see that happening any time soon. Vince gets wheeled out to the stage and says maybe his lawyers can't find a way out of that contract, but he'll find a way to get him to quit. He says since Austin is back in the WWF he will compete in a match tonight. An I QUIT Match against Ken Shamrock. Vince asks how he sleeps at night, having no conscious. Vince says the way he got that contract and the wedge he drove. For 28 years, he set an example and sacrificed, and Austin turned an underachieving kid into a monster. HOW CAN YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT! Shane McMahon comes down from the side of the ramp and goes to the ring, Vince keeps asking Shane to come up there with him, but he refuses and goes to the ring with Austin. Austin gives Shane the mic and he says he doesn't listen to Vince anymore. He's an officer and a stockholder of this company, and what he did to Stone Cold was WRONG. It was him that hired Stone Cold back. He guesses he finally has his full attention after 28 years now. He's seen superstars come and go, because it's always been about Vince's ego. He said it last week, nobody can be bigger than Vince McMahon. All his life, people have asked what it's like to be Vince's son? and he's lied every single time to protect him and their family name. He never cared about him and he could never do anything right or good enough. No matter how much money HIS deals made the WWF, it was never good enough. He only wanted him to be proud of him, but it's never going to happen. It's always been about how HE makes Vince look, the perception. How's Vince's boy doing, right? Shane says he's not his boy, and he's proud of who he is. He's Shane McMahon and he's standing up to him, and maybe he can be proud of that. He guesses he 's just like him after all. Austin then says if you think Vince got what he had coming, give him a HELL YEAH!

    Backstage: As Shane is leaving the building, Austin throws him a beer as a sign of respect.

    Tiger Ali Singh (w/Babu) vs. The Godfather
    GODFATHER DEBUTS THE GODFATHER MUSIC :mark: Also this is Tiger's first match on TV, he's been on TV since August :lmao This is truly awful, Godfather is a great gimmick, but he's really bad in the ring and Tiger is all time terrible, he might be worse guy on the roster and it's not even close. They do the '98 style so it's all bad punches, kicks and clotheslines. They continue to slug it out so the ref calls for the bell as both men refuse to break clean. This joins Kane/Taker, Jacque/Sable, BOA/LOD as some of the worse matches of the year.

    Backstage: Michael Cole tries to interview Vince, but BROKEN Vince doesn't respond, and Patterson wheels him off.

    The ICP & The Oddities (w/Luna) vs. Kai En Tai (w/Mr Yamaguchi-san)
    This isn't good at all, KaiEnTai does their usual fun bumping, but everyone on the face side suck. Also, the crowd is super behind the ICP for some reason, I blame Deezy for this somehow. IDK. One of the ICP faggots shoves the ref down during his tag, so the ref DQ's the moron. The Oddities get mad with the ICP for costing them a match, so the OCP just leave and taunt with the fans. FUCK EVERYTHING!

    Recap of Shane's promo.

    In the parking lot, Patterson and Brisco accompany Vince to his limo. They say they will take care of Austin for him tonight. But, BROKEN VINCE JUST LEAVES!

    Backstage: Ken Shamrock says he wants Austin to listen to him. I QUIT! Ken says that is the only time he will EVER hear him say those words. Ken says this isn't about a title match, he has to earn that. This is about who's the world's most dangerous man, and he's looking at him.

    JR Hypes up the latest WWF RAW magazine, I just thought I would share this with you.
    Marc Mero (w/Jacqueline) vs. Goldust
    This isn't good, about a minute in Jacque distracts the ref allowing Mero to low blow Goldust to take over. He does simple chokes and Jacque gets involved too, Goldust shakes it off and makes a comeback. He then hits Mero with Shattered Dreams and the ref calls for the DQ.

    Sable comes out she challenges Jacque to a match at Survivor Series, just the two of them, and says there will be a new WWF Women's Champ.

    Backstage: Michael Cole interviews Mankind, Al Snow, Head and Mr. Socko.

    WWF Tag Team Championships: The New Age Outlaws vs. Mankind & Al Snow
    JR announces that Mankind will be in the Survivor Series WWF Title tournament. This gets 5 and a half, it's really, really good when it's Mankind vs. The Outlaws, Billy continues to look like he's the future start of DX and seems super motivated in his strikes. Mankind/Snow briefly isolate Dogg, they don't work a body part, just wear him down with strikes. Mankind does his own version of Shake-Rattle-And Roll but because he's so awkward it's hilarious. At one point, Mankind goes to use head as a weapon, but Snow stops it they battle over head but stop once they see Dogg almost tag out. Gunn keeps coming in and attacks both men, to the point where it just breaks down. Snow hits the Snowplow and goes to get head, but at the same time, Mankind comes in with Mr Socko on his had. They stop one another from using the others gimmick, which allows Dogg to rollup Snow for the win.

    After the match; D'Lo and Mark run out and attack the Outlaws. They all brawl, but Mark and D'Lo come out on top because that are the fresher of the two teams.

    Backstage: Stone Cole is lacing his boots.

    "I Quit" Match: Ken Shamrock (w/Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco & Commissioner Slaughter) vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
    JR announces that Shamrock will be in the Survivor Series WWF Title tournament, but he doesn't know if Austin will be in. This doesn't get the same amount of time as their title match from 09/14/98 but it's still a ton of fun regardless, and it's quite the different match with the roles being reversed. This NEW Heel Shamrock rules, he outwrestles and out brawls Austin, but Austin is Austin so he has these awesome high energy flurry attacks to get himself back into it. Shamrock targets Austin's neck, with holds and dope looking knee and elbow strikes. Anyway, during Austin's comeback Brisco grabs the ankle, Patterson comes over and decks the ref just cause. Austin goes out and starts beating them up. Suddenly, Mankind comes in and applies Mr Socko, he backs up and leaves once Austins grabs a chair. Austin nails Shamrock in the head with the chair and he's out. AUSTIN THEN LOCKS IN SOME AWFUL HOLD AND GETS SHAMROCK TO TAP OUT WITH HIS OWN HAND RIGHT IN FRONT OF REF TIME WHITE WHO CALLS FOR THE BELL?!??!?!?! WHAT THE FUCK! **3/4

    After the match; Patterson, Brisco and Sarge all get stunners.
  12. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    And it was this show that started the "best for business" boardroom bullshit that permeates the bidness today.
  13. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWF Champion: Vacant
    WWF Intercontinental Champion: Ken Shamrock
    WWF Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
    WWF European Champion: X-Pac
    WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Christian
    WWF Woman's Champion: Jacqueline

    WWF Sunday Night Heat
    November 1st, 1998
    Austin, Texas

    Jim Cornette and Michael Cole are NOW the Heat commentary team.

    A Vince video package opens the show, Cole does some voice overs says Vince has an announcement on Raw about his future and the future of the WWF, so Heat is dedicated to him tonight. Cornette claims Shane quite possibly be the next CEO of the WWF.

    LOD 2000 (w/Hawk) vs. The Hardy Boyz
    Angle match, LOD beat down the Hardy for the most part but then on the floor Hawk and Droz start arguing, which allows the Hardy to double team Animal hitting the Event Omega UPSET!

    After the match; Animal walks out on the both, Droz goes after Animal because he's a leech. So Hawk grabs a mic and says he'll give Droz a day to rest up and so there's no excuse, and in twenty fours, he'd kick the stinking puke out of him on Raw. Droz signals that Hawk's drunk again.

    Tonight: Val/Jarrett, Taker/Godfather, and Shane speaks on his future.

    Backstage: Shane McMahon congratulates the Hardyz

    Steven Regal issues an open challenge to anyone in the back, Bradshaw comes out and accepts.

    Steven Regal vs. Bradshaw
    HE'S A REAL MAN THEME :mark: This goes about 90 seconds, lots of good stiff punches, forearms and uppercuts they just take turns beating on one another until Regal hits the Regal-Plex with a bridge for the win. REAL MAN!

    Jackyl comes down and talks to Bradshaw on the ramp :hm:

    Backstage: Shane talks with talks with X-Pac and the Outlaws.

    The Oddities (w/Luna) vs. The Brood
    Gangrel comes out the fire alone, as Christian and Edge wait for him on the ramp. 2 minutes of nothing, for some reason the Oddities get like 98% of offense in, so it's terrible. COLE claims he saw Kane in the rafters, but he describes it as "LOOK UP THEIR! I SAW SOMEONE IN ALL RED IN THE RAFTERS! IT MUST BE KANE" Anyway, this shit ends when Edge steals Golga's Cartman toy thing, and Luna jumps on his back. Golga is also distracted which allows Gangrel and Christian to hit a double DDT for the win.

    Backstage: Shane talks to some of the crew members, Cole and Cornette his dad never EVER did that.

    Backstage: Kevin Kelly interviews Blackman on his match with D'Lo tonight, Blackman says Owen Hart isn't fooling anyone with his stupid little mask and Liberace cape. He can tell it's him because of the stench he leaves on the mat, the filthy nugget. As for D'Lo you better tighten up that chest protector real tight because I'm about to put my foot right through it.

    D'Lo Brown (w/Mark Henry) vs. Steve Blackman
    Cole announces it will be D'Lo/Mark vs. Headbangers on RAW tomorrow in a "High Stakes" match, which means it's an unofficial #1 Contenders match. Another short nothing match, they do stuff D'Lo looks to have it won but the Headbangers come out and shoves Mark, the ref gets distracted by this and Thrasher shoves D'Lo off the top, which allows Blackman to roll him up. The Headbangers and Mark/D'lo start brawling until refs break it up.

    Live via Satellite ~ Dan Severn is in a neck brace in his home, Cole asks him for an update on his condition. Dan either can hear him or just refuses to answer.

    Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra McMichaels) vs. Val Venis
    Val comes out alone, Cole announces X-Pac and Goldust are now in the Deadly Games, as for the match 2 minutes and a half of nothing. Val keeps showing off for Debra which brings Terri Runnels outs, she and Debra have some words on the floor. Val and Jeff have some solid moments, Jeff does a good job leading him through stuff. Debra checks on Val on the floor, so Terri comes out and has even more words. Val gets distracted by this which allows Jeff to hit the stroke for the win. *3/4

    After the match; Terri comes in and apologizes for making this mistake, she says let's not focus on the negative, only the positive, what about the joy WE created together. She says she wants to tell the world WE'RE PREGNANT! AND WE'RE HAPPY!



    Oh as I'm watching and writing this, it's fathers day :mark:

    Terri leaves upset and shit.

    Live via Satellite ~ Dan Severn says he has been better and suffered spinal shock and compression and he was temporarily paralyzed. He's getting better with therapy, and he can't even think about returning to the ring yet. He says he plans on being at Raw tomorrow night and asks Owen Hart to come to the ring to talk to him man to man and he has some things to say.

    Video package of the Shane/Vince stuff from RAW airs.

    Kevin Kelly is in the ring and introduces Shane McMahon. Kevin asks Shane if he has any idea what Vince's announcement will be on RAW? Shane says he has no idea, he has never known what his father will do. But, what he did on RAW last week changed the WWF forever, and changed his family forever. Something gotta give, better yet someone's gotta give. And Dad I know you are watching, it's pained me to see your reaction to what I was saying, I gotta say. There's no denying your accomplishments day, but the WWF is bigger than your ego. Dad, I have no idea what you are gonna say on RAW, but I'm sorry, but it's too little too late.

    Cole announces Triple H is now in the Deadly Games.

    The Godfather comes out with 3 Hoes, Taker and Paul Bearer then make their way out. Godfather says he's known Taker for a long time and knows he likes HOES "Don't make me go back to date, I know you like hoes" Godfather snitching :mark: He offers Taker anyone of his hoes for the night, or he'll kick his ass. Taker doesn't even think about his it, he just decks Godfather and begins beating him up. Taker also punches the ref, so the matches doesn't even start. Kane's music hits and KANE IS IN THE RAFTERS!
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  14. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    Hawk was playing a drunk but it was Regal who was living the gimmick.
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  15. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWF Champion: Vacant
    WWF Intercontinental Champion: Ken Shamrock
    WWF Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
    WWF European Champion: X-Pac
    WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Christian
    WWF Woman's Champion: Jacqueline

    WWF RAW is WAR
    November 2nd, 1998
    Houston, Texas

    Shane McMahon comes down to the ring, as Shane comes down to the ring the steel cage used from the Breakdown PPV is above the ring. Shane says as the "acting Chairman of the WWF", that on November 16th, the day after Survivor Series. Stone Cold Steve Austin will get his title shot right here on RAW. Shane then brings out Austin, to a tremendous, insane Austin level pop. In the parking lot, the Stooges and Bossman help Vince out of the Limo. The Stooges then wheels Vince out, he asks if people didn't think he would make it, and says he hears all this speculation about his retirement. It's poppycock, BS, and it's wishful thinking. He says both of them would really like it if he stepped down so Shane could take over, some of you would even like it if I DIED! Well, that's the only way I WILL EVER STEP DOWN! IT'S THE DAY I DIE! He says he doesn't want any family or friends or WWF superstars at his funeral. When he dies, HE WANTS TO GO STRAIGHT TO HELL! Which is where he's been lately, in a living hell for the past few weeks thanks to the both of them. Vince says as of this moment he's releasing Shane of his corporate duties, and no longer an officer of this company. And if he wants to be employed by this company, he can be a referee and if he doesn't do a good job at that he will send him back to the ring crew. He says Shane isn't like him at all, but he is a lot like his mother. And Austin, I can't do a thing about your new contract but I can tell you this you won't be getting a title shot on the RAW after, it will be at Survivor Series. And if you do make it to the finals, that means he would have to have gone through 4 tough grueling matches to make it. Vince wishes him luck and says he's gonna need it as his First Round match will be against The Big Boss Man. Vince then turns to the crowd, who are chanting "ASSHOLE" at him, he says he's not the ASSHOLE it's all of them, thank you very much.

    During the break, Vince and Bossman are at commentary, Vince tells JR and Lawler to get their shit straight and remember who signs the checks. He points up at the cage and says someone will be paying hard times.

    D-Generation X (X-Pac & The New Age Outlaws) vs. The Brood
    JR announces Pac as 1 of the participants in the Deadly games. This is really good for a few minutes, Pac/Edge is really good to start before the Brood briefly isolate Pac. Christian/Pac is solid too, Dogg gets the hot tag and the match just breaks down. THE LIGHTS GO OUT! AND KANE COMES OUT! Everyone stops fighting and watches Kane come down, Gunn goes to fight him on the floor but Gangrel comes over and tackles him into the crowd. In the ring, Kane hits Edge, Pac and Christian all with Chokeslams. PYRO~!

    During the break; Vince and Bossman go over to Michael Cole, he makes Cole repeat the question he asked two weeks ago. Bossman grabs Cole by the throat as Vince keeps asking him "How does he feel" Vince says now he knows how he felt.

    Droz is now called THE Droz :lmao

    The Droz comes out, BUT FUCK ALL THAT! HAWK IS OFF THE WAGGON AGAIN :mark: He stumbles down to the ring, and trips up getting into the ring. The ref doesn't want to ring the bell, but Droz attacks him and keeps beating him up. Hawk can barely stand or even defend himself, Animal comes out with another ref, but just watches on. Droz starts slapping Hawk and yells "You ruined it" that brings Animal in, who sends Droz to the back. Animal yells at Hawk too about 14 years down to drain.

    Moments ago; Vince and Bossman run into Cornette in the hallways, Bossman drapes Cornette up as Vince yells at him to stop wearing those ridiculous outlandish jackets and get with the program. And if he keeps with the "1980's WRASTLIN CRAP" he will get the hell out.

    Backstage: Michael Cole interviews Mankind and Al Snow, he asks them why are they teaming up again after last weeks failer. Al calls him Todd and says they get along fine, but this crazy person has an undergarment on his hand and isn't real, but he and Head had that match won. Mankind says just last night, some of pro wrestling's greatest secrets were revealed to him, so he thinks they'll be just fine. And if they don't like that, he has one word for them. SOCKO! HEAD! SOCKO!

    The Oddities (w/Luna) vs. Mankind & Al Snow
    JR says Al Snow is in the deadly games now, this isn't much of a match. Mankind does what he can, but he kinda just takes the night off, which I don't blame him. I'm not about to do some of my godly bumping in a match with Golga and Kurrgan. The match ends when Mankind goes for Socko but it's not in his pants or in his left shoe, so he goes to the back to look for him. That leaves Snow alone who gets Chokeslammed by Kurrgan for the win.

    Backstage: Vince and Bossman are still rolling around when Vince bumps into SHAQ! He asks him if he has a backstage pass, Shaq says he doesn't need one. but Vince tells him to leave.

    Backstage: Mankind is looking for socko, he says he needs to find Vinny, he'll know where it is.

    Steven Regal vs. Goldust
    Angle RAW continues, this gets a couple of minutes, both men target one another arm, Regal seems really out of it, like his hitting the ropes and bumping comes off real slow and awkward. lots of miscommunications too, just bad. Anyway, Terri Runnels comes out in a gold dress with Cigar to try to suck up to Dustin, what a hoe. Goldust wants nothing to do with her and rolls back into the ring. Anyway, Kane comes out shortly after cause ANGLES! He attacks both men for the DQ. He drops both men with Chokeslams and goes to leave, but Terri gets into the ring to check on Goldust. He goes over to her and grabs her by the throat, but refs, agents and Tony Garea come out to save her. He puts her down and chokeslams Garea instead. PYRO~!

    BRACKETS nikka!

    Backstage: Vince is talking with Mankind, he asks Mankind to not to interfere in this next match up with Ken Shamrock vs. The Rock and Mankind says he won't be a thorn in his side. Vince says he has a present for him and pulls out the WWF Hardcore Championship. Vince says Mick's earned it. He loves it, and Vince says he lost a son tonight, but in some respects, he thinks he gained another one. Mankind says thanks dad, and he leaves. Vince looks disgusted.

    During the break, Vince was seen talking to Ken Shamrock.

    Shamrock and The Rock both make their way out, but Vince is wheeled out onto the stage. He says since he has a problem with the people, he has a problem with the People's Champion. Therefore, this match has a new stipulation, which is that if he doesn't defeat Ken Shamrock for the title tonight, then he's not going to the Survivor Series and his #1 contendership status is GONE.

    WWF Intercontinental Championship: Ken Shamrock vs. The Rock
    This gets 8 minutes and is probably their best match together this year, the role reversals also help a ton. Ken being this new vicious asshole who has no problem beating the shit out of you or stretching you. And Rock's bumping here is great, he just gets his ass kicked and the people are totally behind him. Ken hits the belly-to-belly and follows up with the Ankle Lock but Rock gets to the ropes. They do the double KO clothesline spot, but Rock recovers first and puts his arm on top for two. They have some damn good near falls by both men before referee Timmy White gets bumped. Ken grabs a chair from the floor, but as he swings it Rock ducks and hits himself off the rebound off the ropes. Rock follows up with the People's Elbow but the ref is still down, Rock goes over to wake the ref up, but Ken grabs the chair and nails Rocky in the back at the same time. The refs sees this and calls for the bell. **3/4

    Vince says it looks like Rocky didn't win, so he's no longer in the Deadly Games, or #1 Contender. HE'S NO LONGER THE PEOPLE'S CHAMP, HE'S NOW THE PEOPLE'S CHUMP!

    Backstage: The Rock is tearing up the male locker room.

    Val Venis vs. Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra McMichaels)
    FUCK YEAH! REMATCH! JR says he's been told, that Val KNOWS he's not the father of Terri's baby. Sadly this again only gets 2 and a half minutes, they go back and forth doing stuff. It's pretty mindless and meh, but it's still better than 90% of the other aimless filler stuff that happens this year. Anyway, the Blazer runs out and crotches Val on the top rope for the DQ. He and Jarrett team up, and start putting the boots to Val post-match. The Blazer runs off with JR yelling it's obviously Owen HART.

    Backstage: 2 BLACK POLICE OFFICERS ARRIVE AT THE BUILDING, Vince is seen talking to them, he says they can do it the hard way with Bossman or the easy way with them? He claims The Rock has threatened his life and is destroying property. So take him away.

    The Headbangers come out in FULL New Age Outlaws mockery attire, to no reaction what so ever. Like it's 2018 level bad. They even do the intro in high pitch voices.

    WWF Tag Team Title #1 Contendership Match: The New Age Headbangers vs. D'Lo Brown & Mark Henry
    AWFUL heel vs. heel match, the crowd is super dead here. Thrasher seems to have hurt his knee pretty badly about a minute in they have to adjust the match with Mark and D'Lo being the aggressors and isolates Mosh for a bit, it's not good, they just do stuff to fill time. Thrasher's hot tag sucks as he just limps around and throws shitty punches. The match breaks down, thankfully Kane comes out and hits D'Lo and Mosh with a Double Chokeslam for the double DQ. Dammit Kane, why couldn't you come out 4 minutes ago. PYRO~!

    Backstage: The Rock is being handcuffed, he asks why he's being arrested and yells at them he has doughnuts for all of the pieces of trash. Vince is there and Rock says he's the biggest piece of trash here.

    Owen Hart comes down to the ring, Owen says he's here tonight at the request of Dan Severn, and while he's already apologized, he can never be sorry enough for what he did. It was an accident and he never meant for it to happen. He did the honourable thing and retired and left home to come here tonight. Dan comes out in his neck brace, he says he's not here for an apology and asks who he's kidding by running around in that ridiculous Blue Blazer outfit. He came here to look in the eyes of the man that's stolen his life and to tell him that he's nothing but scum. OWEN THEN ATTACKS HIM. HE DROPS DAN WITH A CLOTHESLINE, but Blackman runs out for the save, as Owen yells he's retired.

    Dan Severn is being loaded into an ambulance, with Blackman by his side. Suddenly, Blackman runs off and bicycle kicks Owen Hart in the chest HOLY SHIT! Owen went flying. He begins beating the shit out of him, BUT THE BLUE BLAZER ATTACKS HIM FROM BEHIND! Owen low blows Blackman and they attack him until refs pull them off.


    Vince, Bossman and Vince's Entourage come down to the ring, as the cage is being lowered. Vince says if he had it his way he would put every fan in the crowd tonight and put them in the cage. Every one of them would pay hard time, but it's time for this. Vince is wheeled by JR and King, as he yells at Patterson and Brisco the whole time. Vince tells Bossman to get the stooges to enter the cage to ensure the cage is secure, they all enter. VINCE THEN HAS BOSSMAN LOCK THE DOOR! Vince says a lot of individuals in the WWF deserve to pay hard times, all he asks for was a cup of coffee. BOSSMAN IF YOU WILL! Bossman then attacks the stooges, he starts beating them down as Vince berates and yells at them this is what happens when "when you don't stand by me, and run from Austin" Vince says he'll stop it if they vow allegiance. NO JOKE AFTER ABOUT 5 STRAIGHT MINUTES OF GETTING THEIR ASSES KICKED! Austin runs out for the save, he climbs over the cage to attack Bossman but

    Patterson hits Austin in the leg with the nightstick, Austin shakes it off and attacks Patterson. Bossman hits Austin in the head with the nightstick now and chokes him with it. Shane McMahon runs out and gets through the door, and gets in the face of Bossman. VINCE THEN DOES THE :Vinceout

    So, Bossman backs off Shane then looks over at Vince and gives him the middle finger and leaves. THE UNDERTAKER COMES OUT! And they fight in the cage. Taker gets the better UNTIL THE LIGHTS GO OUT AND KANE COMES OUT NOW! KANE SETS THE PYRO OFF AND PARTS OF THE CAGE LIGHT ON FIRE! KANE AND AUSTIN BRIEFLY TEAM UP AND START ATTACKING TAKER TO END THE SHOW


    All 3 now start fighting one another, Austin drops Kane with a stunner but Taker takes his head off with a clothesline, Taker then begins putting the boots to Kane. Austin sneaks rolls out of the cage and starts attacking Bossman. FUCK YEAH! Vince is all alone, lol Taker and Kane say fuck this and just leave, the ring crew put out the fire on the cage as Austin just beat on Vince. He rolls him into the cage as Vince tries to stand on his bad ankle, Austin then offers the handshake................DTA STUNNER! Austin then takes 5 minutes to celebrate before hitting Vince with another stunner and takes off in Vince's wheelchair.

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