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WWF 1998 Review


You Know What Time It Is
Dec 3, 2010
Hell's Club
WWF Champion: The Rock
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Ken Shamrock
WWF Tag Team Champions: Ken Shamrock & The Big Bossman
WWF European Champion: X-Pac
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Duane Gill
WWF Woman's Champion: Sable
WWF Hardcore Champion: The Big Bossman

December 21st, 1998
Spokane, Washington

Before RAW went in the air, Vince leaves to continue his training for the Rumble, he leaves Shane in charge for the night. Vince says he's holding Patterson and Brisco responsible for Shane's actions. He warns Shane to take his ego and pride in check, and Vince promises bonuses for everyone. Vince leaves, and Shane says he has a lot to do.

The Corporation comes down to the ring, Shane says since his pops has stepped out, he now has the keys to the kingdom and we're gonna do things his way. DX's music hits and outcome DX, Hunter says Shane might have the keys to the kingdom, but they have the keys to the boiler room, and Mankind joins them on the stage. Shane says this is like the Bad News Bears of the WWF, and Hunter says the bad news is Shane's an even bigger asshole than his dad. Shane thanks him, and says obviously the Outlaws are not tag team championship material and there will be no rematch, but there's something they can work out on an individual basis. Shawn says for Billy Gunn, he gets to receive a bonafide UFC ass-kicking courtesy of Ken Shamrock. For the Road Doggy Dogg, he gets one rolled up stomping courtesy of The Big Bossman. For Triple H and his male companion X-Pac, they'll receive a paid vacation here to the ring against the Corporate champ The Rock and the Corporate insurance policy, Test. Shane says to save the best for last, Mankind, you deranged freak. Nobody puts their hands on his father without payback, so tonight, IT'S GONNA BE MANKIND VS. HIM! Patterson and Brisco freak out and Shane says this will happen right here in this very ring. Mankind and DX laugh and Mankind calls him a snivelling little silver spoon sucking sissy. Mankind, DX, and everybody in this building are going to love to watch him try. HAVE A NICE DAY!

Backstage: D'Lo is trying to advise Mark against going to a private room with two girls, Mark says just watch his back and make sure no one comes in.

Gangrel vs. Al Snow (w/Head)
This gets like 3 minutes, it's average nothing really happens they just do stuff until Al hits the Snowplough for the win. After the match; Gangrel's music hits and the lights go out. Edge and Christian attack Al on the floor, and the lights come back on Al is covered in blood. BLOODBATH!

WWF WWF Intercontinental Championship: Billy Gunn vs. Ken Shamrock
This gets 8 minutes and rules, Ken keeps going after the knee but Gunn keeps him on the mat and far away from the leg, by targetting Ken's arm. Shamrock eventually takes over and works on the knee and again Gunn puts on an all-time great selling display for 1998, FUCKIN' BA BILLY GUNN! In a rare Shamrock moment, he gets too fancy and cocky which allows Gunn to blocks a Victory Roll attempt by sitting back on the pin for the win. NEW CHAMP~! **1/2

Shawn comes out onto the stage, he says once again we got a guy with a million dollar body, but a 10 cent brain. Billy Gunn, I told you, you can fight the IC champion. I NEVER SAID THE TITLE WAS ON THE LINE! Gunn shows Shawn his asshole and goes to leaves, but Shamrock attacks Billy from behind and they leave.

Hawk comes down to the ring, he says it's time to let this cat out of the bag. Droz is the "pusher man". He's the enabler. He doesn't have to cover for him anymore because he's clean and he likes it now. Droz had a good little plan to make him undependable, sneak up, and take his job. He's the DOPE PUSHER and he was the dopey and nobody regrets it more than him. When he heals up, LOD stands for Legion of Doom and Lords of Discipline, and he is gonna discipline the hell out of him. Droz comes out and looks pissed and Hawk yells that he hates him. Droz attacks from behind to confirm it and Animal runs out to save and attacks Droz. Droz leaves.

Droz the dope dealer :DEAD: Why do I not remember this :lmao

In the back, Terri and Jacque say they're ready for some SEXUAL CHOCOLATE!

Steve Blackman vs. The Blue Blazer
Owen Hart comes out with the Blazer, and joins commentary, he overshadows this angle match claiming he's not the Blazer and has never been the Blazer :lmao He then claims someone tampered with the footage last week, it wasn't him :lmao Cole shuts Owen up by saying RAW was LIVE not taped, Owen then rethinks and says "IT WASN'T ME" He then dropped the "it's a conspiracy against him" :lmao Owen leaves and trips up Blackman before attacking him for the DQ.

After the match, it's a 2-1 until Goldust makes the save. The Blazer tries to run but Goldust catches him and unmasks him, and OH...MY...GOD...IT'S JEFF JARRETT! SWERVE! Owen runs over and covers the Blazer's identity but also yells "WHO IS THAT MASKED MAN" :lmao

Backstage: Terri and Jacque tease Mark, by having him watch as they take a shower. Outside the door, D'Lo takes off his jumper as their tag match is coming up soon.

The Road Dogg comes down to the ring, he does the Outlaws intro and Bossman comes out. Dogg then says it's a damn shame that Hardcore Title isn't on the line. He'd love to steal that piece of crap of his to make this even. He's got a cousin that spent some time in the Cobb County prison system, and he's a good-looking cousin, and he told him that come night time, the boys got a little funky with those nightsticks. It's too bad he's too much of a chickenshit to put that belt up. Bossman says he's gonna teach him about hardcore and hard times and says he'll put it on the line.

WWF Hardcore Championship: Road Dogg vs. The Big Bossman
This is the debut of the "Hardcore title" matches that will take place from 1999-2002, tons of brawling and shots to the head with baking trays and stuff they can find under the ring, they brawl into the crowd and Bossman breaks a broom over Dogg's arm. They fight back to the ring, where Bossman begins whipping him with a belt and uses it to clothesline him with. HOLY SHIT! BOSSMAN THEN PULLS OUT SOME WHITE POWER AND LAWLER SAYS "IT MUST BE SOME OF THAT STUFF HE CONFISCATED FROM COBB COUNTY" Does that mean it's cocaine? I wonder if Bossman is Droz's plug? SO MANY QUESTIONS. Anyway, Dogg kicks it back into Bossman's eyes blinding him, he then gets some revenge with the belt, until Bossman throws him into the crowd again. They fight to the back and BOSSMAN PULLS OUT A FUCKIN NOOSE! He begins choking him but only gets a two. Dogg fights back and even puts a trashcan over his head before knocking it off. MANKIND COMES OUT FROM THE BACK AND THROWS A NET OVER BOSSMAN AND KNOCKS HIM OUT WITH A CROWBAR ALLOWING Dogg to cover for the win. ***

Backstage: Terri and Jacque take Mark's clothes off, they put a dog collar around his neck. Terri says he needs a message.

In the back, Patterson and Brisco try to call Shane off and remind him about keeping his ego and temper in check. Shane says he's doing it.

Back with Mark Henry, who is now chained to a massage bed and blindfolded with a ball gag in his mouth and covered in oils, whipped cream and other stuff.

The Acolytes vs. The J.O.B. Squad (Scorpio & Bob Holly)
3 and a half minutes of brawling, the match does settle down, but then they just all start fighting again and the ref calls for the bell. Thanks.

Shane McMahon comes out to the BRAWL4ALL music :DEAD:

Shane McMahon (w/Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco) vs. Mankind
This happens, Mankind lets Shane get his jabs off before taking over. The rest of the corporation come out, but Shawn keeps holding them back. Mankind then hands Shane a chair but no-sells it when he hits him from behind. Mankind then tees off on him, Patterson and Brisco. He gives Shane the running knee in the corner before giving him Mr Socko. The Rock has finally had enough and attacks Mankind for the DQ.

Rock and Mankind brawl on the floor, as DX comes out to stop the Corporation from getting into the ring. Pac then hits Shane with the Bronco Buster. IT BEGINS!

Patterson and Brisco are waiting for Vince in the parking lot, both are depressed cause they know they have "HARD TIMES" ahead.

Backstage: D'Lo is waiting for Mark, but his music hits he yells at Mart its time. AND MARK YELLS "HE'S COMING"

D'Lo Brown vs. The Headbangers
More angle nonsense, in the back Jacque and Terri are whipping Mark :lmao D'Lo tries to fight them off, but the numbers catch up to him and the Headbangers hit a Double Flapjack to win.

Mark Henry comes out and D'Lo says he told his FAT ASS! D'Lo walks off as Mark asks for a key.

In the parking lot, Brisco and Patterson are still freak out about how in trouble they probably are. Vince shows back up and yells at them and asks if Shane's hurt. Vince yells that he holds them responsible.

D-Generation X come down to the ring, Shawn tries to eject DX, but Vince McMahon comes out and says since it's the holidays, he's in the holiday spirit, and DX is allowed to stay so it can be a fair fight, and they can all watch what's going to happen.

Triple H & X-Pac (w/D-Generation X) vs. The Rock & Test (w/The Corporation)
This gets 9 to 10 minutes, Test is super green but shows flashes of being decent. They briefly isolate Hunter with Rock doing the majority and Test coming in for the heel 101 punches and chokes. Pac has an awesome hot tag before Rock takes a cheap shot on the floor and the corporation takes over again. This heat segment is way better than the one on Hunter because Pac bumps around for Test really making his generic 101 big man offense look good and Pac/Rock rules, it really allows Rock to be a dick on offense. Triple H has a pretty solid hot tag and hits Test with the Pedigree, but Rocky makes the save. Suddenly, the lights go out. AND KANE'S MUSIC HITS. HE COMES DOWN TO THE RING...AND CHOKESLAMS ALL OF DX Kane has joined The Corporation. Chyna punches him, and he grabs her by the throat but the show just ends. **1/4


You Know What Time It Is
Dec 3, 2010
Hell's Club
WWF Champion: The Rock
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Ken Shamrock
WWF Tag Team Champions: Ken Shamrock & The Big Bossman
WWF European Champion: X-Pac
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Duane Gill
WWF Woman's Champion: Sable
WWF Hardcore Champion: The Road Dogg

WWF Sunday Night Heat
December 27th, 1998
Spokane, Washington

Mr Vince McMahon comes down to the ring, and introduces KANE! Kane comes down to the ring and Vince says that was some Christmas bonus for the Corporation and some present for DX, huh? However, Make no mistake about who Kane really is. He is and always has been a menace to society. Kane is totally antisocial, has no values, has no morals, and has no socially redeeming qualities whatsoever. While Kane was away, he was tested extensively and he can categorically state that upon review, he is a certifiable lunatic and a certifiable idiot. Kane didn't have much schooling and would not have played well with others. Kane's life was different, from the broken home. Some would call him sympathetic, considering that he was burned severely. If he were to rip off that mask, you would see the most grotesque Frankenstein face you've ever seen, but everyone has their problems. Sometimes, life's a bitch. In the McMahon Almanac, there is no season for sympathy. It's real simple "you are a genetically altered mentally deficient freak" But you are MY freak, e's the Corporate Freak. As long as he does what he says when he says, they won't have any problems. The day he defies him is the day he sends him back to that sanitarium he brought him out of, and he'll rot there until he dies. He wants him to dismember him and he doesn't care if he disembowels him. There's only one other thing to accomplish tonight, for his own personal amusement, he wants to hear Kane speak.

Kane then grabs the mic and says "THAAAANNNK YOOOOOU MR. MACMAHON"

Backstage: Vince is talking with his entourage, he makes Kane go get him coffee.

Mosh (w/Thrasher) vs. Golga (w/The Oddities)
NOPE! Only 30 minutes left of this shit show and an hour of 40 or RAW before I'm done. So fuckthis.

Michael Cole is in the ring and brings out Terri Runnels and Jacqueline, he calls them "PMS" UGH! Cole asks what "PMS" means and Jacque says pretty mean sisters, Terri says there are a lot of big men with big ego's in the WWF and they've been disrespected for the last time. They pull Cole's pants down and kick him in the dick.

Isn't Terri suppose to be pregnant?

Backstage: Brisco and Patterson give Kane pointers on how Vince likes his coffee.

Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart (w/Debra) vs. Val Venis & The Godfather (w/Hoes)
Sadly this is the heat special of 3 minutes, Val/Owen and Val/Jarrett is really good, Godfather really isn't good, but thankfully he's nothing but a brief hot tag before Val tags back in. Godfather and Owen fight on the floor. Debra gets on the apron to distract Val, which allows Jeff to hit The Stroke for the win.

WWF Tag Team Championships: Ken Shamrock & The Big Bossman vs. The Hardy Boyz
Showcase for the champs, Hardy bump well for everything as usual. Shamrock locks in the ankle lock on Jeff for the win.

After the match; The Acolytes come down and fight the champs.

Awesome 1998 End of year wrap up video airs, it's like 6 minutes. I'll post it in my last post which would be the awards and shit.

Backstage: Kane is walking with Vince and Shawn.

D-Generation X comes down to the ring, but Shawn Michaels sends them all to the back except X-Pac.

X-Pac vs. Kane (w/Vince McMahon & Shawn Michaels)
SHANE DUBS KANE "CORPORATE KANE" for the first time. BRUH! This goes about a minute and a half, Pac tries to break Kane down with kicks but nothing works, he also hits the X-Factor but Kane kicks out of that too. He tries to come off the top but Kane catches him and hits the Chokeslam to win.

After the match; Shawn orders Kane to hit another chokeslam and he does, Shane and Vince then leaves commentary and calls for the Tombstone and Kane picks him up but DX run out for the save. Gunn and Triple H clothesline Kane over the top, and the McMahons get him to back off to end the show.


You Know What Time It Is
Dec 3, 2010
Hell's Club
WWF Champion: The Rock
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Ken Shamrock
WWF Tag Team Champions: Ken Shamrock & The Big Bossman
WWF European Champion: X-Pac
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Duane Gill
WWF Woman's Champion: Sable
WWF Hardcore Champion: The Road Dogg

December 28th, 1998
Albany, New York


In the back, the Corporation minus the Corporate Champion enters the building, I love that Patterson and Brisco have to babysit Kane. The camera cuts in as Shane asks Vince why not to just fire someone last night. Vince says sometimes you have to fire someone when YOU want them to be fired, not when it'd be easiest for them. Vince says everyone responsible for last week is going to get it. X-Pac got taken care of, and as soon as Shawn Michaels shows up, he's going to be humiliated and publicly fired, and then they might just kick his ass. But first, Mankind. Bossman, Test, Shamrock all enter the boiler room first followed by the rest. Mankind fights them off the best he can, but KANE GETS HIM FROM BEHIND! Shane has them drag Mankind out of the boiler room. Vince says he'll give him what he wants tonight, his shot at the Hardcore Title.

They leave and hear Road Dogg's music, Shane then breaks it to him that Shawn booked Dogg/Val for the title right now. Vince then says we'll see about that and they walk off.

WWF Hardcore Championship: Road Dogg vs. Val Venis
It goes about 2 minutes, they don't use any weapons or anything or even get a chance because Kane, Bossman, Shamrock and Test attack them for the DQ. IT'S A FUCKING HARDCORE MATCH, WHY ARE YOU CALLING FOR A DQ YOU MORONS? FUCKIN' HELL RUSSO!

The Corporation beat down Val but DX runs down to stop any attempt on Dogg. Vince McMahon, Shane, and the entourage come out onto the stage. He says it looks like this match is officially over, so later on, he'll defend his Hardcore Title against his newfound friend Mankind. And As far as all of DX is concerned, they've just started. Nobody ridicules his family and laughs at his son Shane. And as for Shawn Michaels, he held them back from helping his son and the moment he comes to this arena, he's going to humiliate and publicly fire his ass just like he wishes he could do to all of the fans.

Backstage: Al Snow is STILL covered in blood and is STILL freaking out.

Bossman vs. Pac for the Euro title
Shamrock vs. HHH for the IC title
Mankind vs. Dogg for the Hardcore title
And Sable finally defends the Woman's title

In the back, Vince is giving Kane a pep talk, but Patterson and Brisco keep taunting Kane for being a Simp :lmao Vince says he wants him to destroy another member of DX so he can have him as a trophy on his mantle.

Al Snow (w/Head) vs. Edge
Solid 3 minutes, their punches are terrible but at least they bump around. Al keeps yelling at head and ends up snapping, he grabs head and keeps hitting Edge with it until the ref calls for the DQ. After the match; Gangrel and Christian run out to attack, but The J.O.B. Squad comes out for the save, refs have to pull them apart.

In the back, X-Pac is talking to his "good friend" Dennis Knight, MOTHERFUCKER!

Sable comes down to the ring for her match, SUPERFAN TORI HOPES THE RAILS AND GIVES SABLE A YELLOW FLOWER before getting taken away. A Woman dressed in all black called Spider-lady runs down and attacks Sable from behind. She beats her down and starts whipping her with a belt, but for some reason, the Oddities run down to break I up. They unmask her and It's Luna, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! MOTHERFUCK NO! WE ARE NOT RUNNING THIS FEUD AGAIN. I DON'T CARE THIS IS THE LAST SHOW. SUCK MY DICK RUSSO!

WWF European Championship: X-Pac vs. The Big Bossman
Super fun, Bossman is super aggressive working the back and the neck. Lot's of bully offense, just throwing Pac around who bumps around. Pac has a nice comeback, but sadly he's not a good seller, other than the 2 or 3 times he thought he rebroke his neck he doesn't really sell well. His bumping does make up for it a ton though. Test comes out, but Val Venis runs out and attacks him for revenge. FUCK YEAH! For some reason, the ref calls for the bell. UGH! Everyone begins fighting until refs, agents all come out to stop this.

Owen debuts his AWESOME "Enough is Enough" t-shirt :mark:

Goldust & Steve Blackman vs. Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra)
Angle match, heels isolate Goldust for a bit, but it goes nowhere. Blackman has a solid hot tag which leads to the match breaking down. Owen locks in the Sharpshooter on Blackman but Dan Severn comes out in a neck brace. Owen tries to apologize and backs off and Blackman rolls him up to win.

In the parking lot, The Acolytes attack Dennis Knight and throw him in the trunk of a car and drive away.

WWF Intercontinental Championship: Triple H (w/D-Generation X) vs. Ken Shamrock (w/Kane, Bossman and Test)
Good backstory here, with Triple H getting his first IC title match, a title he never lost against the man that put him on the shelf the 2nd time. This is a really good time, it's crazy how good Shamrock has gotten since the heel turn. And this is one of Hunter's better showings. Hunter plays the vet early so he's one step ahead, he tries to frustrate and piss Shamrock off to throw him off his game, it works at first but a Test distraction allows Shamrock to attack the knee. Hunter has a nice comeback, his spot calling is so blatant, Bossman gets on the apron to distract Hunter which allows Shamrock to lock in the ankle lock. Hunter gets to the ropes, but Shamrock refuses to break the hold. He does to shove the ref, but he goes back to locking it in. Gunn then darts into the ring to attack him, and everyone begins brawling. EXCEPT KANE WHO JUST STANDS ON THE FLOOR UNTIL BRISCO AND PATTERSON FORCE HIM IN! But DX has already done damage so they bail. **1/2

Backstage: Kevin Kelly interviews BA Billy Gunn, he says things between he and Shamrock has gotten real personal. Gunn says everyone knows, Shamrock is running around with HIS title. Shamrock comes over and calls him a punk. They argue, but Shamrock storms off with Gunn following behind.

Mark Henry and D'Lo Brown come down to the ring, Mark says he owes a serious apology to his girlfriend Chyna, what he did last week was absolutely wrong, after the nights of passion they shared. But he's very sorry and apologizes from the bottom of his heart and wants her back. PMS comes out, Terri says to get back down on his knees because that's how they like their men. She says they have big plans for him. But D'Lo says these two glorified ring rats need to back up and keep their distance. They damn sure better recognize :lmaolmao FUCK YEAH D'LO :mark: Chyna comes out and says she's not a gentleman and tells PMS to back off and to stay away from her man. Terri leaves, but Jacque doesn't so Chyna throws her out. Mark freaks out in joy and Chyna says she'll see him later.

Backstage: Vince, Shane, Brisco and Patterson are having a meeting.

In the back, Test, Shamrock, Bossman and Kane are searching for someone.

That awesome 6-minute end of year wrap up video airs again.

Backstage: The Corporation beat up the Godfather, Cole claims it was supposed to be Godfather/Gunn NEXT!

Bill Gunn comes out, he says the next time he sees Shamrock he will kick his ass. SUCK IT! Godfather's music hits, but he doesn't come out.............Shane comes out instead, he says Godfather can't compete so his opponent for the night is "CORPORATE KANE"

Bill Gunn vs. Corporate Kane (w/Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco)
GOD DAMN KANE! He's put a stop to Gunn's amazing hot streak of matches by making him wrestle a Kane match. They go 3 minutes, lots of punches, kicks, chokes and clotheslines on Kane's behalf. Gunn is pretty much just a body for Kane to do all his shit, he does get a comeback but it lasts all of 37 seconds until Shamrock runs down and attacks him on the floor as the ref is distracted, he locks in the ankle lock for 20 seconds before releasing it. That allows Kane to bring him back in and hit the chokeslam, Brisco stops him from going for the covers and tells him to hit the 2nd one. Patterson then orders for the 3rd, but DX run out for the save and the DQ.

5 DQ' in 6 matches :DEAD:

The Rock comes out and joins commentary :mark:

In the back, Shawn Michaels arrives at the building. What kind of commissioner arrives with 20 minutes left in the show?

WWF Hardcore Championship: Road Dogg vs. Mankind
This is super dope, Mankind busts out the Sandman table suplex, both men also take some nasty bumps on the steel ramp. DOGG THEN THROWS THE PLASTIC TABLE IN HIS FACE AS THEY FIGHT BACK TO RINGSIDE! Dogg then starts getting out the traditional weapons like baking trays and chairs, and God bless Mick he just allows Dogg to hit him in the face unprotected a whole bunch. Mankind hits a desperation piledriver and takes over, he hits a 2nd on a chair but doesn't go for the cover instead hits a legdrop on the cookie sheet for two. They fight into the crowd and near a small balcony. Mankind puts Road Dogg through the table with a Cactus Elbow off the balcony BUT ROCK COMES OVER AND HITS A MOTHERFUCKING ROCK BOTTOM ON THE CONCRETE. HOLY SHIT! Rock leaves and Dogg crawls on top for the win. **3/4

Vince McMahon comes out and says he's asked Team Corporation to hang out in the back so he can handle this one personally. He calls Shawn Michaels down to the ring and Shawn comes out. Vince has Shawn's music cut. Vince says ten years ago, he gave Shawn an opportunity and he became a star because of his ability, but the millions and millions of dollars that he pumped into marketing made him an icon. When Shawn became WWF Champion, it was the beginning of the end. He shows footage of RAW before WrestleMania 14 of Shawn calling him a piece of shit and saying Vince needs him more than he needs Vince. He then shows footage of Shawn holding the Corporation back as Shane is getting beaten up by Mankind. He says Shawn sucks as commissioner and Vince says "VINCE MCMAHON DOESN'T LAY DOWN FOR ANYBODY" He fires him, but Shawn hits him with Sweet Chin Music. The Corporation runs out and Shawn leaves through the crowd to end the last show of the year. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~!


You Know What Time It Is
Dec 3, 2010
Hell's Club

Only *** and above.

32. Ken Shamrock vs. Mankind - RAW November 9th, 1998 ***
31. Road Dogg vs. The Big Bossman - RAW December 21st, 1998 ***
30. The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin - RAW November 16th, 1998 ***
29. Kaientai vs. TAKA Michinoku & Bradshaw - Over the Edge ***
28. Christian vs. TAKA Michinoku - Judgment Day ***
27. Mankind vs. The New Age Outlaws - SummerSlam ***
26. Kane vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin - WWF King Of The Ring ***
25. Ken Shamrock, Mankind, & The Rock vs. The Undertaker & Kane - RAW September 28th, 1998 ***
24. Mankind vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin - Survivor Series ***
23. X-Pac vs. Owen Hart - WWF King Of The Ring ***
22. Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie vs. The New Age Outlaws - WrestleMania XIV ***
21. D-Generation X vs. The Nation of Domination - Over the Edge ***
20. Mankind vs. The Rock - Survivor Series ***
19. Val Venis vs. D'Lo Brown - SummerSlam ***
18. Owen Hart vs. Ken Shamrock - SummerSlam ***
17. X-Pac vs. The Rock - RAW November 23rd, 1998 ***
16. The New Age Outlaws vs. Ken Shamrock & The Big Bossman - RAW December 14th, 1998 ***
15. X-Pac vs. The Rock - Capital Carnage ***
14. Kane & Mankind vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Undertaker - RAW June 15th, 1998 ***1/4
13. Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker - WWF Royal Rumble ***1/4
12. Triple H vs. The Rock - SummerSlam ***1/4
11. Terry Funk vs. Mick Foley - RAW May 4th, 1998 ***1/4
10. Ken Shamrock vs. Mankind vs. The Rock - Breakdown ***1/4
9. Ken Shamrock vs. Mankind - Judgment Day ***1/4
8. Ken Shamrock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin - RAW September 14th, 1998 ***1/4
7. Jeff Jarrett vs. X-Pac - SummerSlam ***1/4
6. X-Pac vs. D'Lo Brown - Judgment Day ***1/4
5. Non-Sanctioned 8-Man Tag Team Match - No Way Out OF TEXAS!***1/4
4. Kane vs. Mankind - RAW August 24th, 1998 ***1/4
3. Owen Hart vs. Ken Shamrock - Fully Loaded
2. Dude Love vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin - WWF Over the Edge ****
1. Mankind vs. The Undertaker - WWF King Of The Ring
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You Know What Time It Is
Dec 3, 2010
Hell's Club
End of Year AWARDZ

PPV of the Year: SummerSlam

Feud of the Year: Stone Cold vs. Mr McMahon
I do want to throw in the Stone Cold/Undertaker/Kane/Mankind/Vince ~ CAHOOTS story from the summer was phenomenal.

1e. DOA
1d. The Oddities/ICP
1c. Marc Mero
1b. Droz and LOD, except for Drunk Hawk <3
1a. Tiger Ali

MVP (A NEW award for the guy or girl who is constantly involved in the highlight of the show)
5. Mankind
4. The Stooges
3. Paul Bearer
2. Vince McMahon
1. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Tag Team of the Year: The New Age Outlaws

Wrestler of the Year
5. D'Lo Brown
4. The Rock
3. Ken Shamrock
2. X-Pac
1. Mankind

(The only reason Austin wasn't in top 5 was he didn't wrestle enough, he is head and shoulders the best wrestler in the company but it was a rarity he wrestled. I also would have put TAKA on but WWF treated him like shit, then he dropped off the face of the earth in the 2nd half of the year.)

This was much better than I thought it would be, don't get me wrong there is a lot of bad stuff, like a lot but. Once you get past that it's a relatively easy watch. And when they are at their highest with everything connecting, I'm talking about the writing, acting, storytelling it leads to some of the all-time greatest stuff to happen to wrestling. I really enjoyed this and kinda sad it's over.

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Well-Known Member
Nov 13, 2010
Billy Gunn not top 5 :jr

If you are looking for good angles and promos, this the year. but for wrestling.....nope.
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