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WWE Raw, Smackdown, PPV's 2004 Review Thread (Maybe HeAT & Velocity Matches)

Discussion in 'The Fab Section' started by Koutei Senshi, Dec 26, 2017.

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    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
    WWE Intercontinental Champion: Randy Orton
    WWE World Tag Team Champions: Ric Flair & Batista
    WWE Women's Champion: Molly Holly

    WWE Monday Night RAW
    February 9th, 2004
    Portland, Oregon

    Tonight: RVD/Orton/Booker for the IC title, Flair/Benoit & The WM Main Event contract signing.

    Goldberg comes down to the ring, but as Lilian goes to introduce his opponent. Vince McMahon comes down instead. Vince says Goldberg is wondering why he's out here and who WILL BE NEXT! Vince says nobody is next tonight, and Goldberg's match is canceled. Suddenly, Austin's music hits and out some Stone Cold "ATV" Steve Austin. Austin drives down and enters the ring, he asks Vince what the hell he's doing here, he's already broken two of his LAWS 1, enter the ring and piss him off. Vince says he saw last week and saw Austin give Goldberg a ticket for No Way Out. Vince says he brought the voice of consequences and reason to talk to Goldberg..............And Paul Heyman comes out. Heyman says Sheriff Austin should be ashamed of himself the way he stole Benoit, Heyman tells Goldberg to go ahead and use the ticket. Because Goldberg might be a big fish on Raw, but Brock Lesnar is a shark that'll eat him alive. If he gets in Brock's way and ruins his main event, nobody will look at Goldberg and say, "WHO'S NEXT?", but they'll say, "WHO'S GOLDBERG?" Goldberg grabs Vince's mic and says understand this "BROCK LESNAR IS NEXT" Paul rants about who he is, and Goldberg kills him with an awesome looking spear. Austin proceeds to drinks beer as Goldberg tries to Spear Vince, but he moves, and GOLDBERG SPEARS AUSTIN! Vince bails and Goldberg checks on Austin.


    Backstage: Austin is sitting in pain when Goldberg comes over and says it was not a mistake, he's not apologizing. He just has one question when he turns his back will Austin he hit him with a stunner? Austin says when he decides to hit him with a stunner it will be no mistake. Goldberg says he can live with that.

    Backstage: Vince barges into Eric's office and yells at him for almost getting speared. Vince tells Eric to go tell Goldberg he's suspended and if Goldberg shows up at No Way Out Sunday it will be ERIC'S ASS!

    Trish Stratus & Chris Jericho vs. Molly Holly & Matt Hardy
    Mattitude.com says Matt loves getting things for free & Matt has status on 5 airlines. Jericho/Matt is good Molly/Trish is solid. Not much of a story in this it's just two mini-matches blended together. Jericho still selling his knee from last week is awesome, he jams it going for the springboard dropkick and Matt sends him into the ring steps. Matt tries to attack Trish so Christian comes down and attacks Matt allowing Trish to roll up Molly for the win. **1/4

    Rasheed " Ball don't lie" Wallace and some of the other trailblazers are in the crowd.

    Backstage: Trish comes out of the trainer's room after checking on Jericho when Christian comes over, she asks him what was that and Christian apologizes for being a jerk lately, but says that since she and Jericho are good friends, they should get along too. She accepts it, and he goes to look in on Jericho. He stops before tells Trish that she looks really good tonight, before walking into the trainer's room. CLB DA GAWD!

    Backstage: Jindrack and Cade are looking at the new Playboy mags when Jackie and Stacy say Playboy might not have picked them, but they won't take this lying down.

    Backstage: Mick Foley is walking around and walks up to coach. Coach asks him what he's doing here and Foley says this is his night to embarrass Orton. He's going to either beat up Orton, cost him the IC Title, or maybe even both.

    Mark Henry out for 4 Months :(

    Ric Flair vs. Chris Benoit
    Really fuckin' good, super stiff with chops. Flair's chest is bleeding after one chop :mark: so Benoit continues to chop it for more blood. Flair's brings his epic old man drunk bumping and best of hits but it works because Benoit isn't taking any of his shit. Flair is just a bumping dummy for Benoit and it rules. Benoit misses the Diving Headbutt as we go to a commercial, so when we return Flair sends Benoit arm and head first into the ringpost. I love that it's a constant struggle for both men to do anything and they always go back to vicious chops and punches. Benoit counters a backdrop into the triple german's but on the forth Flair grabs the ref so he can low blow Benoit. Flair locks in the figure-four but Benoit is at the ropes so Flair takes the whole 4 seconds before breaking. Flair now targets the knee with a chopblock and again goes for the figure-four but Benoit grabs Flair's arm and counters into the Crippler Crossface for the win. AWESOME! The only negative is both guys wearing red. TRIGGERED! ***

    Backstage: Triple H is watching on, he then grabs a ref and tells him to go tell Eric the contract signing is NEXT

    In the ring, the ring is set up with the usual contract signing red mat and cheap table. Benoit and Eric are already in it when Triple H comes out. Hunter signs first, but before Benoit signs, Hunter begins talking about Benoit is probably nervous and that understandable. He says Benoit is at the edge and is looking over to see if he really wants to jump. Hunter tries to intimidate Benoit about how big a moment this is for him, it's Madison Square Garden, WrestleMania XX, and the Main Event. He goes into detail about Benoit holding up the title with the fans yelling his name "BENOIT!, BENOIT!, BENOIT!", but yells to snap out of it, because THIS is reality, and reality says he'll choke, like always. He will be sitting in the locker room alone staring into his empty bag. No GOLD! He says at WrestleMania 18 years of blood, sweat, and tears will be for NOTHING! He asks if its worth it to lose it all, this is what dreams are made of he holds up the world title and yells HE IS REALITY! AND JR YELLS "HE'S A SON OF A BITCH" Benoit goes to sign it but Shawn Michaels comes out and says this is a huge moment for him as Hunter leaves. Shawn says Benoit earned this and respects that but he thought Benoit would take care of this on Smackdown. He says he and Triple H's issues are far from over and it's been 10 years in the making. Shawn says he's so close to finishing it and will finish it at WrestleMania. Benoit says he has the utmost respect for him, he says he can finish his issue with Triple H but it won't be at WrestleMania. Suddenly, SHAWN SUPERKICKS BENOIT! AND SIGNS THE CONTRACT!


    KANE vs. The Hurricane

    Kane tries his ringpost fire stuff but it fails the first two times, he manages to summon the fire on the 3rd but the red lighting turns bluish/purple. Another video package airs on the tron "IN 34 DAYS THE DEAD WILL RISE...AGAIN!"

    Backstage: Eric runs up on Benoit who is pissed, Eric says he will have his lawyers check out the contract but he will give Benoit something he wants. Next week, Chris Benoit vs. Shawn Michaels.

    Backstage: Terri interviews Randy Orton, he complains about having to defend his IC title this close to WrestleMania and it's in a Triple Threat Match, where he doesn't even have to be pinned to lose the title. On top now he has Foley running around wanting to embarrass him. Orton yells it's a conspiracy.

    Backstage: Coach walks up to Goldberg who is leaving and tells him now that Mr. McMahon has suspended him what is he gonna do. Goldberg says he'll still be in the front row at No Way Out and Brock is still next.

    Mick Foley comes out, he says he did not come here to screw up Orton's IC title match he came here to explain why he walked out on his match against Orton. He says Orton became obsessed with Foley becoming a coward and when someone becomes obsessed with someone's faults they have something to hide. Foley talks about how Orton also walked out in his life, and talks about his military history and going AWOL. He talks about how Orton turned his back on his country and every time he called Foley a coward was he deep down talking about himself? If Orton wants to be a legend, there's one time for that, and it's WrestleMania XX on March 14th, 2004. He challenges him, and Orton shows up on the tron. He says Foley might just walk out again, and challenges him to come fight him RIGHT NOW in catering.

    Foley finds Orton but Flair and Batista are behind Foley. He laughs and charges at Orton but gets beaten down 3-1 Evolution styles. Flair punches the shit out of him, as Batista powerbombs him through a table full of food. Orton hesitantly walks over, unsure if Foley is actually out, and when he sees that he is, he gets an amazing heel smile and slaps the shit out of Foley. He goes to leave but comes back and PUNTS FOLEY IN THE HEAD! THIS FEUD IS AMAZING!


    Triple Threat Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship: Rob Van Dam vs. Booker T vs. Randy Orton
    This is about 10 minutes or so, but it feels weird IDK what but I just can't get into it. Lots of 2 in and a 3rd man takes a really long nap on the floor. E.G. RVD/Booker gets 3 straight minutes then we get Orton/RVD for another 3. RVD/Booker do more stuff and then finally Booker/Orton before the finishing stretch with all 3 finally getting in at the same time with some cool false finishes. I liked that throughout the match RVD and Booker used Orton as a crash test dummy for future tag team double team moves. Booker hits the scissors kick onto Orton but takes too much time allowing RVD to break up the pin, RVD then nails the 5 Star Frog Splash onto Booker but Orton shoves RVD and steals the pin. FUCK YEAH! ** - **1/4

    Ric Flair and Batista come out to celebrate along with booting the boots to RVD and Booker. Mick Foley begins hobbling down the ramp so Orton leaves out of one side of the ring and catches Foley with an RKO OUTTA NOWHERE ON THE FLOOR. FUCK YEAH! Evolution continues to put the boots to everyone as RAW ends.
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    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar
    WWE United States Champion: Big Show
    WWE Tag Team Champions: Scotty II Hotty & Rikishi
    WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Rey Mysterio

    WWE Smackdown
    February 12th, 2004
    Tacoma, Washington

    Tonight: Eddie Guererro & Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar & The Big Show

    Rey Mysterio (w/Jorge Paez) vs. Tajiri
    This is pretty shit, not because it's a bad match or anything. But because it's basically a Rey showcase match and Tajiri barely does anything. Chavo and Chavo come out to briefly distract Rey, and Tajiri does some cool stuff to injure Rey's back but Rey no sells and makes his comeback. Rey hits the 619 followed by the Springboard Seated Senton for the win. After the match; The Chavo's attack Rey until Jorge makes the save. Chavo Classic challenges him to a fight but gets knocked out in hilarious fashion. *3/4

    Michael Cole and Taz admit as much as they don't like Heyman, what Goldberg did to Heyman was out of line and Goldberg is a lunatic.

    Backstage: Brock is with Heyman in his office, Brock says Austin gives Goldberg a front row seat to No Way Out and Vince sends Heyman to RAW to get speared? Heyman says that spear is the worse thing he's ever felt. He says he can't breathe right, can't sleep or move. Brock says what kind of message is Goldberg trying to send. Heyman says in Goldberg's mind he didn't spear Paul Heyman he was spearing Brock Lesnar. Brock says he is NOT intimidated by anybody. Brock says when he beats Eddie he will look over into Goldberg's eyes and prove to him he is NOT intimidated by him by hitting an F5 on him. Brock says when he's done with Goldberg people will not be chanting who's next? it will be WHO'S GOLDBERG?

    Rikishi/Scotty vs. Bashams & Shaniqua, 2-on-3 handicap match for the tag titles is added to No Way Out HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!

    Scotty II Hotty (w/Rikishi) vs. Danny Basham (w/Dough Basham & Shaniqua)

    Backstage: Rey says the Chavo's are cowards because all they do is beat people up from behind. Rey says he's been wrestling for 10 years and he has earned everything he's ever gotten.

    Chavo Jr. calls Rey a jumping bean as Chavo classic looks out of it with ice on his face <3 Chavo Classic.

    Backstage: Josh Mathews interviews Kurt Angle, Josh asks him how confident Kurt is going into NWO. Kurt says whether it's in the Olympics or in the WWE He's done whatever it takes to come out on top. He says Show and Cena may be different but are the same. One thinks he's Eminem and the other eats MnM's lots of them. And the other is they both are gonna lose to him. Oh, it's true, it's damn true.

    Hardcore Holly vs. Rhyno
    Poor Smackdown their talent is so thin. This is shit as expected lots of shitty brawling, Rhyno almost pulls a Lesnar and drops Hardcore on his neck hopefully breaking it but he manages to catch himself and hit a reverse powerbomb onto the top turnbuckle. Rhyno then logically works Holly's midsection because the head is on the mid-section 8D But I get it he's softening him up for the Gore. Rhyno goes for a Gore but Holly hits a weird dropkick that looks like a yakuza kick. They fight some more and Rhyno refuses to break during corner punches and shoves the ref for the No Contest. After the match; both men fight on the floor until refs break it up. TRASH!

    Backstage: Kurt has been laid out. EMTs rush over and place him on a stretcher. Eddie runs over and asks if he's breathing.

    BUT FUCK THAT! A mariachi band is in the ring playing some fire ass music as we get the greatest entrance in Smackdown history.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Brock says he's throwing Eddie a little celebration because this Sunday he will have nothing to celebrate. Uno, Dos Tres. They play again, but Eddie runs out and everyone bails. He's pissed initially, but Brock tries to calm him down, saying it's for him. They swam a hell of a long way for you Eddie :lmaolmao Brock says Eddie is a fighting guy, he's a fighter that's why people love him. He addresses him as Addict and says "YOU'RE NOT FIGHTING THE ODDS...YOU'RE FIGHTING ME!" :mark: Brock says he gonna torture him. While Eddie was off recovering HE was winning NCAA championships and WWE championships. Brock says he hates guys like him. Guys that just want sympathy, guys that like Eddie trying to take things away from hard-working people like him. Brock says Eddie better start getting addicted to losing because this Sunday Brock is gonna give him his FIX :mark: Eddie laughs and say's that's pretty good, you wanna talk about addiction, you know what. let's tell the truth. Yes, I am an addict. 3 Years ago in Brock's home state, i was HIGH! and I don't remember much about that night, but they carried me out and straight to rehab. Eddie says that was the beginning and for those 3 years. I lost my job, wife, kids and MYSELF! Eddie says he disgraced his race, family and himself but says he got to the point of DO or DIE and he did. Day by day, he has earned his way back into this ring. Eddie says day by day he has earned the respect of his kids back. He says his new addiction is getting high off wrestling for the fans and his new addiction is winning the WWE Championship. This feud is fucking amazing.

    WGTT vs. APA has been added to the PPV now.

    Shelton Benjamin (w/Charlie Haas) vs. Bradshaw (w/Faarooq)
    So they not gonna say anything that is the first time Faarooq has been on TV this year or at least since the Survivor Series build? Anyway, this is fine, Bradshaw does his clubbing/bully offense and Shelton bumps well for it. Shelton steals A-Train's Clothesline from Hell counter by getting the arms up hurting Bradshaw's arm again. Shelton's arm work is good, it's not a violent as Train's as Shelton's looks a lot more technical while Train just looked like he wanted to rip his arm off. Bradshaw's actually selling is a nice touch too. Bradshaw "digs down deep" and uses the bad arm to KILL Shelton with a clothesline from hell for the win. **1/2

    Backstage: Josh Mathews gives us a Kurt update, he says Kurt is semi-conscious and WWE officials have nailed it down to 3 possible suspects. John Cena, Big Show and Brock Lesnar. SHOCKER!

    Jamie Noble comes out, he says Nida is probably in the back scared for their match this Sunday. He says Nadia has never satisfied NOTHIN' And ever since he got his aunt's money she's been spending it and sucking him dry. He says if he was smart he would have dumped her when she got blind :lmao Jamie says everyone woman wants him and would kill to be with him. Jamie says he found an out for Nida, do what she's told. Pack her crap and leave. He says just to leave all the stuff he bought her. Nida comes out in a woodland truck with two men. Nida says she just spoke to Heyman and Heyman has now changed the match to Noble being blindfolded. UGH! She then gets the two men to put logs in the woodchipper. She makes jokes of Jamie's "Small dick" she then throws that $5000 jacket into the woodchipper. WHAT A BITCH!

    Torrie Wilson and Sable FAKE pretend to be friends so they can pimp out the Playboy magizine.

    No Way Out HYPE!

    Brock Lesnar & The Big Show vs. Eddie Guerrero & John Cena
    This gets about 13 minutes and rules, Show/Cena is solid but Eddie/Brock steal the match with their brief interaction. Eddie using his emotions and speed to frustrate Brock while Brock just uses his insane strengh and williness to bump. AWESOME! AMAZING! HOT! 2 Minutes. Show toys with Eddie for a few minutes but Cena gets the hot tag but is immeditly cut off by a show big boot lol. Cena was great as face in peril, as Brock and Show take turns streching Cena with holds and power moves. They do this awesome false tag spot with Brock tagging in and at the very last second Brock runs across the ring to knock Eddie off, eventully Eddie does tag in and we get more Brock/Eddie awesomeness. The match breaks down and Kurt runs down and nails both Cena and Show with a chair. For some reason the ref allows it. But as the ref is distracted with Kurt Eddie grabs Cena's chain and low blows Brock and rolls him up for the win. **3/4

    AWESOME reverse psychology.
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    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar
    WWE United States Champion: Big Show
    WWE Tag Team Champions: Scotty II Hotty & Rikishi
    WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Rey Mysterio


    No Way Out
    February 15th. 2004
    Cow Palace: San Fransisco, California

    Torrie Wilson and Sable continue their fake friendship by coming out together and trying to get an already hyped crowd hype.

    AMAZING Eddie/Brock video package opener.

    WWE Tag Team Championships: The Basham Brothers & Shaniqua vs. Scotty II Hotty & Rikishi
    This is what it is, the same formula as their previous matches. I will give them this the opening 5 minutes is some of the best bumping i've seen from the Bashams ever. At one point Scotty goes for the worm but Shaniqua kills him with a clothesline from the apron give the Bashams their heat. All 3 do stuff it's pretty basic and shit. Shaniqua is still green and basically can only do a power slam. Rikishi's hot tag is pretty meh, only highlight is he has tunnel vision on giving Shaniqua the Bonzi drop so it almost costs his team a few times and we get some okay cut off spots from the Bashams but in the end Rikishi ends up hitting the Bonzi Drop onto her and he sits on her tits for the win. *1/2

    Jamie Noble is Blindfolded Match: Jamie Noble vs. Nidia
    Noble totally carries this to the best of his abilities, it's pretty much a comedy match as Nidia fucks with him as Noble totally overdoes it with his bumping. This goes on for like 4 minutes until behind the refs back Noble pulls the hood up and sees Nidia on the top rope. He throws her off and locks in a front Guillotine Choke for the win. ** - **1/4

    Backstage: Josh Interviews Kurt Angle, Kurt says he wants Cena or Show to explain themselves as it was probably one of them who did it. Cena comes over and says Kurt got it wrong, Cena says if he wanted to knock Kurt out he would do it in his face. Cena slaps Kurt and they have a pull apart little fight.

    The Self-proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team vs. The APA
    WGTT have these cool Blue/Black/Gold attire on, very flashy and cool. Bradshaw has his arm bandaged up from the Smackdown match, i'm also crediting A-Train for it too even of SD are too lazy to show it. This is fine, I like that WGTT target Faarooq's arm so i guess their game plan was to work the arm of Bradshaw but seeing how Faarooq gave them the opening they're just hurt the other APA member. As usual, WGTT are great at working a body part no wasted motion they place many holds just trying to keep Faarooq grounded. And I think this is the first time since '98 i've ever seen Faarooq sell. Bradshaw's hot tag fuckin ruled he doesn't throw punches as his punching arm is injured so it's a bunch of power moves. He hits a sweet last call from the middle rope on Shelton but as he hits the clothesline from hell on Haas he re-injures the arm allowing Shelton to superkick him for the win. **3/4

    Goldberg arrives. He's shaved his awesome Viking beard so fuck him.

    Goldberg/Brock video package

    Paul Heyman comes out still holding his ribs and has this amazing SHOCKED/HATRED look on his face. He grabs a mic and says Goldberg has spent 11 months on the inferior RAW brand but this is Smackdown. His Smackdown. He says Goldberg will witness a SD PPV. Because as soon as he crosses that barrier, he'll have him removed and arrested. Brock Lesnar comes out, and Heyman says HERE COMES THE PAIN Brock says he came out to prove to all these people he's not intimidated by him. Brock challenges him to FIGHT and Heyman tries to stop it. Brock say's Goldberg is scared and Stone Cold would be scared too if he was in that seat. He calls Goldberg a BITCH! So Goldberg enters the ring, Heyman distracts Goldberg allowing Brock to get the jump. He picks him up for the F5 but Goldberg slides out and nails the Jackhammer as Heyman screams for security. Cops come out and handcuff Goldberg and walk him out.

    As Brock is selling and selling tremendously Hardcore Holly's music hits and Holly runs down but Brock manages to escape.

    Hardcore Holly vs. Rhyno
    Same shit as the SD match just with extra minutes to do nothing with, lots of shitty brawling. Against Rhyno does a move to the head and then goes right to the mid-section. BLAH! Holly wins after hitting the Alabama Match. Just to show you how much no one cared about this match, they even let the Spanish announcers call 40 seconds of the match. *

    WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Chavo Guerrero Jr. (w/Chavo Guerrero Sr.) vs. Rey Mysterio (w/Jorge Páez)
    This is really good, like really good it might be their best match together IDK. I know they had some matches in 2006 but I don't remember them at all. The first 5 minutes or so rules with Rey outsmarting and out wrestling Chavo to the point of Chavo getting frustrated so he tries to rip Rey's mask off. Anyway, Rey hits the 619 but Chavo classic pulls Rey down behind the refs back. Then Jorgie hits classic with a Shane O'Mac type terrible punch in front of the ref so he's ejected. Rey continues to dominate but as he goes for a 'rana off the top Chavo classics with a gutbuster off the top. Chavo's work on the ribs was AWESOME in this, lots of holds and boots directed to it. He takes his time and begins picking apart Rey. Rey's selling is spotty but for the most part, he sells it really well, before completely ignoring it during the finishing stretch. Once Rey stops selling the ribs Chavo begins trying to rib his mask off again. Rey hits a 2nd 619 but as he hits the seated senton Chavo rolls through and into a sick looking half-Boston crab but Rey gets to the ropes. FUCK YEAH! Chavo classic recovers and behind the refs back shoves Rey off the top dropping him throat first onto the top rope, which allows Jr. to schoolboy him and holds the tights for the win. ***

    Backstage: Josh Mathews is with Chavo & Chavo, Chavo says unlike Eddie he isn't a loser. Eddie is always a loser and an addict. He says Eddie has a monkey on his back, and it causes him to be a loser, unlike Chavo, the true star of the Guerrero family.

    Number #1 Contenders match for the WWE Championship: Kurt Angle vs. The Big Show vs. John Cena
    This gets about 12 minutes and it's fine, nothing memorable or anything. Kurt and Cena take turns trying to go 1on1 with show but keeps failing so they start fighting amung themselves as show watches on. In typical pre-unbreakable fashion a ton of 2 in and 1 on the floor. Show/Cena is good, Show/Kurt is fine and Cena/Kurt is okay. The match then turns into one of those typical spam finishers. Like 2 angle slams, 2 FU's, 2 Chokeslams everyone kicks out and shit. BUT FUCK THAT! Show throws Cena's hurt knee into the top turnbuckle in brutal fashion. Kurt then angle slams Show over the top rope and applies the ankle lock to Cena who taps. **3/4


    WWE Championship: Brock Lesnar vs. Eddie Guerrero
    This is one of those famous wrestling matches, that I'm sure everyone has seen at some point. I've probably seen it 50 times and can remember almost everything as it happens. So I won't go over it fully. If you haven't seen it. Stop reading and go watch. Brock shutting down all of Eddie offense to start is fantastic, he's so calm as he doesn't have to worry about Goldberg as he's in prison. I also like that the theme of the match and the video packages as they've said it over and over again is this is just a routine title defense for Brock who's pretty much had these matches for the past 2 years. Nasty spot as Eddie goes for a 'rana but Brock catches him, he almost drops him on his neck like Holly but catches him. Pulls him up and simply toys with him by throwing him off. As the match goes along Brock begins getting too cocky which gives Eddie the opening to go after the knee. I like that Brock would keep finding counters to get Eddie off him, but even when he recovers Eddie would keep trying to break him down going to the knee and Brock sells his ass off. Pretty funny moment Eddie tries to lock in the figure-four but Brocks' legs are so big Eddie doesn't know how to lock it in, which gives Brock time to recover and kick Eddie off. He does manage to get it the 2nd time but Brock fuckin drags his weight and Eddie's weight across the ring and to the ropes. Eddie keeps trying to ground Brock but now Brock has to dig down deep, and deep he does by murdering Eddie with power moves. Fatigue begins to set in as both men have been going at it for 25 minutes, so everything slows down and Brock just begins locking in anything just too keep Eddie grounded. Brock begins getting desperate and resorts to some amateur wrestling pins trying to get a quick one over Eddie before going back to the bear hug. Eddie's comeback is tremendous as he hits the three amigos, but Brock rolls out of the way of the Frog Splash. Brock gets up and hits the F5 but during so the ref gets bumped. Brock picks up the WWE championship.............................BUT GOLDERG RUNS OUT AND SPEARS BROCK. Eddie begins slowly crawling and covers Brock but so much time has passed that Brock manages to kick out. The ref is still down, as Eddie picks up the WWE championship. He measures up Brock and comes charging in but Brock ducks and counters into the F5....................BUT EDDIE COUNTERS IN MID AIR AND DDT'S HIM ONTO THE WWE TITLE. EDDIE THEN HITS THE FROG SPLASH AND COVERS FOR THE WIN. Eddie's celebration still gives me goosebumps and allergies.


    All-time great performance by both men. Eddie's bumping and resilience, heart refusing to stay down, not letting the demon win. And for Brock who has been the best big match performer since his debut. He's just the complete package, being a bully on offense but bumping and selling when it's time. Just amazing. Finally, WWE got 1 with a great feud and the payoff being satisfying. Unlike Shawn/Hunter and Eddie/Chavo who both had great feuds but the endings were flat and disappointing.


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    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
    WWE Intercontinental Champion: Randy Orton
    WWE World Tag Team Champions: Ric Flair & Batista
    WWE Women's Champion: Molly Holly

    WWE Monday Night RAW
    February 16th, 2004
    Bakersfield, California

    Tonight: Benoit/Michaels FIRST TIME MEETING!

    Triple H comes down and gets on the mic, he says he came straight from Eric Bischoff's office where Eric is not giving him answers on who he will be facing at WrestleMania. Hunter says this is like WM X all over again, where Yokozuna defend his title twice and lose it. He demands that Eric comes out and tells him who he will be facing. Eric comes out and says he has every right to be mad, and he agrees with him. Eric says what if he cancels tonight's match of Benoit vs. Michaels, and replace it with Triple H vs. Benoit or Michaels his decision on who. And the winner goes on to face the other at WrestleMania. Hunter asks if that's what the people want? WELL, I DON'T GIVE A CRAP WHAT YOU PEOPLE THINK! Benoit comes out and gets in Hunters face, he grabs the mic and tells him to shut his damn mouth. Benoit says this is about him..............AND HEADBUTTS HUNTER :mark: they have this great little fight beating the shit out of one another in the corner, but Benoit wins and locks in the crossface as Evolution make the save. Benoit rolls out to safety.

    Backstage: Evolution is pissed, Hunter says they got all night to get Benoit. But first Flair and Batista have a tag match. He tells Orton to go with them to ensure nothing happens. Orton says he's got everything under control.

    WWE World Tag Team Championships: Booker T & Rob Van Dam vs. Batista & Ric Flair (w/Randy Orton)
    RVD is wearing this god awful multi-colored meshed together color attire. it looks like someone just threw paint on the attire and handed it to him. Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Black, Orange, Red shit is atrocious. https://i.imgur.com/OClFoom.png I guess that attire is just like this match, it's weird the flow is off it doesn't feel big, feels random as RVD and Booker were just beating the shit out of one another last week in trying to win the IC title. It's all babyfaces early on but RVD tries a crossbody onto Batista and Orton but they move and he crashes and burns to the floor. Evolution doesn't really do a thing during the heat just a couple of rest holds before Booker tries to save the match with a really good hot tag. The match breaks down and Orton takes out Booker's knee to set up the Figure Four. Foley runs out and brawls with Orton to the back. Batista leaves Flair to go help Orton which leaves Flair alone and RVD hits the Five Star Frog Splash for the win. *1/2

    Footage of Goldberg/Lesnar from No Way Out.

    Backstage: Austin and Eric are talking about the PPV last night, Austin demands to know what the main event of Mania will be. Austin says he better figure this out before the night ends. He says if he does not he will breaking the LAW and will beat Eric's ass.Eric leaves and Orton comes over, he says he will finish this with Foley tonight. Eric says that's fine.

    Backstage: Jericho is getting ready when Christian comes in wearing an even worse than RVD's attire shit on. This shit looks like some coming out v-neck shit. JESUS CHRIST! https://i.imgur.com/AylRaLD.png Christian asks why would he ask for a match with KANE tonight? Jericho says he didn't Eric is screwing with him. He says Christian is his best friend so he's trusting him with this, he says he's gonna tell Trish he wants to be more than friends. He pulls out this terrible 1 flower and says he's gonna give this to her :lmao Christian says it's a bad idea she probably has lots of men lusting after her. He tells him to forget about her and worry about KANE. He asks Christian to hold the one rose flower and leaves.

    Chris Jericho vs. KANE
    "DITCH THE BITCH! Y2J" sign in the front raw :mark: This is cool, they don't really have the best chemistry together but this isn't a real match. Jericho tries to go after Kane's knee early but it fails so KANE destroy's his knee to the point that the ref stops it.

    After the match; Kane dumps Jericho to the floor before sending him knee first into the ring post. Kane grabs the mic and says let that be a lesson to whoever it is that keeps screwing with him. He says the Undertaker is not behind this.............BECAUSE I BURIED HIM ALIVE. MY BROTHER IS DEAD! DEAD! DEAD! DEAD! DEAAAAAAAD! Kane walks up the ramp, but the lights go out. The video plays again with the blue lighting, AND THE DEAD WILL RISE AGAIN IN 27 DAYS...WRESTLEMANIA XX. It begins to rain on Kane on the stage and the gongs hit.

    Randy Orton comes down to the ring, he says he's gonna make things real simple. Foley challenged him last week. But reality check it wouldn't be fair. Look at me, I'm the IC champion. 23 years old, I haven't hit my prime yet. While look at you. You're fat, disgusting, broken down, glory hound who is blinded by your own ego to the fact that your time is over. But, if its a fight you want. LETS FIGHT! If I have to beat it into your skull. You might have been the man in 2000 but in 2004, tonight you are just Randy Orton's BITCH! Foley comes down and they have this really good fight, but as soon as Foley starts getting the better Flair and Batista run down making it 3-1. They proceed to just beat the ever living shit out of Foley which includes some nasty stiff punches to the face by Orton he hits him 7 times to the point that Foley just falls down like he's been knocked out clean. Orton then hits him with an RKO as Evolution tries to leave. Orton goes back and beats Foley more. They pull Foley up again, and Flair and Orton keep punching at him. Batista chokes him, and Orton holds Foley up to hit a punch right into the FUCKIN' temple. Flair punches Foley a bunch of times in the bridge of the nose, and Batista hits the Batista Bomb. Orton yells at Foley to stay down, and poses over him before they all leave.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    WrestleMania XX in 27 Days.

    During the break, Foley is stretchered out.

    Backstage: Shawn is getting ready when Benoit comes over, he says tonight he will show Shawn the same respect he showed him last week. Think about it.

    Backstage: Eric is with Stacy and Jackie ranting about playboy he tells them to go talk to heff about out. Austin comes over asking about the Main Event again. Austin brings in the Monday Night Wars DVD, and asks him about when he challenged Vince. He fools Eric into talking shit about Vince and says he could whip Vince's ass. Eric turns around, and Vince McMahon is there. Eric tries to apologize but Vince is pissed. He says he has a big announcement for Raw next week, and when he shows up to tell people, he'll show up next week in his gear because he'll be facing Bischoff.

    JR tells us that both Foley and Jericho have been taken to local Hospitals.

    Trish Stratus & Victoria (w/Steven Richards) vs. Molly Holly & Jazz (w/Theodore R. Long)
    Three minutes of nothing, its the weekly women's match because they need to show woman and fill time. Victoria hits the widow's peak and pins Molly. After the match; Test comes out and attacks both Victoria and Richards. Trish tries to make the save but Test goes to powerbomb her. Christian comes out and makes the save. CLB DA GAWD!

    WrestleMania recall: 2001 gimmick battle Royal

    Backstage: Trish thanks Christian for his help, she says she's gonna go check on Jericho at the hospital. He says me too but says he doesn't have a ride and asks if he can go with her. She accepts. Christian then grabs the roses and hands it to her as a late Valentine gift. He then puts his arm around her waist and walks off. CLB DA FUCKING GOD!

    Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Benoit
    Shawn tries to intimidate and play mind games with Benoit by stomping on the mat like he's reminding Benoit about the Superkick. Benoit looks at it and slaps the shit out of him for it. He then beats the shit out of him and Shawn's bumping like this is 97 :mark: They have this good violent chop off before Shawn begins working the neck. He goes for the kill and tries the elbow drop off the top but Benoit moves and he crashes back first into the mat. That gives Benoit the opening and begins working the back. Jesus Shawns' talking so loud during the match he's not even covering his mouth he just yelling shit like Benoit is up at the top of the ramp then right next to him. Shawn's selling in this sucked, he does the Rey approach sell sometimes during the beating by gradually just stop and forget. Both men trade sleeper, but Shawn hits a chin breaker to break his. They do this nasty spot where both men run full speed into one another thankfully they didn't crack heads but ran shoulder into chest. The finishing stretch is cool with both men trading near falls. They fight on top where Shawn knocks Benoit off and hits the flying elbow, he begins tuning up the band but Benoit ducks and locks in the Crippler Crossface, Shawn manages to roll out but Benoit now locks in the sharpshooter but Shawn gets to the ropes. Benoit connects with the 3 Germans but as he's about to go up top. Triple H comes out and distracts Benoit long enough to recover, as Benoit turns around he walks right into a Michaels superkick and Shawn covers for the win. ***


    After the match; Triple H comes in and hits Shawn with a pedigree and leaves. Austin then comes out riding his ATV. He says Eric has made a decision but he's too afraid to tell him. Austin says he doesn't give a rats ass what Hunter thinks. So, for the first time. the world championship will be defended at WrestleMania in a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH!
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    Jericho sure has no luck with friends. ...clearly he's the problem
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    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    WWE Champion: Eddie Guererro
    WWE United States Champion: Big Show
    WWE Tag Team Champions: Scotty II Hotty & Rikishi
    WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Chavo Guererro Jr.

    WWE Smackdown
    February 19th, 2004
    Fresno, California

    Paul Heyman welcomes us to the show and says based off last nights events and knowing Brock he suggested that Brock say home for the safety of everyone else. He says Eddie may be champion, but says tonight Eddie will be defending the title against the New Cruiserweight Champion Chavo. He says with everything between them he has made the decision to assign a special ref.

    Kurt Angle comes out, he asks if the crowd is ready to party. He says tonight we celebrate the new WWE Champion. Eddie Guererro. He says he wanted to be the first to congratulate him, he says he knows what it's like to prove the critics wrong and says he always knew Eddie had what it took to win. Kurt says it will be an honor and privilege to face him at Mania. 3 cheers for Eddie. John Cena then comes out, Cena mocks Kurt for his corny promo and says Kurt maybe an Olympic gold medalist but he sucks. Cena says we have a new champ in town and if yall wanna give him props we gonna give it to him WEST COAST STYLE! He gets the crowd to chant Latino Heat! Cena says Eddie will kick Kurt's ass, Kurt calls Cena MC Hammer and challenges him to a match. Heyman appears on the tron and says they don't make the matches, he does. He says he doesn't want to see Kurt vs. Cena he wants to see Kurt and Cena as a tag team vs.................................THE BASHAMS! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    Kurt Angle & John Cena vs. The Bashams
    This is pretty whatever, it's basically a Kurt/Cena showcase. Bashams have a real good heat period on Cena in which they work the knee, Cena's selling is great. Kurt has a decent hot tag as the match breaks down. Cena blind tags in after Danny counters the ankle lock sending him back into his own corner and Cena hits the FU for the win. Kurt sarcastically applauds Cena but as he leaves he looks pissed. **1/2

    Tonight: Show/Holly - US TITLE

    Backstage: Rey goes into Heyman's office, he says he's not here to complain about his match at NWO. He just wants a rematch. Heyman says he respects that and wishes everyone was like him. He says if Chavo beats Eddie he will be a double champion and next week will defend both titles against him next week. Paul says that now that Rey cares who wins, he asks him to take the rest of the night off.

    THE NEW WWE CHAMPION! Eddie Guererro comes out through the crowd, he gets red, green and white confetti and balloons:marks: it takes him legit 4 or 5 minutes to make it to the ring as he's just in a sea of people. He then takes another 3 minutes of Eddie just soaking up all the love and respect. This moment still gives me goosebumps. Eddie says WE ARE THE WWE CHAMPION! He thanks, everyone that supported him from the beginning. And for everyone who wasn't with me. I'm sure he says kiss his ass in Spanish. He says he didn't go through all this trouble to steal all this confetti and balloons for nothing so LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED! Suddenly, Chavo & Chavo come out. Chavo Jr. says what a shock. I win the Cruiserweight title, the biggest win of my life and one of the biggest moments of my life. But once again, all the attention is on Eddie. Wheres my balloons, confetti, and fireworks? He says Eddie has been lying and cheating his whole life, as well as stealing his spotlight. Chavo tells Eddie to savor this moment cause he will beat him tonight and all of this will be over. Eddie says he won't take his title all he will be taking is this ass kicking. Chavo says Eddie thinks he knows it all, but he doesn't. He knows who the referee is, and he's a fair, unbiased and someone who will call it straight down the middle...................CHAVO GUERRERO SR.!

    WrestleMania XX in 24 Days.

    WWE United States Championship: The Big Show vs. Hardcore Holly
    About 3 minutes, a pure waste of time. Show wins with a chokeslam.

    John Cena comes out and says Show didn't beat him in the triple threat, he challenges him to a US title match at WrestleMania XX. Show says Cena's got more guts than brains but it's his funeral, so, Show accepts.

    Josh Mathews says BROCK IS HERE!

    Video recap of Brock/Goldberg from No Way Out.

    Brock Lesnar comes out, head down visibly upset. He says Heyman gave him the night off but he couldn't stay home. He says he has too much pride and couldn't stay home. He says that championship was his life, unlike Eddie who doesn't appreciate it. Eddie will pawn the title :lmao Brock says he's an all American kind of guy, he says he doesn't understand why people booo him. I'M AN OUTSTANDING GUY! He says he believes he was the greatest champion in history, he calls Eddie a lying, cheating champion. That's how he won MY title. Brock says Eddie's day will come and he will get the title back, but GOLDBERG! it was because of you. He says because of you Bill I can't sleep at night. HE SAYS GOLDBERG WILL FEEL HIS PAIN! So, Mr. McMahon, i know you are watching, I don't care what Austin, Eric or Heyman thinks. Brock then drops to his knees and says "I AM BEGGING YOU! GIVE ME BILL GOLDBERG! AT WRESTLEMANIA 20" he begins crying and it's the most hilarious/amazing thing i've seen so far into 2004.

    Video recap of what happen to KANE on RAW.

    Backstage: Chavo Classic is laid out, Kurt tells Heyman this has to stop it could have been him again, it also could be YOU Heyman NEXT!

    Back from a commercial, Heyman runs up to Kurt and hands him a ref's t-shirt for the main event.

    WWE Championship: Chavo Guererro Jr. vs. Eddie Guererro [Special Referee: Kurt Angle]
    This is a lot better than the Rumble match as it gets about 15 minutes and isn't too storyline/gimmicked based like the Rumble match they get to finally go. Eddie beats the shit out of Chavo for a good couple of minutes, Chavo would get a few licks in but it mostly all Eddie. Him using Kurt's inexpericne against Kurt so he cheats a bunch when Kurt is out of place rules. Chavo manages to weather the early storm and nails Eddie with this sweet tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and begins working the back. Chavo classic comes out and distracts Eddie but it backfires, Eddie hits the 3 amigos but as he goes for the Frog Splash Chavo classic drags his son out of harm's way. Rey comes down and attacks Chavo Classic until refs pull Rey off and to the back. When we return Chavo is now targeting the knee, it's better than the brief back work but it goes nowhere. Eddie's comeback rules, I do hate that he hits a tilt-a-whirl of his own but uses the bad knee. But Eddie sells it like someone who made an uncharacteristic mistake. Eddie hits a powerbomb and nails the Frog Splash....................BUT KURT REFUSES TO COUNT! HE HAS THIS SICK SMILE ON HIS FACE AND PUNCHES EDDIE! ***

    Kurt begins beating the shit out of Eddie in and out of the ring, he throws Eddie into the steps and yells "YOU ARE A STUPID BITCH" Eddie is busted open in the same spot where Chavo cut him when he turned on him. Kurt continues to kill him with punches before hitting the Angle Slam. Rey comes out but Kurt catches him in mid-air with a powerbomb before press slamming him to the floor. More sick punches to Eddie's head. Kurt then grabs the WWE title and celebrates with it by saying this is what it's all about. Eddie tries to use Kurt's body to get himself to his feet so Kurt nails him with the championship before leaving. AWESOME ENDING! And another amazing beat down. 2004 Beatdowns are the greatest.
  7. Deezy

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    Second person to turn on Eddie that was blatantly obvious.....sure.didn't make him look very smart here.
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    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
    WWE Intercontinental Champion: Randy Orton
    WWE World Tag Team Champions: Booker T & Rob Van Dam
    WWE Women's Champion: Molly Holly

    WWE Monday Night RAW
    February 23rd, 2004
    Omaha, Nebraska

    Highlights of Shawn/Benoit, followed by the Triple Threat announcement from last week.

    Tonight: Benoit/Batista & Vince confronts Eric

    Four Way Elimination match for the WWE Woman's Championship: Lita vs. Victoria vs. Jazz (w/Theodore R. Long) vs. Molly Holly
    Really bad, everyone goes a million miles an hour so almost everything is rushed and sloppy. Lita DDT's Jazz 40 seconds in and she's gone. 40 seconds later, Victoria hits this sweet roll through on the jackknife pin. FUCKING CAMARA MAN GOT THE SIDE ANGLE SHOT INSTEAD OF THE FRONT SO WE MISSED VICTORIA'S CAMEL TOE. Anyway, Victoria pins Molly with that. So she's gone. Molly begins to beat down Victoria until refs have to pull her off. Lita and Victoria do some things until Victoria hits the widow's peak for the win. *1/4

    A limo pulls up in the parking lot, it's Mr. McMahon he orders his driver to get his bags and bring it to his office.

    Backstage: Coach tells Eric Vince is here, Christian comes and says the same thing. Christian says his best buddy is out but he will be back soon. He asks for a tag title match at Mania. Eric says he appreciates friendship. Jericho isn't his friend, so NO! But he has an idea for him tonight. Christian will have a match against his other best buddy. TRISH!

    Randy Orton vs. Val Venis
    This is good, clearly not on the level of the Heat match as this is just an Orton showcase. He's back work is great as he applies a couple of vicious holds stretching the back. Val does some good things during his comeback until Orton hits him with an RKO for the win.

    Video of May 1998 of Eric calling out Vince on Nitro airs.

    Backstage: Eric is pissed that that airs when Austin comes in saying he ordered them to air it. Austin tells him to relax, Austin says Eric has the karate thing going for him plus he's younger. He says Eric is the only guy to make out with Linda and Steph and is still here to talk about it. Eric begins laughing and says Austin does have a point, Eric goes over the times he made out with them and says he's got another fantasy.............BUT VINCE IS BEHIND HIM! Vince yells at him about fantasies and says the reality is Eric is getting his ass kicked.


    Backstage: Orton and Flair are hyping up Batista for his match with Benoit. Hunter comes in and says that's all good but he has something he has to say first, so let's go to the ring.

    WrestleMania XX in 20 Days.

    Evolution comes out, Triple H says last week he was a little pissed off with last weeks announcement but he went back and realized the odds are always against him. He says Flair pointed out WHO HE IS! Hunter says no matter what or who they put in front of him, he still gets the job done. STILL CHAMPION! Now am I happy that I have to defend my title against two guys? No. Am I happy that I can lose the world title without being beaten No? Is this gonna be the end of Triple H, the night I fall the night they knock the king off his throne? Game Over? NO! He says this is the biggest night of his life and he will beat Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit. Benoit comes out, he says Triple H calls himself a lot of things and heard a hell of a lot of talking since he's come to RAW. He says he's sick of hearing Hunter run his mouth and the time for talking is done. Triple H dares him to show them how tough he is by entering the ring. Benoit grabs a chair and then enters the ring, Evolution backs off at first but then surround him. Batista attacks him from behind and it's a 4-1 until Shawn makes the save. They clear the ring and Shawn grabs the chair, Benoit turns to see Shawn walking at him with the chair, so Benoit puts him in the Crossface. Austin comes out on the ATV, and he sends everyone but Benoit & Batista to the back. And says if anyone in Evolution or from the back gets involved that will not make it to WrestleMania.

    Chris Benoit vs. Batista
    Best Batista singles to date, which is no surprise as he's in against the greatest pro wrestler of all time. Benoit tries to work the knee early but Batista uses his power for separation. Batista dominates for 80% of the match working Benoit's back, totally destroying it. Benoit being Benoit bumps and sells like to make Batista look like the biggest threat he's faced ever. Barely even makes a comeback, hitting one German, because of his back, he digs down deep and manages to hit the three but takes too long to go up top, causing him to miss the Diving Headbutt. Batista goes for the Batista bomb but Benoit counters into the Crippler Crossface and Benoit taps. **3/4

    La Resistance vs. RVD/Booker ~ NEXT!

    Backstage: Austin continues to try to get Eric to loosen up. Austin tries to give him a pep talk about what happened to the Eric that led WCW over WWF for 82 weeks straight. He calls this Eric pathetic. He says he can walk away and Vince will fire him, 2, Go out lose to Vince and get fired or 3, go out whip that mans ass and enjoy every minute of it. EYE OF THE TIGER!

    Rob Van Dam & Booker T vs. La Resistance
    Booker does what he can but everyone else is so bad and stinks up the joint. Booker hits the Scissors Kick and RVD follows up with the Five Star Frog Splash for the win.

    Backstage: Christian and Trish are talking, Christian says this wasn't his idea it was all Erics. He says this shouldn't be a competitive match cause we both know what would happen. He says the last thing he wants to do is hurt her, it's the complete opposite thing of what he wants to do. Trish asks what are they gonna do. Christian suggests that they do out, he lay down and she covers him. He asks if he's sure and says yes. Christian then says, after all, then why don't they head back to the hotel and seeing how he laid down for her, she can do the same to him. DAT CLB GAWD! She asks if he's kidding, and he laughs it off and says he's making sure she won't two-time his best friend.
    Video Package airs of the brutal beating Evolution gave Mick Foley
    In a video pre-tape. JR is with Foley who has this nasty black eye. JEEZ, Orton stiffed the shit out of him. JR asks him after last weeks beating how much pain he is in. Foley says he's been in pain since 19 and this is the first time he's ever been to a neurologist to explain the type of pain he's in. Foley says this is the first time an injury scared him. JR asks why didn't he stay down? Foley says instant, he says he doesn't remember. He says he through the beating was only 30 seconds until he went home and watched it. He asks WHERE WAS THE HELP! He says he thought he was liked, respected and loved? But I guess not. He says guys might not have gotten over the fact that he walked out in December. JR asks if this is the end? Foley says he won't give Evolution the power of being the ones to put him down and out forever. He says his career isn't over and he will be on RAW MARCH 1ST IN ATLANTA! AND THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY.

    Trish Stratus vs. Christian
    AMAZING ANGLE! Christian lays down and Trish covers, but he kicks out with power. She goes to leave but he smacks her ASS! She is pissed so Christian KILLS HER WITH A CLOTHESLINE! FUCK YEAH! He tells her he's sorry and locks in the Walls of Jericho and she taps. CLB THE GOAT! He refuses to break the hold after the bell and shouts where is you boyfriend NOW! DA GOAT.


    During the break, Trish is helped to the back.

    Backstage: Coach checks on Eric. Eric says he's not scared, he's gone head-to-head with Vince and he's beaten him. He beat him for 83 weeks. But you know what happen? Vince didn't win TimeWarner threw in the towel. I WILL WIN THE WAR!

    Next Week: Benoit/Michaels vs. Orton/Batista & Mick Foley is BAK

    Vince McMahon comes out and grabs the mic, he goes to talk but Stacy and Jackie come out. They ask for a match vs. Torrie/Sable to prove that they're the hottest, so Vince books it. Vince goes to talk again, but KANE comes out. He yells that Taker should be dead after they buried him, but now he's back. so, Vince books Taker vs. Kane at Mania. Kane leaves and Vince again begins talking again and says in the last cross-promotional match at WrestleMania will be..........................But Austin comes out on his ATV. Austin says if you wanna see Brock vs. Goldberg gimmie a Hell Yeah! He says he understands if this match will be too brutal, violent for a normal ref so he asks if he can be the special ref for it. Vince asks whats in it for him and Austin says none of his business so Vince approves it. GOLDBERG VS. BROCK LESNAR! WITH STEVE AUSTIN AS THE REFEREE! Vince then says Austin will be the ref for this next match.

    Vince McMahon vs. Eric Bischoff [Special Referee: Stone Cold Steve Austin]
    This is god awful they do stuff for about 3 minutes, it goes to the floor............................FUCK YEAH! BROCK LESNAR HOPS THE RAIL AND HITS AUSTIN WITH THE F5. Brock stands over Austin to end the show.
  9. Deezy

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    Funniest shit is Goldberg didn't help their angle out after No Way Out and left us all wanting to see Austin vs Brock instead because that's who were fighting here.
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    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    WWE Champion: Eddie Guererro
    WWE United States Champion: Big Show
    WWE Tag Team Champions: Scotty II Hotty & Rikishi
    WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Chavo Guererro Jr.

    WWE Smackdown
    February 26th, 2004
    Kansas City, Missouri

    In a pre-tape, Kurt says for one week people have been asking WHY? KURT WHY? He says tonight he will tell them the truth.

    Tonight: Eddie/Cena vs. Show/Chavo

    1 Contender's Match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Rey Mysterio vs. Jamie Noble vs. Nunzio vs. Billy Kidman
    First pin or submission wins, really fun spotfest. Super fast paced with counters, spots dives all the usual shit. We randomly cut to Eddie barging into Heyman office where Tajiri, Akio, & Sakoda are talking he says he's gonna beat the hell out of Kurt and anyone involved. Kurt asks if Heyman had anything to do with it, Eddie begins to ask if Chavo was even attacked? he then asks what Kurt even attack and even asks who attacked him. SO MANY QUESTIONS! Heyman asks him to calm down and asks him to conduct himself like a champion. He says he had nothing to do with last week, and with all due respect I don't answer to you, you answer to me. Heyman goes back to talking to Tajiri and we go back to the match. Kidman/Noble have a nice interaction but as Kidman goes for the shooting star press Nunzio knocks him down. Noble/Rey is good as usual. Everyone has great match saving offense, along with some real fun near falls. Rey hits Nunzio with the 619 but as he goes to end the match, Paul Heyman comes out with Tajiri. He says this match is canceled. He says it has been brought to his attention that there was no Japanese representation in this match. He says the last thing he needs is a racial discrimination case against him and Smackdown, therefore at WrestleMania Chavo will defend his title in a Cruiserweight Open Match. **3/4 - ***

    Wait, what happened to Rey/Chavo that was set to take place tonight. You know the match Heyman booked last week? FUCKING SMACKDOWN

    Replay of the Eddie/Chavo match and Kurt turning on Eddie.

    Rikishi & Scotty II Hotty vs. The APA

    Recap of Vince booking Goldberg/Brock and Brock showing up on RAW F5'ing Austin.

    Backstage: Josh Mathews asks Brock why he F5'ed Austin, Brock says he not only blames Goldberg but he blames Austin for him no longer being champion. Brock says he doesn't get concerned and the only thing that matters to him is revenge. He says if Austin sticks his nose in his business again he will feel the same pain Goldberg will feel at WrestleMania.

    WrestleMania XX in 17 Days.

    Eddie Guererro comes down to the ring and gets on the mic, he says it's been about 11 days since he's been champion. He has all his homies ask how long he's gonna hold the WWE title. He says he doesn't know. He takes it day-by-day. Eddie says he promised his family he would do what it takes to be drug and alcohol-free. He says it's hard but he takes it one day at a time. He says he will use that logic to keep this title. Eddie says part of his responsibility is to be a man, knowing when to take a stand and when to fight. He challenges Kurt to fight him man-to-man. Kurt doesn't come out, so, Eddie says that since Kurt likes to jump people from behind, he'll go find Kurt in the back.

    Backstage: Eddie bangs on Kurt's door, but Heyman and Dawn rush over. Kurt says hi from down the hallway behind cops. Paul tries to stop Eddie, but Eddie shoves him back and he accidentally knocks Dawn into the wall. She's hurt and Eddie is upset, Heyman gets the cops to take Eddie out of the arena. Heyman yells at him that this is now how champions act.

    Billy Gunn vs. Brock Lesnar
    This is Brocks worse match maybe to date, even worse than the Hardcore match from the Rumble or the Biker match against Taker at No Mercy. For some reason, they book this to make Gunn be way more competitive and almost equal to Brock which is fucking hilarious. Gunn's arm work is poor, but Brock is such a good guy he sells it like his arm is broken or been shot in the arm. Brock's offense is godly as usual vicious power moves mixed with body holds. F5 wins it for Brock. **

    Torrie Wilson comes out looking amazing, but sadly have Sable with her. They are wearing potential evening gowns for their Mania match. They hype up their Mania match before John Cena comes out. He says he's seen the playboy mag, and as much as he likes the evening gown he likes them off. For some reason, WWE network edits something cause in mid-promo we cut to Rey making his entrance. SMH!

    John Cena & Rey Mysterio vs. The Big Show & Chavo Guererro Jr. (w/Chavo Guerrero Sr.)
    This is fine, not to go crazy about Chavo/Rey continue their NWO goodness and Show/Rey rules cause it's just Show throwing Rey around like a small child. Cena's hot tag is a lot of fun as he cleans house, but Chavo Sr. distracts the ref allowing Show to hit a big boot. As the heel teamwork over Cena. They don't really work a body part just do stuff to fill time, which is stupid as CENA HAS A FUCKING KNEE BRACE ON! Rey hot tag is dope, the match breaks down. Show and Cena fight on the floor, Rey, and Chavo go for about another minute until Rey hits just the 619 and covers for the win. After the match; Chavo Classic attacks Rey so Cena FU's him. Show then chokeslams both Cena and Rey before leaving. **1/2

    Kurt Angle comes down to the ring, he says he attacked Eddie because it was the right thing to do. He didn't do it for him. He did it for you. I ATTACKED EDDIE GUERERRO FOR AMERICA! He says Eddie is a former drug addict, oh the irony 8D Kurt says he tells children it's cool to lie, cheat and steal. Well, it's not cool. Because people of America need to understand it was built on morals and characters, and we need to go back to our fundamentals. He says I'm only one man and someone needs to sacrifice for the benefit of our children and our children's children. Kurt says it's only a matter of time before Eddie falls off the wagon again because that's what all drug addicts do. Drug addicts are the last person we need representing us as WWE Champion. He says it hurt him to attack Eddie, he says he prayed over it. He says he had to make a deal with the devil in Paul Heyman, as well as Chavo and Chavo Sr. because it was the right thing to do. Just like the like all American heroes, they can ridicule and hate him now, but one day, everyone will thank him for being a champion to be proud of. Eddie comes through the crowd and they have a tease fight but Heyman along with the cops come out. Heyman has the cops arrest Eddie for ruining his show and hurting a woman. Kurt yells at him for being a horrible role model, an embarrassment. Kurt yells he's no champion.
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    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
    WWE Intercontinental Champion: Randy Orton
    WWE World Tag Team Champions: Booker T & Rob Van Dam
    WWE Women's Champion: Victoria

    WWE Monday Night RAW
    March 1st, 2004
    Atlanta, Georgia

    La Resistance are in the ring protesting that the illegal man was pinned last week. Austin comes out on his ATV MAD ASS HELL! He Stuns Rene and Conway runs off. Austin grabs the mic and says Brock Lesnar did more than break the law last week, he pissed me off. Austin says seeing how he is the special ref he will get some of his anger management out if needed. He reminds us of the Goldberg spear 3 weeks ago, Austin says he fears no spear like he fears no beer. He says he will call this down the middle but if they get in his business he will open a can of whoop-ass on em both. Vince comes out onto the stage and says, that is not the bottom line. The bottom line is he's a lousy referee. It was proven last week. He says that's okay he has unfinished business with Eric and him. He says he saw Brock F5 him, and he admits it put a smile on his face. Vince says he had nothing to do with it but he should ask Eric if he had anything to do with it. Vince says seeing how terrible Austin is as a ref, it wouldn't surprise him if Goldberg and Brock teamed up and beat the hell out of him. Vince suggests he take his red neck ass out of GA. Austin cuts him off and says he's got a 15-20 yard head start.............AUSTIN THEN LEAVES THE RING, JUMPS ON THE ATV AND CHASES VINCE TO THE BACK.

    In the parking lot, Austin is still chasing Vince. Vince begs him to stop and runs into his limo. AUSTIN THEN DRIVES ONTO THE LIMO AND REVS HIS ENGINE ON THE OPEN WINDOW!

    Victoria & Lita vs. Jazz & Molly Holly (w//Theodore R. Long)
    Molly is so upset that she shoves Jazz before the match, then as the bell rings Jazz and Long leave. Molly shoves Lita but walks into a Victoria small package for the win. After the match; Molly attacks Victoria and beats her down. She begins pulling her hear and even rips some out as the refs break it up.

    Backstage: Coach runs up to Shawn and asks if he and Benoit can co-exist against Evolution, Shawn says they have to, to win but doesn't think so.

    Backstage: Some loser called John Henagin walks into Eric's office and introduces himself. Eric asks what he wants, and John says he won tough enough 3 and is ready to burst onto the RAW scene. He says if Eric needs any help on RAW he's willing to do so. He calls Eric his idol so Eric hires him as he NEW assistant. Austin comes in and Eric says HE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH BROCK! Molly comes busting in and says she wants a rematch. Eric sees Victoria's hair in Molly's hand and makes the match for WrestleMania. Austin says she has to put her hair on the line. Molly says she likes her hair too much and doesn't want to look like a bald freak. Molly accepts.

    Tag Team Qualifiers Match: The Hurricane & Rosey vs. Mark Jindrak & Lance Cade
    Winners advance to the fatal 4 way at WrestleMania for the tag titles. Rosey no longer has Super Hero In Training on his t-shirt :( this is pretty boring, everyone just seemed to be going through the motions. And the crowd was dead for it all. Rosey tries to go up top but Jindrk nails him with a big right hand, Cade then rolls him up and holds the tights for the win. *

    Backstage: Benoit is getting ready when Coach comes in, he says Shawn said he can't trust him so asks if he can trust Shawn. Benoit says the only person he trusts is himself.

    Bow Wow is in the crowd.

    Rico is in the ring, he says tonight he has the privilege of introducing Miss Jackie and Stacy Keibler. They come out in evening gowns of their own, Stacy looks classy and elegant while Jackie's looks like it was made in the $1 store but at least it shows off her amazing cleavage. Rico rambles on some more.................BUT KANE COMES OUT! FUCK YEAH! Kane hits Rico with a big boot and goes after Stacy but Rico attacks him from behind allowing the girls to leave. Kane then hits Rico with a chokeslam and grabs the mic. He says everyone is waiting for the return of the deadman, but there will be no resurrection this time. REST IN PEACE! The lights go out and next to the tron we get the undertakers logo on fire.

    Backstage: Coach is with both Shawn and Benoit, Benoit says them as a team would be unstoppable but his partner keeps superkicking him. They begin arguing and Shawn says Benoit is in his place and he isn't having any of it.

    Shawn Michaels & Chris Benoit vs. Randy Orton & Batista
    The match is based off Shawn and Benoit being unable to co-exist for the most part, but when they do they get the best of Evolution. Benoit/Batista is good, but Shawn/Batista is fucking great. They work over Shawn for a bit and it's really good, Shawn busting out his grade-A bumping and isn't overdoing it is great. Benoit's hot tag rules, he hits the triple German's on Batista and locks in the crossface, Orton and Shawn begin fighting but Orton smartly shoves Shawn into Benoit breaking up the crossface. They have words and Shawn "knocks" Benoit out with one punch as we go to commercial. Benoit's face in peril fuckin ruled as we get a ton of ORTON/BENOIT GOODNESS! August can't come soon enough :mark: It's a totally a struggle for either man to do anything so they just begin beating the shit out of one another. AWESOME Moment is when Orton has Benoit in some modified nasty looking camel clutch Orton keeps turning around looking up the ramp encase Foley runs out. He keeps calling Benoit a son of a bitch, but not to be outdone Batista gets in and locks Benoit in a half Boston crab and just flips Shawn off cause he can. Shawn begins looking uninteresting he's not even sticking his hand out. He keeps looking at Benoit in disgust and looks like he doesn't want to tag but does. He has a pretty standard hot tag, we get all the usual Shawn offense. He hits the elbow off the top and sets up SCM but Batista comes out of nowhere and nails him with a clothesline from the apron. Another mistake happens when Benoit goes for the Diving Headbutt but as Shawn knocks Batista off the apron Benoit loses his balance and crotches himself. Shwan hits the flying elbow and covers..........................BUT BENOIT HITS HIM WITH THE DIVING HEADBUTT! They begin to fight and again Shawn knocks Benoit down with 1 punch which leads to Orton rolling up Shawn for the win. ***1/2

    Benoit and Shawn don't care and continue to fight, Benoit finally counters a KO punch and locks in the Crossface but Triple H and Ric Flair come down. It's an Evolution 4-2 beatdown, nothing special. Triple H then hits both Benoit and Shawn with Pedigrees.

    Backstage: Evolution are watching their handy work and see on the video that Foley arrives, Orton and Hunter call him stupid. Orton says it's time for another weekly Foley beating. Hunter tells him to finish it off, Batista says IT'S TIME TO PARTY!

    The Highlight Reel is set up in the ring....................BUT CHRISTIAN COMES OUT INSTEAD! Christian says this is the return of the Peepshow and if it's a highlight the people want just go back and watch what i did to Trish. Christian says after all of that he took Trish back to his hotel and she screamed out in pleasure, he says she likes it rough. Christian says he knows Jericho is at home watching with his hurt little leg. He says he did it for Jericho, Trish ruined his life and their friendship, so he had to take matters into his own hands, and it's tough love. Christian says he spoke to Eric and Eric has made the match Jericho/Christian at WrestleMania. He says he will knock some sense into Jericho..................Suddenly, Jericho begins limping down the ramp. NO MUSIC! Christian begins backing off but Jericho runs into the ring, they have this great hate fight until Christian kicks him in the bad knee and runs off. Jericho begins tearing up the set and calls Christian a coward.

    Outside, the building Austin's AVT is bring toed away.

    Backstage: Evolution are talking about the beating up Foley, Hunter says it sounds like they got things wrapped up here so he's gonna get the "WHORES" I mean TALENT ready.

    Rob Van Dam & Booker T vs. Matt Hardy & Test
    Mattitude.come says Matt paid cash for his home & Matt has more money than you. This is short and nothing Test and RVD do their best to stink up the place, while Booker has a rare off night. Matt is fine in this. Booker/RVD hit their scissors kick-Frog Splash combo for the win.

    Foley is taping up his hands as he walks to gorilla.

    This Sunday on Heat it's the Dudleyz vs. Val and Storm, the winner goes to the fatal 4 way for the Tag Titles at WrestleMania.

    Mick Foley comes out, he says last week he said he was bound for Atlanta. And here he is. Evolution cut him off mid-sentence. Orton grabs the mic and says what Foley said last week was very powerful but now that there here, my question to him is how do you want to handle this? Weekly Foley beatdown? he says his fist is killing him, but there is another option. It's was his idea you and me one-on-one. Foley says that sounds good on paper, but it would never happen it will always be 3-1. Foley counters with a challenge for a 3 on 2 with him and his partner. Orton says he's heard the rumors, so go ahead go to a payphone call go call Mr. Big Shot, Mr. Hollywood, and he can say that it's on. Foley goes to leave.........................BUT TURNS AROUND AND SAYS! HE DIDN'T COME ALONE FUCK YEAH! THE ROCK RUNS OUT, AND ROCK N' SOCK CONNECTION CLEANS HOUSE! Foley then applies Mr. Socko to Orton and Rock hits the people's elbow to end RAW. DOPE SHIT!
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    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    WWE Champion: Eddie Guererro
    WWE United States Champion: Big Show
    WWE Tag Team Champions: Scotty II Hotty & Rikishi
    WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Chavo Guererro Jr.

    WWE Smackdown
    March 4th, 2004
    Savannah, Georgia

    Paul Heyman and Dawn Marie are in Heyman's office, he apologizes for Eddie's action last week. He says he is embarrassed by Eddie's actions, he says Kurt has graciously volunteered to NOT to be in the arena tonight. As a concession, Paul has granted Kurt time to talk via satellite, and Paul demands that Eddie Guerrero apologize for his actions in public tonight.



    He even does the Austin taunt on the turnbuckle :lmao Brock says before he beats the hell out of Hardcore Holly tonight i've got a few things to say to Steve Austin, he says this is NOW his ATV. You see Steve you being the sheriff you should know where to park. He says he gets things done, and it takes guts to show up on another show. Brock says now that he's gotten rid of Austin. BILL GOLDBERG IS NEXT! This Austin/Brock feud is getting good, I can't wait for their match. OH WAIT!

    Hardcore Holly comes down and the match is on.

    Brock Lesnar vs. Hardcore Holly
    Vince is must be hell-bent on getting Brock to leave, first Gunn and now a Holly match. UGH! Brock uses his gut wrench move that's he's been using the past 3 weeks. It still looks vicious even though he's done nothing to weaken the mid-section and Holly doesn't know how to sell. Thankfully Brock bumps and sells his ass off again for Hardcore, he hits an F5 out of nowhere and covers for the win. After the match; BROCK DRINKS BEER TO AUSTIN'S MUSIC! He then gets on the ATV and drives off. Brock tries to catch a DUI case as he almost crashes twice in about 7 seconds.

    WrestleMania XX in 10 Days.

    I'm not watching Scotty/Basham 1.

    Via Sattelite ~ Kurt is in his home of Pittsburgh, Cole asks him why isn't he here. He says he's not gonna show up and watch Eddie hurt more innocent people. He says Eddie isn't sorry for what he did, he asks if Cole would be happy to act like Eddie? Cole asks him if he regrets his actions, and Kurt says absolutely not. If he can get one adult to stop their child from acting like Eddie than he's done his job. Kurt says as long as Eddie Guerrero is WWE Champion, things will get worse, eventually causing the title, Smackdown, and WWE shame and disgrace for years to come, which is why his match at WrestleMania XX is the most important of his career. He can't and won't let that happen.

    Funaki vs. Chavo Guererro Jr. (w/Chavo Guererro Sr.)
    Pretty standard Cavito showcase, Funaki does get a shit ton on offense tho. The only highlight was Sr. hopping on commentary and calling this a Shananagan that his son has to defend his title 9 times in one night. Chavo wins by dropping Funki neck first onto his knee.

    Backstage: Heyman orders Dawn to come with him to the ring so they can get their apology from Eddie, Dawn is scared and Heyman says nothing will happen to her and if Eddie touches her he will be finished.

    Paul Heyman and Dawn Marie are in the ring, Heyman sends Dawn to the back and says this is no place for her. He demands that Eddie come out to the ring and apologize, and Eddie Guerrero comes out. Heyman says the first thing Eddie needs to do is whip that smile off his face, he asks Eddie to apologize for being the first WWE champion with a previous drug addiction LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! He asks him to apologize for his actions last week and disgracing the title and Paul Heyman's Smackdown. Eddie says if he did anything to disgrace the title or the fans, he's sorry. Paul looks shocked and Eddie says "WHEN I SAID I'M SORRY.................I LIED" Eddie makes jokes for Heyman falling for it, Eddie says he's not gonna tell Heyman he's sorry for providing for his family, he's proud to be champion and to represent the fans. Heyman wishes that Kurt was here so he can beat some sense into him, and says he wishes his hands weren't tied behind his back by the board of directors cause he would love to bear Eddie senseless too. Eddie laughs him off and says he couldn't beat him if he had both hands tied behind his back. Heyman asks if he's serious and Eddie says he is, so Heyman makes the match Heyman vs. Eddie with both hands tied behind his back.

    Rey Mysterio, Ultimo Dragon & Billy Kidman vs. Tajiri, Akio & Sakoda
    So the participants in the Chavo open are Rey, Kidman, Dragon, Shannon FUCK OFF AND DIE Moore, Akio, Noble, Tajiri, Nunzio, and Funaki. LOL This is a pretty nothing match everyone gets time to do stuff before Rey hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT for the win.

    Backstage: Heyman is getting ready as Dawn questions him about this match. Heyman says Eddie will learn what it's like to be defenseless. He promises that he will embarrass Eddie for what he did to her.

    FUCK YEAH! WGTT come out dressed as APA. But they do it the other way round. Bradshaw is played by Shelton who has a blonde wig on. And Haas has an afro on. Shelton's red neck voice is terrible as he just sounds like an old man in a home. Shelton makes fun of Bradshaw being married and says it's a good thing they're in Savannah where the cousins, sisters brother can marry the cousins, brothers, sister. DAMN! He says the APA never beat the WGTT cause dem boyz be good. Haas keeps saying DAMN! and dowing beer. They begin singing about red neck stuff and it's terrible awesome. APA IS CRAP! is the chorus so that rules. The original APA come out and fight off WGTT but the Bashams come out and make the save. They team up with WGTT for a 4-2 beatdown. Shelton hitting Bradshaw with his version of Clothesline from hell was piff. Rikishi and Scotty make the save.

    A-Train and Show are talking.

    WrestleMania Recall: WRESTLEMANIA X8 ~ ROCK/HOGAN

    John Cena vs. A-Train
    Cena target's Train's arm early by sending him into the ring-post. He works it for all of 40 seconds until Train clotheslines him down and takes over. Train does his usual good looking strikes before targeting Cena's injured knee. Cena's selling is spotty and terrible, he sells at first but as we come back from a commercial he just stops. Cena's comeback is weird he doesn't hit all the usual stuff, just a couple of punches, five knuckle shuffle and the FU for the win. **1/4

    Show comes out onto the stage, he applauds Cena for always finding a way of coming back. He says Cena has what it takes to be US champ. He says he envy's Cena, not for his raps or abs. He envies him for his ability to dream. But as Cena is running around dreaming, he woke up a sleeping Giant. A giant that beat the Rock at MSG, a giant that beat Brock for the title at MSG, a giant that retired Hogan as MSG. WAT?!?!?1 He says the reality is Cena is running into a 7-foot nightmare.

    Backstage: Heyman is with the ref, he gives the ref orders and says he will keep the key so Eddie can't lie, cheat or steal his way out of this one.

    2004 Hall of Fame class
    Jessie "The Body" Ventura
    "The KING" Harley Race
    Superstar Billy Graham
    Tito Santana
    Sgt. Slaughter
    Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
    Don Morocco
    Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
    Big John Studd
    Junkyard Dog
    Pete Rose

    Paul Heyman vs. Eddie Guerrero (Eddie Guererro's hands are handcuffed behind his back)
    This do stuff for a few minutes, Eddie fucks with him until Heyman rakes his eyes and begins to run to the back. But as he gets to the top of the ramp KURT ANGLE COMES OUT! Eddie has this amazing shocked facial expression, while Kurt has this cold emotionless expression. Eddie begins yelling where is the key not knowing Heyman has it. Kurt begins taping his fist so Eddie tries to use anything to cut the cuffs, like the side of his car. Kurt begins closing the distance so Eddie rolls into the ring. He finally realizes he can't get out of this so now the Latino Heat show up. He begins yelling at Kurt to come in. Eddie stops Kurt from coming in and Kurt begins circling the ring looking for an opening. Kurt trips his leg and gets in, he allows Eddie to get to his feet so Eddie starts kicking away until Kurt grabs a leg and hangs him up mid-section onto the top rope. Kurt then begins viciously punching away at Eddie knocking him down time and time again, but Eddie won't stay down. So Kurt finally puts him down by low blowing him. Kurt grabs the WWE title and begins helping Eddie up but also talks shit so Eddie spits in his face. Kurt looks disgusted and wipes off the spit as Eddie yells at him to do it so, Kurt nails him in the head with the WWE championship.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    One of my all-time favorite angles, and another AMAZING 2004 beatdown.
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    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
    WWE Intercontinental Champion: Randy Orton
    WWE World Tag Team Champions: Booker T & Rob Van Dam
    WWE Women's Champion: Victoria

    WWE Monday Night RAW
    March 8th, 2004
    Bridgeport, Connecticut

    The show opens with a casket in the ring, it's covered in dirt. KANE comes out and looks nervous as hell. He slowly moves closer to the casket and knocks it over. An urn falls out and KANE picks it up. He looks at it before throwing it down, he begins breaking the casket and throwing it out. Kane starts laughing and as an urn, this is what you send me? this is your message from beyond the grave? an empty casket. Kane says is this what he has to look forward to? empty promises. He says it has to take more than this to scare and beat him. He says Takers' undefeated streak is all coming to an end. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. It's back to the grave for you. He yells he is not afraid of the Undertaker and the GONG! hits, the ring suddenly begins to "levitate" and KANE IS SHOOK.

    Tonight: Mick Foley this is your life.

    La Resistance, Mark Jindrax & Garrison Cade vs. Rob Van Dam, Booker T & The Dudley Boyz
    The tag champs debut their mixed together into music, also Dudleyz beat Val & Lance to win the 4th spot in the Mania match. This is fine, it's just here to try to give the fans a reason to care about the tag match at Mania. Heels iso Rob it's shit, Booker's hot tag is fine he's either starting to decline or just not give a fuck anymore. The match breaks down with Conway hitting Booker in the back and he stumbles into a Jindrax clothesline for the win. *1/2

    Backstage: Jericho is on the phone with Trish, he goes to a quiet area to talk. Suddenly, Christian comes through a door and attacks Jericho from behind. He rams his head off the wall and picks up the phone. He tells Trish he left Jericho life he left her "FLAT ON HIS BACK"

    During the break, Christian jumps in a limo and leaves the building.

    King ordered a Pizza and it comes in this dope ass WM XX inspired Pizza box.

    Backstage: Booker says at WrestleMania nothing will stop them from retaining the title.

    Highlights from the first this is your life from 1999 airs.

    Backstage: Rock is walking around and walks into his "BIGGEST NEMESIS" The Hurricane and Rosey, Rock says he has a lot of nerve showing up. Hurricane says the last time he was here he lost to him. Hurricane says he and Rosey saw walking tall and it was pretty good, and he liked it. Rocks asks Roey but Hurricane says Roey went and got snacks but got lost and ended up at the wrong film. He says it's good to have Rock back and on the good side. Rock calls them Hamburglar and Grimace, Hurricane says Rocks new short hair and goatee reminds him of someone...............AND COACH APPEARS :lmao Coach says it's good to see him and him rocking the Coach look. Rock mocks him and gives him Coach's life KISS ASS!

    Evolution (Ric Flair, Randy Orton & Batista) vs. The Hurricane & Rosey
    This goes all 2 minutes, all 3 members of Evolution do some damage before Batista hits the Batista bomb for the win. Rosey never tags in. After the match; they beat them down 3-2 Orton says Mick/Rock.........This is your life two pathetic comebacks that will be met with pain and embarrassment. You two used to be the biggest names, but, now we are. Life changes it's just Evolution. And theirs no stopping it.

    Chris Benoit vs. Matt Hardy
    Mattitude.com, Matt never irons his clothes & Matt occasionally cheats on his diet. This is criminally short, like shorter than the previous match. I think this goes all of a minute and a half. Matt's punches continue to rule as he beats the shit out of Benoit. Benoit counters a running bulldog into the triple Germans, he looks like he's about to hit a fourth but fakes Matt out and locks in the crossface for the win.

    After the break; JR is in the ring with Benoit. He asks him how he's feeling going into the biggest match of his life. Benoit says it took 18 years to get to this moment. He says he will be in the ring against two of the greatest. He says he will leave with that World Title. Shawn comes out to steal his spotlight again, Shawn says he came out to tell him he respects everything he's had to overcome and says he has to end this 10-year grudge against Hunter and he needs to win the world championship. Benoit says it ain't about that, and they can agree about something it won't be Triple H leaving as champion. They shake hands and Triple H comes out. He says he's so happy that the both them can be all buddy-buddy. He says he agrees with anyone who thinks this is all crap. He says the two of them just made a pact to team up to screw him out of his title. Triple H says the two of them better get used to disappointment. HE IS A GUY THAT ALWAYS OVERCOMES THE ODDS! He says he has an edge this Sunday the one thing that makes the two of them as good as they are. Egos? He says Shawn and Benoit's ego will get in the way and it will be the edge he needs.

    Backstage: Mick Foley is walking around and finds Spike, they go over the possibilities of this is your life.

    Lita vs. Molly Holly
    Another short one, most of Molly's offense is hair throws and head/neck offense. Lita has a terribly sloppy comeback until Molly rolls her up and holds the ropes for the win. After the match; she attacks Lita and tries to rip her hair out until Victoria makes the save.


    Video package on the Brock/Austin/Goldberg feud airs.

    Stone Cold Steve Austin comes down to the ring, he drinks a few beers before saying he's ready for MANIA. He says ever since he agreed to the match Goldberg speared him and Brock F5'ed him. So he doesn't give a damn about dem sons of bitches. He says if either man crosses him he will whip their asses. Austin says he will be at Smackdown this Thursday at Atlantic City, and he will get back his damn 4 wheeler. He says he can whip everyone's ass on SD if they get in his way.

    Chris Jericho vs. Steven Richards
    Decent match, Jericho takes all his frustrations out on Steven before Trish's music hits and Christian comes out on the ramp. He gets distracted by it which allows Steven to counter the walls into an inside cradle for the win. After the match; Jericho attacks Steven for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Hall of Fame rundown.

    WrestleMania HYPE.
    Triple H/Michaels/Benoit
    BookerRVD/Dudleyz/Jindrak&Cade/La Resistance
    Chavo Open
    Playboy Match


    The Rock comes down to the ring and gets on the mic, he says Evolution took away Foley's ability to have fun and smile. So he's here to give Foley his smile back. Foley comes out and Rock says he won't be happy until they whop Evolution's candy ass at Mania. BUT TONIGHT THIS IS YOUR LIFE! Rock shows him the famous video of Foley jumping off a roof. He brings out the woman whose house Foley jumped off "Mrs. Doris Snyder" Foley says he thought Rock was gonna bring out some ex-girlfriend that would tell some story about his sexual past but instead he brought the nice old lady that served him PIE! Rocks face changes and ask if Foley really ate this woman's pie.Foley says it was delicious, all the kids lined up. THE GIRLS TOO! Foley says sure it was a little crusty. Rock loses his shit until Foley they might not be talking about the same thing. Rock asks if she's still serving pie and she says "No, But I'm keeping my back door open for strudel" She then tries to touch the Rock and Rock tells her to go into the corner. Rock talks about how in 1983 Foley hitchhiked to get to MSG and shows Foley in the crowd. He then brings out Jimmy Snuka. Foley thanks him for inspiring him and asks if he will be at Mania and he says yes. Rock makes fun of Jimmy before Doris comes over staring at his ass. Jimmy says BROTHER ROCK! THE SUPERFLY LOVES PIE AND HUGS HERE! Rocks gets them both the leave.

    Rock begins talking about Foley's first book and says he went out and got the first person that reviewed his book "Mr. Bob Thompson" Foley says this guy said the book was boring and wrestling/wrestling fans were idiots. Foley says he doesn't want to meet the guy he wants to Socko him. Rock says he knows and that's the reason why he brought him out, he says he's like everyone that told him NO! Just to shut everyone that says they can't beat Evolution. The critic says maybe if Rock showed this much passion in walking tall the movie wouldn't be a walking piece of crap. Foley then gives the critic Mr. Socko as Rock says this chapter will end when they whop Evolutions ass at Mania.Batista runs down and clotheslines Rock as Orton and Flair attack, Foley. They knock Rock out and gang up on Foley 3-1 until Rock makes the save but again the numbers catches up with them. They beat them both down with Batista hitting the Batista bomb on Rock and Foley puts the boots to Foley.
  14. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    Gewirtz had his hands all over that This Is Your Life segment.
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    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    WWE Champion: Eddie Guererro
    WWE United States Champion: Big Show
    WWE Tag Team Champions: Scotty II Hotty & Rikishi
    WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Chavo Guererro Jr.

    WWE Smackdown
    March 11th, 2004
    Atlantic City, New Jersey

    John Cena comes out and says the Big Show thinks I'm chasing a dream like he's chasing the ice-cream man. He calls Show a mark and says he plays blackjack just to beat his own hand.

    John Cena vs. Rhyno
    Their worse match to date, Rhyno keeps regressing with every passing match and theirs only so much Mid-card Cena can do. Rhyno goes to work the knee but Cena pretty much no sells it at all and just hits an FU for the win.

    Backstage: Dawn Marie is walking with a bunch of SD talent, Gunn asks her what is this all about and she says she doesn't know why. She just knows Heyman wants to see them all.

    Backstage: Heyman gives the locker room a pep talk. He says he knows someone of them didn't like that he wanted to fight Eddie, but he did it for them. He says he puts food on their plates, enables them to buy nice things for their women, and allows them to put their kids through college. But there's a man out there who wants to take that all away, and it's Stone Cold Steve Austin. Heyman says Brock had no right to steal Austin's ATV but Brock is one of us. He says Brock Lesnar IS Smackdown, whether anyone likes him or not, and Austin wants to come where he doesn't belong and take something from them in their house. He says there's going to come a time tonight when Brock Lesnar calls Austin out from the ring and they're going to teach Steve Austin not to mess with their Smackdown.

    In the parking lot, Austin's pick up truck is spotted.

    Chavo & Chavo come out and join commentary

    Rey Mysterio vs. Jamie Noble
    The usual goodness, minus Reys inability to sell. Noble's mid-section work is great sadly it gets ignored during his comeback. Rey goes for the 619 but Tajiri and co come out and attack Rey for the DQ. The other jobbers run out and everyone brawls as Chavo and Chavo yell this isn't fair. Suddenly, the ref books and 8 man tag match DA FUCK

    Jamie Noble, Tajiri, Akio & Sakoda vs. Rey Mysterio, Ultimo Dragon, Billy Kidman & Funaki
    LOOOOOOOOOOOOL Moore not good enough to get in the match. The heels iso Funaki and it's alright, once again Chavo Sr. steals the match by ripping Cole along with Jr. and Taz. He talks about how Cole's dad hates him and if he was a little lighter he would challenge for the cruiserweight title. They kill Cole so bad that he lays out and stops talking so Sr. begins calling the match in Spanish. Taz stops giving a fuck about the match and just starts burying Cole and saying anything that comes to mind to ask the Chavo's. Rey's hot tag rules as the match breaks down, everyone hits dives as Rey hits Noble with the 619. Sr. gets mad and distracts the ref, Jr. holds Rey but Noble accidentally knocks Jr off the apron and Rey hits a 'rana for the win. After the match; Moore attacks Rey as Nunzio attacks Chavo. They begin fighting and it only takes one ref to pull them apart. **1/2

    Heyman has a walkie-talkie that says Austin is at the beer stand.

    Recap of the amazing Kurt/Eddie/Heyman angle from last week airs.

    Eddie Guererro comes out, he says he would to address Mr. Kurt Angle. He says they're telling me again you are "NOT HERE" He says he's not buying it. C'MON KURT! He says this is Kurt's opportunity to get rid of him and save Smackdown. Come play hero ESE? He calls Kurt out for not having any balls, and not being able to walk the walk, just talk the talk. He keeps trying to get Kurt to come out but he doesn't so Eddie says when he wins at WrestleMania he promises to LIE! STEAL! AND CHEAT MORE THAN EVER!

    Eddie Guererro vs. Shelton Benjamin (w/Charlie Haas)
    Haas keeps getting involved early on so Nick Patrick sends him to the back. Shelton does a good mixture of working the back and mid-section. It's good, but really short. Eddie makes his usual comeback, and the ref is bumped. Haas comes back down and throws Shelton the WWE Title, but Eddie dropkicks it into his face. He hits both members of WGTT with the belt before playing dead. he then hits the Frog Splash to win. After the match; Kurt comes out on the stage to stare a hole through Eddie. He motions the title is his before leaving. **1/2 - **3/4

    Backstage: Heyman wants an Austin update, they say they lost him. Orlando Jordan walks past Heyman and asks if he will do the right thing. He says he will but he has respect for Austin. Heyman says he can either respect his employer and future career or he can respect Steve Austin.

    The Big Show vs. Jobbers

    Cena comes out and gets the better of Show in a fight.

    Backstage: Heyman is walking and sees the APA by the doors. He thanks them for their loyalty and says them at Mania and going for the tag titles is good for Smackdown, and asks if they'll do what's good for SD tonight. Bradshaw says he can question a lot about them, but never question their loyalty to Smackdown, and Paul walks off, pleased.

    Rikishi/Scotty vs. Bashams is the usual awfulness.

    In the parking lot, Austin's truck is gone

    Mania card rundown ~ Still 12 FUCKING MATCHES!

    Paul Heyman comes out with the Smackdown locker room forming a line on either side of the entrance way. He says there's someone here who doesn't belong here tonight, and he's Stone Cold Steve Austin. Paul Heyman introduces Brock Lesnar, who rides out to and around the ring in Austin's ATV. Brock says he stands in HIS ring, as the most dominant guy ever to step foot in the WWE. He says everyone knows it all the wrestlers outside knows it and begs Austin to come get HIS ATV back.Austin comes out and all the wrestlers for a wall, but they slowly begin parking like the sea and Austin makes his way down the ramp.

    Heyman yells at them to get Austin right now. They look at him again, and nobody attacks. Heyman yells at the top of his voice to get Austin and they keep stepping aside. He gets to Big Show lastly, and Heyman yells at Show to get him. They have a face-off and SHOW TURNS FACE BY TELLING HIM TO GO GET BROCK! WAT! The roster goes to the back, having rebelled against Heyman and Brock, and Heyman tries to calm down Brock. Austin hops on the ATV and drives halfway up the ramp before hopping off. Brock leaves the ring and they brawl on the ramp. FUCK YEAH! IT'S AMAZING! THIS FEUD IS AMAZING! I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THEIR MATCH THIS SUNDAY! Austin absolutely kills Brock throwing him into the ring post head first, Brock doesn't even get his hands up so he's busted open. Austin stuns Heyman but walks into a Brock F5 attempt but he counters and almost hits Brock with a stunner but Brock manages to escape. Austin drives the ATV into the back of his truck and drinks to end SD.

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