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Watching NXT from the start (2012 - ???)

Discussion in 'The Fab Section' started by Koutei Senshi, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    Flat ass Charlotte :pour
  2. Admin Post
    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    NXT Champion: Bo Dallas
    NXT Tag Team Champions: Adrian Neville & Corey Graves

    NXT Episode 58
    July 24th, 2013
    Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

    Pretty cool video package, hyping up tonight's finals between Emma and Paige.

    Fittingly Brad Maddox is on commentary tonight.

    NXT Woman's Championship: Emma vs. Paige
    I think it was wwetna1 that said this was the match that put woman's wrestling on the map, I'm not gonna take it that far but it's the best woman's match in god knows when. All the spots, counters, strokes and holds are all crisp, you can tell the agents and girls put their all in, into making this as memorable as possible. Emma doesn't dance as she's taking this seriously, the most serious she's taken a match so that's good. They go back and forth with both controlling the match at times, just wish both would sell more. They're throwing each other into the corner instead of whipping, and have no problem just kicking the other in the back as hard as possible. One of the few gripes I have and it's not even the woman, it's more of a commentary thing like Todd keeps calling them Diva's even though it's called the "Woman's championship" and then when he does call them superstars he quickly backtracks to divas. They have this awesome false finish with Paige locking in a cloverleaf but Emma fights back and kicks her into the turnbuckles, and catches Paige with a small package for two. Then a minute later Emma busts out the superplex, but Emma is too worn down to cover right away and it allows Paige to roll to the ropes so when Emma does cover Paige puts her foot on the ropes. Both again are slow to their feet and Paige hits the Paige Turnah for the win. Good shit, not super revolutionary but really good. ***

    After the match; All the woman come from the back to clap, TRIPLE H then comes out cause he has to get his own entrance. He raises her hand and shows her off to the crowd.

    Later on that night Paige would legitimize the belt.


    FUCK YEAH! Zeb cuts a promo on Sami being an illegal and he wants him OUT! He also brings up that Sami use to wear a mask and use to take jobs away from hard-working Americans.

    Angelo Dawkins vs. Tyler Breeze
    OH SHIT! I totally forgot how fire Tyler's first theme was, that zoolander adjace music. Tyler stalls before the bell and takes 2 minutes worth of selfies. Not much of a match, like Dawkins roughs up Tyler and messes up his hair which pisses Tyler off and turns up the viciousness he wins with Spinning Wheel Kick aka the Beauty shot.

    The Ascension vs. Mickey Keegan & Aiden English
    Shitty little Ascension squash.

    Sheamus vs. Luke Harper (w/The Wyatt Family)
    Shockingly this doesn't click like I thought it would, they play the bull vs. bull stuff to start with neither man really being able to do much, but thankfully they stop all that shit and start laying their shit in, all the punches, forearms, blows to the back and knee look like they hurt. Rowan tries to get involved so Sheamus gives him the 10 forearms to the chest that allows Harper to connect with a big boot and to take over. Harper works the neck but its pretty house show like applying headlocks and shit before Sheamus makes a comeback, he hits the White Noise followed by the Brogue Kick for the win. **1/4

    After the match; Bray sarcastically claps at Sheamus to end the show.
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  3. Admin Post
    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    NXT Champion: Bo Dallas
    NXT Tag Team Champions: Adrian Neville & Corey Graves
    NXT Woman's Champion: Paige

    NXT Episode 59
    July 31th, 2013
    Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

    Enzo and Cass come out onto the stage, they do the intro, Cass says as a team they are UN-DEF-EATED! And they are now S.A.W.F.T! Enzo says when he looks up and down the roster, he sees a dance floor and they're gonna dance. BUT GODDAMMIT! Tons of Funk come out, Enzo and Cass bail, but Mason Ryan comes down to scare them back in the ring. Cass gets the Double Splash, and Mason then hits Enzo with the One and Only. They then get Mason to dance. FUCK EVERYTHING!

    Backstage: Dusty congratulates Paige and Emma on their match last week, but Summer interrupts. She says she's the First Lady and she's beaten Paige, so just hand over the belt. Paige says how about she breaks her face, and Summer says if Emma didn't steal a win from her, this wouldn't happen. Emma says she lost and her dancing is stupid. Dusty calms it down, and Summer challenges Emma to a dance contest. Dusty says that's a ridiculous thing but okays it. Paige says it doesn't matter cause they will just lose to her.

    Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks
    Decent first match, but in 3 years this becomes excellent. Banks is a face, but she has to play the default heel role here cause it's Flair's kid. Charlotte comeback is decent and she hits the Natural selection for the win.

    Backstage: Renee tries to interview Tyler Breeze but he's too busy taking selfies, Breeze says his debut was "gorgeous" CJ Parker then comes over in the background and starts photobombing Tyler. I wasn't listening to what Tyler was talking about. He does make Renee say "Tyler Breeze has left the building"

    Awesome Wyatt family vignette airs.

    Mickey Keegan & Aiden English vs. The Wyatt Family (w/Bray Wyatt)
    Bray has the "WE'RE HERE" and lantern in his entrance, which means this must be their last match. And as expected it is as they win in like 30 seconds.

    After the match; Bray hits English with Sister Abigail. The crowd chants "ONE MORE TIME", and Bray says to calm down because he has something to say. There are several different types of men in this world. Men who dream and never make it off their couch, men who dream and fail, and then men that dream and change the landscape of this world. People like Bray Wyatt, what about you man? Aren't you tired of being unwanted? Aren't you tired of being an outcast and being stepped upon? Today is your day because today is the day Bray Wyatt decided to change everything. Today is the day hell froze and pigs fly, today me and my people looked fear in its eyes and said Mr. fear sir, you are a LIAR! Today I want you to go tell all the world leaders to heed my warning, take notice of Bray Wyatt. TODAY IS THE DAY BRAY WYATT DECIDED TO TAKE DOWN THE MACHINE! Today we say goodbye to NXT, for now. If you need me I'm not hard to find, just look up at the sky and follow the buzzards. Time is on my side! HOLY SHIT! THIS IS BRAY'S BEST PROMO EVER! WHAT THE FUCK!

    RIP Bray July 11th, 2012 - July 31th, 2013

    Backstage: Graves is getting ready for his match when Neville says he's got his back just in case the Wyatt's want payback. I guess Neville doesn't watch the show 8D Graves says if the Wyatt's think they've been through war and hell they have no idea.

    Scott Dawson (w/Sylvester LeFort) vs. Cory Graves (w/Adrian Neville)
    Dawson is great in this, he's pulling out all his Arn, Tully, best of WCW Saturday night stuff super old school tricks but Graves shakes all that good shit off and locks in the Lucky 13 for the win.

    Graves and Neville celebrate in the ring...............................BUT THE SHIELD COME OUT ON THE STAGE! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This is the time when Dean was US champ and Roman/Seth were tag champs. Seth says THE SHIELD IS BACK! He says the last time they were here they left Graves in a heap and he can see they've even got their own titles, almost like them. But not quite. Ambrose tells Neville to listen up and says he has a belt, but he stole that spot. He's a thief, and that's an injustice punishable by the law of The Shield. He challenges him to face Dean Ambrose one on one to make him pay. Neville gets on the mic and accepts, but only if the US title is on the line right now. Ambrose asks if he knows who he's talking to because he's not some NXT chump. He'll do it. Next week.

    Next Week: Neville/Dean, Summer/Emma DANCE BATTLE and Leo/Bo.

    Leo Kruger & Antonio Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn & Bo Dallas
    This is a good time and they play off a lot of the stories going in, 1st with Bo and this new delusional gimmick so he keeps hesitating to tag Sami in cause he wants the glory and only tags out when he almost gets into trouble. 2nd is Cesaro taking cheaps shots at Sami all the time. Heels isolate Sami so you knows it's good, but sadly it's mostly Leo/Sami as they're clearly saving the Sami/Cesaro match for the future. Don't get me wrong Leo/Sami is good but it's not Cesaro/Sami good. Bo's hot tag is bo's hot tag, the less said the better. Zayn and Cesaro fight up the ramp to the back, Kruger rolls out after the Belly to Belly, he recovers and hits Bo with his best Lariat for the win. This nikka just gonna steal all of Nigel's shit. **1/4
  4. Chris

    Chris It's me, it's me

    NXT Bray promos were crazy good
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  5. Admin Post
    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    Even his in ring stuff was good, maybe because they were mostly 3-4 minute showcase matches. But still. What could have been.
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  6. Admin Post
    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    NXT Champion: Bo Dallas
    NXT Tag Team Champions: Adrian Neville & Corey Graves
    NXT Woman's Champion: Paige

    NXT Episode 60
    August 7th, 2013
    Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

    In the ring, Byron Saxton announces that Tyler Breeze has entered the building.

    Alex Riley joins Todd Phillips on commentary this week.

    WWE United States Championship: Adrian Neville vs. Deam Ambrose
    This bad, Neville falls into a Dean match super slow and not much going on, lots of garbage strikes it feels like a house show match. Dean keeps him grounded as he on and off works the chest, Neville eventually makes a comeback and hits the Red Arrow, but Reigns and Rollins come out to attack for the DQ. *3/4

    After the match; Graves and for some reason, Woods run out for the save.

    Backstage: Enzo and Cass are with Dawson and Sly, Enzo says he hears Dawson has a match with Mason Ryan and asks if he saw what they did to him, they know he's gonna crush him because Mason is S-A-W-F-T SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWFT. He's as positive as the brown side of a battery. Dawson says he's got this and Syl says all that matters is the money. They all agree and yell GET MONEY. Syl and Dawson leave and Enzo says that's gonna fall through like a marble on a wet tissue.

    Summer and Emma come out for the "Dance Battle" Summer goes first it's pretty awful, Emma then follows up and it's even worse until she pulls out the chicken dance. This keeps going, Summer puts on the Fandango music for the last round, so Emma dances to her music and does the Emma Dance. Summer yells to stop making a mockery of dance, Emma wins the crowd vote. Summer attacks and leaves her laid out.

    Leo Kruger says tonight when he takes Bo's NXT title all the kids will be laughing at him.

    Danny Burch vs. Tyler Breeze
    Quick Tyler squash.

    Backstage: Renee Young interviews Bo, he says he didn't survive against Cesaro he beat him, he says Cesaro is a good kid and has a bright future :lmao He says yes, Leo pinned him last week but that one was on Sami Zayn, I like the kid but he's a bit inexperienced and has never been in the ring with a champion :lmao so I understand he was nervous, he should have my back at all times. I'M A FORMER TAG TEAM CHAMPION! This is stuff I know, as far as Leo goes I know he dangerous but I got this. This version of bo <3

    Next Week: Shield vs. Woods/Graves/Neville, also Emma is now injured after that basic attack so next week its Summer vs. Paige for the title.

    Tyler Breeze has left the building.

    NXT Championship: Leo Kruger vs. Bo Dallas
    This isn't good, the reason the past two Bo title matches worked was he was able to get carried by guys like E and Cesaro then pull out the fluke wins, that works, Leo is not that guy and I think the agents know that so they work a normal match, I did like that this new delusional Bo gimmick gets cocky enough and tries to work Leo's arm, which is Leo's deal but sadly Leo doesn't sell it and it gets cut short due to the break. Leo tries to switch it up, so he doesn't work the arm he kinda just does stuff during his control period, I guess he knew Bo won't sell a thing so why bother. Bo makes a comeback, they trade 2 counts for a bit until Leo locks in the GC3 but Bo reaches the ropes. Leo makes the mistake of trying a high-risk move, but Bo gets the knees up and locks in an arm move of his own and Leo taps. *1/4
  7. Admin Post
    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    NXT Champion: Bo Dallas
    NXT Tag Team Champions: Adrian Neville & Corey Graves
    NXT Woman's Champion: Paige

    NXT Episode 61
    August 14th, 2013
    Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

    Paul Heyman comes down to the ring :mark: He says he decided to come down this evening to start scouting a NEW Paul Heyman guy, now, a little bit out of character. He's blown away at some of the things he's seen here, Paul say's he's not here to live off the past, but the scout for the future and the future is now. He says somewhere in the back someone is the next Paul Heyman guy, matter a fact somewhere in the back there is the next Paul Heyman. Somewhere in the back, someone in the back can be INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION! Heyman then introduces Curtis Axel. Heyman says Axel is better than perfect and they came by to say hello because he's not really willing to defend the title tonight, they haven't seen a human being in Florida man enough to take it away. BIG E. LANGSTON COMES OUT FUCK YEAH. He says he thinks he is, and Axel says he's got it. Not tonight, but maybe for the Thanksgiving episode. Or Christmas, Big E. says to shut up, either defend the title tonight and prove he's man enough to hang, So, with the name change we just gonna forget Curtis was an NXT original? A ref comes down so I guess the match is on.

    WWE Intercontinental Championship: Curtis Axel (w/Paul Heyman) vs. Big E. Langston
    E's a beast on offense so he runs through Curtis as we go to break, but when we return Curtis kicks out E's knee and takes over, his segment isn't anything to write about like at all it's like 2 minutes of Curtis wear downs, anyway E makes a comeback but as he goes to end it Heyman comes in and hits E from behind for the DQ. **

    After the match; Curtis puts the boots to E, but takes too long showboating which allows E to fight back, he hits the Big Ending and counts to FIVE!

    Backstage: Renee is with Sami, she brings up all his issues with Bo, and Cesaro. Sami says the thing with Bo is an afterthought as he's currently in deep with this thing with Cesaro and now Zeb too, "EXPOSING" him and asks what gave it away. Was it him being from Canada or was it him speaking Arabic to Cesaro in person? He's not ashamed of who he is, he's Sami Zayn, the guy that beat him when he was running his mouth. He's also the guy who's challenged him to a third match and still hasn't heard back. He says he wants it in a Best of Three Falls match now to leave nothing to chance.

    Mason Ryan vs. Scott Dawson (w/Sylvester LeFort)
    Enzo and Cass come out to distract Mason, but it doesn't work and we get a shitty Mason squash, Dawson deserves so much better. Enzo and Cass try to jump Mason post-match, but he beats them up too.

    NXT Woman's Championship: Paige vs. Summer Rae
    This is fine, but it doesn't touch the first match. Good hate and intensity by both ladies, but sadly this one is more about Summer being ready for Paige and somehow a step ahead, she works the head and controls for the majority before Paige makes a comeback and hits the Paige Turnah for the win. *3/4

    Backstage: Renee Young interviews AJ Lee, She says AJ will defend the title next week and asks who, but AJ says she likes unpredictability, so it could be anyone. BUT BAYLEY SNEAKS UP BEHIND AND HUGS HER! Renee leaves and Bayley introduces herself and Bayley says she was following her from her car, to the back and from the back all around and could hear her voice and asks if she can have the title match. AJ says sure and Bayley says their names sound good together. Bayley says she doesn't know why people think AJ is crazy because she's awesome. AJ is upset and Bayley says maybe after she beats her, they could still be friends. Bayley gives her another long hug.

    Next Week: Dolph Ziggler comes to NXT. UGH!

    During the break, Summer was still in the ring but Emma comes out and gets some revenge by attacking her.

    The Shield vs. Cory Graves, Adrian Neville & Xavier Woods
    Seth and Graves get a lengthy amount of time to start, before we get Seth/Neville and Seth/Woods before more Graves/Seth, Gravers gets a leg whip and goes for lucky 13 but Roman and pull Dean pull him to safety, that leads to Woods and Neville hitting double dives as we go to break. When we return the Shield now isolate Woods, but only briefly as he slips out of a backdrop and tags Graves in, he and Dean have a really good sequence as Graves locks in the lucky 13 but it gets broken up and now the Shield take over again. It's the shield so their iso rules, Roman comes in with the awesome power stuff and face raking, Seth controls the pace but also has these fun cutoff just as it looks like Graves can fight back and tag out, while Dean comes in being unorthodox with strikes. Neville gets the hot tag, but as he goes for the red arrow Dean gets the knee's up. Wood then comes in an has his own hot tag, which by his standards rules, he can run through all his showcase moves but doesn't have to stretch it out. The match breaks down now, everyone gets in and does stuff but it gets down to Seth/Woods again, where Seth hits the Buckle Bomb and Roman blind tags in and hits the Spear to win. ***

    Backstage: Renee asks Antonio Cesaro about Zayn's challenge. He says he is the greatest American to ever walk and the boss of the world, and that stupid arrogant punk calls him a coward. he accepts Sami's challenge, but Sami charges over and attacks him, they have to be pulled apart and Cesaro yells "ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYNNNNNNNNNNNNN"
  8. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    Bayley sounds like a stalker when you read her character intro.
  9. Admin Post
    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    NXT Champion: Bo Dallas
    NXT Tag Team Champions: Adrian Neville & Corey Graves
    NXT Woman's Champion: Paige

    NXT Episode 62
    August 21th, 2013
    Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida


    WWE Diva's Championship: Bayley vs. AJ Lee
    This is about 4 minutes it's more about the gimmicks than the match, e.g. Bayley is still starstruck by having a title match and being in the ring with AJ, so she first goes for a hug but then tries the handshake so AJ attacks her and takes over, she works the neck a bunch wearing Bayley down before the comeback. She hits a bunch of moves out of the Hug position but only gets two, so AJ fakes a "JAW" injury and kicks her in the mid-section, follows with a shining wizard for the win. **1/4

    Backstage: Tyler Breeze is walking past a young Alexa Bliss, he asks her to take a picture of him. She takes them but CJ photobombs them again. Tyler looks at his phone and finds out, and is MAD!

    I should mention that CJ Parker's gimmick is some happy go lucky hipster loser with colours in his hair.

    Mickael Zaki & Ron Hicks vs. The Ascension
    Shitty Ascension squash.

    Baron Corbin vs. CJ Parker
    Shitty CJ squash, he tries to work this cool hippy weirdo but it doesn't work. Corbin looks so much better and he still sucks.

    After the match; Renee comes out and asks CJ where he's been, CJ says he's been everywhere and nowhere, he says CJ Parker is just him, he's just a guy going with the flow and having fun. Renee brings up his photobombing and he says to mellow out, Tyler Breeze comes out and shows his ruined picture. CJ Parker says to chillax because it's all just a good time. Breeze calls him a joke and says he's a Lenny Kravitz wannabe, and CJ goes to punch him so Breeze covers his face and bails, saying NOT THE FACE!

    I just realized TripsGod has this thing with these happy go lucky dancing gimmicks, CJ, Adam Rose and No Way.


    Alexander Rusev vs. Dolph Ziggler
    Sadly, Rusev is just here to put Dolph over because he too needs to ruin NXT with these pointless showcase matches. Dolph wins with the ZigZag after 5 minutes. Thanks.

    Recap of NXT fan access from SummerSlam, but the full video will be shown next week.

    2 Out Of 3 Falls Match: Sami Zayn vs. Antonio Cesaro
    MOTHERFUCK YEAH! Sami hits the dive to the floor as Cesaro is making his entrance, as payback for when Cesaro did it to him. He then rolls him into the ring, Cesaro is slow to his feet and when the bell rings Sami debuts the Helluva Kick and a schoolboy pins him. 1-0 Sami, Sami continues to control and beats on Cesaro who keeps trying to bail and catch a breather, but Sami is all over him. Lot of good back and forth during the 2nd fall, neither guy can maintain the advantage for long periods of time, Cesaro continues to get more aggressive and frustrated at not being able to put a good sting of moves together, Cesaro works his new chinlock gimmick wearing down Sami just like in the 2nd match which worked for him. AND HOLY SHIT! Sami taps to a fuckin' chinlock, has that ever happen before? The 3rd fall is straight amazing. This is mostly built around Sami's heart and Cesaro rag dolls and beats the shit out of him, but Sami refuses to die. YESSSSSSSSS! CESARO BUSTS OUT THE DEADLIFT SUPLEX FROM THE APRON! THIS IS THE BEST! They also have some callback spots, like the small package counter into the suplex that Sami counters into a schoolboy, just like their first match but Cesaro kicks out. SAMI ALSO DEBUTS THE THROUGH THE ROPES AND TURNBUCKLE TORNADO DDT SPOT! But Cesaro dives back in at the count of 9. The match ends when Cesaro counters the running up the ropes into a tornado DDT and hits a FUCKING POP UP UPPERCUTTER AND FINISHES HIM OFF WITH THE Nuturalizeer for the win. So this still fuckin rules and doesn't get talked about enough considering how amazing their Takeover match is next year. Everything so crisp and clean, nothing felt wasted. I love how they did the falls with Sami coming out hot and catching Cesaro off guard for the first fall, then Cesaro having to still whether the Sami storm and get back into it for the 2nd fall. Then they go all out balls to the wall for the 3rd, I remember reading reports that this went over 20 minutes I hope one day that sees the light of day instead of the 15 minutes that was shown here. ****

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  10. Cwalker

    Cwalker Praying for a Peyton Royce leak

    I haven’t seen that match since it aired live. I might have to go back and watch it
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  11. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    Think it was just around this show that NXT was taken off my sports channel and went solely network.
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  12. Admin Post
    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    Yeah, I urge everyone to rewatch it, I thought Regal/Ohno had MOTY locked up but Sami and Cesaro took that shit away.
  13. Admin Post
    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    NXT Champion: Bo Dallas
    NXT Tag Team Champions: Adrian Neville & Corey Graves
    NXT Woman's Champion: Paige

    NXT Episode 63
    August 28th, 2013
    Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

    Backstage: Cory Graves is talking with Renee when Rick Victor says they have tired of waiting, it's their time. Graves challenges him right now but, Connor attacks him from behind, and drops a piece of steel from the set over his ribs.

    CJ Parker vs. Tyler Breeze
    The crowd is behind Tyler and totally shits on CJ, they stall for a bit but when CJ dives for Tyler's phone that's when he attacks. They work the match around Tyler not wanting to be hit in the faces, so he bails and covers up a bunch. CJ isn't good at all with his main piece of offense being an airplane spin. The match ends when Tyler picks up the phone and nails CJ in the back of the head with it as the ref has his back turned, Tyler then hits the Beauty shot for the win. *1/2

    Backstage: Renee interviews Emma, Emma says it's personal, she has a title match but Paige and her destiny has to wait, while Summer has to wait 2-3 minutes before she gets her ass kicked. Then she's gonna play dance-dance Emmalution and blow bubbles.

    Tyler Breeze has left the building.

    Emma vs. Summer Rae
    Emma comes out with bubbles and blows them before leaving it ringside. This is their weakest match so far, lots of bad Diva spots like the over exaggerated slamming their heads into the ring mat and pulling of hair. I did like Summer's work of the arm, she pulls and tugs on it like I bet Deezy wishes she pulls and tugs on other things 8D Emma sorta sells it, but she's committed to the gimmick more, she does all her usual spots in her comeback and locks in the Emma-Lock for the win. *

    After the match; Summer gets mad at Emma for dancing she then shoves her out of the ring and grabs the bubble liquid and throws it in her eyes. FUCK YEAH! BLINDNESS ANGLE COMING :mark:

    Backstage: Dawson, Sly, Enzo and Cass are all talking, Sly says they should join forces and become unstoppable and make a lot of Money. Enzo and Cass refuse and say all Scott does is lose, Sly says WE MAKE MONEY! Dawson asks when he gets paid, and Sly says when he wins a match. Enzo says they wouldn't join for all the money, and Scott Dawson says they committed a 5-10 because that's how long he's beat their brains in you Jersey Shore wannabes. Enzo and Cass get MAD, Sly and Dawson leave with Enzo yelling SAWFT at them.

    In the back, Summer is leaving the building when Sasha Banks comes up to her, she says she can't believe what she just did. Summer says that's why she is where she is, and Sasha is where she is. WAKE UP! Sasha, I'm a WWE Diva, SummerSlam was basically named after me :lmao and when was the last time you was on NXT? She calls Sasha irrelevant and says she should be following her. Summer says she knows Sasha has a match with Paige in two weeks and she'll probably lose so get her act together and beat her up.

    Sylvester LeFort comes out and introduces Scott Dawson, Enzo and Cass then come out, Enzo does his intro before saying if he had a dime for every time he and Big Cass got beat up as kids, he'd have zero dimes. That's because they are not S.A.W.F.T

    Scott Dawson (w/Sylvester LeFort) vs. Enzo Amore (w/Big Cass)
    Enzo is super over now, so good for him he's just bad in the ring but Dawson makes it work, he treats Enzo like Arn use to do to jobbers on Main Envt in 1992, lots of knees and bots, using the ring as a weapon. The crowd also helps this a lot as they try to cheer Enzo on to get him back in but Dawson keeps cutting him off. BUT OUT OF NOWHERE RUSEV RUNS OUT AND ATTACKS CASS FROM BEHIND! That distracts Enzo allowing Dawson to hit the angle slam for the win.

    After the match, Sly holds up DAWSON AND RUSEV'S HAND ON THE RAMP! HOLY SHIT!

    Video Package of last weeks amazing Cesaro/Sami match airs.

    Renee Young is in the ring and introduces Sami Zayn, she asks about the match and Sami thanks everyone for all the kind words about the match and the truth is, he's a little conflicted because he lost. He says Cesaro was the better man, and Renee asks what's next. Sami says he doesn't know when he'll meet Cesaro again, but he has to look forward, and his focus is the same as everyone else and it's to be the NXT Champion. Bo Dallas comes out in his amazing Sunday best all-white suit. Bo says just because a couple of people on the internet said he has a good match doesn't make him championship calibre, he lost, friend. People want don't want to hear from the losers. Sami says he can take it from here and kindly asks Renee to leave, he says it sounds like he wants to start something, but Bo says he injured him at SummerSlam Axxess, so he can't give him a match. He thinks he's a really good kid, but he's still so green and has a lot of work before he can be like him. Sami says he wants to be champion, but not a delusional egomaniac with no perception of how people actually think about him. Bo laughs and says everybody loves him. The crowd NO" and Bo says they're chanting his name. They're not booing him, they're chanting BOOOOOOOO like his name. Sami says he's scared and knows what he can do to him for the NXT Title and asks what it's going to be. Zeb Coulter then comes out and says Bo is a hardworking American and doesn't have to answer any questions from that illegal. Sami Zarn, Sarm whatever your name is if that even is your real name. Sami shouldn't get the title shot until he proves he's a legal citizen and not a border jumping illegal trying to steal from hard working Americans. WE THE PEOPLE! Swagger comes from the crowd to attack Sami Zayn he hits the SwaggerBomb, as Bo just leaves. They lay their flag on Zayn. WE THE PEOPLE! Good shit by everyone.

    SummerSlam NXT Acess video package airs.

    Next Week: Sami vs. Swag

    Adrian Neville vs. Conor O'Brian (w/Rick Victor)
    I must have missed it when it happen, but Victor comes out with the other Tag Title belt, he must have stolen it during that weak attack. This gets 4 to 5 minutes, Neville tries his best but Connor continues to be a bore to watch with his shitty intensity yelling and basic clubbing blows. Neville makes a comeback and hits the Red Arrow for the win.

    After the match; The Ascension beats up Neville, but Corey Graves comes out to save. His ribs are taped up, but the numbers catch up to him and they hit their high low finisher to end the show.​
  14. Admin Post
    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    NXT Champion: Bo Dallas
    NXT Tag Team Champions: Adrian Neville & Corey Graves
    NXT Woman's Champion: Paige

    NXT Episode 64
    September 4th, 2013
    Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

    Bayley & Charlotte vs. Alicia Fox & Aksana
    Bayley getting starstruck by Aksana is pretty funny, she falls for the hug and Aksana attacks her to start the match. The heels immediately isolate her with moves and stuff, Foxxy looks good but Aksana is still really, really bad. Bayley hits a desperation hugplex and Charlotte hets the hot tag, Charlotte isn't good yet but she shows flashes of goodness, and basically steals some of her dad's spots. Bayley blind tags in, and Charlotte is not pleased but goes along with it then a minute later Foxxy accidentally knocks Aksana off the apron and Bayley rolls her up for the win.

    Backstage: Dawson, Sly and Rusev are talking, Sly says tonight is about getting revenge on Mason Ryan, so he will guide Rusev tonight to make sure someone has his back. Rusev pulls out a piece of wood with Mason's name on it and breaks it.

    Rick Victor (w/Conor O'Brian) vs. Cory Graves (w/Adrian Neville)
    This goes 11 minutes and it's really fucking boring, Victor targets the ribs and it's super basic, he does maybe 1 or 2 nice things on offense like suckering Cory and before hanging him up on the top rope ribs first, but outside that it's lots of knees, and punches, he also locks in holds but then just randomly breaks them so he can chop the chest or hit punches :lmao Victor is on par with Connor as one of the worse wrestlers in NXT. Graves does his best selling to date, but the problem with working the ribs is when it's time to make a comeback, most of Cory's comeback is flying so he's hitting him with the injured ribs, but we're so far in that Graves stops selling it. Neville cuts off the interference from Conor, and Graves gets an inside cradle for the win. *1/2

    After the match; Graves takes back his tag belt that was stolen from him.

    Backstage: Sasha Banks is putting make-up on when Summer comes over and asks I hope she's thinking about how she's gonna become relevant next week, Sasha says not to stir up trouble and Summer says if she wins, she could actually be relevant and asks what an Anti-Diva even is. Summer says Paige thinks she's better than them and she's not, and says if she was Sasha, she would give Paige the beatdown of her life. Think about it.

    Backstage: Renee Young is with Paige, she asks Paige about her upcoming match and asks about Summer trying to get into Sasha's head. She says she doesn't care what Summer Rae is up to. Sasha Banks is good, but she's the champ for a reason. She says she's not here to be a cover girl, she's here to cover girls and win, she's here to be the most dominant diva to ever step foot in the WWE. So Sasha should run back to Summer and ask what it's like to fight her because she's a fighter and will give her the fight of her life.

    Alexander Rusev (w/Sylvester LeFort & Scott Dawson) vs. Mason Ryan
    How did I not know about this Dawson, Rusev pairing :mark: Mason has gone from looking like the future golden boy, and throwing out 11 men in a battle royal to be getting squashed by Rusev in his 2nd ever televised match, two months later :mark: Rusev wins with the Camel Clutch.

    In the parking lot, Leo stands over a fallen Xavier Woods and is laughing.

    Sami Zayn vs. Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Coulter)
    This starts off really well with Sami coming out fast with punches and smoothers him looking for revenge for last weeks assault, I think the crowd have finally found out Sami's hidden identity as they chant "ole" at him. Anyway, Zeb distracts Sami allowing Swagger to his a big time lariat and take over, good mix of power moves and holds. Sami has a fun comeback hitting all his usual spots like the dive to the floor and crossbody off the top. The near falls at the end rules like Swagger kicking out of the blue thunder bomb, and then Sami comes back by kicking out of the doctor bomb and escaping the ankle lock. Sami begins selling the ankle and it's awesome, he holds it while using the other leg to kick Swagger, he musters up enough and hopples to hit the helluva kick but he couldn't put all his boot into it which allows Swagger to kick out, Sami then heads up top and hits a sunset flip powerbomb for an awesome near fall. Bo comes out now, and fake cheers on Sami which distracts him long enough for Swagger to pick the ankle and apply the ankle lock forcing Sami to tap out. ***1/4
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    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    NXT Champion: Bo Dallas
    NXT Tag Team Champions: Adrian Neville & Corey Graves
    NXT Woman's Champion: Paige

    NXT Episode 65
    September 11th, 2013
    Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

    Enzo and Cass come out to open the show, Enzo intro he says the last time they were out here Cass was jumped and he was hit from behind, by two guys that are S.A.W.F.T. Sly then comes out and introduces his guys Alexander Rusev and Scott Dawson.

    Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy vs. Scott Dawson & Alexander Rusev (w/Sylvester LeFort)
    This is super short but rules Enzo plays that cocky piece of shit babyface that gets a few lucky shots in then quits before karma can hit, Cass then throws Dawson around before Enzo gets in and continues with jabs but DAWSON TAKES HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF WITH A CLOTHESLINE! The heels take over and beat the shit out of Enzo, it's great as much flack as we've given Enzo for being well Enzo, he does know how to get his ass kicked. Dawson takes out Cass by shoving him off the apron, they hit a sweet double team move on Enzo but the stupid ass ref DQ's Rusev for not leaving the ring after the 5 count. SMH! **

    Sly celebrates with Dawson and Rusev after the match.

    Tonight: Leo/Woods, and Sasha/Paige.

    NXT Champion Bo Dallas comes down to the ring, he thanks all his Bolievers for the support and letters they've sent him. He says he came last week to support Sami Zayn because he wants to be the kid's mentor, and when he's healed and cleared, he has no problem giving Sami a match. Not a title match, because he doesn't deserve it, but he has no power to make a match anyways. He thanks everyone for their support again and when in doubt don't stop Bolieving.

    Backstage: Renee is with CJ Parker, says Tyler Breeze is over there, in love with his outer self, but CJP is here, totally in touch with his inner self. Tyler wants to hoard his love like a beaver with sticks, but he wants to spread his love across the world like a phoenix into the sunset. WHAT A CLASH! He says this started with a little fun and games, photo-loving, just a little positivist. BUT TYLER COMES FROM THE SIDE AND ATTACKS HIM! He beats him down and takes a selfie posing over CJ on the floor, gorgeous.

    Sasha Banks vs. Paige
    This gets a ton of time an is really good they play it off as two babyfaces going at it, Sasha keeps it clean, but Paige occasionally pulls a dirty trick out to keep the momentum for herself. Awesome spot with Sasha looking for the roll up but as she does it Paige hits the back of her head off the bottom turnbuckle giving her control, back from break Sasha works the head and neck with a good Rear Naked Choke, she's gotten so much better but not even close to what she's gonna become in 2015/2016. Paige makes a comeback hitting all her spots, she then rolls through on a Sasha crossbody and rolls her up for the win. **1/4

    After the match; Paige celebrates in front of Sasha, she then comes over and does the good job kid head rub but Sasha pushes her hand away. Paige then tries to talk to her but SASHA SNAPS AND ATTACKS HER FROM BEHIND! FUCK YEAH! She leaves Paige with the straightjacket neckbreaker and leaves.

    Backstage: Sasha is on her phone when Summer comes over she says she knew she had it in her and asks how it feels, Sasha says it felt AWESOME! She thanks Summer for bringing out the rage in her. They fake BFF hug.

    (I should point out, that must have been shot before the match as Sasha's hair and makeup looked fresh not like she just went through an 8-minute match)

    Leo Kruger vs. Xavier Woods
    I don't care about this at all, Leo does good arm work, but Woods barely sells it, so Leo keeps working it cause that's the only thing he can do. Woods makes one final comeback at the end and hits the lost in the woods for the win. Meh.

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