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Watching NXT from the start (2012 - ???)

Discussion in 'The Fab Section' started by MR. SMALL PACKAGE, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    NXT World Champion: Tommaso Ciampa
    NXT World Tag Team Champions: Undisputed Era
    NXT Woman's Champion: Kairi Sane
    North America Champion: Ricochet
    United Kingdom Champion: Pete Dunne

    NXT Episode 323
    October 24th, 2018
    Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

    Earlier Today, GM Regal has security outside the building preparing for Black's arrival. He says their job is for them to get Black to him before getting into the building.

    No Mauro so it's Vic, Nigel, and Percy.

    The entire Undisputed Era come down to the ring, Cole says just in case you've been living under a rock Fish is back and the UE is at 100% so consider this a warning, and if you don't believe us just ask the Raiders. And if anyone else wants to get in their way, they'll make short work of them. We're gonna get people to fear them, WE ARE NXT! Which brings him to Ricochet. A couple of weeks ago you defended my property against Dunne and him, and he beat Dunne. And when he gets his rematch...........Suddenly, EC3 comes onto the stage wearing this hilarious Fred Flinstone sleeveless fur jacket :lmao He says he's going to input some knowledge on him that his 3 yes men will not tell him. He does not deserve a rematch, Cole asks if he thinks this is smart of him to mess with them. EC3 says the boyz are back but it doesn't matter as he's a top 1% Cole challenges him to a match right now and EC3 accepts.

    Adam Cole (w/The Undisputed Era) vs. EC3
    Goes about 6 minutes or so, nothing exciting or anything. EC3 avoids the last shot and rolls him up for the win.

    After the match; Undisputed Era lay EC3 out on the stage. Fish then smashes a chair over EC3's knee just cause.

    In the parking lot, Nikki messes with the security.

    Mia Yim vs. Aliyah
    Yim showcase, eat defeat wins it.

    In the back, Belair tells Regal she's a star and wants a title match. She walks off and Cathy asks Regal if he knows what Nikki whispered to Black. He says he has no idea, suddenly the UE come over and tell him to get his act together. Regal books War Raiders vs. Cole/Fish next week.

    Recap of THE Roman promo :mjcry

    Lacey Evans video package airs.

    The NXT Champion is hanging out in a truck holding his world title.

    Kairi/Shayna video package airs, Evolution is THIS Sunday. I'm debating if I should watch the PPV or just watch the match and get to the PPV sometime in 2019.

    Justin Xavier vs. Kassius Ohno
    Xavier has this god awful but hilarious techno music, this makes Murphy's music sound good. Ohno showcase, he's planting the seeds for the heel turn so he's taking more liberties with strikes and reverting back to old dick 2012/2013 Ohno ways :mark: Roling Elbow ends it. So here for evil Ohno again.

    Nikki Cross comes out post-match and begins laughing at Ohno, she says he's coming.

    Matt Riddle debuts next week.

    GM Regal is in the ring, he says Wargames is two weeks away and he's here to announce who will be facing Ciampa for the NXT title. But, Ciampa intervenes. He says with all due respect wipe that smug look off your face AND BOY DON'T STARE AT THE CHAMPS TITLE! Just as Regal goes to talk again, Dream comes out. He says the "HEADLINER" is here, the people want the experience at wargames. And he wants Regal to say his name. Lars comes out now. He says to be mindful where you are, you are standing in LARZ TERRITORY! So Dream move, he's NXT' worse nightmare and that title belongs to him. Dream says he understands Lars calls himself a nightmare but when speaking to the Dream, he will need him to wear some pants. Lars grabs him by the throat but CROSS RUNS OUT AND STARTS YELLING HE'S COMING!

    In the parking lot, Black takes out everyone in his path. He storms the ring, Ciampa and Dream both leave. So Black drops Lars with Black Mass. He then gripes Regal up and yells at him where is he? Regal does the shifty eyes to which Black turn around and GARGANO HITS A SUPERKICK! He then says "He's right here"

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  2. Chris

    Chris It's me, it's me

    Evolution was pretty good overall but I'd only really recommend watching the 3 title matches, especially the last woman standing
  3. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    yeah, I was just looking over the card, and I'll prob only watch the Mae finals, NXT title, and Becky/Charlotte. I've already seen the last 5 minutes of Nikki/Ronda.
  4. Chris

    Chris It's me, it's me

    The Mae Young finals was kinda underwhelming for me, it was still real good but I expected more
  5. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWE Evolution
    October 28th, 2018
    Nassau Coliseum: New York

    NXT Woman's Championship: Shayna Baszler vs. Kairi Sane (c)
    Good feeling out process to start, Shayna does her usual cocky leg kicks toys with her, while Sane uses her speed to frustrate Shayna, the stick and move works for a bit until Shayna shoves her into the steps on the floor to take over. Usual amazing arm work by Shayna but we know how this plays out so it's hard to get excited you know, SHAYNA THEN BUSTS OUT THE PENTAGON ARM BREAKER MOVE :mark: Kinda weird that right after they drop all the arm work and just go into trading strikes. Decent Sane comeback, she sells the arm a little bit but also uses it so it's whatever. She sets Shayna up for the In-sane elbow but Baszler runs to the top and locks in an armbar hanging Sane over the top rope with her feet dangling. Sane comes right back with a DDT and again goes for the elbow but Shayna rolls to the floor so she rethinks it and hits a crossbody to the floor. The Horseman try to get involved but Sane takes them out which allows Shyana to lock in the choke, they do the million dollar dream spot but this time Shayna kicks out. Roddy wife distracts the ref which allows the other to pop Sane in the jaw with a forearm allowing Shayna to again lock in the choke and Sane passes out. NEW CHAMP! **3/4
  6. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    NXT World Champion: Tommaso Ciampa
    NXT World Tag Team Champions: Undisputed Era
    NXT Woman's Champion: Shayna Baszler
    North America Champion: Ricochet
    United Kingdom Champion: Pete Dunne

    NXT Episode 324
    October 31st, 2018
    Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

    Recap of the whole who attacked Black story.

    Nikki Cross vs. Mercedes Martinez
    Both battle over arm position to start, until Cross, gets caught on the middle rope and MM pulls her off by the leg. The match is mostly based around holds and strikes, it's another one of those 50/50 matches keeping both strong. MM counters the swinging fisherman neckbreaker into a short double a spinebuster and hits a backdrop driver followed by another. She follows up with a German and knee to the face. But she takes too much time setting up her own fisherman buster which allows Cross to counter it, she gets her 2nd wind and ends up hitting the fisherman neckbreaker for the win. **1/4

    After the match, Candice comes out and yells at Nikki for messing with her life. But Cross laughs in her face and leaves. BUT BLACK COMES OUT ONTO THE STAGE! He stares Cross down before turning his attention to Candice. He goes down to the ring and they have a convo off mic, guessing he asked where Gargano is and Candice said he isn't here? IDK

    The Street Profits vs. The Mighty
    Usual stuff, SP's have a great run to start. TM kill the match with a shitty control, Dawkins has a decent hot tag. Thankfully SP's hit the down with the brown finisher and win. Hopefully, this feud has come to an end.

    Backstage: Cathy is with Mr. Regal, she asks for an update on the Wargames card. He books Ciampa/Dream for the NXT title. Black comes over looking for Gargano, Regal says he told him to stay home but he will get his match at Wargames. Black says Gargano and NXT will fade to black.

    Outside the building, Lars is throwing a hissy fit at not getting a title match.

    Luke Menzies vs. Matt Riddle
    So, Matt's gimmick is the laid back LA/Vegas pothead MMA fighter who kicks off his slides to wrestle barefoot. Decent showcase, Matt is still a little rough around the edges but he does a lot of good stuff and he hits hard. Bromission ends it.

    Next Week: Dream/Lars

    Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch vs. Raul Mendoza & Humberto Carrillo
    Showcase for the 2 man skinhead violence, wheelbarrow implant DDT ends it.

    Backstage: The Undisputed Era cut one of their promos at there hangout spot, BUT OUT OF NOWHERE THE WAR RAIDERS ATTACK THEM FROM BEHIND! They brawl out to the parking lot, and they do the Kev/Rey lawn dart spot to Cole :lmao The numbers game ends up coming into play but Ricochet joins in and takes the fight to Cole. They end up fighting down to ringside, UE briefly takes over after Fish takes out Rowe's knee with a chair but Pete Dunne comes out with a chair and takes out Cole and Kyle. Faces then clean the ring..............GM REGAL COMES OUT AND BOOKS WARGAMES II
  7. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    NXT World Champion: Tommaso Ciampa
    NXT World Tag Team Champions: Undisputed Era
    NXT Woman's Champion: Shayna Baszler
    North America Champion: Ricochet
    United Kingdom Champion: Pete Dunne

    NXT Episode 325
    November 7th, 2018
    Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

    Heavy Machinery vs. Forgotten Sons (w/Jaxson Ryker)
    This is pretty meh, at least HM win so that's good.

    Earlier Today, Candice talks to the media. She says she's not here to be exploited and wants to keep her private life private as she has answers too. She says she's here to ask Regal for a match with Cross and to wipe that smile off her face.

    Backstage: Cathy interviews Shayna and the other 2 horsemen, Shayna asks how many times does she need to beat down Kairi to prove to you people how insignificant she is? What's most important about this is she is the first ever TWO TIME woman's champion. Regal comes in and says Sane will get her rematch at Wargames in a 2/3 falls match.

    Dakota Kai vs. Taynara Conti
    FUCK YEAH! Conti and dat ass is back, she still has the hilarious UK grime theme which only makes this better. Kai goes a good job carrying this she's gotten a lot better since the summer it's a shame she's gonna get injured soon. Conti also has another shockingly great aggressive control, nasty kicks and judo throws. Vic does a great job talking about how Ronda is/was one of Conti's heroes and is the reason she got into judo. That would be a great feud if both women could talk. Kai's arm selling is tremendous again, she makes a comeback doing all her kick stuff and hits her flipping senton backstabber for the win. **1/2

    Backstage: Cathy is with Mia Yim, she asks how's it been in NXT so far? Mia says its a dream, training and working with some of the best. Belair comes over and barges her out of the way. She asks Cathy why is she interviewing this chick? when she has been here for two years busting her butt and her Mia thinks someone will hand her an opportunity. While she's UN-DEF-EATED! And she wants her title match. Mia challenges her to a match, but Belair laughs her off.

    WWE.com EXCLUSIVE! Matt and Keith are talking in the back when Ohno welcomes the new shiny toy. He says he's glad their here, he likes shiny toys as they're fun to break.

    Wargames match video package airs.

    Backstage: Regal books 1 from UE vs. 1 from Team WAR and the person that wins gets the match advantage for wargames. Damn no coinflip in the back :side:

    The Velveteen Dream vs. Lars Sullivan
    Dream tries to catch Lars off guard by attacking him before the bell, they go back and forth with neither guy getting the advantage. Dream tries to use the EC3 game of sending Lars into the steps but after the 2nd Lars blocks, it and backdrop throws Dream onto the apron to take over. Really solid Lars control, tons of insane throws, faces rakes and brutal clotheslines. Dreams bumping and facial expression at selling the pain was great. The kid is fantastic, he uses big haymaker strikes for a comeback, he hits the DVD bomb but as he goes up top Ciampa comes out for the distraction, Dream hits Ciampa with the double axe off the top taking him out but when he rolls back in Lars hits the freak accident for the win. **12

    After the match, Ciampa attacks Dream from behind. He says he doesn't share his spotlight or main event. He goes for the angel's wings on the title but Dream reverses out and superkicks him, he follows up hitting the twisting spike DDT onto the title. He then follows up hitting the purple rainmaker and posing with the title to end the show.
  8. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    NXT World Champion: Tommaso Ciampa
    NXT World Tag Team Champions: Undisputed Era
    NXT Woman's Champion: Shayna Baszler
    North America Champion: Ricochet
    United Kingdom Champion: Pete Dunne

    NXT Episode 326
    November 14th, 2018
    Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

    Bianca Belair vs. Mia Yim
    This doesn't fully click but they do some nice stuff, they playoff the young cocky rook against the seasoned vet, Belair works the head and neck. It's okay but lots of neck vice grips and punches. This feels more like a BB extended showcase, and as much as I like her 9 minutes against Mia isn't the match to showcase BB and show she got next. KoD ends it. **

    Backstage: Cathy aks the Raiders, Dunne, and Ricochet who will be in the match tonight. Dunne/Ricochet argue about who deserves the match, but Hanson yells he's having the match tonight.

    Gargano/Black video package airs.

    Backstage: Cathy asks Matt Riddle how his experience in NXT has been so far? He says it's been amazing. He made his debut and is ready to take on anything. Ohno comes over and says he's been waiting all week to hear back from MR. Regal about Matt challenging him, but NOTHING! When he confronted him it was a test. When he came back he challenged Nakamura, Roode and they took action. But he sees through his bro-show and it's trash. Matt says next week he will take his little test and leave ohno knocked out in the ring, bro.

    Karissa Rivera vs. Lacey Evans
    Lacey squash. meh.

    Lacey says NXT if full of classless nasties, all these girls forget to carry themselves with sophistication. But, she will lead by example. And if they don't adhere to her standards she will teach all of them to a class with the woman's-right.

    Ciampa/Dream video package airs.

    Hanson vs. Kyle O'Reilly (winner gets the advantage in wargames)
    Kyle tries to play the quick strikes early on before trying to wear him down with the side-headlock. Hanson temporarily gets the advantage with power and Kyle does his best overbumping stuff which is great, but he catches Hanson coming in and dragon screws the leg over the ropes to take over. Really good Kyle knee work, he does a lot of the stuff he did against Trent from that classic tag match back in July. And in one of the rare Kyle performances 90% of his focus is the knee, so that's good. Hanson's selling is decent during the work but stops once it's comeback time, outside of a couple of half-assed limp walks. Cole comes out and tries to distract Hanson stopping him from doing the vaderbomb so Hanson goes for a moonsault instead but Kyle rolls out of the way and applies the ankle lock, but Hanson gets to the ropes drop the floor Cole kicks Hanson in the head and Kyle hits the ax/smash combo for two. Rowe eventually comes out and brawls with Cole, Hanson hits the cartwheel into the lariat, but Roddy and Fish come out. Dunne comes out to help but he knee gets chop blocked. Through the crowd comes Ricochet and hits dives onto everyone. As the ref is yelling at them on the floor. Kyle grabs one of the title belts and hits Hanson in the head with it and covers for the win. **1/2
  9. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    NXT World Champion: Tommaso Ciampa
    NXT World Tag Team Champions: Undisputed Era
    NXT Woman's Champion: Shayna Baszler
    North America Champion: Ricochet
    United Kingdom Champion: Pete Dunne


    November 17th, 2018
    Staples Center: Los Angeles, California

    Matt Riddle comes out with his lowkey fire bro song, he says BROOOOOOO! So, he's not scheduled to have a match tonight, but if you watched the kickoff show as certain Kassius Ohno interrupted him. They're supposed to wrestle next week, but we're chillin in LA and we got two rings so I want to knock you out in both of them. Ohno comes out and calls him stupid, and says Matt is too stupid to realize he's not ready for takeover. But tells the ref to ring the bell. And tells him so savor this moment cause once he KO's him he'll probably forget.

    Matt Riddle vs. Kassius Ohno

    2 Out of 3 Falls match for the NXT Woman's Championship: Kairi Sane vs. Shayna Baszler
    Sane pearl harbors her at the bell and goes on the attack early, lots of punches, chops, and forearms. Shayna fakes a mouth injury which allows Roddy's wife and the other one to run out and attack Sane on the floor, they send her into the ringpost and roll her back in allows Shayna to lock in the choke forcing Sane to tap. 1-0. Shayna. Shayna goes back to the choke again, but this time Sane gets to the ropes to break the hold. Fuckin awesome Shayna catches a boot and locks in the half-Boston crab with the boot on the head, before head stomping her. Shayna tries to work the head but Sane uses her strikes to cause separation and sucker Shayna to drop all head work and go toe-to-toe in strikes which she does and Shayna gets the better. AWESOME SPOT! Shayna goes to suplex her off the apron, but Sane counters it and spike DDT's her onto the apron. Sane then takes out the other 2 horsewomen before diving on top of all 3 with the insane-crossbody. She rolls Shayna back in and hits the insane elbow and covers for the 3. 1-1. Sane quickly follows up with 3 interceptor spears and spinning backfists but gets cut off up top. Gut wrench gets blocked and Sane hits a sunset flip powerbomb for two. She follows up with the Alabama slam but Duke runs interference allows Roddy's wife to push her off the top. Dakota Kai comes out to even the odds but she gets beaten down, so Io Shirai runs out and moonsaults everyone on the floor. Sane heads up for another insane elbow but Shayna catches the elbow and rolls it into the crucifix pin for the 3 count. 2-1. Shayna. Prob their worse match. Not bad but, they've done so much better before. **1/2



    Black/Gargano video package airs.

    Johnny Gargano vs. Aleister Black
    Gargano has a Punisher inspired theme attire tonight, while Black has this boss ass vest on with what looks like dragon teeth spikes all over it. But he's wearing silver and gold attire, but on one leg he has the material of the vest on the left leg. Shit looks flames. Mauro announces this is Gargano's 11th takeover match so he has been in more takeovers than anyone in history. douchebag cocky Gargano to start and it's great, he has all the strikes scouted and tries to frustrate Black, but it's Black so he keeps his composure and eventually gets a combo. He does the cape 'rana into the Indian style pose but Gargano comes from other side and dropkicks him in the face to take over. The match is built mostly around strikes and complex/really good choreographed dodges from strikes. Gargano hits a running tope tornado DDT to the floor and follows up with a slingshot DDT back into the ring for two. They do a big "epic" big shot followed by big shot strikes until Gargano hits a reverse spike 'rana and for the first time this whole review it's connected flush. But, Black is up first and runs off a 4 move combo for two. Gargano comes back now, the first attempts the Gargano escape but it gets countered so he hits the lawn dart. BUT HE GETS TOO COCKY AND GOES FOR THE DIY SUPERKICK! BUT BLACK TELLS HIM TO WAIT AND YELLS TO GIVE HIM HIS BEST SHOT. SO GARGANO TAKES DOWN THE KNEE PAD! But Black blocks it cause he's not dumb, but Gargano counters his counter and superkicks him for two. Back to trading strikes, Gargano again has the cape 'rana scouted so he shoves black to the floor, but as Gargano goes for the suicide dive to the floor. BLACK KNEES HIM IN THE FACE! :mark: Back in, Gargano begins begging off. He tries to grab at Black's boot and EVEN KISSES THE BOOT. SO BLACK SETS HIM UP FOR BLACK MASS! BUT IT WAS ALL PART OF GARGANO'S PLAN AND ROLLS HIM UP FOR TWO. He then locks him in the escape but again, Black cradles him for two. Spinning knee connects and Black exposes the knee and knees him in the head. Black mass connects but he catches Gargano, and says "I WILL ABSOLVE YOU OF YOUR SINS" 2nd Black Mass connects for the win. Really awesome shit stuff here. ***3/4


    Backstage: The Undisputed Era are preparing for wargames.

    Dream/Ciampa video package airs.

    NXT World Championship: "Hollywood" Velveteen Dream vs. Tommaso Ciampa
    Dream comes out dressed in Hollywood Hogan cosplay, he does all the taunts and everything. God bless that kid. Ciampa has one of my all-time favorite trons with the red/yellow broken glass. The visual is so dope. Slow start neither guy is the best at mat wrestling, but the match picks up once they playoff Dream losing his headband so he sacrifices it and goes after Ciampa's belt which passes him off. Dream does Dream stuff, he goes for the Hogan big boot/leg drop but takes to long so Ciampa bails to the floor. Ciampa weathers the storm some more before shoving him from the top to the floor to take over. Running knee connects and Ciampa works the head for a bit before the Dream comeback. He mixes Shawn, Hogan and his stuff all before hitting 3 LEGDROPS, BROTHER! The DVDBomb gets countered but Dream hits the trips spinebuster for two. Ciampa tries to set him up for the spike DDT but Dream sweeps the knee and goes after the knee brace knee. HE DOES THE FIGURE FOUR AROUND THE RINGPOST :mark: Before doing it again in the ring, but Ciampa rolls to the ropes. Ciampa can't hit a suplex with the bad knee, so Dream suplexes the both of them over the top to the floor. Dream rolls him back in at 9. Dream goes for the Superkick but Ciampa ducks and rolls him up hooking the tights but the ref stops the count, Dream comes right back with a superkick and hits the DVDbomb for two. Dream tries a crossbody but Ciampa knees in mid-air and follows up with project Ciampa for two. He grabs the title but the ref takes it away that allows Dream to roll him up for two, Dream quickly follows up with the twisting spike DDT for two. Dream goes for the Purple Rainmaker but Ciampa who since the knee work has been loosening his boot gets the boot up, but Dream catches the boot. He again goes for the figure four but Ciampa kicks him and the boot to the floor. So, when Dream gets back to the apron. Ciampa spike DDT's him for two. Ciampa is puzzled so he begins tearing up the pad on the floor exposing the concrete. SPIKE DDT IS COUNTERED AND DREAMS SENDS THEM BOTH OVER THE COMMENTARY TABLE! Ciampa then loses his cool with Mauro which allows Dream to DVDbomb him on the concrete, he quickly rolls him back in and hits the Purple rainmaker but Ciampa kicks out. But he kicks out with such force that he falls with his back on the hard part of the apron, so Dream goes for the Rainmaker but misses and hits the mat. That allows Ciampa to roll him back in and hit the DDT on the steel which collects the two rings together and covers for the win. I don't love this, but it's good, but felt too hokey at times. I didn't love that DVD to the floor, and purple rain maker spot. I mean I do, but not for it to be a false finish. ***1/4

    Wargames video package airs.

    Wargames: Undisputed Era vs. War Raiders, Pete Dunne & Ricochet
    I fucks the UE's black, grey, white, and yellow camo war attire. God bless. This goes 47 minutes which is now the longest match in NXT history. Cole/Ricochet start, they do their best of stuff for the first 5 minutes. Kyle is out for for the 2-1, oh good it's now 3 minutes between combatants. Kyle goes right after the knee so 3 of the 4 have bad knees. Hanson and Rowe hold Dunne back cause of his bad knee, and Hanson comes out to even the odds. Hanson runs corner lariats for a minute allowing Ricochet to recover, and he comes back with a bang using his back to hit an assisted SSP. Roddy is out and does Roddy combos, his combos and power moves are built for matches like this. I'm willing to go as far as referring to him as the Arn of the stable. The most consistent, arguably the best and is the glue to keep the structure of the match together. Rowe is out next as he pushes past Dunne and his bad knee, he cleans house giving team NXT control back. FISH IS OUT LAST BUT FIRST HE PULLS A STEEL CHAIN OUT AND ATTACKS DUNNE! He takes the padlock that was locking his cage shut and locks Dunne in his cage before throwing the key into the crowd. Fish then introduces weapons and UE begins using UE Branded chairs to beat up the faces lol. The clock counts down, but Dunne is still trapped as UE continues to control. You would think a billion dollar company would have more than 1 key or a pair of bolt cutters on hand. NEVERMIND! The black ref comes in the clutch :side: Dunne limps down to the ring, but Kyle and Fish try to stop him from entering so he pulls out a kendo stick and hits them on the fingers, he does the same to Cole and Roddy before pulling out some tables and the match has officially begun. Team NXT not have the advantage with weapons and go on the offensive, match then turns into a completely new era clusterfuck. Hard hitting, weapons and setting up big spot followed by big spot. Oh and don't forget the token tower of doom and dive off the top, but tbf Ricochet hitting a double moonsault onto everyone was the best spot of the match. Oh, of course, we get the faceoff after 40+ minutes :lmao They all start hitting signature and finishing stuff, Dunne ends up hitting the bitter end on Cole and Ricochet sneaks in a 450 and they both cover Cole for the win. **3/4


    Once again Wargames is used as just a spectacle match now, it doesn't need 47 minutes it hurts the purpose of it. Do you know why 91/92 are considered the best two wargames matches? is because they went 22/24 minutes. That's all it needs. Very disappointing once again.
  10. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    NXT World Champion: Tommaso Ciampa
    NXT World Tag Team Champions: Undisputed Era
    NXT Woman's Champion: Shayna Baszler
    North America Champion: Ricochet
    United Kingdom Champion: Pete Dunne

    NXT Episode 327
    November 21st, 2018
    Staples Center: Los Angeles, California

    Highlights of Wargames open the show.

    Tonight: Cross/Candice

    Keith Lee vs. Fidel Bravo
    Lee squash. Super Nova ends it.

    Recap of Shayna/Sane airs.

    Backstage: Cathy interviews Shayna and the girls, Shayna calls herself the most dominant and the ONLY 2 TIME WOMAN'S CHAMPION! And nobody can stop them.

    They air the Ohno/Riddle stuff in full lol.

    Backstage: Some new blonde thot asks Matt his thoughts on his debut, Matt says he's almost speechless. Bro.

    Lars Sullivan vs. Kita Muarry

    Lars continues the attack post-match until Lee comes out to save his fellow negro from this racist.

    Recap of Black/Gargano airs.

    Backstage: Black ignores questions, he then meets Candice who stares at him and walks off.

    Recap of Ciampa/Dream airs.

    Backstage: Lars and Keith have to be separated, Regal then books Lee/Lars for next week.

    Recap of the Wargames match airs.

    Nikki Cross vs. Candice LeRae
    Solid grudge match, gets about 7 minutes or so. Candice is more aggressive as she's upset with Cross attempting to ruin her life, she also busts out new stuff. She hits the unprettier but misses the cape 'rana and Cross hits the purge but Candice kicks out. Cross goes for it off the top, but Candice blocks it into a sunset flip attempt but Cross holds on to the top turnbuckle, so Candice goes for a German off the top for two. Cross begins laughing mid-match, so Candice brings the VIOLENT PARTY! But he lets her emotions get the better of her and even busts out Superdragons's curb stomp but she fucks it up somehow WAT! She locks in the Gargano escape but Cross makes it to the ropes. She breaks at 4 but as she goes back to it again Cross sends her throat first into the top rope and hits the purge off the ropes for the win. **1/2
  11. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    NXT World Champion: Tommaso Ciampa
    NXT World Tag Team Champions: Undisputed Era
    NXT Woman's Champion: Shayna Baszler
    North America Champion: Ricochet
    United Kingdom Champion: Pete Dunne

    NXT Episode 328
    November 28th, 2018
    San Jose State University: San Jose, California

    Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch vs. The Mighty
    I think this is one of the Mighty's last few matches before one gets fired and we thankfully never have to see them again. Solid match here, Mighty do basic heel stuff but Oney bumps hard for them. Burch has a super good hot tag, it's a shame skinhead violence hold back their strikes cause the Aussies are a bunch of pussies. The match breaks down, Oney takes the Might out with a sweet senton plancha to the floor, they go for Doomsday but Miller shoves Burch into Oney knocking him down. Blind tag and the Mighty go for their shitty finish but Oney spears one of them and rolls the other up for the win. **1/4

    After the match, TM losers attack and leave both Oney and Burch for dead.

    Recap of the Undisputed Era attacking EC3 a month ago.

    EC3 vs. Marel Barthel
    Showcase for EC3. 1% ends it.

    EC3 says you tried to take me out but didn't finish the job. UE this doesn't concern you. Bobby Fish I'm going to come at you at ways you can't comprehend. I coming for your head, leg and everything in between.

    Earlier this week, Candice refuses to talk to the media outside the PC building.

    Vanessa Borne vs. Mia Yim
    Decent little match, kinda weird booking with Borne controlling 90% of the match kinda like she's the vet. Yim makes a comeback and connects with eatdefeat for the win.

    Campion Ciampa NEXT WEEK!

    Keith Lee vs. Lars Sullivan
    This is super dope, I'm so glad the new breed of big men are just medium sized men that can do athletic stuff. They immediately go into both men trying to outdo the other with shoulder blocks before trading power moves. Lars attacks the head and neck, the only real rest hold was the side-sleeper but that was only locked in for 15 seconds before it getting broken up and Lars smacks the shit out of him. Lee avoids the corner charge and makes a comeback with big body strikes, he hits the double-handed chop which pisses Lars off so Lee hits the POOOOUUUNCEEEEEE PERIOD! Which sends Lars to the floor and Lee follows with a corkscrew plancha. He rolls Keith back in but only gets a 2 count. Middle rope moonsault misses and Lars hits the Freak accident for the win. **1/2
  12. Cwalker

    Cwalker Praying for a Peyton Royce leak

  13. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    nikka fumbled on the first play of the game.
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  14. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    NXT World Champion: Tommaso Ciampa
    NXT World Tag Team Champions: Undisputed Era
    NXT Woman's Champion: Shayna Baszler
    North America Champion: Ricochet
    United Kingdom Champion: Pete Dunne

    NXT Episode 329
    December 5th, 2018
    Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

    Matt Riddle vs. Punishment Martinez
    Punishment Martinez is a fuckin hilarious name, and his theme is hilarious too, it sounds like one of those songs during a tv or movie when the good guy is either walking through the club looking for the bad guy or gathering all his guns at the save house prepping for war. Decent Matt showcase, he does all his MMA striking and stuff. Punishment doesn't do anything punishing at all just a tatted up Mexican who will prob get fired come late 2019. Bromission ends it.

    Matt celebrates on the ramp, but when he turns around Ohno KO's him with a roaring elbow.

    Ricochet video package airs.

    Earlier today, Ricochet talked with the NXT media. He says he'd be lying if he said it didn't feel great to be the human highlight at TakeOver. But he didn't just come here to be a highlight reel. He says he came here to be a winner and will show off being a fighting champion by having an open challenge to anyone for his title next week.

    Humberto Carrillo & Raul Mendoza vs. The Forgotten Sons (w/Jaxson Ryker)

    Backstage: Cathy tries to interview the Velveteen Dream, but he refuses until the ambiance is right. She asks what's next for him. He says the people are still talking about him, so as he sees it, he won. Or I guess Dream Ova. But to answer her question LEAVING YOU! And he leaves.

    Backstage: The Undisputed era cut a promo in one of the trucks. Fish says EC3 is under the impression that he's just another guy, but he needs to ask himself how far is willing to go into the deep end when that water is full of sharks. We bit him once and will be happy to do it again. Roddy says they injured the war raiders and no other teams are left, the mighty? more like the weaky? Kyle says the construction workers have never faced a team like them. Cole says that's undisputed.

    Mauro announces that Hanson suffered broken ribs, a ruptured spleen and torn ligaments at wargames.

    Dakota Kai vs. Shayna Baszler (w/Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir)
    FUCK YEAH! REMATCH! Shayna tries her intimidation tactics to start, but Dakota is no longer afraid and takes the fight to Shayna which throws her off, and it forces her to switch her game and bail to the floor. AWESOME spot she blocks a running apron kick and uses Kai's momentum against her by sending her leg first into the ring apron. Kinda weird she doesn't attack the leg and goes right into her awesome arm work, Kai continues to be a top 2 selling in NXT. She also has a really awesome mini-comeback doing all her kicking stuff which kinda makes me happy they didn't do any leg work. She hits a double stomp off the top but Shayna kicks out. Shayna goes back to the arm and hits a gut wrench suplex off the top, but it too wore down to follow up which allows Kai to comeback with kicks but Shayna kicks out the knee and chokes her out for the win. I really want a TakeOver match in 2019. **3/4

    After the match, Shyna and co go on the attack but Io makes the save.

    Next Week: EC3 vs. Fish

    NXT World Champion Tommaso Ciampa comes down to the ring, he says another takeover in the books and he's still the MVP! Time and time again he proves to be a man of his word. Still, though, you people refuse to accept me as your champion and believe in me. When everything is said and done this title reign will go down as greatest title run in history. Children will grow up and study his work. You must understand he isn't the flavor of the week or the month, he is 2018's sports entertainer of the year. And dammit, he will be 2019's sports entertainer of the year. Aleister Black then comes out. God, I love his theme song. He says at TakeOver he stood toe-to-toe with Gargano and absolved him from his sins, sins that you created, puppet master. And now look at you, champion, but you're not really a champion. He then invokes his rematch for HIS title and will do it in Pheonix. Gargano then comes out and says he and Black ain't done. He says this is over when HE says it is. Ciampa begins stirring the pot and says he loves when he leaves "Johnny Wrestling in the back, and becomes Johnny Badass" FICKLE Fans now begin chanting for Johnny Badass BRUH! Ciampa then says when Johnboy gets fixated on something he doesn't let up, trust him he knows. He says the champ saw what they did at TakeOver and in HIS opinion it should have been to two of them in a cage and it's just HIS opinion he thinks they should do it inside a steel cage. Ciampa says he sees it in Blacks eyes he wants that match, and he's known John Boy and knows he wants it and he's also sure the fans want it. Gargano agrees and Black says Johnny Wrestling is dead and he will fight him in any match, anywhere even the parking lot. Gargano asks how that worked out for him last time..... BLACK THEN TRIES TO HIT THE BLACK MASS BUT GARGANO SEES IT COMING AND DUCKS IT. HE BAILS TO THE FLOOR! SO, BLACK HITS CIAMPA WITH BLACK MASS INSTEAD! Good shit by all 3.

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