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The WWE has buried itself. It's NEVER been this bad before.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by nation, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. nation

    nation Member

    I know I haven't been on here in quite awhile, been busy as fuck with shit in my life but somehow and for some reason I have been watching wrestling still. But that's seriously going to change now, I'm done with WWE. Yes, I only said the WWE. It's a straight fact that Impact has finally turned around and it's fucking evolved. It's the only thing keeping wrestling alive for me at this point and while I've never been a hater of TNA(defended it more than a few times) but not until now I never once ever hailed it as superior than the WWE but I do now because it's so fucking true but I'll save my stance on TNA/Impact Wrestling for later and this is about all I'll say for now about comparing WWE/TNA and I'll get on with my rant strictly about the WWE because I need to get all this bullshit of my chest.

    As you in can see in the title, the WWE has fucking buried itself. None of the fucking titles mean anything. Maybe the World title means a little because Sheamus is one of the few guys in the company who isn't a joke and Del Rio's push is one of the only things being done right but then again it hardly means much since Bryan jobbed and lost the belt in 18 seconds or whatever. The WWE title which is supposed to be the most prestigious belt has been buried hard.

    We have gone from a pretty great feud between Punk/Jericho and an awesome Punk/Bryan match a few months ago to a fucking diva in the middle of your top feud in the fucking company.....AJ has effectively buried the WWE championship, Kane, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk all in one go. Bryan and Punk had momentum and this bullshit happens. This stupid bitch comes prancing down the ring in the MIDDLE of a big match like it's no big deal and distracts everyone. Bryan has gone from trying to win the title and being awesome months ago when he had AJ in her place and now he's a desperate loser who is trying so hard to win over this 70 pound chick like she is actually a threat in anyway.

    Now, Kane always goes through bullshit. He got buried by Cena and Orton but at least they were attempting to bring the monster back in him and he had a huge win over Orton at Mania. Now after all that talk and hype about getting back to what he wants to be, he lets some diva get between him and getting gold back? and he's pretty much already back to being a face leaving his whole turn fucking pointless. Kane/Sheamus could have been a great feud but now there's probably no chance of that happening.

    After months of being away, Christian comes back wins the IC belt and within his first month back gets a lot of momentum and two months later he's already suffered what four losses? I can't really complain about Rhodes winning because Rhodes is one of the few guys they haven't fucked up royally but it didn't make much of any sense, he goes from losing to Christian clean twice to getting a clean victory soon after to quality for the MITB? Whatever but besides that...Christian randomly jobbed to Del Rio because he threw a bitch fit backstage, he got pinned by Ziggler after he beat him like the week before in a singles match and he gets squashed by Tensai when Santino obviously should have been the victim. So there goes any and all momentum for the IC belt and Christian.

    Santino is US champion and has buried the title, hardly ever defends it and he's still a complete fucking joke. He hasn't been entertaining or funny in any way since like 2010. Swagger who is a fucking workhorse gets brutally buried by Santino and Swagger is back to being a complete fucking jobber. I've always been on high on him and he has a shit load of talent all around imo but even for anyone who isn't his biggest fans know he was a good workhorse, has great in ring ability, he was solid midcard and he could at least be of benefit towards the mid card over all but within not even two months he's all the back down to fucking Drew McIntrye status.

    In regards to Drew it's a pretty similar situation with my feelings and overall. He's obviously been a jobber for quite a while now and they haven't attempted to fuck all with him since 2009 or maybe 2010 I don't even remember. He had that storyline last year that had zero follow up or push what so ever and really they basically were telling you and showing how he is a jobber during that storyline. But the guy has talent now, I'm not as high on him as I am Swagger but he was a pretty damn good IC champion years ago and he had potential when he the whole chosen one gimmick. You buried the fuck out of this guy so why not even try to turn him face? At least attempt it, if any effort is actually giving towards doing so I bet he could get over, same with Swagger if they tried turning him face. Why not at this point?

    The entire fucking roster besides a few lucky people isn't and in a lot of cases hasn't been used right. Seriously, there is so much talent on the roster. Even guys like Slater and Magnus(TNA example but still) these are two guys who you couldn't see zero potential in them until they attempted to do anything with them. We wouldn't have known Slater really isn't that bad on the mic(he's actually pretty solid and has been one of the only entertaining things going on lately) because he never got any mic time before, he just jobbed and that was it.

    You got Alex Riley who could and should be a great babyface midcard guy but he's a jobber, Hawkins who could get over as face or heel, Jackson who is alright and definitely could go back to being an intimidating heel, Hunico who is a solid workhorse but only gets used to make Cara look good, Gabriel who could be a great crusierweight champ if they had the division, Joe Hennig not Michael McGullicutty who is still caring that curse of a terrible name, Ryder who used to be over huge and is still decently over and they buried the fuck out of him, Tatsu could be a nice cruserweight champ or work with Santino, Reks who is decent enough all around and might even have some potential if he wasn't just used on NXT or superstars, DiBiase who has a great look and has always had potential and still hasn't got much of an attempt to do much of anything, etc, etc

    Basically, almost the whole roster isn't used right and obviously it would be hard to use most of the roster correctly but at least attempt to do something or anything with as many superstars as you can but that just doesn't happen. It's great to see them actually attempt something now shockingly enough with Kidd but there is zero consistency and everything is half assed so unfortunately because Kidd has a lot of potential, soon enough they will give up on him because it's been a month and he isn't over yet.....

    Miz has gone from one of the top stars to a complete jobber and is over due for a face turn at this point, hopefully maybe they might actually go that route when he returns but I have zero faith in the WWE doing anything right anymore. Ziggler is READY to be a top guy and still isn't there yet. Regal, one of the most experienced and respected veterans can't even get to wrestle on TV anymore and instead jobs at house shows and NXT. Tensai who has looked real good in his matches recently but who knows where any/if at all the direction they are going with him.

    The tag division and divas division is still fucked. I'm digging the pushes for Layla and Primetime Players but that's about the only thing going right in those division. We have still have what like 4 tag teams? When we could easily add Gabriel/Bourne, Reks/Hawkins, Santino/Tatsu, Riley/Ryder, McIntrye/Swagger and more all to the division. Even one of the few real tag teams(Usos) still haven't had done anything put over all the other teams when they could be great face/heel tag champions.

    To sum up the divas division quickly, Beth has lost most of her credibility, Natalya could be a top face or heel but doesn't do anything, Fox wrestles on like superstars only, same thing with Kaitlyn when she could be a top face diva for the division, Kelly one of the their only draws in the division is taking a break for who knows how long, Kharma isn't back though everyone wants her to be and a lot of the divas are leaving because they are sick of not being used right and how poorly treated the division is. It started with Maryse who seriously was a big loss for the division but now the Bellas and Maxine are gone with most likely more to join. Maxine had a lot of potential too, has the perfect diva look, solid enough in the ring and could actually cut a promo but nope she's out of there.

    Now to finish all this shit up with everyone/everything else.....Cena goes from a terrible match and huge loss to Rock to destroying Lesnar, jobbing to Ace, beating Show, going from being serious one month back to the annoying PG posterboy the next and with the help of AJ effectively burying the WWE and World titles by always having his match main event all PPV's(Even Cena/Ace). Everybody knows he's the most stale guy on the roster but fucking christ man.....all that hype and build up for the last Mania only to result in a awful match with Rock(which was Rock's fault for apparently doing fuck all to train for the biggest match of the year) but hey guys like Bryan, Punk, Aries, etc still could have got so much more out of him.

    Just when you start to think maybe Show will get that big push, he loses to Cena and becomes a joke again after all that talk, Ryback is a poor man's Goldberg but he's alright, Clay needs to continue to be more serious during his matches, and honestly I can't take even Jericho seriously anymore because you know he's just putting everyone over.

    Rant done. I know it's a long ass post and not the most structured discussion but any and all replies is welcome. I'll try to reply back too but this was pretty much just my rant on all this bullshit and I'm seriously done watching WWE after the 1000th RAW and MITB.
  2. Holy shit, seriously bro, too long for me to read. I won't even disagree. WWE has been shit since Mania. Almost nothing good.

    BUT, according to sources, Laurinitis is OUT of all talent relations and Trips has brought back JR in an Advisory role, since ya know, he was the guy who brought in the talent that ushered in the Attitude Era and the big names post Attitude Era (Cena, Lesnar, Batista) and Trips is really focusing on bringing wrestling back to WWE, hence letting Punk-Bryan going at it for 9 months straight. But as of now he has recently signed:

    Sara Del Ray
    Pac (although judging by his new physique that looks like he stole, he might have "Visa issues" so he can conveniently pass Wellness)
    Johnny Gargani
    Ricky Reyes
    add that to Moxley, Tyler Black, Mistico and Kharma, I'd say things might start to pick up in the coming years.

    Trips still shows his insecurities that earned him his rep, such as the way he interjects himself into hot feuds (i.e Punk and now Lesnar), but putting JR back in talent relations is a good step and he has an eye for talent.

    Now time for Vince to die and lets see what Hunter can really do.
  3. nation

    nation Member

    Yeah, I did pretty much cover up everything though but I can't really blame anyone for not caring when it's so fucking hopeless now. I was always skeptical about HHH taking over but I don't see many flaws in his talent relations. Booking wise, yeah that's fucked but he's signing the right people. However, the roster is stacked enough now and maybe like 3 people now of a roster of like 50 superstars gets used right at the moment so it's hard to have any faith....that and most of those guys have been in developmental for awhile. They got a ton of talent in development and they will have them work house shows and the rebooted NXT and everything but Sandow and Cesaro are so far the only ones to make it up and while I have been digging Sandow has been doing on the mic and I'm glad at least Cesaro has something to do with Aksana, it's not even a close to being a hit on either guys yet. Cesaro is already neglected back to Superstars because everything is such a giant unstructured clusterfuck. I'm hoping he gets a big feud soon. I've seen a bit of his ROH work and he's ace.
  4. I actually like AJ, and she's over as fuck with the crowd.
  5. trilogy

    trilogy Member

    some of the post is right but most isn't lol. aj is good, WWE title focus is coming back finally. cena is cena. show is just putting people over.
  6. ...god...

    ...god... Active Member

    Yo, major spoiler, WWE is about to get A LOT more interesting. Don't read any of the below shit if you don't wanna know, I'm certain this is gonna go down.

    Punk's turning heel at Summerslam, aligning with Heyman, restarting the Punk/Cena feud. Leading me to believe Show will prob win MITB and win the title and feud with a face Bryan, which is the best scenario. It's pretty obvious, really, (cept the Heyman part, that's just the icing) the WWE's problem right now is they have 0 over or established BIG heels to put over other guys. Their biggest in Miz, they fucked in the ass. And of the now only two main guys of Punk and Cena, because Randy likes to smoke pot, it's obviously gonna be Punk because Cena ain't turning. And if you 've noticed, they've been foreshadowing it too. Two weeks ago, Punk threw in the fact that he's the leader now that he beat Cena and told him to remember he's the champ now. Then last week, Eve brought up, asking how it feels to be overshadowed by Cena, Big Show, Brock, and Triple H. It's gonna be about that, the fact that no one bought Punk as the top guy, and his words go over people's heads I guess he has even admitted they do so the face isn't his forte.

    And fyi, it won't be Brock/Rock at WM, Enzo. I'll mail you my left testicle if it isn't Brock/Taker at WM for Taker's 29 and then 30 will be Cena.

    Also was rofl worthy that Del Rio legit no-showed (well, called) that past PPV. He wasn't out with a concussion, he just told em to fuck off and fix his contract. Yeah, he's got so much money, he can legitimately do that, by no means needs the WWE. And the reason Husky and Hennig got fucked over and sent back to FCW/NXT awhile back is cus they stiffed Diesel at the RR, ROFLROFL. That's also why they got their asses kicked the next night then massively buried onwards. And Mason Ryan was just shit and no-sold Kane and Big Show raged on him on live TV, I went back and saw a clip where Show yells "FUCKING SELL" in the match. It's hilarious. Nexus pretty much got canned for all that.

    And btw nation, Riley is shit and jobbing because he got a DUI when he was getting a massive push.
  7. Hometown Kid

    Hometown Kid Member

    Honestly, I don't see how people are so upset. There've been some unspeakable lows (Like that Raw where Big Show was crying and Cena cut that "loser" promo, which I would legit call the worst Raw in 13 years.), but overall, these shows and stories aren't any worse than '09-'10. They have all the same problems as before...their writers and "The family" have NO CLUE how to book a good promotion in this day and age! They are wrestling hacks, and it boggles my mind how they aren't universally lambasted on a regular basis. The people in charge fail miserably, and I can (rightfully) criticize Punk or Cena for being awful on the mic and hurting the business with their Trips-level egos, but at least they can add something to a good show. The bookers/writers are so far beyond help, until there's a complete overhaul with the bigwigs, the company's screwed, and that's just the reality of it.

    At least Rock will be around to save the WM buyrate and get WWE to turn a profit for a quarter.
  8. WWE is profitable. $24.3 million NET last year with growth. I have access to Dunn and Bradstreet's database, so their numbers contradict what you just said. D+B is the only business credit reporting company in the world, their numbers are the truth. I have a screen shot if you want to see it. They're fine with or without Rocky.

    And what about Rocky failing to draw for Survivor Series? They won't blame him, they blame the Miz. Lame.
  9. Hometown Kid

    Hometown Kid Member

    Don't get paranoid on me, Enzo. I'm not questioning you or your database. BUT in terms of Wrestlemania, Rock pulled their wieners out of the fire for 27 and 28 had the HIAC, so they might...might have gotten to a million. But that doesn't mean he didn't bring in some big bucks that the Punks and Cenas could only dream of attracting. The WWE's cache with fans is running out, Come back to me after the Network implodes. By then...I don't think their Q-rating is gonna be quite as rosy as 24 million.

    Why didn't he draw at SS? He was in a completely meaningless tag match with two mid-carders and Cena. It was stupid, terrible booking that sank the buyrate, *Not Miz sucking or Rock losing his appeal.
  10. ...god...

    ...god... Active Member

    Changed my mind, think Cena will win the MITB, that'd make more sense. And he says he's cashing it in at Summerslam like RVD at ONS.
  11. MizMasta3000

    MizMasta3000 Active Member

    ^So Bryan loses? Fuck.

    Also G1, that shit made me jizz a little. Mainly because this leaves Mysterio to come back and actually put someone over (maybe Ziggler or Del Rio or whoever the fuck they decide not to feud with Sheamus). Also Wade's returning, as well as Kharma. All three of them are literally waiting for Creative to find a way to bring them in. This is going to be a very interesting summer for WWE to finally shut the TNA marks up.
  12. It's not paranoia. My career right now is basically knowing businesses of all sizes, their competition, their financials and so forth. When I get bored, I D and B companies I like, WWE being one of them. The fact of the matter is Rock added very little to the company's bottom line. Yes, Mania was an incredible success, but Survivor Series was an incredible flop. WWE has been profitable every year since 1997, so even in this bad era of booking, they would have been profitable this past quarter with or without Rocky. You can claim bad booking all you want, the fact of the matter is that Rock's first match back should have proven a decent increase, it didn't, so logically you can blame a bit of it to lost appeal. Not all of it, but certainly some of it.

    The company turns MAJOR profit on it's DVD sales, advertising has gone further down the trough in importance in regards to income, DVD and merchandise does pretty freakin well. And with the emerging markets of mobile and online advertising, WWE's Youtube and other online ventures will certainly help increase their lost ad revenues from sagging tv ratings. The wrestling aspect is handled lazily, certainly, but as a world wide entertainment conglomerate, the WWE is ran incredibly well. They post a profit margin higher than industry average in the entertainment sector, higher than many movie studios. The company has posted growth the last two years, with the launch of the Network and the income that distributorship will bring in, their 2013 estimates are looking well. And even if it does tank, and it may or may not even come out, WWE is preparing really well for the launch. They are signing talent en masse to create original programming. Why? Original programming commands higher advertising rates and when distributors see networks producing original content they see opportunities to add a few bucks to their pockets at their customers expense as opposed to channels that run archived reruns as the old WWE 24-7 format did.

    Not paranoia, just linking my work to one of my interests and tired of people talking about things they really aren't that educated about. As a multi faceted entertainment conglomerate, the WWE is a well ran and managed machine, it's core product does leave much to be desired to it's hardcore fanbase, but the company itself is ran better than any wrestling company has ever been and probably ever will be ran. And it's not a matter of opinion, it's fact. No wrestling company will ever do what Vince McMahon has done, for better and for worse.
  13. nation

    nation Member

    AJ fucking sucks. She buried the WWE belt and three of the biggest stars on the roster.

    I can't beat a dear horse, anymore. Bryan, Punk, Kane and the WWE belt are buried until this AJ bullshit stops.
    Bullshit, Punk is a company poster boy now and becoming their top face after Cena. He isn't turning heel for years, sadly.

    He didn't really no show the PPV. He was pissed the whole week and while they worked shit out with him when he threatened to quit, they put Ziggler in his spot. Pretty shitty Christian had to job to him just because he had a bitch fit.

    I never heard about Husky and Hennig working stiff with Nash, I thought only had Wade had problems with him but why the fuck would they? Wouldn't Nash say something to them after that? I've only heard of him trash Wade and I think Sheamus. But even if that is the reason, that was years ago and I haven't heard about anything else to explain why they are kept back. As for Riley, that's just bullshit. That was forever ago and somehow he's still managed to get pops as a jobber, he needs a fucking push. I never mentioned Mason, yeah he sucks, I'd just fire his ass but I named plenty of other guys. Pretty sure Drew and Swagger learned their lesson and aren't cocky backstage anymore.

    Fuck that. Last's RAW was the worst in so long, every RAW has been horrible for months. Some nice segments where like Vader, Sid, DDP, returned, etc and a few solid matches on RAW but it's been shit. This whole AJ thing is burying the company's two biggest stars right now.
  14. I agree that AJ sucks 100%. But Nation, as we've gone over before, I don't think you have a grasp on what "bury" means. She's a vehicle to extend a storyline. While I don't care for her, she's playing a role, getting over and not burying anything. Please define what you think "bury" means.

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