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Just gonna take a few shots and start this shit

Discussion in 'Reviews & Columns' started by Chris, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    Luger screaming "MY SHEEN!" when Animal knocked garbage into him and his woat pulled punch with the glove made him the MVP.

    Regal also broke his orbital bone.
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  2. Chris

    Chris It's me, it's me

    Event: nWo Souled Out - The World Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us
    Date: January 25, 1997
    Venue: Five Seasons Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Attendance: 5,120
    Commentators: Eric Bischoff & Ted DiBiase

    WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Hollywood Hulk Hogan
    WCW United States Heavyweight Champion: Eddie Guerrero
    WCW World Tag Team Champions: The Outsiders (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall)
    WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Dean Malenko
    WCW World Television Champion: Lord Steven Regal
    WCW Women’s Champion: Akira Hokuto

    This starts with the nWo all riding on all riding out to the arena on huge trucks with nWo flags on them :lmao this shit is hilarious they even have FAKE Sting with them. It’s all in black and white and thank God they didn’t do the whole PPV like this.

    After the intro, Eric Bischoff is at a podium on the stage and introduces Hogan, Hall, & Nash on the big screen to welcome us to the PPV. They send it down to Bischoff and Ted DiBiase who are with some nWo thots and DiBiase struggles with his headset :lmao this show is amazing already. A whole night of heel commentary, plus a biased ref in Nick Patrick all night. Plus there’s some ugly bitches on bikes near the ring. Also the ring ropes and everything are all black and the mat has the nWo logo on it. Presentation is top notch.

    They have some PA guy doing ring announcing and he shits on all the non-nWo wrestlers so “From somewhere north of the border” comes out Chris “I should have stayed in hockey” Jericho :lmao Masa “My Hero” chono is out next.

    Chris Jericho vs Masahiro Chono
    This is okay, like 2 minutes in they show the crowd forever to show WCW wrestlers coming in to crash the party. This match really should have been better though, it’s fun when Jericho is on offense, but that’s not for very long and Chono’s offense is pretty meh. He does work the leg at least which sets up for his STF, and Jericho sells it well. This dumbass crowd starts chanting “USA” at least Jericho is a dual-citizen. Patrick starts counting super slow for Jericho and Jericho is pissed about it :lmao Chono goes and gets a table late in the match lol this is a tiny ass table. Anyway he tries to suplex Jericho from the apron through the table but Jericho reverses but still sells his knee really well. They have this shitty fish-eye camera they keep using for some reason. Jericho is able to hit the Lionsault, but can’t make the pin bc he sells his knee. Chono then catches him on the top rope and pushes him through the table that isn’t a DQ bc Nick Patrick I guess lol Chono hits a Yakuza Kick for the win.

    BRUH Bischoff and DIBiase don’t even have a table or monitors :lmao They hype up this Miss nWo beauty contest and said they picked these girls bc they paid their own way and had their own place to stay :lmao They send it to some dude who asks a girl what the term “nWo going all the way” means to her and she says “fellatio” :lmao He asks another girl what she would do to tame Kevin Nash and she says anything it takes and refuses to go into detail.

    “This man’s face is funnier than his laugh, Hugh Morris” is out next and DiBiase says he forgot the WCW guys’ music so that’s why there isn’t any :lmao PA announcer says Big Bubba is gonna flatten Morris like a Mexican tortilla in no time.

    Mexican Death Match: Big Bubba Rogers vs Hugh Morris (w/ Jimmy Hart)
    How tf is this a Mexican Death Match between two white men in Iowa :lmao Also Patrick is only enforcing rules on Morris like last match and letting Rogers get away with everything. This is okay brawling mostly, Jimmy Hart gets involved and the announcers just laugh at him, they don’t even talk shit about the interference :lmao Rogers tells Patrick he’s gonna use a chain so Patrick looks away but once again if it’s a Mexican Death Match why does that matter? Morris is able to hit his No Laughing Matter Moonsault, but doesn’t pin. Oh I think this is like a Last Man Standing Match bc the ref starts a super slow 10 count. Morris breaks the count at 7 to yell at Patrick fuckin’ dumbass. This really drags on, mostly bc of the 10-count rules. They make their way up the entrance ramp and Morris tries a shitty moonsault from the steps, but misses. Rogers then goes and gets a fuckin’ motorcycle one of the thots were on AND RUNS OVER MORRIS :lmao The announcers die laughing at that as Morris obviously doesn’t answer the 10 count after the attempted vehicular murder. nWo 2-0 so far.

    They send it back to this Jeffrey guy who asks what this girl would do to be in one of Hogan’s movies and she says whatever it takes like another girl already said. He then goes to a girl with big tits and calls her buoyant and asks what her price is bc he has $1.50 and she says he’d walk away with a bill still :lmao

    “This redneck hails from Music City, USA. It’s Double J.” Nick Patrick gets his own entrance and he has the most hilarious smug look :lmao Oh shit they show Debra McMichael with her husband in the crowd :mark:

    Jeff Jarrett vs Mr. Wallstreet
    DiBiase acknowledges his and Wallstreet’s history so that’s cool. Same shit as the first two matches really, Patrick is biased and that plays a factor most of the match so they don’t really get a whole lot going. Plus this is just thrown together again like the first two so there’s no heat whatsoever, just two random lower card guys to fill time. Jarrett starts taking a beating and they make sure to show Debra concerned in the crowd. Jarrett locks on a sleeper, but Patrick calls it a chokehold :lmao Debra and Steve McMichael make their way closer to the ring bc Debra is concerned about Jarrett. Wallstreet works a boring sleeper for awhile until Jarrett is able to fight back and locks on a Figure-4 Leglock, but Patrick panics and just pulls Wallstreet to the ropes :lmao Debra and Steve end up coming to the ring bc Debra begged enough and Steve hits Wallstreet with a briefcase that somehow Patrick didn’t see and then forces Patrick to make the count so Jarrett wins, bunch of bullshit mostly. nWo 2-1.

    They talk to the senior division of the Miss nWo and he asks some old lady what part of her body is the best and she says her feet EWWWW! He asks another one what she would use to buff Bagwell’s biceps but she doesn’t understand the question :lmao this is a disaster.

    “He’s always been number 2. American Male Loser, Scotty Riggs”

    Buff Bagwell vs Scotty Riggs
    This actually has some heat to it at least, it’s just they both suck. Riggs attacks Bagwell while he’s taunting and Bischoff yells “THERE WILL BE FINES FOR THAT!” :lmao Bagwell threatens to leave is Riggs doesn’t wrestle properly so Patrick chastises him. They go through all the motions of a decent exchange before Riggs hip tosses Bagwell over the top rope which the announcers say should be a DQ WAIT THAT’S STILL A THING IN 1997! There’s a lot of nothing in this, it’s mostly boring but there’s some cool spots here and there. At one point the PA ring announcer just says “loser” :lmao Riggs pulls down Bagwell’s pants exposing his ass in a thong at one point and Patrick loses his shit lol Riggs starts making a comeback, it’s alright but Bagwell just ends it with a nice running Crossbody. Riggs is able to hit a powerbomb for two, but Bagwell fights out of a superplex and hits the Buff Blockbuster for the win. nWo 3-1, THEY GONNA BLOW THE LEAD???

    Jeffrey says we’re almost through with this Miss nWo search THANK GOD! This girl doesn’t even hear his question so he moves to the next girl and asks her if she’d help Scott Norton with his flashing problem and she says she’d definitely add to that but doesn’t do anything else.

    Diamond Dallas Page vs Scott Norton
    Page takes a drag from his cigar before the match starts would you believe this guy runs a successful yoga company now? This basically feels like a DDP showcase, Norton is in control due to his power for a little, but it’s mostly DDP outsmarting him and way more DDP rest holds than we need. They show Sting in the crowd and that gets a huge pop, can’t tell if it’s nWo Sting or Borden. Norton is able to take advantage and works over Page’s shoulder outside the ring for awhile. Page starts making a comeback to a super hot crowd, but Bagwell and other nWo jobbers come down and Bagwell says they like Page so much and want him in the nWo. They all come into the ring and completely stop the match so Page says “I ain’t got no problem with Hall and Nash so as far as he’s concerned everything’s cool so ya gotta go nWo” and he puts on a shirt as Bagwell tells Norton it’s cool bc he’s with us now :lmao Is this still a match? But WAIT Page pulls Norton into a Diamond Cutter and then takes out the other jobbers and runs through the crowd :mark: Patrick counts him out so Norton wins lol nWo 4-1.

    Jeffrey then asks a girl what her favorite maneuver is and how to apply it and she says she can’t bc children are watching so he gives her his hotel room :lmao He asks another what she’d do to make Chono’s stay in America more comfortable and she says “Anything he wants as long as I have some chopsticks.” :lmao they show a replay of Page ripping the nWo shirt instead of the girls though.

    “Look at the two dog-faced Michigan Mutts, The Steiner Brothers.” Also we finally get the real nWo music instead of that dumb version the jobbers got :mark:

    WCW World Tag Team Championship: The Outsiders (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall) (c) vs The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott Steiner)
    The crowd is really hot for this one and the action is okay, nothing special but not bad either. Scott’s all roided up by this point, he just hasn’t shaved his head yet, but he’s still pretty fun in the ring and has a pretty nice exchange with Hall as does Rick. Nash comes in and he does his usual WCW offense of corner strikes and not a whole lot more. The Outsiders are able to isolate Rick for a little while while Patrick keeps Scott from being able to make a tag, it’s all really basic stuff with a biased ref thrown so like every other match tonight just with better wrestlers in it. The heat segment on Rick lasts so long before Scott finally has enough and takes out Hall outside the ring, but this distraction works bc Nash spits on Scott so he comes back in the ring and as Patrick is distracted Rick nails Nash with a low blow! Scott get sa fun hot tag and takes out both Outsiders. Patrick takes a hilarious ref bump as Scott gets hit with a Outsider’s Edge, but Patrick isn’t there to make the count so Rick comes off the top with a diving bulldog on Hall, but then RANDY PEE-WEE ANDERSON COMES FROM THE CROWD AND COUNTS THE THREE! The announcers scream that that can’t stand bc he wasn’t the sanctioned ref, but for now the Steiners are champs. nWo 4-2

    “This is Mexican jumping bean, Eddie Guerrero.” “He is the ultimate swinger, true US Champion of the world, Syxx” Syxx comes out with the belt, but it’s bc he stole it from Eddie and that’s why it’s going on this fuckin’ meat hook they use to hold it for this ladder match :lmao

    Ladder Match for the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship: Eddie Guerrero (c) vs Syxx
    Nah fuck everything else on this card, this match fuckin’ rule. There’s a lot of heat to it since they’ve actually been feuding and they’re both actually good in the ring so the action is good af too. Plus since it’s a ladder match there’s not much room for Patrick to be biased. Syxx does a bronco buster at one point and a fan yells “Syxx is a faggot” :lmao They don’t get the ladder involved for awhile, it’s just a fun fast-paced brawl for about 8 minutes or so with lots of great striking and high flying. Syxx finally gets a ladder and the crowd keeps calling him a faggot. They have a struggle over the ladder and Guerrero does this awesome see-saw spot on the ropes to hit Syxx in the face with it. They use the one ladder they’ve been provided as a weapon pretty nicely for the second half of the match. Syxx tries to ride the ladder down to hit Guerrero, but Guerrero dropkicks the ladder into him to crotch him in the corner. They both end up on the ladder and the belt is way too high for either of them to reach it :lmao Syxx hits a nice kick that takes them both down though and Patrick helps set the ladder back up for him. They both climb up the ladder again and both take the belt off the meat hook bc it’s easy af to do that, but Guerrero hits Syxx with the belt and knocks him off the ladder! Eddie wins! The announcers complain that he cheat :lmao nWo 4-3 but they done lost both championship matches so far.

    Guerrero goes and celebrates in the crowd with other WCW wrestlers and the fans. But now it’s time for the finals of this terrible Miss nWo contest. He introduces all the contestants and tells the crowd to cheer when they see the one they want. This is terrible :lmao the crowd barely makes any noise I’m dying. There’s 10 of these bitches and the only one that gets any reaction is the one with tits from earlier. He then says the choice isn’t the fans but it’s Eric Bischoff’s. Bischoff says it’s a tie so he’s gonna ask to two women one question and the best answer wins. But guess what, we aren’t allowed to hear the question so we have no idea what he asks or what they answer, and he doesn’t even ask the one with tits. The winner is one of the ugliest contestants and Bischoff makes out with her and says “It’s good to be king” WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS! This just ruined any momentum the ladder match gave the show. She sits on some black toilet thrown to watch the main event I guess.

    “This man is the biggest failure the nWo ever had, The Giant” Hogan talks shit as Giant makes his entrance on the big screen. No Voodoo Child theme :( Hogan comes out with three Dallas Cowboys I don’t recognize but they don’t stay at ringside.

    WCW World Heavyweight Championship: Hollywood Hogan (c) (w/ Vincent) vs The Giant
    Yeah this sucks, Giant is still super green and Hogan just doesn’t give a fuck anymore. Neither guy can sell at all and they just do shitty brawling for the most part, no wrestling moves at all. Hogan does a powder spot to save him from a beating on the outside of the ring. He chokes him right in front of Patrick with some tape for a bit, but Giant just goes right back in control doing more boring power stuff. Giant slowly goes up to the top rope, but misses a big elbow drop so hogan goes to some rest holds bc that’s fun. Hogan does a fucking slam and then hits his elbow drop, but GIANT NO-SELLS IT! :lmao Hogan taunts for years until he notices Giant is up and gets hit with a chokeslam, but Patrick refuses to count the 3 :lmao he keeps saying Hogan gets his shoulder up when he’s dead. Giant chokeslams Patrick now, then Buff Bagwell comes in and eats a Chokeslam as well. Bischoff runs in and gives Hogan a guitar as Giant keeps chokeslamming all the nWo jobbers until Hogan comes in and kills him with the guitar right when Syxx and The Outsiders make their way down. I’m just gonna assume the match is a no contest?

    The crowd starts a huge “We Want Sting” chant as they spray paint “nWo 4 lyfe” on Giant’s back and the nWo all celebrate in the ring to end their only solo PPV. It even says “Copyright 1997 New World Order All Rights Reserved” :lmao
  3. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    They cut out the shit concert and Bischoff kissing that old lady?
  4. Chris

    Chris It's me, it's me

    Nah Bischoff making out with her was right before the main event but yeah I don't remember the concert
  5. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    that shitty voice guy did an nWo centric song....was terrible.

    Really capped off the woat ppv of all time.
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  6. Chris

    Chris It's me, it's me

    Event: In Your House 16: Canadian Stampede
    Date: July 6, 1997
    Venue: Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Attendance: 12,151
    Commentators: Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross, & Vince McMahon

    WWF World Heavyweight Champion: The Undertaker
    WWF Intercontinental Champion: Owen Hart
    WWF World Tag Team Champions: Shawn Michaels & Steve Austin
    WWF European Champion: The British Bulldog

    Awesome opening video package where they talk about how wrestling isn’t black and white anymore and people like Stone Cold get cheered and they go over the Austin/Bret feud :mark: Some Canadian in the crowd misspelled Bret’s name smh. Vince and King are both wearing cowboy outfits :lmao Also first show JR is calling that I’ve watched since one of those WCW ones a few years ago :mark: Howard Finkel is also wearing a cowboy hat :lmaolmao:lmao

    Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/ Chyna) vs Mankind
    Helmsley is still in his Blueblood gimmick lol This is a great prequel to all their later matches, but obviously isn’t near the level of them. They brawl for the most part, continuing their feud from the King of the Ring PPV. Mankind does all his shit pretty early like a Cactus Clothesline, Cactus Elbow, and a Double Arm DDT and Helmsley bumps around amazingly. They bring up multiple times that the Hart Family are in the front row. Helmsley tries to leave, but Mankind follows him up the ramp and hits a suplex on it. Mankind locks on the Mandible Claw early, but the ref isn’t able to see Chyna punch Mankind in the face to break it. Helmsley ends up sending Mankind right into Chyna who fuckin’ throws him and he lands leg first onto the steel steps :mark: Helmsley gets a chair and goes after Mankind’s leg and this ref is ass bc he doesn’t see any of this. Helmsley goes to work on Mankind’s leg now, pretty good stuff. Helmsley locks on a Figure-4 at one point and you can tell he had to stop and think about which way to do it to hurt the injured leg :lmao Helmsley gets caught using the ropes, but Mankind can’t make a comeback bc of his knee. He reverse a Pedigree attempt, but then gets kicked in the head and falls head first into Helmsley’s crotch :lmao Helmsley does the Flair turnbuckle spot for the second time this match and Mankind hits a Piledriver for the closest near fall of the match so far. After some more brawling outside, Mankind tries the Mandible Claw, but Chyna interferes again to stop it and they end up outside again. They make their way to the crowd as the ref counts them both out.

    They keep brawling into the penalty box as Chyna tries to help Helmsley and refs are trying to get control. A lot of refs finally break them up and get them out of the crow.

    Dok Hendrix tries to interview The Hart Foundation, but Austin tries to break into their locker room and interrupts it :mark:

    TAKA Michinoku and The Great Sasuke make their entrances for their match but FUCK THAT MANKIND AND HELMSLEY COME BACK OUT STILL BRAWLING :mark: Helmsley is busted open now as the refs and CHyna struggle to break them up before they move backstage again.

    The Great Sasuke vs TAKA Michinoku
    Who had the great idea to book these guys 10 minutes :mark: Yeah this rules, it’s just as good as some of the Super J Cup matches I’ve reviewed recently and follows a similar formula as a lot of them. They do some fun technical work at the beginning, lots of reversals and holds. Just noticed referee Jack Doane has hair :lmao Michinoku starts hitting some harder strikes now so it breaks down and Sasuke sends him over the top rope and Sasuke comes off the top with a diving martial arts kick. Back in the ring, Sasuke is killing Michinoku with these sick kicks, but Michinoku takes out his leg to counter them and hits a beautiful springboard dive to the outside :mark: Back in the ring, they have this awesome counter sequence before going back out where Sasuke hits an Asai Moonsault. Back in the ring, Michinoku takes control and hits the Michinoku Driver but Sasuke kicks out :mark: Sasuke fights back and hits a Tiger Suplex for the win, GREAT SHIT!

    We cut back to the parking lot where HELMSLEY/MANKIND/CHYNA ARE STILL BRAWLING! Helsley gets slammed into a school bus, Mankind a lot of kegs and then Helmsley breaks a shovel over his back. Helmsley goes for a Pedigree on some wood, but Mankind back drops him onto it. The officials break Them up once again.

    They replay Ahmed Johnson getting injured on RAW a few weeks ago so that’s why Vader replaced him in this Championship match with ‘Taker YAY!

    Dok Hendrix interviews Paul Bearer and asks how he could accuse Undertaker of murdering his family so Bearer just talks shit about him.

    IT’S TIME! IT'S TIME! :( '97 'Taker's entrance rules BTW it's like a cool mix of mostly classic 'Taker with a little bit of Attitude Era look.

    WWF World Heavyweight Championship: The Undertaker (c) vs Vader (w/ Paul Bearer)
    Bearer hides from Undertaker outside the ring bc he’s terrified :lmao Undertaker dominates early on doing all his usual offense, like it’s a straight up Undertaker video game showcase. It’s all fun to watch, but after like 3 minutes Vader finally gets an offensive move in and tries to slow the match down with some wear down offense, but Undertaker counters with a couple big boots sending Vader to the outside. Outside the ring, Vader is able to send Undertaker knees first into the steel steps, so Bearer comes over and takes shit saying “you ain’t nothing but a murderer” then waddles away saying “I ain’t done a damn thing” :lmao Undertaker comes back inside the ring with a diving clothesline and keeps basically squashing Vader, but turns his attention to Bearer which allows Vader to take advantage and you can tell he’s starting to not care as much with his strikes on offense :( It’s still a pretty fun offensive sequence though with Bearer being amazing yelling shit at ringside. The crowd then gets LOUD AS FUCK which starts Undertaker’s comeback :mark: that shit was awesome, but then Vader just stuffs the comeback to shut them up :lmao Undertaker counters Vader’s corner strikes with his own and goes for a Chokeslam, but Vader hits him with a low blow that the ref just ignores :lmao They kinda mess up a Tombstone reversal spot, but recover it and Vader ends up going for a Vader Bomb, but he takes forever so Undertaker sits up and low blows him which Vader sells hilariously :lmao Undertaker hits a Chokeslam from the second rope, but Vader is able to kick out so he hits a second Chokeslam, but Vader kicks out again :mark: So Undertaker has to hit a Tombstone for the win, solid stuff.

    They play a video package of all the brawls that have been happening recently including the shitty DOA/Los Boricuas/Nation feud, but also the ones involving Austin and the Hart Foundation.

    Hendrix interviews the American team, they all keep it short and say their usual shit except Goldust’s promo was very Dustin Rhodes-like. Austin doesn’t even say anything he just walks off.

    Back in the ring, Finkel introduces Farmer’s Daughter to sing the Canadian National Anthem and they get a pretty nice pop. Finkel (who’s still wearing a cowboy hat) recognizes Ralf Klein, Stu & Helen Hart who are all in the front row. Each of the Americans get a good bit of heat and they show these FINE ASS Shamrock fans during his entrance. JR thanks the UK fans that are staying up late do they ever thank you guys anymore @Fab? The Hart Foundation’s pop is insane, this is gonna be a lot of fun. Bulldog even comes out with his wife, but more importantly Owen comes out with his Slammys :mark: Bret gives his glasses to his mom.

    Goldust, Ken Shamrock, The Legion of Doom (Animal & Hawk), & Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart, Brian Pillman, The British Bulldog, Jim Neidhart, & Owen Hart)
    Austin and Bret start off and it’s just a straight brawl :mark: The crowd is so loud they’re shaking the cameras, this shit is insane. This is really great, it’s like everyone is on tonight especially Shamrock, Pillman, Owen, Goldust, and obviously Austin and Bret. Hawk slips on the top rope at one point he must be drunk goddam. They lock Goldust in a tree of woe in the Hart’s corner so we get a short 5 on 5 brawl until Earl Hebner is able to get everyone to their corner with superhuman speed. LOD hit a Doomsday Device on Owen, but Neidhart breaks it up so we get another huge brawl after that and Austin destroys Owen’s knee with a chair and even takes some shots at Bruce :mark: They help Owen to the back so it looks like it’s 5 on 4 for now. Bret’s able to take revenge and takes out Austin’s knee the exact same way :mark: then he hits it with a fire extinguisher and locks on his ring post Figure 4 :mark: Austin’s able to make a tag, but he has to be helped to the back as well so we’re even again. Shamrock stalls with putting Bret in a submission at one point so Pillman just runs in and clotheslines him :lmao Pillman sends Shamrock into the announce table and they’re all brawling outside for a bit. Goldust hits a Bulldog on Bulldog and Jr does a Dusty impression 8D Austin hobbles his way back down the ramp to a chorus of boos in time to get a tag as Bulldog tags Bret so they brawl again just like the beginning :mark: Bret locks in the Sharpshooter, but Animal breaks it up instantly so Austin locks on his own Sharpshooter on Bret, but OWEN COMES RUNNING DOWN THE RAMP TO BREAK IT UP! :mark: Austin ends up beating down Owen right in front of his parents, but Bruce attacks and Stu even takes a shot so Austin starts brawling with the Harts :mark: This distraction allows Owen to roll Austin up back in the ring for the win and the crowd goes crazy!

    Everyone keeps brawling after, but the Hart family comes in from the crowd to help and refs and security have to break it up. The Hart Foundations start celebrating, but AUSTIN COMES BACK IN WITH A CHAIR AND ATTACKS NEIDHART :mark: The whole Hart Family starts beating down Austin now bc it’s like 13 on 1 and Austin can’t take those odds until 1999. Security handcuff Austin and he walks back up the ramp talking shit the whole time and flipping off everyone :lmao The Hart Family continues celebrating for the rest of the PPV, filling the ring and even bring in 82 year old Stu Hart while the crowd cheers like crazy. This gotta be a top 5 moment in Canadian sports history.
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  7. Admin Post
    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    top 5 PPV of all time.
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  8. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    It's Ralph Klein.....he once got drunk and went to homeless shelter and ranted to them about getting jobs.

    Canadian pride.
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  9. Chris

    Chris It's me, it's me

    Event: Heat Wave
    Date: August 2, 1998
    Venue: Hara Arena in Dayton, Ohio
    Attendance: 4,376
    Commentators: Joey Styles & Shane Douglas

    ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Shane Douglas
    ECW World Tag Team Champions: Rob Van Dam & Sabu
    ECW World Television Champion: Rob Van Dam
    FTW World Heavyweight Champion: Taz

    Joey Styles is in the ring to welcome us to the show and this crowd is super hot for the show already. He introduces ECW Champion Shane Douglas who’s going to be his color commentator tonight. Francine is with him wearing next to nothing like she does best. Douglas hypes up Bigelow/Taz tonight and says tonight Bigelow has promise to put Taz through the floor. They start a “Show your tits” chant and Francine teases it and shoves Styles face into her tits.

    Bro everything about this is so late 90s it’s hilarious and I love it.

    Jerry Lynn vs Justin Credible (w/ Chastity, Jason, & Nicole Bass)
    This is good shit, a lot of counters and fun exchanges early on even if they’re a little sloppy, but that’s to be expected with Credible involved. They don’t have any pads so Lynn does a dive straight onto concrete with a lot of hang time. This is the rubber match of a decently long feud, so they do so many counters since they know each other so well which is really cool, plus you have the typical rowdy ECW crowd to make it even more fun. Credible’s entourage get involved as well so Credible takes control. They brawl outside the ring and Credible takes a beer and slaps Lynn across the face with it :mark: Credible does a successful Flair turnbuckle spot, but Lynn catches him with a Flapjack coming off the top. They do a cool pinning combination exchange that Lynn wins with a sit-out powerbomb, but it only gets a two count, and Lynn follows it up with a huge super hurricanrana :mark: Credible gets tossed a chair, but Lynn DDTs him on it only for Chastity to pull Credible’s foot onto the bottom rope. Lynn sets up a table outside and then super hurricanranas Credible through it :mark: Jason interferes with a chair and Lynn finally has enough and hits a Tiger Bomb on him, but Bass comes in and Lynn low blows her :lmao Chastity is in now and she gets Tombstoned. They go up top again, but Credible hits Lynn with a super Tombstone from the top rope to get the win. That was about as ECW as you can get to start a PPV lmao great shit.

    Chris Candido comes out and brings out Tammy Lynn Sytch making her ECW debut and the crowd fucking loves it. Tammy gets the mic during the ring introductions and introduces Candido and you can tell this girl is already drunk as fuck.

    Chris Candido (w/ Tammy Lynn Sytch) vs Lance Storm)
    Huge fan of both these guys and this is some fun stuff, they go all out from the start. Tammy gets involved early and the distraction lets Candido hit a running sit-out powerbomb not even 5 minutes into the match lol Candido continues the beatdown with more high impact moves, but Storm manages some solid stuff trying to comeback even though Candido keeps control. This is until Storm ends up suplexing him from the apron to the concrete floor and the sound was LOUD AS FUCK! :mark: Storm ends up hitting a springboard splash over the guardrail into the first row of fans. They have a fun brawl outside and back in the ring and Storm is able to hit a nice top rope superplex and a diving spinning heel kick for two. Storm gets caught in a springboard with a powerslam and Tammy hands Candido some powder, but Storm hits it into his face so the blind Candido knocks the fuck out of the ref before getting caught with a superkick :lmao Tammy comes in and rubs on Storms ass for a second before crotching him on the top rope, the ref confronts her, but the blind Candido rolls him up causing him to pull Tammy’s top off so the crowd goes crazy. Tammy gets covered as Candido is able to hit the Blonde Bombshell superbomb for the win. Solid stuff with the usual ECW fuckery.

    Joey Styles receives word that they’re going to show some incident that happened in the parking lot earlier so we see New Jack with a lot of fans calling out Jack Victory tonight, but Victory shows up and a ton of people brawl and Jack ends up busted open pretty heavily by Victory and the Dudley Boyz. So now the Weapons Match between Jack and Victory is canceled for the night bc New Jack got jumped :lmao

    Bill Alfonso is backstage with Sabu and Rob Van Dam and he just says that the two Japanese wrestlers are going down tonight. RVD says that everyone wants to see him (and Sabu) but mainly him tonight because he’s the best (along with Sabu) but mainly him. Sabu doesn’t say a word but looks so done with RVD :lmao RVD finishes by saying he’s the whole fucking show.

    Masato Tanaka vs Mike Awesome
    This starts out fast-paced as usual for ECW and it’s obviously still a lot of fun. They censor Awesome talking shit so I wonder what he could have said since obviously they don’t care if you say “fuck” :lmao Awesome takes control early hitting this huge over the top rope suicide dive, but Tanaka makes a comeback after no-selling a german and hitting a huge scoop powerslam. Tanaka then gets a chair and runs the ENTIRE length of the ramp to nail Awesome in the head with it as the crowd cheers on loud af. Tanaka ends up winning a chair battle out on the floor, but Awesome is able to send him into the crowd and then Awesome hits a springboard splash over the rail into the crowd :mark: Tanaka is able to kick out of the Awesome Bomb and Awesome Splash so Awesome starts fucking murdering him with a chair to the face HOLY SHIT! :mark: Awesome hits another Awesome Bomb and signals for the table on the outside as the crowd chants “fuck him up!” But before that Awesome has to hit a fucking DIVING CHAIR SHOT caving in a second chair on Tanaka’s face. Tanaka fights out of the murder Awesome Bomb attempt a couple times AND THEN HITS HIS OWN! HOLY FUCK AWESOME LANDED SICK AS FUCK THAT TABLE BARELY BROKE THE FALL :mark: Tanaka takes a bit to roll Awesome back in the ring so of course he fuckin’ kicks out. Tanaka hits his Roaring Elbow, but Awesome barely manages to kick out so Tanaka hits a Tornado DDT on TWO fuckin’ chairs for the three count :mark: Probably gonna be the best match of the night unless Bigelow/Taz holds up better later, the chemistry between these two are insane, I don’t rate either too high on their own but put them against each other and you’ll have a classic.

    We cut to Taz who says he’s the only champion that matters, not Austin, not Goldberg, or even Mike Tyson and that he’s gonna go out and make Bam Bam Bigelow tap out. Beat him if he can, survive if he lets you. Douglas talks shit saying he’s the real ECW Champion and Taz’s FTW title is FAKE!

    Backstage Joel Gertner is with The Dudley Boyz and says the Dudleyz are favored tonight since they’ve taken out New Jack and Beulah so there’s no one left to save Sandman, Spike Dudley, and poor pathetic Tommy Dreamer. Buh Buh then cuts this AWESOME promo on Dreamer saying “You can give your soul to Jesus, but YOUR ASS BELONGS TO THE DUDLEYZ!” :mark: TESTIFY!

    ECW World Tag Team Championship: Rob Van Dam & Sabu (c) (w/ Bill Alfonso) vs Hayabusa & Jinsei Shinzaki
    Styles says Shinzaki is known to us “sports entertainment” fans as Hakushi :lmao Sabu and RVD get pretty heated before the match starts bc they hate each other even though they’re partners. RVD and Hayabusa start off and have a decent exchange for a bit, it’s a little sloppy here and there and the crowd makes sure to chant “you fucked up” for recovered botches. Shinzaki/RVD is more fun, but it doesn’t amount to anything so he just tags in Sabu for them to have their exchange. Sabu slows it down with a lot of rest holds, which is obviously not what the crowd expected here. Shinzaki takes RVD and Hayabusa sends Sabu out to hit a nice Asai Moonsault to them both. RVD/Shinzaki/Hayabusa end up in the crowd so Sabu hits Air Sabu over the rail to take out everyone including a few fans. RVD/Sabu do some fun double team moves and still manage to act like they don’t like each other and this breaks down with everyone involved and a few near falls that get broken up. At one point Sabu hits a springboard super hurricanrana and RVD comes flying from off-screen with a HUGE Five Star Frog Splash :mark: RVD gets hit with a powerbomb/Firebird Splash combo, but Sabu breaks up the pin. Both teams do some more double team moves and I feel like everyone has concussions with how they’re walking. A table ends up set up in the ring, but it looks like they don’t remember what’s supposed to happen bc Shinzaki sits on the turnbuckle for awhile doing nothing :lmao Alfonso holds a chair up to Hayabusa letting RVD hit an awesome Van Daminator and now one of the legs of that table broke before they got to use it so they halfway set it up :lmao and that doesn’t work so Hayabusa just hits a frog splash with RVD laying on the flat table, so they say fuck that and give them two more tables :lmao Both Japanese guys get taken out with signature chair moves and they lay both of them on one table even though there’s two and hit a diving leg drop/diving splash combo with Sabu pushing RVD off to get the pin. Yeah parts of this were fun, but overall that just didn’t click and there were notable botches. Also most ECW matches shouldn’t last 20 minutes.

    Replay of Bam Bam Bigelow putting Taz threw the ring a few months back and highlighting Taz’s feud with Triple Threat and the creation of the FTW title.

    Falls Count Anywhere Match for the FTW World Heavyweight Championship: Taz (c) vs Bam Bam Bigelow
    This fuckin’ rules, just a straight brawl with them killing each other from the start. They make their way to the ramp early and Taz boots Bigelow off of it into the crowd, but then gets caught trying to come off of it and slammed into the rail. They continue brawling into the crowd taking out fans’ chairs, making their way by the stage where Bigelow just throws a guardrail on top of Taz, but Taz is able to make a comeback and they keep making their way through the arena as security tries to keep these heathen fans from doing anything too stupid on PPV. Taz is busted open as they finally come back to the ring and Bigelow brings a table in as well. He sends Taz head first into the table set up in the corner, dude went in full fuckin’ speed. Taz makes a comeback and hits a sweet Taz-plex further destroying the table. They go back out on the ramp and Bigelow signals for the end, but Taz reverses and hits a DDT that sends both guys THREW THE RAMP! :mark: The crowd goes nuts and the ref doesn’t know what to do, but Bigelow is able to crawl back up and Taz follows soon after and fuckin’ LAUNCHES HIMSELF at Bigelow to lock on the Tazmission for the winner :mark: LOL like 2 minutes of that match happened in the ring.

    Shane Douglas yells about a fix and says Bigelow was reaching for the ropes, not tapping. Taz gets a mic and says beat him if he can and the crowd finishes the rest, so Douglas gets pissed and tosses one of the monitors down to the concrete below :lmao c’mon bro you know ECW can’t afford many of them. Douglas and Francine leave so it looks like Joey is calling the last match alone.

    They show this hilarious video package of the Dudleys breaking Beulah’s neck with a 3D spliced with thotty Beulah ECW highlights and Dreamer screaming in pain. Styles says the Dudleys are scum and he refuses to be objective because THEY MAKE HIM SICK TO HIS GOD DAMN STOMACH! So during the Dudleys entrance, Styles says “Yeah I hear you guys in the truck telling me to talk but I’m not saying anything to put these guys over they make me sick, I’ll start talking when their opponents come out thank you very much” :lmao Sign Guy is on a crutch and Jones has some blow up doll or something with Beulah’s face on it.

    Buh Buh gets a mic and says he hates everyone one of the fans here. He challenges anyone in WWF, WCW and anyone here to come down so they can kick their asses. Sign Guy has a sign that says “marks fear Bubba” :lmao He has the nerve to call someone fat and makes some mom jokes before D-Von says it’s now time for Brother Gertner :mark: Joel BARZ Gertner bout to get his whole speech transcribed so here we go! “Is it hot in here or is it just me? Well well well Dayton, Ohio, amazing where people can live these days. It is I, the man your mother warned you about, the man that makes your panties moist, and the only man that matters, hotter than a heat wave and harder the Chinese algebra, the quintessential stud muffin, myself, Joel “I always leave them sore yet they keep coming back for more” Gertner!” :mark: He introduces Jeff Jones, the fake Beulah, Sign Guy, and the three Dudleys that are wrestling with more BARZ and getting some godly heat. Spike, Dreamer, and Sandman all come down with ladders, with Sandman smoking a cigarette, drinking a beer and also carrying his signature Singapore cane. Sandman fuckin’ busts himself open with a beer can before the match even starts :lmao

    Street Fight: The Dudley Boyz (Big Dick, Buh Buh Ray, & D-Von Dudley) (w/ Jeff Jones, Joel Gertner, & Sign Guy Dudley) vs The Sandman, Spike Dudley, & Tommy Dreamer
    After like 15 minutes of entrances and intros the match finally starts and they actually start out one-on-one like they plan on doing tags this whole match :lmao Dreamer is kinda the only guy that wrestles decent, but Spike comes in and does his amazing ECW bumping for Buh Buh, dude has to have at least 3 concussions within the first 5 minutes. Sandman has downed at least 5 beers on the apron before he comes in and has a shitty exchange with Big Dick, but thankfully everyone starts brawling on the outside soon. Dreamer/D-Von end up deep in the crowd, Spike is going crazy, but back in the ring Buh Buh and Sandman are having a meh brawl, but Sandman does hit a hilarious super hurricanrana. Sandman and Spike set up a ladder in the ring and Spike hits a huge dive to the outside. Most everyone is bleeding now and Buh Buh hits a huge diving senton on Dreamer who had a ladder on him, then Spike is able to hit an Acid Drop on Buh Buh on it, then D-Von hits a side slam on it. Sandman introduces some chairs and all three Dudleys end up in tree of woes and Sign Guy gets caught in a Figure-4 by Dreamer. Jones comes in to break it up and then hits a piledriver on the fake Beulah :lmao so Dreamer kills him with a piledriver and they tie Gertner in the Tree of Woe too and the fuckin’ ref helps them do chair dropkicks to all four guys in the tree of woe :lmao That spot kinda killed the heat the match had going tbh, too much set up. Spike goes for a Dudley Dog on Big Dick, but he sends him outside through a table. Buh Buh misses a splash on the ladder and this lets Dreamer hit a DDT on it for the win. What a clusterfuck of a match.

    BUT WAIT before Dreamer can celebrate Jack Victory comes out and DESTROYS a guitar over Dreamer’s head. New Jack’s music hits and he comes running down with a shopping cart of weapons and helps take out Victory and the Dudleys before hitting Victory with a golf club to the nuts and a guitar shot. Sandman brings some ladders in the ring and they climb them to taunt as the show ends but poor Spike doesn’t get one :lmao That was everything I want from an ECW show.
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  10. Deezy

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    Why did this company even try book gimmick matches when there were no rules to begin with?
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  11. Chris

    Chris It's me, it's me

    Event: Fall Brawl - No Retreat. No Surrender. One Rule: Take No Prisoners
    Date: September 13, 1998
    Venue: Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Winston-Salem, North Carolina
    Attendance: 11,528
    Commentators: Bobby Heenan, Mike Tenay, & Tony Schiavone

    WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Goldberg
    WCW United States Heavyweight Champion: Bret Hart
    WCW World Tag Team Champions: The Giant & Scott Hall
    WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Juventud Guerrera
    WCW World Television Champion: Chris Jericho

    Schiavone explains the new rules for this terrible WarGames variation tonight with three teams. Bret Hart and Diamond Dallas Page are going to start and apparently it can end before everyone is even in the ring, and whoever wins gets to face Goldberg at Halloween Havoc for the WCW Championship, oh and pins are allowed for the first time ever. Also two rights again tonight for the WarGames match later. Also there’s already “We Want Flair” chants which happen at every WCW PPV he isn’t on in history I’m convinced.

    We go backstage for two seconds to see Ernest Miller getting pulled off of someone yelling “I’m the greatest.”

    Gene Okerlund is at the top of the stage hyping up the card for tonight, but Chris Jericho comes out to some amazing heat. He says he has a doozy of a scoop for “Gene Mean” that Bill Goldberg has been whining and complaining to Jericho so Jericho challenged him and Goldberg accepted so tonight it’s Goldberg vs Jericho TITLE VS TITLE!

    Alex Wright and Disco Inferno get separate entrances for some reason and Jim Neidhart’s name is misspelled on the graphic :lmao

    The British Bulldog & Jim Neidhart vs The Dancing Fools (Alex Wright & Disco Inferno)
    This was thrown together with no heat or anything as an opener and they give it 11 minutes. It’s pretty bad, Neidhart and Bulldog are great in tag teams with people like Bret or Owen but together it’s just two power guys that don’t offer too much at all in 1998. This is also the match where Bulldog injures the fuck out of his back because he lands weird on a trapdoor set up for later on in the ring. Wright is the only one that looks remotely good in the ring, but he does a lot of dancing stuff that kills his momentum. Inferno gets thrown outside and Neidhart tries to do a tree of woe over the guardrail which goes terribly. They isolate Inferno with some pretty bad offense tbh before Wright gets the hot tag. They do cool spot where the ref drops down to avoid an irish whip lol Kudos to Bulldog bc he’s in some obvious pain as he can barely lift up Inferno to finish with the running powerslam, but he finishes the match still.

    Backstage with Mean Gene who says there’s a rumor Scott Steiner will not be meeting his brother tonight so he interviews Scott and Buff Bagwell. Scott says he’s injured bc he has some tiny ass bandaids on his arm :lmao Bagwell has a signed note saying Scott is injured, but Okerlund questions it so he gives it to James J. Dillon who says it’s unfortunate that Scott took the time to produce something so bogus so Scott’s out of excuses and if he doesn’t fight his brother tonight he’s gonna be barred from WCW FOR LIFE! Dillon rips it up and Scott falls down trying to pick up the pieces of the note :lmao

    Jericho parodies Goldberg’s entrance with his personal security and can’t find his way to the arena :lmao He finally finds the stage and his pyro fizzles out so he throws a tantrum bruh Jericho is comedic gold. The crowd gets hot af for Goldberg when his music hits but out from the pyro is like a 5 foot tall Goldberg with a toy belt :lmao This gotta be what gave WWE the Gillberg idea.

    WCW World Television Championship: Chris Jericho (c) vs “Goldberg”
    The crowd chants “Bullshit” and “Goldberg” as Jericho throws around this guy for a minute or so before making him tap to the Liontamer GOLDBERG STREAK OVER!

    You can chat with Rick Steiner on WCW dot com right now. He says he’s gonna do whatever he has to do to teach his brother a lesson.

    Earlier today Mike Tenay interviews Steve and Scott Armstrong outside the arena when Ernest “The Cat” Miller comes out and says he’s a 3 time world karate champ so he deserves TV time to show how great he is. Scott says “c’mon man we never get an interview” :lmao So Miller takes them out with his hilarious karate moves and Norman Smiley walks over saying “what’s your problem man” in his high pitched voice so now we get this match UGH!

    After entrances, Miller gets a mic and says by law he has to tell Smiley he’s a three time world karate champion. He gives Smiley 5 seconds to leave the ring or he’ll “eat him alive.” Smiley obviously doesn’t leave but the crowd wants Flair again.

    Ernest Miller vs Norman Smiley
    This sucks, Miller just does his shitty karate most of the time, every now and then Smiley will get a wrestling move in but he hits like 50 European uppercuts in this 5 minute match. Miller barely hits this spinning back kick he calls the “Feliner” from the top rope and then hits another regular one for the win, fuck that match.

    Miller gets a mic and says “I AM THE GREATEST!” one more time.

    Video package of this Steiner v Steiner feud

    Rick Steiner vs Scott Steiner (w/ Buff Bagwell)
    This starts out as a really fun brawl with the crowd super hot bc they love that Rick is finally getting his hands on Scott. Then Scott takes advantage of Bagwell’s distraction to hit a couple low blows and then it’s just a meh beatdown for a couple minutes. Rick makes a comeback just for Bagwell to interfere again, so Bagwell gets taken out. Both of these guys selling is absolutely terrible. The ref stops the match completely bc Bagwell still hasn’t gotten up so Scott checks on him and he’s saying it’s his neck again and he can’t move. The crowd chants “bullshit” instantly as the ref calls for trainers and shit and even Rick looks all concerned. So yeah this match is a no contest I guess.

    They bring out a stretcher for Bagwell as all the announcers and both Steiners sell this like it’s legit. They take forever to stretcher Bagwell out and the fans boo :lmao I don’t even know if they know it’s fake or if they just hate Bagwell that much. Bischoff even comes out so Schiavone says “you know if you see the boss it’s real” fuck this company bro. Rick and Scott both follow the stretcher to an ambulance where they load Bagwell who yells for someone to call his mom :lmao FORESHADOWING! Rick wants to go in the ambulance too, but Scott tells him to stay here and gets in but then BUSTS OUT THE DOOR WITH BAGWELL AND ATTACKS RICK :lmao All that bullshit for a two second brawl FUCK THIS COMPANY!

    WCW Cruiserweight Championship: Juventud Guerrera (c) vs Silver King
    This is just a basic cruiserweight match even though King doesn’t look like he’s less than 250. It’s pretty much a Guerrera showcase, he hits all his flashy high flying moves while King gets frustrated and uses his striking and power later on for some kinda meh offense. Tenay does his best to call this match but Schiavone and Heenan are absolutely terrible. Guerrera botches a sunset flip that was recovered okay by both guys but the announcers talk about it more than they should to make sure it’s noticed. Guerrera still makes a comeback after a hurricanrana that Schiavone freaks out about. King fights back with a super kick, but Guerrera is able to hit an inverted frankensteiner from the top rope :mark: They have another sloppy back and forth session before Guerrera hits the Juvi Driver followed by a 450 Splash for the win.

    Go online to chat with Konnan, he’s talking about his match with Scott Hall when DRUNK Hall shows up with a cocktail in hand and THROWS IT IN KONNAN’S FACE! :mark:

    Video package of the Saturn vs Raven’s Flock feud.

    The rules for the Raven’s Rules match are if Saturn wins the Flock is free, if Raven wins then Saturn has to be his servant forever, and Kanyon is going to be handcuffed to the post as a special added stipulation. Schiavone fucks up the schedule bc he thinks Raven is supposed to cut a promo before Saturn’s entrance but it’s really after.

    Raven’s Rules Match: Raven (w/ Kanyon & Lodi) vs Saturn
    This is a lot of fun, a ray of light on this shitty ass show. They do some solid stuff at the beginning, nice mix of brawling and wrestling. Saturn hits a nice dive over the top rope onto Raven and Lodi, but Lodi gets involved after, sending him into the guardrail. Raven stays in control for a bit, stuffing a few of Saturn’s comebacks until Saturn hits a low blow bc it’s legal in Raven’s Rules. Raven gets a chair though and sends Saturn face-first into it, meanwhile the rest of the Flock comes out with a table, but KIDMAN DROPKICKS RAVEN FROM THE TOP ROPE! The crowd goes nuts as the rest of the Flock chases after Kidman. Saturn hits a Death Valley Driver, but Raven is able to kick out bc Lodi had the ref distracted. Saturn has this awesome comeback to a huge pop but he can’t keep Raven down. He’s finally able to lock on the Rings of Saturn, but Lodi breaks it up. Saturn takes out Lodi, but the ref takes a bump in the corner so Kanyon gets the key from the refs pickets to unlock his handcuffs :lmao Kanyon hits a Flatliner on Saturn and rolls Raven on top before handcuffing himself again. The ref slowly counts but Saturn kicks out to a HUGE fuckin’ pop :mark: Saturn then hits a Death Valley Driver on Lodi from the apron THREW A TABLE OUTSIDE :mark: Raven catches him in the Even Flow DDT coming back in the ring but SATURN KICKS OUT AGAIN! He’s then able to hit a Death Valley Driver on Raven for the win :mark: I probably overrate this bc I’m comparing it to the rest of this shit show, but this match is so much fun.

    Schiavone has received word from Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s wife that doctors were able to get the whole cancer tumor out of him and he’s going home tomorrow HOOOOOOO!

    Video package of Hennig/Malenko in a cage match on Nitro that ends in a disqualification bc Rude interferes to help Hennig, but Arn Anderson makes the save. This sets up the rematch in a regular match tonight.

    Rude looks really rough tonight :(

    Curt Hennig (w/ Rick Rude) vs Dean Malenko
    Huge “we want Flair” chants as this one starts. A lot of heat to this one, Malenko goes right for Hennig’s hurt knee. Rude gets involved early and Malenko attacks him too. I really wanted to like this match more, Malenko’s good and he works the knee really well, but there’s no perfect left in Hennig at this point in WCW. Hennig sells the knee the whole time at least, but that’s really the whole match since it only gets 8 minutes. Rude keeps helping so Malenko can’t ever finish even though Hennig gets like 3 offensive moves the whole match. Hennig tries a Hennig-Plex, but his knee gives out so Malenko hits his own only for Rude to attack him for the DQ.

    They continue the beatdown until Anderson comes out just to get beatdown as well. They target his arm bc he’s supposed to arm wrestle Eric Bischoff on Thunder to decide if Ric Flair can come back to WCW or not :lmao

    Halloween Havoc is Sunday October 25 live on PPV!

    Scott Hall comes out with Vincent and what looks like a Long Island Iced Tea and IDK if they let him actually get drunk for this angle or if he’s acting but he’s acting well if so. Hall gets in the wrong ring but to be fair most shows only have one in the first place. Hall gets a mic and does his “hey yo” and does a survey asking if anyone is here to see WCW, which gets boos (lol this company burying themselves) or if they’re here to see the nWo, which they are. He then asks if they’re here to see the original black and white which gets boos or if they’re here to see the lame Wolfpack which gets a huge pop, but survey says one more for the good guys. Konnan out next to one of the best themes ever :mark: DON’T TURN YOUR BACK ON THE WOLFPAC! Konnan cuts a Konnan promo which is only fun bc this crowd is so hot.

    Konnan vs Scott Hall (w/ Vincent)
    Yeah this blows. It’s just a Scott Hall alcoholism angle match but it gets 12 fucking minutes. Hall does some pretty funny trolling ngl, it just lasts forever and Konnan is way too over so he’s so full of himself so his offense fucking sucks. Hall gets stuck between both rings at one point :lmao Konnan’s bum ass lets a wasted Hall take control of him at one point which I find hilarious. Alright so I’ve gotten pretty bored watching this, but probably one of the best spots in WCW history occurs when Hall locks on an abdominal stretch and VINCENT GIVES HIM HIS DRINK DURING THE HOLD :mark: Heenan says Konnan should just put Hall in an Airplane Spin :lmao Konnan still can’t manage a comeback against drunk Hall. Hall stalls for awhile taking his drink so Konnan kicks it clean into the second row of the crowd and hits a facebuster and locks on Tequila Sunrise for the win.

    They bring out Michael Buffer for the intros of the main event. LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE! So whoever gets the first pin or submission wins for their team, but only the winner of the fall gets to face Goldberg for the title at Halloween Havoc, also the match can end before everyone comes out.

    WarGames Match: nWo Hollywood (Bret Hart, Hollywood Hogan, & Stevie Ray) vs nWo Wolfpac (Kevin Nash, Lex Luger, & Sting) vs Team WCW (Diamond Dallas Page, Roddy Piper, & The Warrior)
    Page and Hart start off for the first five minutes, they don’t do a whole lot but have a pretty solid exchange for the most part, it could technically end here if either guy gets a pin but they’re obviously not going for any finishes. Oh hey I just noticed Nick Patrick isn’t an nWo ref anymore. Stevie Ray is out next, and now it’s 2 minutes until a new person comes out. They beat down Page, and Ray never goes for any pins probably bc he’s helping Hogan win but the announcers act confused as to his reasoning. Sting comes out next to a huge pop and does some okay stuff but this is already getting pretty boring since they aren’t doing the crazy brawling past WarGames matches had. Piper is in next and attacks everyone, even Page bc only one person can get the title match. Luger is out so each team has two men in the cages now and Nash, Hogan, and Warrior remain. More boring brawling, mostly in one ring until Nash is out to complete the Wolfpac. Hogan comes out early even though 1:20 is left so they just let him in bc no one stops him. Hogan has a slapjack and kills everyone with it so him and Ray stand tall. Hogan takes out Nash with an Atomic Leg Drop and I guess he’s officially in the match now bc the time ran out and we have a new one for The Warrior. They stall forever probably bc someone fucked up until smoke starts coming out of the ring and fills it and the Warrior appears through the trap door that injured Bulldog earlier even though there’s a minute left on the timer. Hogan takes him out and the ring fills with smoke again and Warrior is gone, Hogan only has his jacket, so now Warrior comes running out even though there’s still 10 seconds left :lmao Everyone else is still dead as Hogan leaves the ring to hide. Warrior tries to kick the cage out and actually succeeds so he runs after Hogan :lmao Back in the ring the other guys are finally getting up and Page hits a Diamond Cutter on Stevie Ray for the win to almost no crowd reaction bc they had no idea what’s going on.

    Fuck this company.
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    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    who played the drunk role better in 98 Hall, or Hawk?
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    Chris It's me, it's me

    Hawk never drank during a match he controlled for 8+ minutes.
  14. Deezy

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    Bagwell is the reason why people stopped believing injuries legit or not.

    And Jericho and "Goldberg" is the only highlight.
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    You didn't like the ravens rules match? Jericho was definitely the MVP of the show though

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