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Just gonna take a few shots and start this shit

Discussion in 'Reviews & Columns' started by Chris, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    Ricky Fuji was a mark for Canada...bless him.

    and that UWF.....you poor poor man :pour
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  2. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    Ricky Fuji was a mark for Canada...bless him.

    and that UWF.....you poor poor man :pour
  3. Chris

    Chris It's me, it's me

    Event: Uncensored - Unsanctioned, Unauthorized, Unbelievable!
    Date: March 19, 1995
    Venue: Tupelo Coliseum in Tupelo, Mississippi
    Attendance: 5,782
    Commentators: Bobby Heenan & Tony Schiavone

    WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Hulk Hogan
    WCW United States Heavyweight Champion: Vader
    WCW World Tag Team Champions: Harlem Heat (Booker T & Stevie Ray)
    WCW World Television Champion: Arn Anderson

    NO RULES ANYTHING GOES UNCENSORED UNAUTHORIZED UNBELIEVABLE LETS FUCK SHIT UP! Schiavone and Heenan welcome us to the show with young Mike Tenay who’s gonna be doing interviews. Heenan calls this the most important week in sports bc Michael Jordan is coming back to the NBA, Mike Tyson is getting out of prison and WCW is preventing Uncensored :lmao They hype up The Renegade being in Hogan’s corner for his strap match against Vader tonight UGH! Also Hogan’s manager Jimmy Hart is supposedly missing. Call the WCW hotline for a free minute of talking with Mike Tenay. Apparently the first match has already started so we go outside to a FUCKING MOVING TRUCK FOR THIS TRAVESTY OF A OPENER!

    King of the Road Match: The Blacktop Bully vs Dustin Rhodes
    Yeah this is fucking terrible, they’re fighting in a moving 18 wheeler and the object of the match is ringing a horn on the truck. It’s full of hay which is soft but itches like a motherfucker. Bully must want to die bc he has a leg hanging over the side of the moving fucking vehicle until Rhodes hits him with a piece of wood and we actually get some wrestling with a piledriver. They’ve bladed by this point and WCW has a no-blading policy now so they start using even worse camera angles to try and fail to hide it :lmao The announcers keep advertising that this is so dangerous and they’re gonna die or some shit but nothing really happens other than them stumbling around as the truck makes some turns. The truck has to stop bc of a church bus at one point and Bully hangs over the side again. They tease the Bully falling off and this is really fucking dragging now, it’s gone on like 10 minutes. They both go for the horn and Bully ends up knocking Rhodes down and finally pulls the goddamn horn to end this. Can’t believe both guys got fired for this match :lmao

    Mike Tenay is backstage with Col. Robert Parker’s Stud Stable and Arn Anderson said that last match was the first of a clean sweep for the Stable tonight. He says he’s going to beat Johnny B. Badd in the Boxer vs Wrestler Match bc he’s the best wrestler in the world today. Parker says the $75,000 he paid to get Bully out of jail was worth it :lmao He also says Jim Duggan sealed his fate when he put his hands on him so he’s going to sick Meng on Duggan in a Martial Arts match.

    Highlight video of Meng defending Parker from Duggan, hyping him up as a martial artist and shit

    Martial Arts Match (w/ Sonny Onoo as Guest Referee): Jim Duggan vs Meng (w/ Col. Robert Parker)
    Onoo tries to get Duggan to bow before the match but he doesn’t respect other cultures so he just loudly chants USA! They work this for way too long until the match finally starts which apparently can just be won by pin or knockout. He finally bows and Meng just kicks him in the face :lmao Meng tries to do martial arts but Duggan just takes his boot off and starts hitting Meng with it. Schiavone says there’s no rules for all the matches tonight so no rope breaks or five counts, just pins and submissions LOL we’ll see about that. Duggan is bootless at this point but Meng has pretty much controlled this the whole time with martial arts strikes and just regular ass chokes, really boring stuff. Duggan tries to make a comeback but this dumbass tries a headbutt which doesn’t do shit but hurt himself. Duggan finally makes a comeback but threatens Onoo for literally doing his job, Duggan is able to his his Three-Point Clothesline, but Meng basically no sells it and Parker gets involved so Duggan starts attacking him until Meng hits a Savate Kick for the win. Fuck this match.

    Tenay interviews Johnny B. Badd and his boxing trainer, they say it’s Johnny’s night and he’s gonna knockout Anderson.

    Video hyping up TV Champion Anderson, he’s talking by some car on a construction field and says he’ll do whatever it takes to keep his TV championship and that he’s injured a lot of opponents and ended a lot of careers but oh well.

    Boxer vs Wrestler Match: Arn Anderson (w/ Col. Robert Parker) vs Johnny B. Badd (w/ Rock Finnegan)
    This is scheduled for 10 three minute rounds, Badd is boxing and Anderson is wrestling which sounds hilarious bc a wrestler should destroy anyone wearing boxing gloves. You can win by pin, submission, or a 10 count KO. They actually work this pretty well for such a dumb gimmick, Anderson obviously tries to take Badd down, but keeps getting caught with jabs in the face so he gets frustrated af :lmao Anderson basically gets wrecked in round one as Schiavone compares this to the Muhammad Ali/Antonio Inoki match :lmaolmao:lmao Bad knocks Anderson down early into round 2 but Anderson gets up at 8. Anderson finally gets a takedown but Anderson just misses an elbow and takes some more jabs :lmao Badd starts hitting some sick shots to the body that send Anderson down again and he gets up at 8 this time as well. He knocks him down a third time and wow this has been way too one-sided. Round 2 ends, but Anderson is pissed so he hits a DDT during the rest period :lmao It’s Uncensored so no DQs! Anderson keeps attacking him and yells at the ref that there’s no DQs as he throws Badd over the top rope. Round three starts so Anderson is in full control now and we get the first actual wrestling of this entire PPV so far for like 2 minutes. Parker gets involved and Anderson smashes Badd into a boxing stool and then hits a DOUBLE A SPINEBUSTER :mark: But he doesn’t go for the pin for some reason so Finnegan jumps on his back but that goes nowhere so Anderson just stays beating down Badd who tries to make a comeback but Anderson just throws him out of the ring as round 3 ends. Anderson attacks Badd in the rest period again and right as Round 4 starts Finnegan puts a bucket over Anderson’s head and then Badd MURDERS HIM WITH A LEFT HAND JESUS CHRIST! He takes his glove off and hits him with another with his taped fist to get the win by KO. Dumbass gimmick but that was actually alright, at least not as bad as those garbage opening matches.

    Randy Savage hype video airs before Tenay interviews him. Savage says Avalanche can’t handle him bc he’s too cold and he threatens everyone if they want to try him and does his usual crazy promo.

    Avalanche vs Randy Savage
    They mention once again that this is Uncensored so there’s no rules, keep that in mind guys :side: Savage obviously uses his speed to counter the power for this one and hit works well early on, he sends Avalanche outside and hits a diving crossbody before losing all momentum bc he tried to slam Avalanche for some dumbass reason and it doesn’t work :lmao Avalanche has a decent beatdown segment on Savage but it’s pretty boring and super slow although he does hit a fuckin’ dropkick at one point. The ref calls for a rope break and the announcers ignore it even though there’s supposed to be no rules :side: They really do a lot of nothing for a bit with Avalanche just kicking Savage back to the floor whenever he tries to get into the ring. Savage makes an okay comeback but once again tries a terrible move that doesn’t work, this time a sunset flip. Avalanche stuffs some more comebacks with a lot of stalling until Savage finally gets going but then some ugly woman from the crowd attacks Savage but OH WAIT IT’S RIC FLAIR in fuckin’ drag. Hogan makes the save and runs out Flair and Avalanche as the referee declares the winner BY DISQUALIFICATION RANDY SAVAGE! YOU HEAR THAT BY DISQUALI-FUCKING-CATION! On a PPV where they advertised no rules...all night...they have a match end...by disqualification. Fuck this god damn company.

    Tenay interviews that tag champs Harlem Heat with Sister Sherri, they say the Nasty Boys are going to see what the Harlem Heat are all about and calls Tupelo a country hick town :lmao Booker says after they leave this redneck town it’s gonna be obliterated lol Sherri says they’re gonna see what the Nasty Boys are made of but Tenay interrupts her before he’s done to send it back down to Schiavone and Heenan :lmao

    Hype video for the Sting/Big Bubba feud before Tenay interviews Sting and he cuts his usual hyped up promo saying tonight with be Rogers’s end.

    Big Bubba Rogers vs Sting
    This starts off pretty fun with Sting getting the best of Rodgers before crushing his nice ass hat and Rogers sells that better than anything on this PPV so far. Sting has some fun offense until Rogers catches him attacking his knee and starts working over the leg while talking shit to the fans. Bubba has a decent beatdown segment, Sting tries to make a few comebacks but they all get stuffed bc of his leg. This goes on a little too long but then Rogers slips off the top rope so that’s how Sting makes his comeback :lmao Sting still sells the leg really well and locks on a sleeper, but Rogers uses his tie for a cool jawbreaker move, but Sting then hits a nice German Suplex and a diving splash for two. Rogers literally falls down on Sting’s knee at one point and he’s able to capitalize when Sting tries to slam him but the knee gives out and he beat Sting CLEAN WHAT! Alright match though, best of the night so far easily.

    Nasty Boys/Harlem Heat video package before Tenay interviews The Nasty Boys. They scream a lot of nonsense saying they’re gonna destroy Harlem Heat. They then show a Harlem Heat hype video.

    Falls Count Anywhere Match: Harlem Heat (Booker T & Stevie Ray) (w/ Sister Sherri) vs The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags)
    Dat Harlem Heat theme music :mark: Sherri comes out with the belts alone and acts like she doesnt know where Harlem Heat are, so the Nasty Boys try and attack her asking where they are. Harlem Heat then come and attack them from behind to start this brawl off. They do the two in two out brawl for most of the match with some double team moves here or there and it’s all solid for the most part, just lacking a little. They bring Sherri in the ring at one point and give her a Pit Stop. Sags has a trash can, like not a wrestling one but a real plastic one and dumps garbage on Stevie Ray. They then end up in the concession stands, Sherri gets involved, popcorn, drinks, and cotton candy are everywhere. Everyone’s slipping and falling bc of the spilled rinks :lmao God they’ve got mustard all over each other now this is getting gross. Sherri almost has a tit pop out at least 12 times, I’m sure it happened just not on camera. The Nasty Boys end up winning off screen so I’m not even sure how :lmao That wasn’t good or anything but that’s the kinda shit I would have been expecting from this show with how they were advertising it, it just took 6 fucking matches before we got anything that felt UNCENSORED

    Tenay interviews Vader who takes the mic from him and tells him to shut up and Tenay has the most annoyed look on his face I’ve ever seen :lmao Vader said there’s 23 world title between him and Flair os tonight they’re going to end Hulkamania bc it’s VADER TIME! Flair takes the mic and he’s still got makeup on from his drag queen get-up and says he’s obsessed with Hogan bc everyone’s always said Hogan was better than Flair and he’s not walking off into the sunset even though Hogan beat him in a retirement match. Vader says tonight they’ll know who the uncrowned world champion is OH YEAH bc this fucking main event isn’t even for Hogan’s belt

    Highlight package of the Vader/Hogan feud with Hogan hyping up his ULTIMATE SURPRISE!

    They bring out MIchael Buffer for the main event bc there weren’t any championship matches on the card all even though all of champions had matches :lmao Hogan comes out alone without Jimmy Hart who they’re implying was kidnapped and maybe murdered by Flair and Vader and also The Renegade who they don’t know why he’s absent. Vader and Flair try and force Hogan to put the strap on before The Renegade then makes his entrance to even up the odds. LOL you can really tell some of these people think he’s actually The Ultimate Warrior and the announcers act like he’s a huge deal :lmao

    Leather Strap Match: Hulk Hogan (w/ The Renegade) vs Vader (w/ Ric Flair)
    They don’t even have a ref, so who’s gonna call the tie for the fourth corner 8D The match started off camera as Renegade was attacking Flair but they’re brawling out of the ring. Hogan rips Vader’s mask off already as they get into the ring and really start the match. This is pretty good tbh, Hogan does some dirty brawling which is always fun and Vader is obviously a god at it, but it’s ruined by Renegade and Flair antics being distracting on the outside. Vader hits a Vader Bomb way too early so it’s meaningless and then starts whipping Hogan with the strap but Jimmy Hart comes running down with his shirt all torn and shit and starts willing Hogan back into the match. They brawl outside the ring some more and the strap isn’t even on Hogan’s wrist anymore :lmao He makes a comeback with some chair shots and puts the strap back on to use as a weapon as well. This brawl outside the ring is by far the best part of the match and probably the whole PPV. Flair/Renegade do more nonsense in the ring while Hogan/Vader keep brawling outside. Hogan has some more fun offense in and out of the ring, Vader lowkey looking really weak here. Hogan actually tries to touch the corners from outside the ring, great idea tbh, but Vader is able to break it up. Vader tries to clothesline Renegade but he just fuckin’ no-sells it :no: Vader says it’s over and tries to touch the corners, but Hogan Hulks Up and hits the Big Boot/Atomic Leg Drop combo and gets three turnbuckles touched before a masked man runs down and takes out Renegade with a chair. This lets Flair take out Hogan finally so they double team him until Hart coaches the Renegade back up so Flair goes after him instead. Vader touches three corners but Flair says fuck that and wants him to hit a diving splash on Hogan with a chair under his neck instead of winning so Vader listens and misses a somersault that would have def killed Hogan if it connected. Flair hits Hogan with a chair but it gets no-sold and Hogan starts beating him with the strap and attaches it to Flair and touches all four corners and they ring the bell :lmao So I guess this is over even though he didn’t drag Vader. That was a clusterfuck but it was actually pretty fun still, just suffered from the fuckery this whole PPV had oh and ya know Hogan didn’t even drag the right man with the strap.

    After the match the masked man comes back down with a chair but then Arn Anderson comes walking down wearing a masked man outfit too, tied up so he was the original one that interfered. The masked man in the ring then attacks Flair and Vader with the chair and reveals he’s MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE! The crowd goes nuts as Savage, Hart, Renegade, and Hogan all celebrate and the announcers say Hogan planned the whole thing lol k. Heenan says Michael Jordan’s return is gonna be on the back of the sports section bc this event is gonna be on the front :lmao LOL K
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  5. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    Anyone trying to give Kevin Sullivan any credit....I use this as an example tbh.
  6. Chris

    Chris It's me, it's me

    Event: Bridge of Dreams - Weekly Pro Wrestling at Tokyo Dome
    Date: April 2, 1995
    Venue: Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan
    Attendance: ~60,000

    So this was a Japanese supershow with like 11 promotions or some shit that a magazine called Weekly Pro Wrestling put on the same day as WrestleMania XI which was supposedly the only 'Mania Meltzer didn't watch live bc he was at this show that he called one of the best cards of all time. Well too bad NJPW never released the footage bc they were embarrassed their match was disappointing compared to a lot of the others bc I can't find this shit anywhere :( There's tapes floating around but the only one I could find was a torrent on XWT that wouldn't download so for now I'll post the card since this is a pretty obscure show just so you guys can see what was on it and if I ever find it I'll come back and review it later.

    (JWP) Candy Okutsu, Dynamite Kansai, Fusayo Nochi, & Hikari Fukuoka vs Cutie Suzuki, Devil Masami, Hiromi Yagi, & Mayumi Ozaki

    (LLPW) Ultimate Fight Rules Match: Harley Saito vs Shinobu Kandori

    (AJW) Aja Kong & Kyoko Inoue vs Blizzard Yuki & Manami Toyota

    (Go Gundan) Alien Death Match for the Go Gundan Interplanetary Title: Ryuma Go vs Uchu Majin Silver X

    (IWA Japan) Barbed Wire Barricade and Barbed Wire Baseball Bat Texas Tornado Death Match: Cactus Jack & The Headhunters (Headhunter A & B) vs Leatherface, Shoji Nakamaki, & Terry Funk

    (Pancrase) Pancrase Rules: Christopher DeWeaver vs Minoru Suzuki

    (PWFG) Carl Greco & Don Arakawa vs Yoshiaki Fujiwara & Yuki Ishikawa

    (Michinoku Pro) Gran Nawiwa, Super Delfin, & TAKA Michinoku vs The Great Sasuke, SATO, & Shiryu

    (RINGS) Akira Maeda vs Chris Dolman

    (UWFi) Billy Scott, Masahito Kakihara, & Nobuhiko Takada vs Gary Albright, Gene Lydick, & Kazuo Yamazaki

    (FMW) Explosive Barbed Wire Deathmatch: The Great Nita vs King Pogo

    (AJPW) Akira Taue, Johnny Ace, Toshiaki Kawada vs Kenta Kobashi, Mitsuharu Misawa, & Stan Hansen

    (NJPW) IWGP Heavyweight Championship: Shinya Hashimoto (c) vs Masahiro Chono
  7. Chris

    Chris It's me, it's me

    Event: Bridge of Dreams - Weekly Pro Wrestling at Tokyo Dome
    Date: April 2, 1995 (This like the third show on my birthday before I was born smh bet there’s not gonna be anymore)
    Venue: Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan
    Attendance: ~60,000
    Commentators: None :mark:

    I FUCKIN’ FOUND IT :mark: Thank you random person who uploaded the whole show to their Google Drive (which inconveniently never showed up on Google results) so I could download it you are a beautiful soul. This is gonna be a long post bc this fuckin’ show is 6 hours so skim if you wish I won’t give a fuck, just read anything I type in ALL CAPS! The picture isn’t too good, but def watchable for a VHS that’s been copied over god knows how many times since this shit was never released. Sound a little buzzy but I don’t speak Japanese anyway so fuck it LET’S GO!

    They have an 8 minute or so opening segment welcoming everyone to the show I’m assuming, it looks like all the wrestlers competing, or maybe just a couple from each promotion are on the stage as well and they all get a bouquet of flowers bc Japan is so weirdly respectful.

    (JWP) Candy Okutsu, Dynamite Kansai, Fusayo Nouchi, & Hikari Fukuoka vs Cutie Suzuki, Devil Masami, Hiromi Yagi, & Mayumi Ozaki
    Wow this is a lot of fun. They do a great job getting everyone involved early but still keeping it mostly two women in the ring at a time. The action is all solid with some fucking awesome peaks throughout, all really similar to the women’s matches I’ve been reviewing already, but definitely one of the better ones. Dynamite is the only real power worker in the match so when she comes in she just murders people with lariats sick looking suplexes :mark: Devil does a giant swing spot that lasts forever and Japanese crowds seem to love those. She does a Toyota Roll as well and wow I did not realize Japanese crowds loved those types of moves so much, shit makes me dizzy. They start hitting progressively bigger moves so teammates keep coming in to break them up, but they keep it up with just two people in the ring for the most part with a double team move here or there. Devil and Dynamite are easily my favorites in this, probably bc they’re the only two that aren’t just speedy cruiserweights and they keep hitting these sick fucking strikes :mark: Devil’s team is able to take the first real advantage as this finally breaks down to everyone involved and they all hit stereo dives to the outside :mark: Candy makes this really awesome comeback pretty soon after though and both teams go back and forth with lots of quick tags again, really fun shit. They try and isolate Dynamite in the corner but she just MURDERS FUSAYO with an elbow sending her to the floor :mark: It all breaks down again and the finish comes when Dynamite hits her Splash Mountain Powerbomb from the top rope on Devil for the win :mark: That got like 17 minutes or so but it felt shorter, great opener.

    (LLPW) UFC Rules: Harley Saito vs Shinobu Kandori
    Imagine this, you’re a small wrestling promotion allowed to showcase one match on this huge supershow and what do you book? A fucking shoot fight :DEAD: It’d be one thing if they were an MMA company or some shit. Harley gets a knockdown in like 10 seconds with some sick knees and a head kick and I guess they do 10 counts like in boxing. Kandori gets up at 4 and hits a nice judo throw and goes for a triangle but it doesn’t really work so they’re just hitting each other in the face from the ground, pretty viciously. She actually ends up locking that triangle in pretty fucking tight and OH SHIT Harley gives up. Well that was like a minute lol but at least it was fun, entrances lasted longer though :lmao

    (AJW) Aja Kong & Kyoko Inoue vs Blizzard Yuki & Manami Toyota
    No clue who Blizzard is but these other three :mark: This spills out to the ramp like instantly and both power girls take huge running starts to kill Blizzard and Manami with lariats over the top rope :mark: This is really fucking good too, they do the obvious power vs speed dynamic you’d expect and Kyoko/Manami’s chemistry is top notch, Aja is a fucking force and Blizzard plays her part really well too. Aja’s strikes are fucking dominant and neither girl really has an answer for them so Manami and Blizzard really only have control with Kyoko is in :lmao Manami does the second Toyota Roll of the show but it’s named after her so I can’t blame the girl. Manami tries her best to use her speed, but Aja is just too powerful and stuffs almost everything either girl tries to do against her. They isolate Manami for awhile, just fucking killing her with painful holds. Aja almost botches a powerbomb at one point, but recovers it and hits it clean but Manami def got a concussion from how hard her head bounced off the mat JESUS! She makes a comeback and tags in Blizzard but hot tags aren’t a thing in Japan so she just gets murdered with a clothesline instantly :lmao The smaller girls finally say FUCK it and both come into the ring to take out the opponents. They each hit dives to the outside but neither of them are caught on camera :lmao Blizzard and Manami try to take advantage of their first real chance with a sweet Doomsday Device Dropkick, but Aja breaks it up so then they trade a few super close near falls. Blizzard then goes crazy hitting exploder suplexes :mark: Aja comes in and murders Manami with another powerbomb that poor girl. More of all 4 in the ring, mostly Aja/Manami doing stuff though and OH MY FUCK AJA HITS THE MOST BRUTAL SPINNING BACK FIST I’VE EVER SEEN :mark: That gets a two so Aja goes up top and hits this weird falling back body drop from the top rope? That gets the win, should have went with just winning after that Uraken tho, good shit still.

    Some Japanese woman gets on the mic after, maybe a figure head for AJW IDK she’s probably just congratulating them on a good match or maybe she’s a wrestler challenging Aja for her belt...that actually seems like what’s happening man maybe I should just learn the language.

    BRUH! They bring out Lou GODDAM THESZ! Ol’ Lou in Japan on ‘Mania day :lmao He reads off a piece of paper saying he’s very honored to be at the supershow and thanks the promoters of Weekly Pro Wrestling Magazine which put this on. He mentions his historic match against Rikidozan like 40 years prior and gets this crowd all emotional about Riki. He says that today he’s just one of the 60,000 wrestling fans here. He says that wrestling is the most beautiful of all contact sports. I don’t know how many of these fans understood what he said but that was pretty cool.

    The ring announcer introduces the next match as an “Alien Deathmatch” because...THEY BRING OUT HILLBILLY ALIENS! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS :lmao I hope Lou is still making his way to his seats and isn’t here to watch this after his speech. There’s like four of them walking super slowly to the ring, I’m assuming this one in front that isn’t dressed as a redneck is the participant in the match. Ryuma Go is out next and he has this awesome entrance to “Eye of the Tiger” and he’s not an alien or anything.

    (Go Gundan) Alien Deathmatch for the Go Gundan Interplanetary Championship: Ryuma Go vs Uchuu Majin Silver X (w/ REDNECK ALIENS!!!!!)
    I’m just gonna call the alien wrestling X for simplicity’s sake and he also has a shitty X drawn on his mask. This is trash though, X doesn’t look like he has any wrestling training, Go might be good but IDK bc he doesn’t do too much. The aliens on the outside get involved early, heping X get rope breaks and stuff so Go goes to the outside just to get quadruple teamed fucking dumbass. They can’t even make a beatdown with a chair entertaining so fuck this when it goes back to being 1 on 1 in the ring with X in control. Go ends up outside again so the aliens start working over his knee with a chair. X actually continues the knee work in the ring with a half boston crab and even a Figure-4 OH SHIT he might actually have some training or he at least watches Nitro :hm: The crowd actually might be hotter for this than the two women’s matches that were actually good :lmao They’re all for Go as he makes a pretty solid comeback. Go has a half crab on and one of the aliens try to break it up but he no-sells like 6 kicks first then just locks it right back on :lmao Go then fights off ALL FOUR fucking aliens with some foreign object that I can’t tell what it is. The numbers game catches up to him and X goes back to work on the knee with a Cloverleaf. X does some more boring offense hmm I wonder if the X means 10 like a roman numeral :hm: They botch Go’s comeback spot and he only takes out 2 of the 3 aliens interfering so the other one just looks lost and leaves the ring on his own :lmao Go hits a million different clotheslines throughout this match but for some reason the one he wins with must have been strong. LOL I don’t even know what the fuck this was but “Eye of the Tiger” plays again so whatever. I wish I knew what Lou Thesz thought about this.

    Go gets a mic and cuts a short promo afterwards, I don’t think he received a belt lol.

    (IWA Japan) Barbed Wire Board & Barbed Wire Baseball Bat Texas Tornado Deathmatch: Cactus Jack & The Headhunters (Headhunter A & B) vs Leatherface, Shoji Nakamaki & Terry Funk
    Barbed wire covered boards surround the ring and they have a few baseball bats covered as well. Jack’s team comes out to “Symphony of Destruction” and they’ve got more weapons. They stop at the top of the ramp bc it looks like that’s where this match is starting. Jack tries to make a break for the barbed wire weapons, but gets caught by Nakamaki and I can already tell this is gonna be a lot of fun. Everyone’s just beating each other up with weapons and the 400+ pound Headhunters are already diving off the ramp :mark: Funk takes a shot to the face from a barbed wire bat like instantly to bust him open and he wasn’t even the first one bleeding lmao Leatherface says fuck this and just leaves :lmao Jack hits a Cactus Clothesline over the rail on fuck as a Headhunter is killing Nakamaki’s face with barbed wire, this shit is so bloody already FUCK! I think Funk is fighting a photographer at one point :lmao The Headhunters are too damn big to be doing these dives onto the ramp :mark: Jack gets hanged over the top rope and starts screaming at the Headhunters to help him bc he doesn’t want to lose another ear :lmao Funk is rolling around on a barbed wire board, no idea how that happened. The amount of blood Funk and Nakamaki have lost already is insane. They sandwich Nakamaki between two barbed wire boards at one point so a Headhunter can FUCKING MURDER HIM WITH A MOONSAULT JESUS FUCKING CHRIST :mark: BUT WAIT LEATHERFACE IS BACK AND HE HAS A FUCKING CHAINSAW! It’s rigged to spark I’m assuming and hopefully has no blade bc he takes out everyone with it TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE IN THIS BITCH! :mark: Leatherface gets his hair (I think it’s a wig) stuck in the goddam wire so the ref has to help him get free :lmao Funk even locks on a Spinning Toe Hold during this clusterfuck :mark: Jack then pours gasoline on a barbed wire board and tries to get it to light as Funk throws chairs blindly into the ring and ACCIDENTALLY HITS A FAN! :lmao I think they gave up on the fire but the Headhunters hit fucking diving planchas over the top, these men are WAY TOO BIG FOR THIS SHIT! We get a Cactus Clothesline on Funk and then he hits like a reverse Doomsday Device on Nakamaki on the outside. Jack takes a sick bump to the floor and FUNK HITS A MOONSAULT TO THE OUTSIDE! In the ring, Nakamaki sends a Headhunter face first into a barbed wire board in the corner and wins it with a roll-up, this shit was crazy.

    (Pancrase) Pancrase Rules: Christopher DeWeaver vs Minoru Suzuki
    Pancrase is an actual MMA company so I’ll accept them doing this, plus YOUNG SUZUKI :mark: DeWeaver is like a foot taller than Suzuki so he tries to use that and hits these knees to the face with such ease bc his knees go up to Suzuki’s chest already :lmao Suzuki gets a quick takedown though and they scramble on the ground for a bit until Suzuki gets a heel hook locked in the for the quick win LOL at both the shootfights on the card lasting 3 minutes total.

    (PWFG) Carl Greco & Don Arakawa vs Yoshiaki Fujiwara & Yuki Ishikawa
    BRUH! Greco and Arakawa come out to what I’m 99% sure is the theme from The Godfather movies :mark: Fujiwara and Ishikawa come out to “Flight of the Valkries” so best two themes in a match for sure go out to these guys. Entrance themes probably the best part of this bc it gets way too much time and it’s like they can’t decide if they want to wrestle a straight or a comedy match bc Arakawa does some shitty comedy eye pokes, but when Greco comes in they do some like Greco-roman mat wrestling which I guess might be because of his name. The crowd is eating up all the dumb shit Arakawa is doing like poking Fujiwara in the ass and shit to break up a hold. Meanwhile Fujiwara and Ishikawa attempt to do real wrestling with Fujiwara obviously working the arm of Greco to set up for his armbar. Okay Arakawa started doing some regular offense and it made me miss his shitty comedy stuff so I see now why that was his go to. Greco has a rear naked choke at one point that the ref breaks up for no reason. Greco and Ishikawa have a solid exchange late in the match but they do a 10 count like in boxing after Greco hits these nice knees which really fucks up the pacing of the match I hate that goddam concept in wrestling. Ishikawa ends up winning when Greco passes out in a triangle hold. I’m starting to think this may have been a “shoot” tag team match bc there were no pins or anything, but it was obviously worked. IDK about Japan y’all.

    (Michinoku Pro) Gran Naniwa, Super Delfin, & TAKA Michinoku vs The Great Sasuke, SATO, & Shiryu
    They start with a slow pace so I’m assuming this is getting good time bc they aren’t just going balls to the wall like the short Super J Cup matches. The guys you’ve probably heard of (Sasuke, TAKA, & Delfin) are the obvious standouts with the Michinoku/Sasuke exchanges being AWESOME :mark: The other guys hold their own pretty well too, doing the usual 90s junior stuff. Naniwa/Shiryu have a fun exchange but I’m just distracted by their absolutely terrible ring gear. Oh I get it Naniwa has a crab gimmick so he acts like he has dick crabs, fucking terrible. This comedy is just as shitty as Arakawa’s, but the wrestling is so much better and it’s not as common so it’s more forgivable. BRUH! At one point all three of TAKA’s team are trying to attack Shinryu and he does this hilarious kip-up shit and then the four of them just start dancing and shit :lmao Delfin gets thrown out of the ring and goes face first into some female wrestlers tits, I really wasn’t expecting this much comedy, but it is much better than Arankawa’s at least. It’s still fucking with the pace of the match which hasn’t ever really picked up, but all the action is still fluid and solid, really odd match tbh. Alright ngl this one spot is hilarious, Naniwa keeps throwing opponents to Delfin on the apron and he wrenches their arm, so Shiryu reverses and gives Naniwa’s arm to Delfin who wrenches it not knowing it’s his partner so Naniwa gets butt hurt and tries to leave :lmao Delfin talks him out of it and they basically continue comedy triple teaming Shinryu which has been most of the second half of the match so far. Okay as the match keeps going these comedy spots are progressively becoming more choreographed and absurd and I’m starting to really fuck with them :lmao We get the first dives to the outside like 18 minutes in which is insane for these guys but when they start doing them WOW! TAKA makes one that was far as fuck and Sasuke is Sasuke so that’s fun. They drop the comedy for the most part for the endgame, lots of near falls and fun shit here. Sasuke does a plancha at one point and lands hard as shit on the rail JESUS! Delfin ends up getting the pin on Shiryu with the Tornado DDT and UNSTOPPABLE Delfin Clutch pin. I wasn’t expecting as much comedy at first, but it really started growing on me and all the wrestling really was good, still felt like a waste of Sasuke though.

    Naniwa gets a mic after the match and I think conducts a post match interview with Delfin while TAKA just chills in the corner :lmao I don’t know what they’re saying, but the crowd definitely seems to like it.

    (RINGS) Akira Maeda vs Chris Dolman
    This is ass, I honestly can’t tell if it’s bad MMA or a bad worked shoot but after shitty MMA stuff for five minutes, Maeda wins with a heel hook.

    After the match they honor Dolman with a trophy and picture for some reason. This takes forever no wonder this was a 6 hour show. Dolman says thanks for supporting RINGS, the best fighting style in the world.

    (UWFi) Billy Scott, Masahito Kakihara, & Nobuhiko Takada vs Gary Albright, Gene Lydick, & Kazuo Yamazaki
    The team with two whites come out to "Thunderstruck” solid choice. LOL that last match killed the crowd, but this one put them 6 extra feet under. It’s not really bad or anything it’s just boring, and more worked shoot stuff that definitely looks real and painful, it just isn’t all that entertaining. The crowd picks up when Kakihara comes in because I think there’s some with him and Yamazaki, like they really want Yamazaki to kick his ass. Yamazaki’s strikes are a high point but most of this match is on the mat and I’m just not feeling it. They also do the 10 second knockdown rule in this match UGH! One thing I do like is that this isn’t just filled with interference like all the other tag matches on the night. Albright finally gets tagged in late in the match and he’s pretty over since the crowd likes his power and he hits some nice German Suplexes. It really doesn’t get any better or worse, everyone just keeps doing the same stuff really, not very many tags, mostly just mat work. Lydick really starts taking a beating late and ends up having to tap to a cross armbreaker by Takada. Overall, I’d say this was alright, an okay change of pace I guess as long as they pick back up after this.

    They introduce a Japanese legend and Lou Thesz wheels him out in a wheelchair and I didn’t hear his name but he looks familiar so I’m sure he’s super famous. He’s able to stand to cut a promo in the ring, probably saying the same things Lou Thesz did earlier I’m assuming. They do a 10 bell salute after and everyone gets all emotional but I have no idea who died.

    (FMW) Explosive Barbed Wire Deathmatch: The Great Nita vs King Pogo
    The ropes have been replaced with barbed wire for this one. Pogo starts the match with mist right to the face :lmao This match blows though, they do a lot of nothing trying to tease the barbed wire until finally Nita gets sent into it and OH SHIT that’s where the explosives are too bc that shit explodes on him :lmao Pogo then gets this scythe and starts stabbing Nita in the fucking back with it. They just do fucking knife play for like 5 minutes, this scythe gets stuck in Nita’s mouth and on his throat, but he survives the attempted murder and starts hitting Pogo with the scythe. We get the first wrestling move, a DDT maybe 8 minutes or so into the match. Nita teases pushing Pogo’s head into the wire and explosives but doesn’t do shit and Pogo ends up with a barbed wire bat from somewhere and uses that to send Nita into another explosive. Pogo misses a murder shot with the bat and hits the wire so that explodes in his face. Even with the explosives this feels so tame compared to the IWA Japan match earlier. After the second wrestling move (a bulldog), Nita send Pogo into an explosive again and wins after that with a roll-up. Fuck this garbage.

    Nita pours water over his head and the unconscious Pogo after the match trying to wake him up and then he helps Pogo crawl out of the ring and then Nita just like yells at the crowd for a few minutes in the ring while crawling around and shit UGH the match was bad enough.

    (AJPW) Akira Taue, Johnny Ace, & Toshiaki Kawada vs Kenta Kobashi, Mitsuharu Misawa, & Stan Hansen
    BRUH A KOBASHI/MISAWA/HANSEN TEAM :mark::mark::mark: Each guy gets their own entrance for this one and Big Johnny comes out to “Kickstart My Heart” Alright I’m pretty drunk rn so lets get this shit started. This is awesome, Kobashi’s really improved by this point and he’s super over, to be fair his whole team is stupid fucking over bc just look who they are. Misawa’s amazing like you’d expect and Hansen’s brawling is fucking awesome. And I mean everyone else on the other team does great, but like does anyone care with the three they’re against? They work a slow pace for most of the opening half of the match, all really solid stuff though and what few double team moves we get are really fun. Kobashi gets isolated for a bit, they do a great job keeping him in the corner away from his teammates. They do this cool spot where Taue holds Kobashi while Kawada has a running start down the ramp and hits him with a big boot. Kobashi finally makes a desperate tag to Hansen who comes in and wrecks Kawada with a powerbomb. Misawa then comes in and has this awesome exchange with Taue. All three of the major starts end up hitting DDT’s at the same time :mark: and this has really started picking up since like the 20 minute mark. Ace comes in and we get a super close near fall off of an Ace Cutter :mark: Everyone’s really giving A+ effort here, this is great shit, Ace even hits a moonsault :mark: The crowd pops huge for the first Lariat by Hansen, but the ring announcer says there’s only 3 minutes left :( Kawada hits a nice lariat of his own against Hansen, but then HANSEN COMES BACK WITH A DROPKICK :mark: Misawa and Kawada have a great exchange during the second to last minute before Taue comes in to try and put Misawa away in the last minute and he gets super close with a couple near falls but Misawa won’t stay down and almost gets the win himself with a hurricanrana. Kobashi gets a hot tag not long before the 30 minute time limit is reached, but even with there not being a winner WHAT A MATCH! :mark:

    The ring announcer guy talks for fucking ever and I have no idea what he’s saying, maybe putting over the attendance or something bc it’s a sell out but who knows.

    (NJPW) IWGP Heavyweight Championship: Shinya Hashimoto vs Masahiro Chono
    This starts out pretty good, they trade a lot of solid strikes, but then they go into this boring ass test of strength that last entirely too long and kills the crowd completely. Yeah they’re just going through the motions UGH why do all the Chono matches I watch have to be shitty, like I know he’s a pretty good wrestler but come on. Chono works the leg, but it goes nowhere, and he makes sure to keep taunting the mostly dead crowd. Chono tries a heel hook which is a solid strategy since it won like 5 matches tonight, but of course it goes nowhere as well. Chono locks on the STF which gets a nice reaction from the crowd. They work the hold for awhile before Hashimoto just uses his fat to lay on Chono. Solid near fall after a corner biel throw by Hashimoto, and then he follows it up with his first real offense of the match, working Chono’s arm. Then they do this spot where Hashimoto eats a shit ton of kicks before making a comeback and hitting a pretty sick looking brainbuster for the win. Not terrible, but not particularly good either. LOL that this is the reason NJPW has never released this though supposedly.

    I’m done listening to Japanese people talk so I’m not gonna watch this last 4 minute old guy promo. But overall this was a very hit or miss show which is to be expected when you do a 13 promotion 13 match card, but it was definitely more hit than miss with the Women’s tag matches, AJPW and IWA Japan matches being the highlights for sure.
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    you got a link, I really wanna watch the Cactus and Kobashi, Misawa, & Hansen dream team matches.
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    Leatherface was Corporal Kirchner
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    Yeah it's on my computer I'll send it to you tomorrow
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    Event: Super J-Cup: 2nd Stage
    Date: December 13, 1995
    Venue: Sumo Hall in Tokyo, Japan
    Attendance: ~11,500

    WAR International Junior Heavyweight Champion: Ultimo Dragon
    WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Champions: Arashi, Kouki Kitahara, & Nobutaka Araya

    DREAMS COME TRUE, AGAIN! The participants this time are Damian 666 (FMW), Dos Caras (CMLL), El Samurai (NJPW), Gedo (WAR), Gran Naniwa (MPW), Hanzo Nakajima (MPW), Jushin Thunder Liger (NJPW), Lionheart (WAR), Masaaki Mochizuki (WAR), NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Masayoshi Motegi (SPWF), Shinjiro Otani (NJPW), Shoichi Funaki (MPW), NWA World Middleweight and WAR International Junior Heavyweight Champion Ultimo Dragon (WAR), and defending Super J Cup winner Wild Pegasus (NJPW). They all deliver short prerecorded messages thanking the fans for coming out.They do a short profile on the wrestlers and young Jericho cuts a super generic promo as Lionheart and specifically calls out his possible second round opponent Wild Pegasus :mark: They have Japanese subtitles for the Spanish wrestlers just to remind me how limited only speaking one language is. Benoit says he’s better than he was last year and that he’s going to be victorious tonight as well. Same rules as last year, Pegasus and Liger get the two byes, plus there’s a special attraction match not part of the tournament between Rey Mysterio and Psicosis :mark: LETS GET STARTED!

    Oh that let’s get started was just to announce they were now bringing out all the competitors to the ring LOL My boy Funaki is killing the game with his bandana.

    1995 Super J-Cup Tournament First Round: Damian 666 vs Gran Naniwa
    A crab vs a hell demon man you gotta love wrestling. Damian does all of Hogan’s taunts during his entrance for some reason :lmao They both play the crowd for like two whole minutes at the beginning, but then the action is all solid once it gets started. It’s typical junior stuff, but with a really hot crowd so it’s pretty fun. They mix in a decent amount of comedy that’s pretty good like when Damian rope walks a whole side and a half of the ring :lmao Undertaker could never. They way they mix in the action and comedy is pretty cool. Damian starts yelling famous wrestlers’ names like Misawa and Muta and then does their finishers but ends up missing a Muta Moonsault so Naniwa gets the roll-up for the win LOL

    The crowd gives Damian a standing ovation after bc he made them laugh so much I guess and he does the typical FMW shit popping open some champagne and fucking with the crowd before getting them to start a Onita chant bc he’s a sheep. He finally leaves thank god I thought they were gonna have to get someone to escort him out.

    1995 Super J-Cup Tournament First Round: Masaaki Mochizuki vs Shinjiro Otani
    Mochizuki just goes at Otani like a mad man with strikes to start this one and that’s basically the story of the match. Mochizuki goes hard af while Otani is catching him with counters. This only gets like 4 minutes but it’s fucking solid the whole time, Otani manages to work the leg throughout, but Mochizuki ignores it to hit this sick bridging German for a two count. Mochizuki comes back with some sick strikes again but this time gets caught in an armbar. More back and for stuff until Mochizuki goes back to the leg and locks on a leg lock for the win.

    1995 Super J-Cup Tournament First Round: Shoichi Funaki vs Ultimo Dragon
    Funaki’s ring attire is hilarious. The crowd is all for Funaki at the beginning WHAT! This isn’t as good as I expected it to be, but it’s still solid. They each work leg locks for too long which really drags down the match. Right when they start to pick up the pace, they botch a hurricanrana :lmao The crowd pops for Funaki’s near falls, but then Dragon says FUCK THIS SHIT! And just goes HARD AF, hitting Funaki with a brainbuster, moonsault and inside cradle combo so smoothly, it was like he just said I’m done fucking around with this guy :lmao

    1995 Super J-Cup Tournament First Round: Gedo vs Masayoshi Motegi
    This WAR crowd is all over Gedo’s dick and he’s done bleached his hair and is basically doing the Rainmaker gimmick in 1995, it just didn’t catch on bc Gedo isn’t Okada :lmao This is your most standard face/heel match so far with Motegi playing the heel pretty good and Gedo is super over so the crowd tries to get him back into it the whole time. It’s funny though bc they’re dead once Gedo is actually on offense bc he doesn’t wrestle as a face that well :lmao Motegi ends up doing that flashy junior moves anyway as his heat segment keeps going on. Motegi starts hitting bigger moves like his rolling german suplexes, but Gedo is able to keep kicking out until Motegi misses a diving headbutt. Gedo makes a comeback, which is him hitting one powerbomb and locking on the Gedo Clutch which is the weakest submission ever for the win.

    1995 Super J-Cup Tournament First Round: Dos Caras vs El Samurai
    Wonder if Del Rio came to support his dad in Japan and how much of a scumbag he is by ‘95. This is still kept around 7 minutes like most the other matches so far, but it’s really cool probably the best stuff of the night so far. They start with some technical work and Caras looks really good with some creative offense. Samurai tries to get stuff going, but Caras is just all over him in the ring and hits him with a suicide dive when Samurai tries to escape to the outside. Samurai finally mounts some offense with this cradle piledriver, and the Samurai Bomb, but Caras kicks out! Samurai misses a diving headbutt and that leads to the finish for the second match in a row lol Caras comes off the top with a nice diving crossbody for the win. Good shit.

    1995 Super J-Cup Tournament First Round: Hanzo Nakajima vs Lionheart
    I used to have an action figure with the tights Jericho is wearing :mark: Lionheart starts off by flipping Nakajima off lol This is pretty fun, it almost feels like a Lionheart showcase and you can just tell that he’s such a natural even though he’s still green. He plays the crowd the whole time and sells well to make Nakajima look pretty good as well. Lionheart makes sure to get a few “come on baby” sayings before Nakajima sends him outside on a really telegraphed spot but then hits this crazy suicide dive landing on the concrete passed the pads :mark: Lionheart makes a comeback and you think he’s going for a super hurricanrana or something, but instead he just dropkicks Nakajima off the top rope to the floor :mark: He follows this with a classic Jericho springboard and then leads the crowd in chanting for his opponent THIS GUY! He yells “ARE YOU READY” after a nice fisherman brainbuster and then hits the Lionsault like it’s the People’s Elbow :DEAD: I love this man

    1995 Super J-Cup Quarter-final: Gran Naniwa vs Jushin Thunder Liger
    Naniwa attacks Liger during his entrance with a running dropkick HE SAID FUCK COMEDY I’M BOUT TO BEAT LIGER :mark: Liger weathers the storm and takes advantage of Naniwa’s comedy to make a comeback. Liger making fun of the crab walk is hilarious :lmao They have some solid back and forth, Naniwa does Gedo’s shitty submission as a rest hold bc that’s what it is :lmao After some good chain wrestling, Naniwa has a really good showing, hitting a few bigger moves and dives and the crowd seems to really think he could win. Liger won’t stay down though even after he eats a Naniwa Bomb, but Naniwa tries it again allowing Liger to counter and they really work some super basic that the crowd is so hot for, like it’s crazy. Liger ends up winning with a Fisherman Buster in a match that almost went 10 minutes.

    1995 Super J-Cup Quarter-final: Lionheart vs Wild Pegasus
    Benoit/Jericho in 1995 :mark: NOT EVEN 20 SECONDS INTO THE MATCH DOES LIONHEART YELL “COME ON MOTHERFUCKER” :lmao This shit rules though, Pegasus wasn’t lying when he said he was way better than last year, you can just tell how much he’s improved. Jericho’s got all the showmanship aspects down perfectly too so the selling and crowd work by him is top notch even if his ring skills aren’t where they are later in his career. They’re both very liberal with their “fucks” bc the crowd doesn’t know what it means and it’s hilarious :lmao They give this one decent time at 14 minutes so they’re able to pace themselves and it helps a lot. Lionheart does the Jericho springboard dropkick at one point and the crowd is really feeling this one so far. Really close near fall after Pegasus landed on top of Lionheart after a super back suplex attempt, and then Pegasus just MURDERS Lionheart with a powerbomb JESUS! They have this phenomenal pinning combination exchange before Pegasus misses a diving headbutt smh most missed move of the night so far. Pegasus ends up hitting this awesome back suplex from the apron and finishes with a crazy suicide dive :mark: Another amazing exchange with Lionheart reversing a powerbomb into a Tiger Suplex for two. Lionheart misses a Lionsault, but comes back with a hurricanrana for another crazy close two count :mark: He hits a Lionsault to the back and rolls him over in a cool pin and gets pissed it’s only a two count. He sits Pegasus onto the top rope but Pegasus reverses and hits basically a falling front piledriver for the win. GREAT SHIT!

    Lionheart gets a well-deserved standing ovation afterwards. Pegasus is PUMPED backstage after and says the J Cup will remain with Wild Pegasus. We then get an intermission with highlights of the show so far. It’s been really good, but I can’t help but compare it to the first J-Cup which was definitely better, but almost everyone left in is great so I expect the rest to deliver.

    1995 Super J-Cup Tournament Quarter-final: Shinjiro Otani vs Ultimo Dragon
    Otani sits on the ropes for Dragon to enter to ring as a show of “respect” but it looked like he was doing it sarcastically. Another match that gets 14 minutes, but they start this one out going all out with some dives early. This is really fucking good, we even get an Asai Moonsault by Dragon like two minutes in :mark: They slow it down with some nice technical work for a few minutes which Otani is better at so he stays in control mostly, but Dragon does some nice stuff too. Then they both NO-SELL TOMBSTONES WHAT! Like each guy does two of them and they make it a spot to no-sell :DEAD: The crowd loves it at least. They do some more fun copycat spots that aren’t as blasphemous as no-selling Tombstones until Otani hits a Dragon Suplex for two and FUCK this crowd is loud :mark: Dragon comes back with a Dragon Bomb for two, and the crowd is now cheering super loud for Otani to make a comeback, but after another desperation attempt at winning fails, Dragon is able to kinda hit a crazy Cancun Tornado and then rolls up Otani with an inside cradle for the win. Shit’s really starting to pick up now.

    1995 Super J-Cup Tournament Quarter-final: Dos Caras vs Gedo
    This is good, gets about 9 minutes so a bit of a break after the last two great matches, but it’s still really good stuff for the most part. Caras does more of his awesome creative Lucha offense, working the legs by tying them up like pretzels. Gedo literally has no offense for the first half of the match until he finally has some and instantly goes for the mask of Caras bc he’s a scumbag. Caras is able to take back control pretty quick with a dive to the outside and we get more of his great offense. Caras ends up hitting a diving splash, but Gedo rips his mask off so they blur it on screen :lmao He puts it back on, but this lets Gedo hit a DDT and then a weird pin for the win.

    1995 Super J-Cup Tournament Semi-final: Jushin Thunder Liger vs Ultimo Dragon
    Oh fuck yes this is great :mark: They start slow with this amazing technical sequence where they go back and forth, just all around great stuff. One note though, Liger keeps telling the Japanese ref to “ask him” like in English lol I guess that’s just universal. Liger takes the first extended advantage, working of Dragon’s knee, good methodical stuff with a Figure-4 worked for a bit as well. Dragon makes a comeback and doesn’t sell the leg at all, but he starts working over Liger’s and does some really fun offense of his own. They finally break this down with Dragon hitting a couple dives to the outside so RIP amazing technical wrestling, it was fun while it lasted. Liger comes back and hits some dives of his own and hits some bigger moves back in the ring for a close two count. Dragon doesn’t no-sell the Tombstone thank God and Liger hits the first successful diving headbutt of the night for another two count. Dragon reverses a superplex attempt into a front suplex slam and gets this AMAZING false finish off an inside cradle afterwards :mark: He misses a moonsault so Liger signals for the end, hits a Liger Bomb but Dragon still kicks out :mark: Dragon goes for another inside cradle attempt, but Liger reverses this one into a pin of his own for the win! Great shit :mark: They mixed multiple styles really well in one match.

    1995 Super J-Cup Tournament Semi-final: Gedo vs Wild Pegasus
    More great stuff, Pegasus is still on fire after his last match and it looks like this is probably gonna be Gedo taking a beating for most of the match like in his other ones. These chops by Benoit are so vicious bro. Benoit ends up hitting a superplex at one point and he sells it better than Gedo even though he did the move :side: Gedo ends up making a comeback and has some fun offense, but Pegasus is able to take back control outside of the ring with his brawling and a suplex on a table. Pegausus then busts out the ROLLING GERMANS :mark: Gedo tries to make comebacks, but Pegasus is just a machine with the counters. He starts arguing with the ref more and more though as he keeps getting close two counts off of Powerbombs and Dragon Suplexes. Pegasus does the throat slice before missing a diving headbutt. They go back and forth for a bit until Gedo is able to hit a Brainbuster and beats Pegasus with a Diving Headbutt :DEAD: Only positive about Gedo winning is that he has the crowd behind him but they would have been hot for Pegasus/Liger in the finals too :(

    Backstage, Pegasus is hitting himself in the face out of shame for losing to Gedo of all people.

    Psicosis vs Rey Mysterio, Jr.
    I don’t know what the ring announcer said but no way it was “Psicosis.” This shit is fucking great though, they start off with fast-paced counter exchanges and when I say fast-paced I mean FUCKING FAST! Like I can barely keep up with some of this, it’s not even worth trying to type what happens. After a lot of stuff that causes the crowd to “oooh” and “ahhh” Mysterio hits this nice dive to the outside, but they go back to doing more similar things in the ring until Mysterio does this awesome fucking move where he lays down on the apron and kicks Psicosis up onto the turnbuckle and then A DIVING HURRICANRANA TO THE OUTSIDE FROM THE TURNBUCKLE :mark: There’s barely any time to breath before they’re right back at it, this time Psicosis is able to hit a dive to the outside. Mysterio is back at it and catches Psicosis with a springboard dropkick to the back and this this awesome springboard somersault to the outside so smooth :mark: Mysterio hits a 619-less West Coast Pop for two, then an Asai Moonsault using the top rope instead of the middle one HOLY SHIT THE AIR :mark: Young Rey is something else man. Psicosis is able to hit his Psycho Guillotine leg drop, but it only gets a wo count. He then misses a Senton Psicosis and then lets Mysterio then hit this AMAZING Springboard Super Hurricanrana and he finishes with a snap hurricanrana that was so strong he had to do a regular pin after :mark: BRUH! That shit may have been better than every tournament match on the card so far!

    “This is the final battle tonight. Which guy is strongest in junior heavyweight class? IT STARTS NOW!”

    1995 Super J-Cup Tournament Final: Gedo vs Jushin Thunder Liger
    I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet, but Liger’s anime theme song is awesome. Crowd is crazy hot for this and it starts out really fun. Liger goes hard af on Gedo’s arm with some knees and then bends it back pretty sick, probably won’t be sold later though but it’s pretty good stuff right now. Liger ends up working that arm for a really long time, if it doesn’t get sold I’m gonna be pissed. Gedo finally gets some offense in when he does the Ric Flair distract the ref and back kick into the dick move :mark: He makes a comeback and for some reason goes for a springboard moonsault outside using the middle turnbuckle cord instead of the ropes so he almost died doing it. Gedo’s offense obviously isn’t as fun as Liger’s, but Liger sells everything pretty well (Gedo hasn’t acknowledged the arm once) and the crowd is still super hot. Liger makes a fun comeback but gets caught with a dropkick on the outside when he comes off the top rope :mark: great spot! They have a really fun back and forth back in the ring that ends with a double clothesline and then they trade some really close near falls. Gedo kicks out of the Liger Bomb and then they work a superplex spot for a bit before Liger just misses a missile dropkick and Gedo tries a Brainbuster/pinning combo and gets another close near fall. Liger makes a comeback after this awesome suplex counter and then hits like a Superplex Brainbuster for the win :mark: Not as good as last year’s amazing final obviously, but this was still great even if I’m salty Gedo made the finals.

    1995 SUPER J CUP CHAMPION JUSHIN THUNDER LIIIIIIIIIIIGEEEEER! All the wrestler come out and celebrate with him like last year. Overall this tournament definitely wasn’t as good as the first, but if anything that shows how good the first one does bc this was a great night of wrestling.
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    Gedo booked this......ofcourse he was in the finals :lmao
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    I didn't know how early he started booking but I knew it was WAR fuckery that he got there at least. I will say he knew how to book himself though, just take an entertaining beating all match and get some last minute counter to win...then celebrate like you dominated
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    Japanese Jerry Lawler.

    Fun fact, Gedo and Jado are major Memphis marks.

    Current New Japan stories should reflect that.
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    Event: Uncensored - Everything you’ve wanted to see...plus the stuff you haven’t thought of yet!
    Date: March 24, 1996
    Venue: Tupelo Coliseum in Tupelo, Mississippi
    Attendance: ~9,000
    Commentators: Bobby Heenan, Dusty Rhodes, & Tony Schiavone

    WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Ric Flair
    WCW United States Heavyweight Champion: Konnan
    WCW World Tag Team Champions: Lex Luger & Sting
    WCW World Television Champion: Lex Luger
    WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Shinjiro Otani

    This was just a week or so before I was born so thank God I can say I wasn’t on this Earth when this travesty of a PPV aired. They have that fuckin’ triple cage set up for the main event on the other side of the arena as the regular ring. Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan, and Dusty Rhodes all put over how crazy this Doomsday cage match is supposed to be. We go to a match pretty quick thankfully. They aren’t going all out with the gimmicks like last year thank Jesus.

    WCW United States Heavyweight Championship: Konnan (c) vs Eddie Guerrero
    This is the only title match tonight bc fuck this company. This is pretty good, they give it a shit ton of time at like 18 minutes so they work some slow technical stuff at first. The announcers also don’t shut up about the Doomsday Cage match the entire time. The crowd finally gets into it after they get into a little shoving battle and they’re pretty split for both of these guys since they’re both basic faces right now. All these exchanges are really good, it just feels like there’s a lot of stalling going on and nothing really builds throughout the match, it’s just random exchanges after another. I’ve noticed the crowd pretty much sits on their hands the whole match until they’re told to cheer by one of the wrestlers, fuckin’ sheep! Guerrero has a fun extended sequence of offense that the announcers say are the greatest thing WCW has ever seen LOL! They go back to the technical work they started with and this is how Konnan starts his comeback and we get some near falls from some pinning combinations. Konnan looks gassed af at this point, but he’s able to send Guerrero from the top to the floor, Guerrero tries to counter back in the ring, but Konnan is able to stay in control until Guerrero is able to hit a superplex. Guerrero goes for the Frog Splash, but Konnan counters only for Guerrero to get a near fall with another reversal. He then goes for a Thesz Press but hits his nuts on Konnan’s head :lmao That’s how Konnan wins LOL The announcers go off saying it was a low blow and Guerrero should have won, but it was obviously an accident. Good opening match though.

    Konnan checks on Guerrero afterwards, but he’s pissed bc his dick hurts and pushes him away.

    Mean Gene Okerlund is backstage with Col. Robert Parker but first he reminds the fans to go online to chat with WCW wrestlers including The Giant. He asks Parker about his match against Madusa tonight and Parker thanks Dick Slater for the training he’s received so he’s going to win for everyone that loves Col. Robert Parker but fuck that bc Gene and Dick are whispering to each other making fun of him the whole time :lmao Parker says he’s gonna teach Madusa what a man stands for tonight.

    The Belfast Bruiser vs Lord Steven Regal
    Regal comes out with Jeeves, but he doesn’t stay for the match :( but The Belfast Bruiser is Finlay so fuck yeah :mark: Bruiser goes right at Regal early and they just start brawling, good shit, but this gets 18 minutes like the last match so IDK if they can keep it up the whole time. Regal tries to slow it down with some holds but Bruiser just continues with brawling and takes it outside the ring for a bit. Some of these strikes are so stiff it’s awesome :mark: They really just do a lot of the same stuff for awhile though, grinding holds and stiff strikes until Regal is able to hit a suplex from the apron to the outside and takes control for an extended period as the announcers debate the geography of Europe. Regal distracts the ref for just a second so he can punt Bruiser in the dick :lmao Also this crowd literally only cheers when they’re acknowledged UGH! Bruiser comes back with a solid thumb to the eye and they just continue beating the fuck out of each other. Have I mentioned how terrible the commentary is yet? Bruiser makes another comeback after this sick left hand. Regal is busted open now above his eye, def hard way and they keep brawling outside and make their way to the Doomsday Cage :mark: Squire David Taylor and Earl Robert Eaton come out and attack Bruiser for the DQ and shit ending and The Blue Bloods stand strong as they leave, but Bruiser comes running after them as they go to the back.

    Only real negative I have about those first two matches is the commentary and crowd being terrible, also they went a little long. But anyway, Mean Gene is in the back with The Giant and Jimmy Hart. Hart says he’s gonna prove he’s the best manager in wrestling because no one puts his hands on him and gets away with it including the 750 pound Loch Ness who Giant is against tonight. Giant says he’s gonna smoke Ness like bacon on the griddle :lmao Giant says after the cage match tonight he’s gonna tear Flair limb from limb and take his WCW Championship on Nitro tomorrow. Gene sneaks in a weasel reference before sending it back to these terrible commentators. They plug the man vs woman match up next before sending it back to Okerlund to plug the WCW HOTLINE! Only $1.49 a minute for all the breaking news :TI: He interviews Loch Ness now and he says Jimmy Hart promised him a shot at Hogan in the Doomsday cage tonight, but since Hart pulled him out he’s gonna take his frustrations out on The Giant tonight. Okerlund then says “by the way I’ve got to introduce you to my neighbor in Florida, HE’S A DENTIST” :lmao Ness just stares him down as Okerlund hurriedly wraps this up BRUH Okerlund the GOAT!

    Col. Robert Parker vs Madusa
    Parker takes his suit jacket off for the match at least, and then the announcers go nuts that he can do a lock up, they literally act like this is the most amazing thing they’ve ever seen but it’s a whole lot of nothing. Parker does the airplane spin, but Madusa is able to counter into a pin for two and then hits a Scoop Slam that they act like is better than Hogan/Andre. Parker tries to leave, but Dick Slater comes out to talk him back up so he comes back and Slater stays at ringside. Parker tries to use his strength, but Madusa is too fast so none of it works. She hits a dive to the outside that Parker almost caught her on, but he must have remembered he wasn’t supposed to so he just drops her and falls :lmao Madusa hits a nice bridging german suplex, but Slater disrupts the pin and allows Parker to end up on top and he wins, waste of 4 minutes but thank god they only gave it 4 minutes.

    We go to Lee Marshall backstage who puts over the tag division. The Road Warriors come out and say that later tonight Sting and Booker T are gonna find out why they’re called the Chicago Big Bullies. Hawk then talks about the medulla oblongata and says they’re gonna remove Booker and Sting’s brain stems tonight :lmao They say no one can beat them in a Chicago Street Fight, especially Sting and Booker. They do a terrible job explaining the current tag situation, Harlem Heat are still a thing but Sting and Luger are champs...but Sting is teaming with Booker tonight.

    The announcers put over this DDP/Booty Man (Brutus Beefcake just FYI) coming up next, the feud has something to do with DDP losing a lot of money and Kimberly.

    Slamboree ‘96 LETHAL LOTTERY on Sunday May 19!

    The Booty Man vs Diamond Dallas Page
    They say this is an “I Quit” match, but it’s not, it’s just a regular match where if Page loses he’ll quit wrestling. Page still has a cigar in his mouth as the bell rings :lmao This gets 16 minutes for some fucking reason which was a terrible move since Page is still a little green and Booty was never good. They stall with taunts for a bit and then stall with rest holds for even longer, mostly side headlocks, like almost exclusively. Probably the best spot of the match is when Page argues with referee Nick Patrick so he pushes him off the apron to the floor :lmao They brawl outside of the ring for a bit and The Booty Babe (AKA Kimberly Page) comes out looking FINE AF to support Booty Man. Page’s selling is pretty good, if it weren’t for Booty’s shitty offense this would be a lot better. Page has a side headlock sequence of his own as they focus on Booty Babe talking about how cute Booty Man is. Page gets distracted and asks Booty Babe to come up to the apron and he force kisses her so she slaps him which lets Booty Man miss the high knee for the win damn RIP DDP’s wrestling career I guess bc he’s gotta quit now :(

    Booty Man and Booty Babe make out and she’s ready to bang so they go to the back.

    Gene Okerlund is back with Lex Luger and Jimmy Hart now who apparently pulled Luger out of the Chicago Street Fight tonight and Hart says it’s the last night he’ll manage Luger so he gives him a personalized jacket :lmao Okerlund accuses Luger of bailing on Sting, but Luger says that’s the farthest thing from the truth bc Sting’s his best friend and he reluctantly has to compete in the Doomsday Cage tonight.

    The Giant (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs Loch Ness
    So the winner of this match gets to challenge Flair for the title tomorrow wtf did Ness do to earn this? Also Ness is Haystacks Calhoun and he’s like 49 years old at the time of this. Yeah this is as bad or worse than you’d expect. Basically a Giant showcase but he does miss a corner splash at one point and goes all the way out the ring bc he’s young and can actually bump. Ness hits his big Elbow Drop and goes for a second, but Giant moves and then hits a leg drop for the win. He yells at the camera saying that one was for Hogan and tomorrow he’s taking the belt from Flair.

    We’re backstage again with Lee Marshall who brings in the one time alliance of Sting and Booker T. Sting has regular facepaint but he’s got black hair so it’s starting :mark: Sting pumps up Booker calling him a “STRAIGHT OG FROM HARLEM” :lmao This was a fun ass promo, Booker says it ain’t nothing but a thing but a chicken wing and Sting says it’s on like neck bones :lmao

    Chicago Street Fight: Booker T & Sting vs The Road Warriors (Animal & Hawk)
    This continues the trend of matches getting too much time as it gets 30 fucking minutes, but that’s again my only real negative. They start brawling on the ramp and we get some fun brawling in and out of the ring for awhile and they unveil the split screen which is very helpful. Booker hits an Axe Kick on Animal super early but that’s not his finisher yet lol. All four men end up outside and Sting and Animal both get crotched on the turnbuckle as Dusty thinks Gluteus Maximus means nuts. Sting goes to the back after a bit to get a chair bc I guess they don’t keep them under the ring in WCW and Animal ends up killing them with it. Hawk does his piledriver no-sell and the crowd doesn’t even react UGH! Sting and Hawk brawl in the crowd and again very thankful for the split screen. A rope break stops the count at one point even though this is falls count anywhere gotta love selective rules. We’re about halfway done, Sting and Animal have both lost their face paint at this point, IDK how this is going 15 more minutes. Booker catches Hawk coming off the top with a dropkick, solid spot. The ref tells Booker to squeeze his hand if he wants the match to end and he’ll stop it WHAT :lmao All four of these guys are dead at this point lol Any time someone misses a move both guys will just be down for a couple minutes until they start something new. There’s also barely been any pins but that’s because they’ve just been brawling most of the time. Sting starts getting fired up, but Animal ends up catching him coming off the top into a powerslam :mark: They’re all starting to hit bigger moves now and the crowd is trying to get Sting back into it. Ya know I’ll be honest I expected this to drag more, like it’s obvious they’re dragging it on but it’s kept entertaining throughout. Sting leaves Booker alone again to go get more plunder and he comes back with a couple god damn brooms :lmao Okay these are actually really solid weapons, Animal breaks one in half and starts choking Sting with it. Booker says fuck it he’s leaving, but Animal follows him so Sting and Hawk are in the ring alone. They follow Animal and Booker backstage where Luger is posing :lmao Animal hits him and he falls into a trash can so Luger and then Stevie Ray come out of nowhere and attack Animal and Jimmy Hart tapes him to a post and Luger just kills him bc he’s mad he got dirty :lmao Sting misses a sick Stinger Splash on the rail, but Booker is back to take out Hawk by sending him into the steel steps. Booker misses a Harlem Hangover, but Stevie Ray comes out and hits Hawk with a chair to the back of the head and Booker covers him LOL the faces needed four people to beat the heels. Backstage, Ray attacks the handcuffed Animal some more as Sting and Booker celebrate with brooms.

    I can’t believe I’m about to watch this trash match again but at least they go to Michael Buffer for it who makes this sound like it might actually be cool, but spoiler alert, it’s not….but anyway LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE! The rules of this are supposed to be Hogan and Savage battle through each cage like a gauntlet.

    Gangsta and Solution don’t show up right away and the announcers wonder where Brian Pillman is also which is hilarious bc I think he was fired so they’re just talking about someone no longer a part of the company. OKAY FUCK THIS I sat through a god damn 16 minute Brutus Beefcake match, I’m gonna take a break and watch maybe 3 episodes of Game of Thrones and see how drunk I can get, then I’m gonna revisit this main event.

    Doomsday Cage Match: Arn Anderson, The Barbarian, Lex Luger, Meng, Ric Flair, The Taskmaster, The Ultimate Solution, & Z-Gangsta (w/ Jimmy Hart, Miss Elizabeth, & Woman) vs Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage
    Alright I’m pretty fucked so let’s go. Hogan and Savage start in the highest cage with Flair and Anderson in it. Anderson said fuck this cage and wore long sleeves and sweatpants :lmao They just brawl and Heenan says “THIS IS WCW! There’s no wrestling in that ring.” Heenan says this is better than a Super Bowl or a World Series. Anderson and Flair lock on dual Figure-4s at one point and Hogan and Savage are able to turn them over. Flair passes something down to the cage above as Hogan and Savage throw powder in the eyes of Flair and Anderson and also Meng an dThe Barbarian below them. They go down to the next level so they’re fighting Meng and The Barbarian now. Taskmaster and Luger come in as well and Hogan attacks them with a chain. Both Savage and Hogan get double teamed but still manage a lot of offense. Hogan locks Meng and The Barbarian out and so it’s now Savage/Hogan vs Taskmaster/Luger for now. Hogan and Sullivan end up outside the cage and they tease Hogan commiting murder by throwing Taskmaster off, like they plug that death is really a possibility on this PPV. The split screen is helpful again at least. They end up on the floor now and go to the actual ring so the rules are completely thrown out at this point. They’re back at the cage now as Schiavone says “This is what WCW’s come to” :lmao Taskmaster takes a piece of plywood for a weapon and Luger/Hogan have an exchange in the ring. The crowd is at least hot when they’re in the ring, maybe it’s bc they can actually see. God this goes on for so long. I just want to point out right now that Luger has taken a huge beating during this, it will come into play later. FINALLY Ultimate Solution and Z-Gangsta (Zeus or Deebo btw) decide to be a part of the match after 20 minutes. They bring Hogan and Savage back to the bottom level of the Doomsday Cage which is a ring. Crowd’s still hot at least, these sheep in Mississippi. WAIT A MINUTE Friday came out just a year before this and you’re telling me Deebo still needed to do this for cash :lmao They do the No Holds Barred throwback staredown between Z-Gangsta and Hogan and Zeus does his the only offense he’s ever known, a chokehold. Anderson and Flair come back and Anderson is wearing his regular ring gear now lol it’s four against two now, but the fuckin Booty Man comes out with a FRYING PAN and they start murdering everyone with it :lmao Luger makes his way back in now and takes out a loaded glove but “accidentally” hits Flair with it so Hogan and Savage are like let’s leave, but remember they need to pin so Savage runs and pins Flair and everyone just watches as it happens :lmao BRUH FUCK THIS SHIT I’m never watching this again in my life.

    This absolutely atrocious announce team hypes up Giant/Flair tomorrow on Nitro and Rhodes says this PPV will go down and history, well goddamn you’re right bc I’m only watching it since it was notable how terrible it was. This company needs the nWo so bad, so see you next time when I review nWo Souled Out to show you how quickly a good thing cam become bad.

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