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CWE: Reunion

Discussion in 'Fantasy Bookers' started by JHar888, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. JHar888

    JHar888 Member

    JHar888 will be writing R3b37710n, Wordlife326 will be writing Velocity, and Wrestling God will be writing Nitro. Starting from the new year, this BTB takes place on the Road to Fully Loaded. A new face apparently bought out the company, bringing it back. One Night Stand will be the first show.


    BACKSTORY: CWE fell after the departure of the Global Wrestling Federation that presented Nitro. The company couldn't hold up with just two brands, because the ratings kept getting lower and lower. Plus, CWE couldn't afford another Nitro writer anyway, after booker Josh Gamez decided to quit. For a week, Nitro was off the air. They came back for another short stint two Sundays later, at Vengeance: Night of the Champions. After Vengeance, the company closed down for what they thought was to be forever. Luckily enough, someone invested huge money in the company, bringing it back, for a One Night Stand ...



    CWE: Velocity (Vel)


    John Cena
    Triple H
    Randy Orton
    Chris Jericho
    Brock Lesnar
    Booker T
    Samoa Joe
    Ken Kennedy
    Trevor Murdoch
    Lance Cade
    Marquis Cor Von
    Mickie James
    Petey Williams
    Brother Ray
    Brother Devon
    Big Daddy V
    Matt Stryker
    Christopher Daniels
    Torrie Wilson
    Eric Young
    Shark Boy
    Beth Phoenix
    Amazing Kong
    Sonjay Dutt
    Kenny Dykstra
    Kip James
    BG James
    Roxxi Laveaux

    Other on-air talent:

    Sharmell - Manager of Booker T
    Matt Morgan - Head Security/VIP
    William Regal - Head General Manager
    Jerry Lawler - Play-by-Play Commentator
    Tazz - Color Commentator
    Kevin Nash - Guest Superstar
    Scott Hall - Guest Superstar
    Matt Stryker - Manager of Big Daddy V/Part-Time Wrestler
    Lillian Garcia - Singer/Announcer
    Todd Grisham - Backstage Interviewer

    Tag Teams/Stables:

    BG James, Kip James, and Roxxi Laveaux - Voodoo Kin Mafia (VKM)
    Eric Young and Shark Boy
    Matt Stryker and Big Daddy V
    Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Samoa Joe - The Outsiders
    Brother Ray and Brother Devon - Team 3-D
    Booker T and Sharmell
    Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade - The Redneck Wrecking Crew

    Current Champions:

    CWE Championship: John Cena
    CWE Tag Team Championship: Team 3-D
    Intercontinental Championship: Umaga
    CWE Hardcore Championship: Petey Williams

    CWE: R3b37710n (R3b)


    Christian Cage
    AJ Styles
    Scott Steiner
    Shawn Michaels
    Kurt Angle
    Jeff Jarrett
    CM Punk
    John Morrison
    Brian Danielson
    The Miz
    Robert Roode
    Jeff Hardy
    Judas Mesias
    Christy Hemme
    Takeshi Morishima
    Brian Kendrick
    Paul London
    Shelton Benjamin
    Gail Kim
    Balls Mahoney
    Candice Michelle
    Chris Harris
    Black Reign
    Rory McAllister
    Robbie McAllister
    Lance Hoyt
    Michelle McCool
    Jimmy Wang Yang
    Talia Madison
    DH Smith
    Cody Rhodes

    Other on-air talent:

    Don West - Color Commentator
    Josh Matthews - Play-by-Play Commentator
    Karen Angle - Manager of Kurt Angle
    Christy Hemme - Manager of Serotonin
    Eric Bischoff - General Manager of R3b37710n
    Misty - Manager of Black Reign
    James Mitchell - Manager of Judas Mesias
    Jeremy Borash - Backstage Interviewer
    Ms. Brooks - Manager of Robert Roode
    Melina - Manager of John Morrison and The Miz
    Pacman Jones - Inactive (No details avaiable)
    Ron Simmons - Guest Superstar
    Tony Chimmel - Ring Announcer
    Kendo Ka Shin - Inactive (Working in Japan)
    Kelly Kelly - Manager of Balls Mahoney

    Tag Teams/Stables:

    Raven, Christy Hemme, Martyr, Havok, and Kaz - Serotonin
    Kelly Kelly and Balls Mahoney
    Ms. Brooks and Robert Roode
    Robbie McAllister and Robbie McAllister - The Highlanders
    John Morrison, Melina, and The Miz
    Kurt and Karen Angle
    London & Kendrick

    Current Champions:

    CWE World Heavyweight Champion: John Morrison
    CWE U.S. Champion: DH Smith
    Cruiserweight Champion: Jay Lethal
    CWE World Tag Team Champions: The Christian Coalition

    CWE: Tuesday Night Nitro (TNN)


    Alex Shelley
    Andrew Martin
    Angel Williams
    Bobby Lashley
    Brett Major
    Brian Major
    Chavo Guerrero
    Chris Masters
    Chris Sabin
    Consequences Creed
    Elijah Burke
    Festus Dalton
    The Great Khali
    Gregory Helms
    James Storm
    Jamie Noble
    Jesse Dalton
    Jillian Hall
    Jimmy Rave
    Matt Hardy
    Matt Morgan
    Rob Van Dam
    Ron Killings
    Santino Marella

    Other on-air talent:

    Jackie Moore - Manager of James Storm
    Joey Styles - Play-by-Play Commentator
    Maria - Manager of Santino
    Mistico - Inactive, Working in Mexico
    Jonathan Coachman - Co-General Manager of TNT and Manager of MVP
    Justin Roberts - Ring Announcer
    Leticia - Interviewer
    Tazz - Color Commentator
    Todd Grisham - Interviewer

    Tag Teams/Stables:

    Cryme Tyme - Shad and JTG
    LAX - Homicide and Hernandez
    Murder City Machine Guns - Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley
    The Major Brothers - Brett and Brian Major
    Truth and Consequences - Ron Killings and Consequences Creed w/ Teddy Long
    Jesse and Festus Dalton


    TNN Undisputed Champion: Vacant
    TNN European Champion: Vacant
    TNN Tag Team Champions: LAX
    TNN Cuiserweight Champion: Vacant

    Developmental Wrestlers:

    Memphis Wrestling:
    Kevin Thorn
    Derrick King
    Mr. Hughes
    Jerelle Clark
    Tim Grind (Southern Tag Team Champion)
    Flex (Southern Tag Team Champion)
    Sid Vicious
    Christi Ricci
    Johnny Rotten
    Ryan Sakoda (3 Month Scout)
    Black Reign (1 Month Scout)
    Johnny Dotson
    Brian Christopher
    Kenny Omega (Southern Heavyweight Champion)
    Shad Gaspard
    Candice Michelle (2 Week Scout)
    Lil Chris
    Simon Reed
    Jerry "The King" Lawler
    Bill Dundee

    Bob Sapp
    Chris Hero
    The Sandman
    Corporal Punishment
    Adam Flash
    Consequences Creed
    Basham (MCW Tag Team Champion)
    Damaja (MCW Tag Team Champion)
    Batista (2 Week Scout)
    Rob Conway
    Orlando Jordan
    Danny Doring
    Julio Dinero
    Joey Matthews (MCW Heavyweight Champion)
    Derek Frazier
    Chris Masters (1 Month 2 Week Scout)
    Christian York

    New Japan:
    Taiei Kin
    Kendo Ka Shin
    Takeshi Morishima
    Ryan Sakoda
    Afa Anoi'a Jr.
    Kenny Omega
    Talia Madison (2 Month Scout)
    Minorou Tanaka
    Sirelda Dauncey
    Hiroshi Tanahashi
    Malia Hosaka
    Kazuhiro Hayashi
    Tomko (3 Week Scout)
    AJ Styles (3 Week Scout)


    Janurary - One Night Stand
    February - Battle Royal
    March - Fully Loaded I
    April - Backlash
    May - Turning Point
    June - LockDown
    July - Bash at the Beach
    August - Unbreakable
    Spetember - Vengeance
    October - Halloween Havoc
    November - Frenzy Friday
    December to Dismember
    December - Christmas Ev-il
    January - New Year's Revolution


    One Night Stand '08

    Robert Roode and Ms. Brooks def. Kelly Kelly and Balls Mahoney
    The Major Bros. def. The Highlanders
    Steel Cage Match - Judas Mesias def. Abyss
    Shawn Michaels def. Randy Orton

    Nitro 1/17/07

    Matt Hardy def. Edge
    The Major Bros. def. LAX
    Jillian Hall def. Victoria
    Bobby Lashley def. Carlito
    MVP def. Batista

    R3b37710n 1/24/07

    Over the Top Rope Challenge - CM Punk def. Kurt Angle w/ Karen Angle
    Over the Top Rope Challenge - The Christian Coalition def. Serotonin
    Melina def. Ashley
    World Championship Fifteen Minutes of Fame - John Morrison def. Shawn Michaels
  2. The Leviathan

    The Leviathan Active Member

    Great to see a former BTB get ressurrected! As far as I remember, your BTB won a the next big thing, correct me if I am wrong. Good Luck to your BTB and I am checking it out for your first show!
  3. I don't think that is an award he would like to remember, every vote CWE received was accompanied by a bashing for JHaar. Still, it is a great BTB, nice to see it brought back and I wil be reviewing, besides, adding Wrestling God is a great move
  4. therazar

    therazar Member

    good to see cwe back but theres some things i think you should do like add color to the rosters and work on the video better like a different song
  5. Wordlife

    Wordlife Guest

    WELCOME TO THE SECOND COMING OF CWE.... ITS SAVE.US.CWE.... AND MAN ITS SOOOOO GREAT TO BE BACK!!!!!! Thanks to all that read in the past, and thanks to those who will read now
  6. I recommend all of you to strap on your seat belts, ease your sit back, and kick in the gear and hit into overdrive because from now on it's one hundred percent entertainment, one hundred percent electricity, one hundred percent...CWE!

    Lol, some free publicity
  7. Andrew~Walker

    Andrew~Walker Member

    I wasn't actually around when this was still going. But from all the publicity I keep hearing man this is going to be great! So I cannot wait to see what 3 great bookers put together can create!
  8. Switchy

    Switchy Active Member

    Nice start, glad to see CWE back and you got a good three rosters which are nicely balanced adn I can't wait to see what WG will bring to CWE. Good luck.
  9. JHar888

    JHar888 Member

    CWE Official One Night Stand Preview, plus News Update

    From CWE.com:


    The Major Bros. will be in action for the first time since last Vengeance. Last time we saw them, was at the Vengeance preshow match. They faced The FBI v2.0, and won. Before that, they defeated XXX at Velocity. They may have gone out on a bang, but will their winning streak last long enough to be able to defeat The Highlanders?

    Also, CWE's owner is still unknown at the moment. All we know, is that he has already scheduled a blockbuster main event for One Night Stand. In this match, Shawn Michaels will have his hands full as he takes on Randy Orton. Will he suceed against The Legend Killer? Find out this Sunday, at One Night Stand, live on pay per view from Los Angeles, California.


    CWE News Update From PWInsider

    By Mike Johnson:

    Developmental Territories
    It has been confirmed that CWE President Jason Harlow has signed Memphis Wrestling as a developmental territory. The rumors started when CWE Director of Creative Writing, Teddy Long mentioned bringing in the company as a chance to get younger talent on the roster. However, Jim Cornette was against the idea despite working with the company in the past. Although Cornette did not like the idea, the majority did, which led them to signing with the company. It is believed that the signing was made this past Wednesday, but nothing has been confirmed. More details will be announced when they become available.

    Maryland Championship Wrestling superstar Consequences Creed was recently pulled from the company and has now officially signed full-time contract with the CWE. Tuesday Night Takedown head booker Mason Excell is said to believe that TNT is in need of a young, talented superstar, which Creed's description fits perfectly. Also, at a CWE meeting, Theodore Long and James E. Cornette were interested in moving Corporal Punishment, Adam Flash, Sandman, and Joey Mercury to the regular talent roster.

    Memphis Wrestling - Clash of the Legends II Card:
    Memphis Wrestling Owner Corey Maclin wants CWE to bring in top superstars, some in which have worked with the company in the past, and some that haven't to come in time for Clash of the Legends II. The names mentioned that have worked with the promotion include: Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Thorn, Big Daddy V, Jerry "The King" Lawler, The Boogeyman, Abyss, and Jim Cornette. As for the superstars that haven't worked with the company before, the only names mentioned are as follows: Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Brian Danielson, The Hardys, and CM Punk. So far, if things go the way Corey Maclin has planned, the matches will be: Kevin Thorn vs. The Boogeyman vs. Big Daddy V vs. Abyss for the Southern Heavyweight Championship, Bill Dundee and Jerry Lawler vs. 2 Cool 2, Jeff Jarrett w/ Jim Cornette vs. Shawn Michaels, Brian Lawler and Rikishi vs. Nick Doom and Abyss w/ James Mitchell, and Spellbinder vs. Koko B. Ware, and Derrick King vs. Johnny Dotson for the Junior Heavyweight Championship in a TLC.

    MCW: Holiday Homecoming - Seasons Beatings Card:
    MCW columnist Bob Starr is pushing to have the Seasons Beatings house show as more of a "hardcore" event, with superstars that have competed in ECW, and other extreme promotions. The superstars the MCW team wants are as follows: Sandman, Balls Mahoney, Rhino, Team 3-D, AJ Styles, Ron Killings, and Raven. The only confirmed matches are: Joey Mercury vs. Sandman for the MCW Heavyweight Title, Raven vs. Rhino, and Ron Killings and Consequences Creed vs. Team 3-D for the Tag Titles. The venue is said to be near the CWE headquarters in Los Angeles, California, in order to get the promotion out to the public.

    CWE Talent Scout Jeff Jarrett has requested that Black Reign be removed from the regular roster for up to three weeks in order to build his talent up, and at the same time give talent to the developmental territories. If this happens, he will most likely keep his "Black Reign" gimmick. So far, this is the way his schedule is looking: two-week scouting trip to Memphis Wrestling, then a one-three-week scout with MCW. Also, it is in talks of Cody Rhodes and DH Smith scouting with MCW and/or Memphis Wrestling, but is most likely not to happen.

    CWE R3b37710n

    The Roster:
    R3b37710n head booker Jason Harlow is pushing to have Shawn Michaels and CM Punk on the roster, and wants to have a strong face uppercard. Also, Sting and Jeff Jarrett will most likely be seen on this brand after the departure of the Global Wrestling Federation. Nothing is completely for sure; some roster updates may come in the future, meaning all the plans are subject to change. The only CWE superstar that is guaranteed to compete on the R3b37710n roster as of this moment, is Chris Harris.

    Most of the creative team is hoping to keep the Mahoney/Roode feud going for unknown reasons. All that has been revealed so far, is that there are huge plans to keep the feud going for awhile, and finally end it with a speciality type match. Considered match types include the following: Texas Bullrope Match, Hangman's Horror, or Steel Cage. The only way this feud can last, would be to draft them to the same brand. Teddy Long feels that R3b37710n is the most fitting for each.

    The PPV's:
    CWE R3b37710n's pay per views this year are most likely to be Unbreakable, New Year's Revolution, and Backlash. However, Takedown booker, Mason Excell is trying to have R3b37710n and Velocity pay per views together, but this may have been ruled out. R3b37710n will also be seen at the interpromotional Fully Loaded I, Lockown, and Vengeance: Night of the Champions. ​
  10. The Leviathan

    The Leviathan Active Member

    There are lot of informations here hyping CWE up. Wonder who is the owner of this one as he makes an impact return
  11. Switchy

    Switchy Active Member

    Cool, my names on there! Anyway nice assortment of news and expect a review when ONS is posted. Good signing btw with Consequences Creed :)
  12. chessarmy

    chessarmy Guest

    Nice, you did a great job hyping this up. I'll drop in a review once you post One Night Stand! If I forget you can always PM me
  13. Haight

    Haight Member

    So is this guy like...banned now or what? Damn. I was kind of looking forward to reading this...
  14. The Leviathan

    The Leviathan Active Member

    ^ I think he'll be back

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