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The Oliver Experience: Is Alberto Del Rio really a main eventer?


Well-Known Member
Sep 19, 2010

Really I look at Alberto Del Rio and I see this guy when he first debuted and shoved down out throats and not going to lie I was pretty impressed. His first match against Rey Mysterio and winning was impressive and I knew this guy would be a top star in the WWE in the next year or two. Now we all know Del Rio how he was pushed on Smackdown, ever since he arrived he seemed like a clear cut favorite to win the Royal Rumble.

Now we all know Del Rio won the Rumble went onto Wrestlemania and faced Edge here is the question was he ready? I do not think so now many are going to say look at Lesnar though... what about him? Lesnar looked like a giant badass he is a guy you do not want to fight. Not saying Del Rio isn't but when you look at him does he look like an apposing threat in the WWE? Sure he has an MMA background I know that but really besides that the guy does not look like a threat. He just looks like some pretty boy guy in a Mexican soap opera.

Really Del Rio was pushed way to fast for my liking. Sure many internet smarks are going to defend him and say about his in ring work, and granted I will give him that he is an excellent worker. Though on the microphone I am sorry he is boring too me. Cut copy and past every promo of his almost the same. Granted I give him props for learning English in two years time. I just can not feel the excitement in an Alberto Del Rio promo. As funny as it sound he just does not bring in any excitement for his words. It just feels dull and boring kind of like a Randy Orton promo. Sure Del Rio is a better talker than Orton but on an entertainment level he is not that great.

Now one thing about Del Rio why WWE was so high on him, and if you deny this than you are blind was not only his work rate but his heritage. Alberto Del Rio was a hispanic a true blooded one might I add. Born and raised in Mexico and really to be honest WWE did not have really anyone huge in Mexico at the time that was not a midget. Rey Mysterio a guy big in his heart and big in merchandise but that is it. He was a huge draw but once again size prevented him in a lot of success in the WWE when it comes to world titles. Three titles yes but one was given too because he was hot and not to mention that first title reign was given out of pity lets be honest here. Second title reign they did not trust in Swagger and gave it to him, and please do I need to go over that third title reign? So anyways who else did WWE have that was hispanic that was huge? Eddie one time world champion first Latino American world champion for the company. Yes Eddie was huge but the thing was he was still pretty small and his death really hurt the company.

Now Del Rio is billed as the "Mexican hero" this big draw in Mexico, but guess who is the bigger draw and in smaller stature Sin Cara

Sin Cara otherwise known as Mistico is a bigger draw than Del Rio, Del Rio is billed as the huge hero for Mexico. Yet a guy who got caught for steroids and really was done with your company is on the cover. Really if Del Rio is known as this companies Mexican hero why is he not the draw there? Something very lacking as a main eventer in many ways not being a draw especially how you build this guy.

He has just really felt force as the WWE champion. He has been really not that huge. If you notice he was a Royal Rumble winner failed like many have had before, was not at the level enough to even main event Wrestlemania. He opened the show. Not only that cheap victory to win the WWE title and you have him lose the title to Cena by submission. To be honest I just do not see him as a main eventer now, in one year yes. Now I just feel he has been shoved down my throat something that turns me off as a main eventer.

Now people are going to say names like Cena, but guys Cena was built up to become world champion and has been solidified, same goes for Punk. To be honest I just don't feel Del Rio is a main event level talent that is just my opinion. What are your guys thoughts on Del Rio? Do you agree?

Hey yall sorry I have not been on this site lately. Reason being is because of college and not to mention being head admin of PWM trying to keep that ship running. So really just wanted to post this column you will see more columns for me as I have been taking an interest to them. So thanks all hope you enjoy the read.

The New F'n Show

Well-Known Member
Jun 3, 2010
Detroit, Michigan, USA
Good Read. While I think they have failed miserably and pushing him as a legit champion, I don't think you can really despite he belongs in the main event. They pushed him very quickly but he put on quality matches and got good heat from the get go. Since putting the belt on him all the focus has been on Punk and Triple H and they made him look even worse dropping the belt to Cena.


Well-Known Member
Jun 26, 2010
San Diego
Sorry about the late response, but I really enjoyed this. Everything you wrote is how I've felt. I never thought Del Rio was ready. Honestly speaking, I'm not even that big of a fan of him. I mean, if I want Cena to beat someone at a PPV for the title, and their name is not Orton, then I must really not like the guy.

Sin Cara can be huge, but again, because of the "Stereotypical" wrestling belief, hes not big, so he won't go that far. It's really sad, as almost EVERYONE is under 6 feet is a much, much better wrestler.

Point being. Del Rio wasted the Money in the Bank, and Royal Rumber wins. Two more deserving superstars could, and should have won that.


Dec 3, 2010
While he comes off as someone you hot shot push he shouldn't have got it this fast. He has become real one dimensional as funny enough Punk pointed out on Raw very quickly and very importantly isn't that over as he should be of someone in his spot. I think in time he could be totally worthy of being a real main eventer but right now I just don't see it. I also think pushing him this fast right away fucks up how you can use him a few years from now or even a year from now and get the Wade Barrett treatment where he was the biggest heel in the WWE and now just another midcard guy building himself up.


Well-Known Member
Nov 7, 2011
Vagina Hills
Alberto Del Rio wasn´t ready for a Main Event career. WWE pushed him sooo much and sooo early. I like him as a wrestler, but I don´t think he´s ready to be a 100% Main Eventer. There are so many other guys that deserve that more than ADR (Evan Bourne, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, JoMo,Wade Barrett...). I think that facing Edge in his last match at WM28 will really help Alberto. It DID! But gues what? It wasn´t enough. Alberto was about to be a Main Star of SmackDown. Now in RAW? He´s the guy that runs away.
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