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  • I was watching it on Sportscenter, and I was thinking "Oh, this is a pretty good one, benches cleared but everyone's really just pushing each other." And then those two broke away and started full-on BRAWLING on the ground. :lmao
    Did you see the BRAWL at the WBC? :lmao I figured you're the only other one watching any of it on here anyway.
    I meant doing a single sticky thread in the Archive subforum where you would then put the links to all those Stickied threads you have already so that it looks less cluttered.
    Have you considered starting an 'Archive Thread' in the Tournament Archives section so that it's not full of a million sticky's?
    On second thought, I'll do that trade if you're still offering it. I'll send it through on Yahoo, accept it if you'd like.

    Belive it was Herenandez/Wallace/Tate for Andre Johnson/CJ Spiller. If not correct it with a counter offer.
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If you don't like me, remember its mind over matter. I don't mind and you don't matter. :)
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U-Haul sucks ass. Geez.
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Happy Birthday OMB!

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