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The Deadly Games 3: The Island

The Linebacker

Well-Known Member
Jun 6, 2011
Back due to popular demand!

The Deadly Games

Also known as Mafia, the game consists essentially two sides; townspeople and killers.

The killers will know who each other are. The townspeople will only know their own roles.

Every day will consist of day and night. At the beginning of everyday, someone is killed. You then spend the day trying to decide who to lynch, with the aim of catching all the killers before they eliminate all the townspeople. Whoever is picked is then killed with their role revealed by the host (myself)

At night, the killers can then decide who they want to kill. That person is killed at the beginning of the next day.

The killers win by killing all the townspeople, the townspeople win by discovering the right killers before they get taken out.
May change a couple of things this game, depends how many people we get. Like before, we realistically need 10 to begin.


Well-Known Member
Oct 9, 2011
I posted visitor messages on many members' profiles and I've so far got a total of zero responses :lol:


Active Member
Feb 9, 2012
I'll think about it, but getting killed first in both games has kinda taken the fun out of this for me. :p