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SummerSlam - Likely Card


Aug 26, 2010
Geelong, Australia
What does everyone think the likely card is for Summerslam after both Raw and Smackdown this week?


Universal Championship - Brock Lesnar v : Obviously Reigns and Lashley are fighting off for the right to face him. I like Reigns, but personally would prefer to see Lashley face him, but given the size of the card already it could potentially be a Triple Threat Match.

Womens Championship - Alexa Bliss v Ronda Rousey: Booked.

Intercontinental Championship - Dolph Ziggler v : could be a whole of host options here - Balor, Corbin, Roode, Elias, Mojo Rawley. We will probably end up with a multi-man match just given Corbin and Balor are feuding, Roode fought and lost to Ziggler and then was mocked by Mojo, Elias is always drifting around.

Tag Team Championships - The B Team v: The Deleters of World get their rematch this week. Could see it being interrupted by AOP who could decimate both teams. The Revival could also stick their noses in.

Seth Rollins v Drew McIntyre: This enthrals me more than Corbin v Balor, and they deserve their own match to shine.

Sasha Banks v Bayley: surely this is bound to happen soon?

Braun Strowman v Kevin Owens: one more match for the two before Braun cashes in during the main event? Perhaps. Either that or there both left off the card.


WWE Championship - AJ Styles v Samoa Joe. Joe or a Rusev re-match are the only likely options here, but I think Joe will get the nod.

Womens Championship - Carmella v Becky Lynch - Don't think they would have made the match for next week if Becky wasn't going to win it.

US Championship - Shinsuke Nakamura v Jeff Hardy v Randy Orton: Could be just Hardy v Orton, but that means pulling an opponent for Nakamura out of nowhere. Shinsuke has stood by and watched Orton decimate Hardy, and then was gone when Orton asked where Shinsuke was. Likely triple threat.

Tag Team Championships - Bludgeon Brothers v : Could be left off the card, or maybe they could finally give The Bar something to do? Can only hope. New Day and Sanity will probably face one another again in a separate match.

Daniel Bryan v The Miz: I was hoping for this to build up to Wrestlemania but in this day and age it is probably too hard to draw it out so long. Looking forward to it.

New Day v Sanity: 6 Man Tag, hopefully something in the Mould of Wyatts vs The Shield.