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  • Closed down, lack of TT has given the Admin decision to close down the fed due to poor turnout. I'll contact you on Facebook once it works for me.
    If possible, can I get a huge huge farewell promo from Finlay which hypes your match against Jericho
    Nah man. I'm a bit annoyed 'cos ya know... Australian time the show was suppose to be today. But American time it goes up tomorrow but nobody has handed their shit in. Really bugs me
    Check CWF Supershow Preview mate, given some people some extra time. It'll be the last show before Chamber as well.
    hey I'm just going to leave it man, I'm pretty swamped and I don't want to do it last minute because that's a dirtbag move. So it was awesome and good luck.
    I say we do 3 3, I'm pressed for time too so happy we can agree on it. Last post only doing 3 paragraphs and that's it to keep it short. Its been great, looking forward to see who won.
    yeah man we do have time. I feel bad though cause I'm getting the push and haven't posted yet. Work and life have taken over lol. But I am going to get one up in the next half hour. Let me go first, will try to get to 3-3. Good luck
    Well, I'm happy that I can face you, I wanted that for a long time .) Post when you want and I'll try to post up another one as fast as you'll post yours
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Since we're asking old members to return...where did you go? Come back to us.
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come back sweetie
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Happy Late Birthday, Booty!
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The fucking man right here
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I hope you had the best birthday!

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