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South Park: A Mafia Game


Hail To The Mod
Jun 10, 2019
Day 1 has started roles are out you guys know the roles but if you are new heres some guidelines

- No Revealing Roles or Character Hinting

- No Night Posting Unless Role or I State It!
- No Discussing Game In Other Threads!
- Inactivity After 48 Hrs Will Result In ModKill!
- No Use Of Screenshots Of PM!
- Rest Is Like Normal Mafia Games!
- Listen this world is full of hate so don't be an asshole I just want all to have a good time
- Anything you wanna ask go ahead ask me the mod

It is now Day 1 10 of you thus it takes 6 to cast lynch. Day will last until 5:30 PM July 27th, 2019

1. DP

2. Grim
3. Sabretooth
4. KIF
5. VSky
6. Brock
7. Ghostface
8. Bimbo
9. Chung

10. T2H


Once again.
Apr 17, 2019
Probably playing Mafia

Let's at least try to hunt scum.

So Sky, why Brock, if I may ask?
There's absolutely zero to go on if no one votes. The early votes can help to divine how every player is acting, from which their alignment can be determined. You should know this, you actually play Mafia.