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OMBayBay Presents: Interactive Game Series


Hail To The Mod
Jun 10, 2019
Jennifer rushes to the frame sliding under a table. Graves is rushing torwards Ashley & Xander.


Leah rips one of the paintings as he looks furious. A ghostly scream is heard as he goes to grab Leah he knocks her crutch to the ground.

Jennifer grabs the frame and yells to Graves who has Leah by the throat and throws her into the wall. Graves rushes at Jennifer who holds the painting and Graves starts to fade into the picture letting a scream as Jennifer checks on Leah the group of four are up as Sylar comes in.

Sylar face looks distraught and then anger.


Leah: What?

Sylar pulls out a gun.

Jennifer: Sylar what the fuck.

Sylar shots Jennifer in the leg. She starts to bleed on the floor.

Sylar: This has never happen before... After all the times I done this throughout the years this has never happen. You trapped him. It always the same. They tried to escape they try to change their fate but they cant. You are my muse my essance my canvas to keep this body young and to keep it forever. The thing is though I need your blood I need it for my painting the moment your blood is on my blank canvas I stay beautiful and youthful.

Sylar aims the gun at Leah.

Sylar: You knew though knew to trap the darkness into it. You ruin my painting. I am... Declen Graves....

Graves: You Will Die!

Xander though appears out of nowhere and with the exacto knife cuts the heel of Graves as he drops to the floor. Xander crawls and stabs him in the throat. Xander falls to the floor.

Ashley & Jennifer help the other two up as they see Graves dead on the floor.

Ashley: Xander....

Xander: I swear if you fucking thank me.

She nods as they escape the house. The group goes to the cops after a few hour walk down the road where they agree to pin it all on Sylar and not to mention the darkness. The cops show up there looking round house but, Sylar/Declen Graves isnt found as they go to search the rest of the area we see the painting of the darkness and a smiling Declen as we end our story.

Grim Grim
Sabretooth Sabretooth
Chris Chris
KeepItFresh KeepItFresh

@Sylar: The villian of the story you survived for your evil to go on.

You guys finished the story :)