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OMBayBay Presents: Interactive Game Series


Hail To The Mod
Jun 10, 2019
Do you remember back in the day reading those old choose your own adventure books? Did you play Heavy Rain or Until Dawn? A fan of the Telltale games? I bring you OMBayBay Interactive Game Series. This is what will happen. I will come up with a story and you guys will play as the characters each characters will have unique skills strengths and weakness. You guys will pick who you are first come first serve and the story will develop as you go on. Your choices affect the story sometimes for the good or the bad and it may effect others as well.

Interactive Story

Episode One: Mr. Graves (A Horror Story)
1-6 players

Mr. Graves Characters

1. Smark as Sylar Jacobs


The leader of the football team the cool guy that everyone like he is very well liked. They see him as this tough cool QB. In Reality though he is a coward.

Strengths: Charisma
Weakness: Bravery

2. Jennifer Jordan


The Lead Cheerleader and Ex-Girlfriend Of Sylar she is known is as dim witted girl though she is very athletic

Strength: Athletics
Weakness: Intelligence

3. Hoho as Jose Rodriguez


The foreign exchange student new to the states has limited English skills but is an excellent with weapons.

Strength: Weapons
Weakness: English

4. Grim as Xander Marcus


Xander is a goth kid that give no crap about anything or anyone. He maybe harsh but he is knows a lot about the himan body his father was in the army as a medic.

Strength: First Aid
Weakness: Kindness

5. Leah Lyons


She is the leader of the student council and was just accepted to Boston College she wants to be a lawyer just like her mother. She is not the most athetic person espically since she is in crutches following a ski accident.

Strength: Intelligence
Weakness: Mobility

6. Kif as Ashley Hawkins


The New girl she is quiet and keeps to herself not much is known bout her other then the fact shes the new girl.

Strength: Kindness
Weakness: Weapons

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Evil Owner
Jun 28, 2010
Why not. I did have an e-fed character named Sylar and currently use the name on a different board.